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The last thing you want to forget is an anniversary gift for your girlfriend!

No matter if it’s your one year or five year anniversary, our team has hand picked the best anniversary gifts for her. From personalized gifts that they will cherish forever, to new jewlery to commemorate your special anniversary, you’re sure to find something for everyone in our list.

Show your girlfriend how much she means to you with these awesome anniversary gifts for girlfriends.

Best Anniversary Presents For Your Girlfriend

1. Gold Dipped Rose

gold dipped rose gift

Roses are the most thoughtful and romantic gift you can give to anyone. But what’s better than a rose that never dies? This Gold Dipped Rose is made from a real rose and coated in resin for the preservation of its beauty. 24k is used to dip the stem and edge of the leaves for added luxury.

2. Anniversary Gift Package

anniversary gift package

Can’t decide on what to give your girlfriend for your anniversary? Then give her this surprise anniversary package with a variety of different items! This set includes a leather journal, sterling silver necklace, and romantic candles. All beautifully packaged in an elegant box with rose petals to set the mood.

3. Personalized Anniversary Sign

personalized anniversary sign

Remind her how long you’ve been together with this super personalized anniversary sign. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate the thought you’ve put behind it. This sign is perfect for decorating any wall in her room. You can customize the year, names, and date on a solid maple wood board that measures 8.5 by 11 inches.

4. Anniversary Compass Necklace

anniversary compass necklace gift for girlfriend

Show your girlfriend how grateful you are to have her in your life with this beautiful anniversary compass necklace. Included is a cute note that says “I’d be lost without you.”, that she is sure to cherish. The necklace is made from sterling silver and is adjustable, making it the perfect fit for the love of your life.  

5. Giant Teddy Bear

giant teddy bear present

Give your girlfriend something she can cuddle with at night whenever you’re not there! This giant teddy tear measures over five feet tall and is made with ultra soft and environmentally-friendly materials. It’s fully stuffed to give the softest hugs! The bear comes with an additional love pillow and a detachable bow tie, making it the perfect anniversary gift for girlfriends.

6. Hands Casting Kit

hands casting kit sculpture

A unique sculpture to cherish your relationship forever, gift them this unique hands casting kit. Inside the bucket is a high quality, rubber molding gel formula that captures all the details of your hands and forms a strong mold that your girlfriend can display in your home. The kit also comes with decorative materials so you can personalize the mold as you wish!

7. Kissing Couple Art Sculpture

kissing couple art sculpture

This little kissing couple art sculpture may seem simple, but it’s the perfect symbol of the love between you and your girlfriend. It makes for a great decorative piece in your home that is sure to be a good conversation starter. Made with the best quality iron and bottom-lined with velveteen, this symbol of love stands 6.2 inches high and is the perfect anniversary gift for any girlfriend.

8. Double Heart Pendant Necklace

double heart pendant necklace gift

You and your girlfriend will become one thanks to this beautiful pendant. What better way to represent your love than with this super shiny double heart pendant necklace with ruby stones and white sapphire accents. The necklace is made using the highest quality of sterling silver and rhodium plating to ensure she only gets the best.

9. Secret Wine Purse

secret wine purse gift idea

Your girlfriend will surely love this unique secret wine purse gift. It might just look like a bag, but inside it has a wine holder that can hold two bottles of wine and can be accessed through a discreetly positioned beverage pouch. The bag is made with a zippered and insulated pocket that keeps the wine chilled for hours. This is perfect for your girlfriend to enjoy on her trips with her friends.

10. Cat Wine Bottle Holder

cat wine bottle holder decor

Have you got a wine-loving girlfriend? This cute cat wine bottle holder will make a perfect anniversary gift for her. It’s made of high quality metal and environmental painting technology that is carved to perfection. It’s not your average wine holder, it’s also an art piece that makes for a fantastic kitchen decoration. Overall, it’s a very practical and functional gift that your wine-drinking girlfriend will surely love.

11. Couples Pillowcases

couples pillowcases gift

These cute couples pillowcases will surely make your bedroom more romantic. Made from high quality cotton and polyester, they also come with a carefully sewed envelope closure. The standard color is white with a long-lasting couple print. The pillowcases come in a set of two and will fit most standard and queen-sized pillows.

12. In Love With My Best Friend Picture Frame

best friend picture frame

Is your girlfriend also your best friend? Then this is the perfect anniversary gift for her! This picture frame can hold your fondest memory taken on camera. The picture frame can hold a four by six inch photo, protected by a clear acrylic sheet to preserve the picture. Your girlfriend can hang the frame on a wall or use the easel to display it on any tabletop.

13. Dachshund Cork Holder

dachshund cork holder

Got a dog-loving girlfriend? This Dachshund cork holder will be the perfect gift for your anniversary. This awesome looking piece of art has a functional rustic decor with an open cage design that can hold up to 30 corks. Just tilt the dachshund’s head to add and remove the corks with ease. The brushed metal finish makes it an elegant addition to any kitchen or bar counter.

14. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

mulberry silk pillowcase

The best gift is something that your girlfriend can put to good use! This Mulberry Silk Pillowcase will not only help her sleep, but it’s also good for her skin and hair, some of the things a girl cares about the most! Made with 100% mulberry silk, this pillowcase has anti-aging properties and is hypoallergenic.

15. Love Language Card Game

love language card game anniversary gift

Give your girlfriend the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level with this Love Language Card Game. Increase your intimacy by asking each other personal questions covering family, your relationship, your partner, past and future, and intimacy. The card game has 150 cards in total that you and your girlfriend will enjoy playing.

16. Heart Rose Flower Necklace

heart rose flower necklace

Instead of a bouquet of roses that can perish, why not give your girlfriend a Heart Rose Flower Necklace that she can cherish forever? This rose pendant is made with gold plated sterling silver and decorated with a Swarovski crystal. Your girlfriend will surely love this beautiful and elegant symbolism of love.

17. Nail Polish Kit

nail polish kit anniversary gift for her

Every girl’s dream is to keep her nails in tip-top shape. Give your girlfriend this nail polish kit that includes a UV nail lamp, six colors of high-quality gel polish, topcoat, and 10 manicure tools. The gel polish is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, made from salon-grade, high-quality resin that leaves a beautiful coat every time.

18. Massage Oil Candle

massage oil candle

Help your girlfriend relax after a long day with this massage oil candle. It comes in a variety of different tropical fragrances that your girlfriend will love. A whiff of luscious passion fruit, succulent papaya, and juicy berry with a hint of mango, this candle will make the atmosphere instantly calmer, more relaxing, and romantic.

19. Personalized Love Hearts Artwork

personalized love heart artwork

Remind your girlfriend of your love every time she sees this personalized love hearts artwork! You can personalize it with your names, special dates, or anything else that’s important to you. The artwork is made from 100% cotton canvas print that is framed with wood. Measuring 18 by 12 inches, this artwork will brighten up any room in your house.

20. Bath Bombs Gift Set

bath bomb gift set

Help your girlfriend celebrate your anniversary with a long bath, a bottle of wine, and these gorgeous bath bombs! Give her this bath bombs gift set with 12 unique bath bombs that are all handcrafted and made with premium quality ingredients. Each one is sure to give your girlfriend a relaxing and therapeutic self-love session.

21. Shawty U Fine Teddy Bear

shawty u fine teddy bear toy

Teddy bears are far too mainstream for gifts, but what about one with a cute twist? This Shawty U Fine Teddy Bear will make your girlfriend smile every time she sees it. The best part is she can cuddle with it while she sleeps, thanks to its soft, high-quality thick fleece blanket material.

22. Personalized Star Constellation Map

personalized star constellation map

Do you have a special memory with your girlfriend that you want to cherish for the rest of her life? There’s no better reminder than this personalized start constellation map. Provide a date and location of a special memory and professional astronomy software will uncover the actual view of the night sky during that date. It’s a very unique and thoughtful anniversary gift that your girlfriend will love.

23. Infinity Heart Necklace

infinity heart necklace

Remind your girlfriend of your promise of being together forever with this infinity heart necklace. Made from high-grade sterling silver that’s safe for the skin and hypoallergenic. It’s 18 inches long in length, which is perfect to fit any woman. The package comes with a gift bag, tissue paper, and a notecard, ready to give to your girlfriend in time for your anniversary.

24. Ring Trinket Dish

ring trinket dish

Tell your girlfriend how much you love her every time she puts on and removes her jewelry. This ring trinket dish is made with the highest quality of glazed ceramic and measures four inches squared, making it an easy and elegant addition to any room in your house. The perfect anniversary gift for her, she’s sure to love it.

25. Preserved Flower Rose

preserved flower rose anniversary gift for her

A rose that never dies is a symbol of a love that lasts forever. This preserved flower rose is the perfect gift for your girlfriend to celebrate her anniversary. It’s an eternal flower that’s well-preserved and can last up to 3-5 years without care. The flower is delicately made with bright colors and has a soft petal touch.

26. Love You A Little S’More Mug

anniversary gifts for girlfriend mug

Put a smile on your girlfriend’s face every time she drinks her coffee or tea in the morning with this Love You a Little S’More Mug. It’s made with the best quality of porcelain and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. With a capacity of 11 ounces, this mug can hold any of her favorite beverages.

27. Personalized Penny Keychains

personalized penny keychain

Personalized gifts are always great to give. These Personalized Penny Keychains will show your girlfriend just how much you value your memories together. Made of copper, this gift can be engraved with your initials, significant dates, or any other important symbols. It comes in pairs so you and your girlfriend will both have a matching keychain to remember each other by.

28. Loving Elephants Figurine

loving elephants figurine

These Loving Elephants Figurine is the cutest gift you can give your girlfriend, with a reminder of your promise to be “together forever.” Each figurine is handcrafted using cold cast resin, making it very durable and detailed. This makes for a great decorative piece in any home or office and the perfect anniversary gift for her.

29. 3D Anniversary Card

3d anniversary card

Write your love letter for your girlfriend in this 3D Anniversary Card with a popup of a couple dancing on the moon. The card is made with premium virgin wood pulp paper and iridescent paper. This card is the perfect representation of the love you have that you cannot put into words.

30. Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper

happy anniversary toilet paper

Every relationship has its own inside jokes. If you want a fun gift for your girlfriend on your anniversary, this Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper will do the trick! Each roll comes with 300 sheets of soft quality two ply toilet paper with a fun greeting printed on each. It’s sure to make your girlfriend laugh and smile!


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