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Finding the perfect gift for your sister can be a tricky task. With so much to consider before buying a gift, you might find yourself wasting several hours searching for the right one.

Thankfully, we understand how hard shopping for your sister can be. We also understand that every sister is different and unique, that’s why we’ve handpicked a range of unique and different gifts that your sister will love.

No matter what the occasion is, or how old they are, you’re sure to find some great gift inspiration for your sister in this list. From bath bombs to fashion items, and all things cats and dogs related, here are the best gift ideas for your sister.

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Sister

1. Cat Mugs

cat mugs gift

If your sister is a big fan of cats, then she’ll love these super cute black and white coffee mugs. Available in a pack of two, these mugs are perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other beverage you can think of. Made out of high-quality ceramic, these mugs are dishwasher safe and are incredibly durable.

2. Soft Throw Blanket

soft throw blanket gift

Nobody wants to be cold at night, and your sister is probably no exception! Ensure she stays warm and cozy throughout the night with this sherpa lined soft throw blanket. Made from high-grade velvet fleece and sherpa, this throw is 100% machine washable and contains a sweet message for your sister.

3. Cat Socks

cat socks gift

These cute cat socks are perfect for anyone who is obsessed with fashion or cats! Including five different colored socks per set, these socks are suitable for any occasion and can be worn all year round. Each sock has a cute little cat face on the side and paw prints all over. If your sister loves cats, then she will love these.

4. Bath Bombs

bath bombs gift set

There’s no better way to relax after a long and stressful day than a nice warm bath. However, a bath wouldn’t be a bath without a bath bomb! Surprise your sister with this handmade bath bomb set featuring 12 different scented bath bombs including lavender, mango, coconut and vanilla, to name a few. Each Bath bomb is also individually wrapped to ensure they maintain their scent until they are opened.

5. DIY Candle Kit

diy candle kit

If your sister is into her arts and crafts, then she will love this DIY candle kit. Including everything you need to create your own range of homemade candles, simply follow the instructions to create four different candles with four different scents. Perfect for beginners, the step-by-step instructions are suitable for anyone no matter their experience and guarantees to leave you with a nice candle collection.

6. Spa Gift Basket

spa gift basket set

Is your sister in need of a relaxing break? Give her the ultimate spa treatment with this luxury eight-piece spa gift basket. Containing everything from bubble bath to bath salts and shower gel, this gift basket will have them relaxing in no time while enjoying the various scents and smells of these luxury toiletries.

7. Corgi Slippers

corgi slippers pair

Surprise your sister with these incredibly cute corgi slippers. No matter if she has a dog already or is dreaming of having one, these slippers will definitely brighten up her day. Featuring foam footbeds, and non-slip grips on the soles, these adorable slippers are sure to put you in her good books.

8. Kitty Face Coin Bag

cat coin bag

Upgrade your sister’s existing purse with this adorable kitty coin bag. Featuring a large print on the side and two external ears, this bag is perfect for holding coins, keys, cash and any other must-have items. Made from high-quality polyester and plush cloth, this kitty bag is a gift your sister is sure to love.

9. Humidifier

bedroom humidifier

Help your sister sleep at night with this stylish humidifier and mist diffuser. Featuring 7 different colors and 15 different mood lighting modes, this humidifier can run nonstop for 9 hours on a low mist mode, or 7 hours on a high mist mode. With an exterior wood-grain styling, this diffuser will fit into any bedroom and improve the quality of their sleep.

10. Harry Potter Socks

harry potter socks dobby

If your sister is the world’s number one Harry Potter fan, then she will adore this awesome Harry Potter gift idea. The perfect gift for any occasion (but especially when they are moving out) these socks feature stitched words on the bottom of the sole straight from the movie. Any Harry Potter fan will get the reference and find it incredibly amusing.

11. Avocado Bowl

avocado bowl

Encourage your sister’s avocado addiction with this funny but cute avocado dip bowl. Shaped and textured like a real avocado, this won’t look out of place next to the real thing. Perfect for serving guacamole dip at parties or get-togethers, this hand-painted bowl also comes with its own matching spoon to help you eat its 1.5 L capacity.

12. Unicorn Pendant

unicorn pendant

Let your sister know how much she means to you with this super special unicorn pendant. Featuring a 17-inch chain and packaged in a jewelry box, this pendant is a great gift for any sister. Made out of high polished rhodium, the crystals are incredibly bright and reflect a high amount of color in the light.

13. Cute Power Bank

mobile power bank charger

Give your sister the gift of power with this incredibly handy portable charger power bank. Choose from a range of different colors and cat images that will leave her smiling. The power bank comes with 10,000mAh capacity, which is enough to charge an iPhone 3 times while on the go. With two USB ports included, she will also be able to other devices at the same time.

14. Cinema Light Box

cinema light box

Spice up your sister’s house or apartment with this trendy cinema light box. Including 367 different letters and emoji’s, there are enough letters here to make almost any message she wants. Perfect for any social media pictures, the uses for this light box are practically endless. Powered by 6 AA batteries or a 5V adapter, there is also a hanging hole included on the back for easy wall mounting.

15. Aerating Wine Glasses

aerating wine glasses

If your sister enjoys wine, then give her the best wine tasting experience with these aerating wine glasses. Designed to add air to the wine as it is poured in, this unique wineglass is not only appealing to the eye but also the taste buds. Each glass is individually handcrafted from Pyrex glass and is 100% dishwasher safe.

16. Earwax Candle Kit Prank

earwax candle kit prank

Prank your sister with this hilarious earwax candle kit! The packaging comes with a branded and believable box, which will have your sister pulling some funny faces. Including various shots of the product and step-by-step instructions on the back, the packaging is very realistic. However, when she finally opens it, she’ll be greeted by a “you’ve been pranked“ message. Inside the box, you can put your real gift, unless the real gift is an earwax candle kit…

17. Extra Large Yoga Mat

large yoga mat

Is your sister yoga obsessed just like everybody else? Give her the comfort to practice yoga with this impressive extra large yoga mat. Perfect for stretching, light cardio or even meditation, this thing is over 7 feet long and ¼ of an inch thick. The memory foam also provides incredible comfort, especially for your knees.

18. LEGO BrickHeadz

LEGO brickheadz

Sometimes it’s the small gifts that often mean the most. Surprise your sister with this miniature Lego BrickHeadz set. Containing 708 different individual LEGO pieces, there are enough pieces included for your sister to design herself, friends, colleagues or even family members. Think of it like playing the Sims just with LEGO!

19. Eleven Keychain

stranger things eleven keychain

Does your sister love Eggos and Stranger Things? Then this is the perfect gift for her! Standing at 1 ½ inch tall, this keyring features the character Eleven clutching an Eggo in her hand (probably just after robbing the 711). Delivered in a presentation box, this really is a great gift for any diehard Stranger Things fan.

20. Doggo Hooks

dog hooks

A messy house can often lead to a messy life. Ensure your sister’s house is clean and organized with these handy dog hooks. Simply peel them off and stick them anywhere around the house, and their little tails can be used to hang clothing such as hats, coats and even bags. Give her those doggo’s she’s always wanted with this handy dog tail hooks.

21. Cute Fox Pots

cute fox plant pots

Help your sister start her plant obsession with these cute Fox pots. Including four different colored plant pots each shaped like a fox, these parts are perfect for starting an indoor plant collection. Suitable for tiny succulents and cacti, they will make a great addition to any home or office.

22. Instant Camera Kit

instant camera kit

Introduce your sister to the Polaroid with this retro yet satisfying instant camera. Perfect for anyone who loves taking pictures (or posting stuff on Instagram), this kit comes with everything they will ever need including 40 sheets, a custom case, and a photo album. Simply take a picture, printed off and file it into the photo books or frames included capturing memories forever.

23. Crocs

crocs shoes

Hate them or love them, Crocs are quickly becoming the go-to comfort shoe instead of slippers. Known for their versatility and ability to be used as both an indoor and outdoor shoe, crocs are incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and extremely colorful. Surprise your sister with her very own pair and bring her kicking and screaming into 21st-century fashion.

24. Personalized Coasters

personalized drink coasters

Fill your sister’s home with lots of wonderful memories with these personalized drinks coasters set. Sold in packs of four, these coasters will hold pictures from most Polaroid cameras, allowing your sister to completely customize them and choose what pictures she wants. Brighten up her home with happy memories from the past every time she sits down for a hot beverage!

25. Floral Tote Bag

floral tote bag

Is your sister obsessed with bags and has an ever-growing collection of them? Give her another bag to add to her collection that is not only practical but is also extremely colorful! 100% waterproof and super lightweight, this tote bag comes in many different styles and patterns to suit everyone.

26. Amazon Fire TV Stick

amazon fire tv stick

Does your sister need some fire in her life? Upgrade her TV with the Amazon Fire TV Stick! With 4k compatibility, your sister can watch all of her favorite TV shows and movies on her TV with the help of Amazon’s Alexa. Launch apps and content by speaking to the TV, while also getting access to hundreds of helpful apps. Control smart home devices, view live camera feeds and order pizza all with the Amazon Fire Stick.

27. FRIENDS Peephole Frame

friends peephole frame

FRIENDS is one of the most successful sitcoms in the world, and there are millions of people (especially sisters) who are obsessed with the show. Why not surprise your sister with this FRIENDS replica peephole yellow frame. Including two-sided sticky tape, the frame comes with everything you need to hang it on the door without the use of nails.

28. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

scratch off movies post

Does your sister only watch Disney movies on repeat? Turn her into the next film critic with this incredibly cool scratch-off movie poster. Featuring 100 different must-see movies on the list, all she has to do is watch them and scratch off the tiles once complete. Challenge your sister to see all 100 movies and complete this epic milestone!

29. Pusheen Super Unicorn

pusheen super unicorn

Is it a cat? Is it a horse? No! It’s a unicorn cat! Surprise your sister with her very own Pusheenicorn stuffed animal toy to add to her probably already vast collection. Activate Pusheen’s lights and sounds by pressing the touch sensor to activate three different magical light and sound sequences.

30. Modern Bed Lamp

modern bed lamp

Bring some modern interior design into your sister’s home with this stylish lamp. Featuring a hollowed-out style, this lamp is perfect for the bedroom, living room, or any table around the house. This geometric style is sure to suit any home’s interior and is certainly a fashionable piece to own.


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