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Nothing says I love you better than a unique DIY gift. If you want to make something truly unique and memorable for your boyfriend, then handmade gifts are the best choice. Forget money and beer, handmade gifts are the real way to his heart.

You’ve probably already spent a lot of time thinking about what gifts you can make from home. Well no matter what DIY skill level you’re at, we’ve got some excellent picks.

For those looking to get those creative juices flowing, we’ve handpicked several DIY gifts for your boyfriend that they’re sure to love.

From handmade valentines gifts to DIY Christmas and birthday gift ideas, discover the best DIY gifts for your boyfriend below.

Cute DIY Gifts For Boyfriend

1. Memories Jar Gift

memories jar gift

Remind your boyfriend of your best memories with this cute memories jar. Easy to make with any standard glass jar and bow, you can also color and decorate the jar with your initials. Inside, the jar contains various memories, song lyrics and reasons why you love them on little post it notes. These are sure to be a sweet pick me up for them whenever you’re not around.

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2. Date Night Flower Basket

date night flower basket

Surprise your BF with this ultimate date night flower basket. Super easy to make at home, the basket contains flowers with various gift cards sticking out of the top for each activity for the night. Not only do they get to keep the flowers, but they’ll undoubtedly have a fun time on their night out!

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3. 52 Things I Love About You Gift

handmade deck gift idea

Make any boyfriend smile with this awesome handmade boyfriend gift. Made from a 52-card deck, each card contains a personalized message for your boyfriend to show him how much you love him. Easily made from a deck of cards, whole punch, metal binders and sharpie, this is an easy DIY gift anyone can make.

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4. Homemade Candy Card

homemade candy card

Satisfy their sweet tooth with this homemade DIY candy card. Giving your boyfriend a card for his birthday might be sweet, but this candy card is even sweeter! Easy to make from candy bar and large card, you can easily customize your message while inserting candy over certain words. The result is a funny card that they’ll enjoy eating!

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5. Treasure Chest Of Goodies

treasure chest of goodies

For any boyfriend who loves pirates, be sure to give them a treasure chest of the finest booty by making them their very own. This awesome DIY treasure chest is full of chocolates, small gifts and cards, as well as plenty of photo memories all hung up. This might not be the easiest handmade gift to build, but it’s definitely original and memorable!

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6. Valentines Love Coupons

valentines love coupons

Coupons are probably the best present for any special occasion, as everyone loves them! Not only are they easy and cheap to make, but they can actually be used to redeem a lot of cool things. These valentines love coupons can be quickly printed off at home and personalized with a pen. Perfect for anyone who may have forgotten that valentine’s day present!

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7. The Night We Met Wall Art

DIY star map idea

Give them the most important star map of their life, with this thoughtful the night we met wall art. With minimal supplies required, this piece of wall art will definitely be treasured forever by your partner. Easy to make and personalize, it’s sure to look great hung up on the wall.

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8. Valentines Snickers Bouquet

valentines snickers bouquet

For those boyfriends who just LOVE chocolateor Snickers, make them a DIY gift they’ll truly love with this handmade valentines Snickers bouquet. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the best DIY skills in the world, they’ll definitely prefer this over a normal bouquet of roses!

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9. Comic Book Coasters

comic book coasters

Is your boyfriend obsessed with superheroes? Give them a super present by making them handmade comic book coasters! No matter if they’re team Marvel or DC, these coasters only take a few minutes to make and can be personalized to include their favorite superhero.

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10. Personalized Leather Keychain

personalized leather keychain

Give them something original for any special occasion by crafting them their very own leather keychain. With minimal materials and tools required, this keychain can be handmade in just a few minutes and will make a great addition to their keys. Check out the Pinterest post for step-by-step instructions.

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11. Candy Twizzlers Gift

candy twizzlers gift

Don’t get it twisted! Get them the gift they really want, a delicious DIY candy Twizzlers gift that you can make in a matter of minutes. Forget cards, and the PS5, what they really want is to stuff their face with delicious candy. With just a few materials required, practically anyone can conjure up this handmade gift.

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12. Boyfriend Photo Frame

personalized boyfriend photo frame

Cherish your favorite photo of your boyfriend forever by making this beautiful personalized photo frame. The perfect addition to any home, this simple yet sweet photo frame can be filled with your best memories or things you love about him. Requiring just a photo frame, pen and picture, your custom writing is sure to make it priceless.

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13. Handmade Candy Guitar

handmade candy guitar

Rock their world by making them their very own crafted candy guitar gift. The perfect DIY gift for any boyfriend who plays the guitar or loves rock, they’re sure to enjoy eating their way through this masterpiece. Made from a cardboard guitar shape with candy glued on it, you can choose his favorite candy to customize it.

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14. Handmade Zen Garden

handmade zen garden

Bring some zen into their life with their very own zen garden. The perfect gift idea for any boyfriend who’s always stressed out, this simple to make garden will help them feel relaxed and calm. Requiring just a handful of materials, you don’t have to be a DIY pro to make this. Check the step-by-step instructions on Pinterest.

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15. Pop Up Photo Box

pop up photo box

What better way to remind your boyfriend of your favorite memories together than making them a sweet pop up photo box. Packed full of lovely memories, this photo box holds various photos inside and reveals them all once opened. Cute and simple, any boyfriend will appreciate this homemade gift.

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16. Reasons You’re A Catch

DIY baseball gift idea

Remind them why they’re a catch with their very own personalized baseball gift. Ideal for baseball fans or anyone who needs a pick me up, this gift is both cute and practical. Simply write the top reasons why he’s a catch on the ball and throw it at him! Hopefully, he’ll catch it!

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17. DIY Beard Oil

diy beard oil gift idea

For guys who have long bears, don’t waste your money on expensive beard gift ideas, make your own instead! With the right ingredients, you can easily make them some beard oil that will compete with the expensive brands. The best thing is, you can even make your own brand label to see if they notice. Check the Pinterest post for detailed how-to instructions.

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18. DIY Leather Wallet

diy leather wallet

If your boyfriends needs a desperate wallet upgrade, then do them a favor by making them one. Say goodbye to old wallets with holes in them and give them something they can actually use. A straight forward process, almost anyone can whip up this handmade leather wallet in under an hour.

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19. DIY Beer Soap

diy beer soap

What better Christmas or birthday gift than making them their own beer soap. Made with real beer, any boyfriend will love the smell and texture of this handmade gift. Ideal for making in your kitchen, follow these instructions to make delicious smelling beer soap.

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20. Succulent Book Planter

diy gift for boyfriend

Craft them the ideal valentine’s day gift with their own cute succulent book planter. Perfect for the guy that loves plants or desk art, this little gift will look amazing on anyone’s desk. With no DIY experience required, even beginners will be able to make this in under an hour.

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