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What better way to say I love you than a unique DIY gift for your girlfriend? If you’re looking to give your girlfriend something unique for whatever special occasion, then making a homemade gift is an excellent option. Forget makeup and designer handbags, win their love by making them their very own handcrafted gifts.

If you’re having trouble thinking about what kind of gift to make for your girlfriend, then don’t worry. We’ve handpicked 20 of the best and easiest DIY gifts that anyone can make. No matter how good (or bad) your DIY skills are, your girlfriend is sure to love these handmade gifts

From DIY jewelry holders to homemade bath bombs, discover the best DIY gifts for your girlfriend below.

Cute DIY Gifts For Girlfriend

1. DIY Jewelry Holder

diy jewelry holder gift

Does your girlfriend just dump all her jewelry in a dish or box when she takes it off? Help make it a part of her room’s décor with this beautiful DIY jewelry holder. Made from barn wood, the entire gifts costs less than $30 to make and will look awesome in any room.

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2. Handmade Surprise Exploding Box

handmade surprise exploding box

Forget boring old birthday and valentine’s day cards, give your girlfriend a surprise on any occasion with this exploding box gift. Inside the box contains a variety of messages and even small gifts. Ideal for gifting alongside other presents, this box is nowhere near as hard as it looks to make!

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3. Homemade Bath Bombs

homemade bath bombs

What better way to help your girlfriend relax than making her these homemade bath bombs. Super easy to make, she won’t be able to tell the difference from the expensive ones sold at Lush. Made from baking soda, Epsom salt, oils and a hint of coloring, you can whip up an entire batch from your kitchen in less than a day.

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4. Chocolate Love Bouquet

chocolate love bouquet

If flowers aren’t the way to their heart, then chocolate probably is. Give them something unique and surprising with this delicious chocolate love bouquet. An interesting twist on the classic roses, this chocolate bouquet is the perfect idea for valentine’s day or anniversary gift for her. Easy to make and costing under $20, they’re sure to enjoy this chocolate treat.

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5. Handmade Clay Earrings

handmade clay earrings

Does your girlfriend love earrings? Of course she does! Add a unique pair to her collection with these handmade DIY clay earrings. Very contemporary and modern, these earrings are sure to look great with any of her outfits. Easily made from home with a few tools and supplies, you can make multiple pairs in a single session.

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6. DIY Anime Keychain

diy anime keychain

The perfect gift for anyone who loves anime, this cute keychain is sure to be adored by your girlfriend. Made from basic foam materials and scissors, they can be custom made for any anime character. Be sure to follow the link to watch the full video on how to make them.

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7. Kawaii Cloud Plushie

kawaii cloud plush

Add some kawaii cuteness to their life with this little fluffy cloud plush. Ideal for girlfriends who love cute tokens of your love, this little cloud plushie can be made with a bit of cloth, foam cut-outs and stuffing. We suggest practicing your stitching before you attempt to make this one!

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8. Spa & Pampering Jar

spa pampering jar

Give them a good old pampering with their very own spa and pampering gift jar. Easy to make at short notice, this jar will help anyone relax and enjoy their own spa day. Including everything they need to de-stress and feel a million bucks, they’re sure to love this homemade gift.

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9. DIY Hollow Book

diy hollow book gift idea

Surprise your girlfriend with something much more than just a book. Ideal for any book lover, we suggest doing this a book they already own. Initially, they’ll be disappointed… until they open it up and find the real gift hiding inside. A great way to prank to your girlfriend, their reaction is sure to be priceless!

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10. Cute Pikachu Plush

pikachu plush girlfriend idea

No matter if your girlfriend is a fan of Pokemon or just cute things in general, she’s sure to fall in love with this Pikachu plush. Easy to make from socks, stuffing, felt and thread, once finished this cute Pokemon gift idea will look just like the real thing from the store. Be sure to watch the YouTube video for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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11. Secret Message In A Bottle Gift

secret message in a bottle gift

Want to tell your girlfriend that you love her, or maybe something even more? Give her something unique with this awesome secret message bottle gift. With the ability to add any message you want, you can make this secret jar ask her anything you desire. The perfect addition to any surprise gift or proposal, she’s sure to have fun cracking this code!

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12. Paper Lipstick Valentines Gift

paper lipstick valentines gift

What better way to gift wrap her new lipstick present than with this paper style lipstick gift. Ideal for a valentine’s day present or to hide an extra surprise inside, this handmade lipstick gift is sure to make them smile. Made from various bits of card and paper, all you need is a hot glue gun and some scissors.

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13. We Met We Kissed Wall Art

where we met wall art

Remind them of the very first time you both met with this cute personalized photo frame. Featuring the first time you met, and the first time you kissed, this adorable piece of wall art is sure to be treasured by your girlfriend. Easy to make with minimal materials, this is the perfect DIY gift for any girlfriend.

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14. Clay Necklace

clay necklace

Add a special piece of jewelry to their collection with their very own handmade clay necklace. Perfect for any girlfriend, these handmade pendants can easily be customized to anything you want, and also make an excellent keychain. With materials including air-dry clay and paint, anyone can make these necklaces at home.

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15. Handmade Craft Gift Box

handmade craft gift box

Make your own gift wrapping at home with these cool origami-style gift boxes. The perfect way to wrap up any small gift, these boxes are made just from paper and glue, but look so incredibly cool! Ditch the wrapping paper and make them their own hand crafted gift boxes instead.

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16. DIY Dreamcatcher

diy dreamcatcher

Ensure your girlfriend only has good dreams while she sleeps with this cute DIY dreamcatcher gift. A DIY project for the more experienced crafts maker, this dreamcatcher is made from various feathers, beads and string, while secured in place with a hot glue gun. Six inches in diameter, any girlfriend is sure to appreciate this wonderfully crafted gift.

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17. Envelope Clutch Bag

envelope clutch bag

Forget designer handbags, give your significant other the perfect surprise without wasting thousands of dollars. Ideal for birthdays, valentine’s day, or any other special occasion, this handmade clutch bag is sure to be used regularly. Check the Pinterest post for detailed instructions on how to craft your own from pleather fabric and some spare buttons.

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18. Ombre Wine Cork Heart

ombre wine cork heart

Does your girlfriend enjoy drinking a lot of wine? Do you happen to have many wine corks laying around? Make the most out of those corks by making her this incredibly sweet wine cork heart wall art. A great addition to any room, this piece of art is relatively easy to make and looks amazing.

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19. Flower Monogram Wall Art

flower monogram wall art

The perfect DIY gift for any girlfriend who loves modern art and interior design, this monogram art is bound to look good in any house. Made from faux flowers, this art will last a lifetime while being a constant reminder of your love for her. With an optional frame, your significant other is guaranteed to love it!

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20. Vanity Mirror Tray

vanity mirror tray

Bring her breakfast in bed in style with this awesome multi-functional vanity mirror tray. Great for using as a tray, décor on her makeup table, or even as a functional mirror, this gift has plenty of helpful uses. Made from materials you can pick up at your local hardware store, check the Pinterest link for full instructions.

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