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Are you trying to find the perfect gift for your barber friend? Then you’ve come to the right place! No matter how much (or little) you know about barbering, we’re here to help you find the best gift for any budget.

Having asked plenty of barbers what gifts they’d actually want to receive, we’ve compiled a trustworthy list of the best items that will make them smile. From anti-fatigue mats to a new pair of professional scissors, here are the gifts barbers really want.

Best Gifts For Barbers

1. Barber Apron

barber apron gift

Ensure they stay free from hairs with this professional barberology apron. Water, hair and chemical repellent, this apron is designed to make sure they don’t ruin their clothes. Made from durable materials, this comfortable apron also comes with three functional pockets to hold combs, scissors, and any other equipment.

2. The Rich Barber Method Book

rich barber method book

Believe it or not, there’s actually more to being a good barber than just knowing how to cut hair. Help them build the business of their dreams by getting more clients, keeping them, and charging them more. This book will teach them exactly how to do those three steps and grow their business to become a rich barber.

3. Barber Crew Socks

barber crew socks

What barber can go to work without wearing appropriate barber socks? Ensure they’re dressed for business with these awesome colorful barber crew socks. Made from cotton and spandex, these socks are available in two different sizes and will fit most people. Bring some color into their workplace with this thoughtful barber gift.

4. Spray Bottles

barber spray bottles

Ensure their spray bottles are clean and fresh with these unique water spray bottles. With three per pack, each one can hold 150ml of liquid and comes with a vintage style sticker around the side. The perfect set for any barbershop, these spray bottles are sure to come in handy for any full-time barber.

5. Sanitizing Jar

sanitizing jar

Keep their essential tools clean and hygienic with this super colorful sanitizing jar. Ideal for holding combs and scissors, this jar ensures all of their tools stay clean throughout the day. Made in the USA, this jar comes with a convenient metal holder that will lift up any equipment when the lid is removed.

6. Vintage Barber Patent Prints

vintage barber patent posters

Give their customers something to look at while they’re waiting or getting their hair cut with these very interesting vintage barber prints. Containing six different prints on high-quality crystal archive paper, the patents include a barber’s chair, cut-throat razor, barber pole and a shaving brush to name a few.

7. Barber Organizer Mat

barber organizer mat

Keep their work station tidy and organized with this well thought out barber organizer mat. Made from flexible PVC rubber that is anti-slip, heat resistant, and easily cleanable, this mat will stop them from scratching their work counter while keeping their tools organized. With various compartment areas for different tools and accessories, this mat is sure to be used regularly.

8. Barber Jacket

barber jacket gift idea

Give them something both practical and stylish with this awesome illustrated barber jacket. Featuring a unique barber themed pattern with razors, shaving foam and combs on it, this jacket is also very practical and comes with various sized pockets. Perfect for storing scissors and other equipment, this style jacket is an excellent gift for any barber.

9. Barber Lapel Gift Set

scissors razor lapel set

Let everyone know they’re a barber wherever they go with this cool collection of barber inspired lapel pins. Including three different styles of pins, this set includes a razor, barber pole, and scissors, the essential items that every barber needs by their sides at all times. Hand-finished with color, these quality pins will look great on any barber.

10. LED Barber Pole

LED barber pole

What better way to advertise a barbershop than with a traditional barber pole. Updated for the 21st century, this barber pole lights up with LED lights and is available in various sizes from 30 inches to 41. Complete with everything they need to install it, this is sure to be a great addition to any barbershop.

11. Price List Poster

price list poster

Ensure all of their customers know how much a haircut costs with this handy and practical price list poster. A must-have for all barbershops, this post is manufactured in the USA and is complete with a fade prevention finish to make it last for years to come. Simply write on the prices with a pen, and they’re good to go!

12. Child Booster Seat

child booster seat block

Not matter if they’re just starting out or have been a barber for years, having a booster seat is essential for any barber. Not only does it get more customers, but it also makes cutting children’s hair much easier. Made from leather, which is super easy to clean, this thick foam padding adds plenty of height to any barber chair.

13. Barber Bow Tie

barber bow tie

Give them a makeover with this traditional-style barbershop bow tie. Pre-tied and easy to put on, this bow tie features a unique pattern of scissors, brushes, and hair dryers. Suitable for any barber, this gift is sure to make go well with any of their daily work outfits.

14. Hand Mirror

two hand mirror

Every barber needs a hand mirror to show customers the back of their head. Give them a gift they’ll use daily with this incredibly useful two-handed hand mirror. Extra-large and 14 inches wide, this mirror has a much larger viewing area than other mirrors. Help them show off their work to customers with this excellent mirror.

15. Clipper Cleaner Brushes

clipper cleaner brushes

Keep their clippers in tip-top condition with these must-have clipper cleaner brushes. With 36 individual brushes per pack, each one has nylon bristles and a wooden handle, which can be used multiple times. The perfect size to get in those small areas, these brushes are a great gift to keep any clippers clean.

16. Viewing Window Barber Cape

viewing window barber cape

Make their customers love them even more with this unique barber cape with viewing window. Unlike any other barber cape, this cape has a special see-through window for customers to use their phones while having their hair cut. Suitable for all neck sizes, this barber cape is sure to give them an edge over their competitors.

17. Sweeney Todd Blu-ray

sweeney todd blu-ray

The only musical that all barbers must watch, Sweeney Todd is an ancient tale of the demon barber of fleet street and his wicked crimes. Starring many famous faces including Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and Alan Rickman, this musical is sure to entertain any barbers while giving them a look at a Victorian barbershop.

18. Barber Seat Clock

barber seat clock gift

Help them keep an eye on the time with their very own barber chair desk clock. Made to look just like a real miniature barber seat, this clock is perfect for any barbershop environment. Standing 3.5 inches tall and made from zinc alloy metal, this clock is sure to be a fantastic gift for any barber.

19. Anti-Fatigue Mat

anti-fatigue mat

Take care of their feet while they’re standing up all day with this must-have anti-fatigue mat. Designed to fit perfectly around the back of any barber chair, this squishy mat will make standing up for hours much more comfortable. With a non-slip texture and large surface area, they’re sure to notice a difference after standing on this for a few minutes.

20. Professional Barber Razor

professional barber razor

Ensure they have the finest tools of the trade with this razor-sharp professional barber razor. At 2.6 ounces, it’s the perfect weight for easy manoeuvring and will allow any barber to give customers the closest shave. Made from 100% rust resistant stainless steel, it’s also sure to last a very long time.

21. Training Mannequin Head

Every barber has to start somewhere. If they’ve just starter barber training and need to practice their technique, then what better gift than this male mannequin training head. Made from 100% real hair, this mannequin will allow anyone to practice cutting both hair and bears without the worry of ruining anybody’s hair.

22. Barber Pole Necklace

barber pole necklace

Upgrade their bling with this flashy barber pole pendant necklace made from sparkly rhinestones. The perfect gift for any barber who loves to show off, the pendant measures approximately two inches tall and is hand-coloured. Also included is a matching silver chain which is long enough for most people.

23. Barber Pole Scissors T-Shirt

barber pole scissors t-shirt

Help them show off their profession to everyone they meet with this eye-catching barber inspired t-shirt. Featuring an iconic barber pole on the front, this t-shirt also includes scissors, combs and razors in the design, the essential tools for any barber. Available in six different sizes and five different colors, this is sure to be an excellent gift.

24. Cordless Hair Clippers

cordless hair clippers

Ensure they have the right tools for the job with this extremely useful cordless hair clipper. Maybe they’re currently using a corded clipper which makes it hard to use with all the wires getting in the way. Help them go wireless and make their life easier with this cordless hair clipper.

25. Professional Barber Scissors

professional barber scissors

Give them an upgrade on their existing scissors, with this professional pair of hair scissors. Six inches long and extremely sharp, these professional quality scissors are made from stainless steel, which also makes them extremely durable. Great for precision cutting, this is a great gift for any beginner barber.