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Looking to get your carpenter loved one a gift for an upcoming occasion?

To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve asked hundreds of carpenters and woodworkers what gift they would like to receive. Based on their answers, our team has selected the top picks for every budget range.

From digital tape measures to work gear and more, discover the best gifts for carpenters and woodworkers below.

Best Gifts For A Carpenter

1. Men’s Work Boots

mens work boots

Give your favorite carpenter a pair of breathable work boots for daily work. Made with a breathable sole and coolmax technology, these boots are designed to eliminate moisture from the foot brought by hot days and heavy-duty activities. It features an oil, slip, and moist resistant rock rooster rubber outsole. The fiber structure of this pair will keep feet feeling cool and fresh all day.

2. Carpenter’s Hatchet

carpenters hatchet gift idea

What is a carpenter without their trusty hatchet? Forging in one piece, this durable hatchet can get the work of heavy construction, traditional woodworking, and all other similar jobs done. It is guaranteed lacquered for a durable yet comfortable finish. Handheld, it’s perfect for carrying around on a tool belt and is much more versatile than a standard ax.

3. Digital Laser Tape Measure

digital laser tape measure

Give them the accuracy that they need with this digital laser tape measure. Featuring a 2-in-1 design combining a 16ft auto lock tape measure and a 130ft laser distance measure. With its smooth angle button, long distance measurements are easier and quicker compared to traditional tape measures. It is built with a three quarter inch dual-sided print scale with nylon coating and a true-zero magnetic hook.

4. Door Lifter For Carpenters

door lifter for carpenters

Make moving doors a one-man job with this essential door lifting device. With a structured design that easily lifts the door’s weight, it quickly pushes under for easy operation and deployment. This door lifter is a solid and durable marring plastic ideal for positioning doors with higher floor clearance.

5. Contour Gauge

contour gauge

Let them nail the job in the most precise manner with this contour gauge. Intentionally for laminate, carpet, winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, objects, checking dimensions, and moulding, the contour gauge adjusts the tightness depending on one’s preferences. This contour gauge is made from high strength, durable, and plastic and is perfect for getting that snug fit.

6. Can-Do Clamp

can do clamp

Make their life easier with this essential can-do clamp. This tool is a great way to quickly secure and clamp wood together for drilling. With its easy maneuverability, can-do clamps have precise adjustments, moveable jaws, two swivel points, sliding ‘T’ handle for high clamping pressure, oblong holes for easy mounting on a workbench.

7. Shinto Saw Rasp Tool

shinto saw rasp tool

With its hardened steel teeth, this saw rasp tool prevents clogging, yet is very manageable when the need to clean up arises. Far from the traditional rasps, this tool is suitable for any shaping task a carpenter might be faced with. Doubled sided and lightweight, this is the perfect gift for any carpenter of any experience.

8. Tanned Leather Tool Belt

tanned leather tool belt

Help them carry all their tools and equipment while doing their job with this tanned leather tool belt. Made from pure leather, this tool belt is flexible to any handyman who needs a hand in carpeting, lifting, and more. It fits all sizes from a 30 inch waist size up to 46 inches.

9. Wrangler Men’s Carpenter Jeans

wranglers men carpenter jeans

The perfect daily work gear for any carpenter, these wrangler jeans are sure to withstand daily wear and tear. Made of polyester and cotton, the jeans are built with two slash pockets, two back pockets, two tool pockets on the right leg, and one hammer loop on the left. Featuring a relaxing and comfortable fit, any carpenter is sure to love wearing these jeans.

10. Woodworking Apron

woodworking apron

Protect him from stains and spills from paint with this handy woodworking apron. It comes with a heavy-use 16oz waxed canvas to equip tools with a water-resistant, durable, and solid structure. The sturdy double stitching, solid brass grommets, and rivets make a long, thick shop apron suited for several years of usage.

11. Bar Clamps For Woodworking

bar clamps for woodworking

Composed of high-quality steel bars and a reinforced nylon body, these bar clamps will help any carpenter with woodworking jobs. Bar clamps allow excellent impact resistance and withstand heavy-duty construction tasks. Each clamp has a unique quick-change button that is ideal for reversing and taking the jaw off to achieve the spreader that they need.

12. Carpenter Square Ruler

square ruler

With more than ten different functions, this carpenter square ruler will make any handyman’s life easier. Including features such as the square, protractor, dovetail template, circular hole, parallel line, vertical line, t-shaped scribe, 45° angle, and 90° angle, it is indeed the perfect tool for a busy carpenter. The square ruler is made of durable and wear-resistant alloy.

13. Heavy Duty Knee Pads

heavy duty knee pads

For anyone who spends all day working on their knees, this is sure to be an excellent gift idea. Made with soft gel, EVA foam, neoprene, polyester, and PVC. This pair is especially suitable for carpenters who have more sensitive knees that are willing to handle heavy-duty works. The straps are designed to be adjustable to find the right firmness, security, and comfortability they need.

14. Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

circular saw pizza wheel

Introduce a hassle-free snack time with this hilarious circular saw pizza wheel. Both fun and functional, this is a kind of pizza cutter that will blast through the flavors of extra cheese, pepperoni, and even those pesky anchovies. With its unique design that resembles a typical circular saw, any carpenter that will use this wheel is a master of both woodwork and pizza cutting.

15. DEWALT Carpentry and Framing Handbook

dewalt carpentry and framing handbook

Give your favorite carpenter an item that will feed his knowledge on carpentry. This carpentry and framing handbook contains a comprehensive guide about the basics of framing and carpentry in general. The texts are all arranged according to the logical discussion of trades, foundations, railings, and more. The carpentry and framing handbook also features integrated reference materials with precise calculations.

16. Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband

Make him an unstoppable handyman with this magnetic wristband. With 15 strong magnets, this construction accessory has a large surface area for him to attach magnetic items such as bolts, screws, nails, screwdriver bits, drill bits, nuts, washers, and the like. However, it is also packed with two pockets reserved for non-magnetic items making it super useful for all tasks.

17. Carpenter Pencils Set

carpenter pencils set

Never let him run out of carpentry essentials by gifting him these pencil sets. Each pencil is in metric and ruler-printed. These are cedar pencils that are originally made in the USA. The set has 24 pencils, all in all. Available colors include white, neon yellow, neon pink, neon green, and a red and black combination.

18. Ironclad Framer Work Gloves

ironclad framer work gloves

Protect his hands with these durable work gloves. Now with better dexterity and additional durability, these gloves provide outstanding protection while allowing a breathable feeling to the fingertips. The framer work gloves are completely washable. Since it has high-conductive carbon ions, the fabric goes well with any skin type. The specialized ion-infused microfiber matrix could also last for longer years when properly taken care of.

19. Retraceable Box Cutter Utility Knife

utility knife gift idea

Ensure there are no more accidents from those loose pocket knives with this retractable box cutter utility knife. This utility knife has a safety auto headlock that sets safety and control from accidents when not in use. The five blades are securely attached in the hidden chamber and comes with a comfy ergonomic handle.

20. Woodworking Compass

woodworking compass

Help him sketch out his drawings with precision, thanks to this woodworking compass. Built with thick high-quality carbon steel and with a sizable length of 12 inches, this compass can handle any demanding project. It will not slide or slip out as its lockerbie wing and arches will support the balance. This gift is ideal for strong engravings and workshops.

21. Wood Chisel Tool Set

wood chisel tool set

Add to his wood chisel collection with these high quality and sturdy wood chisels. The chisels inside measure 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch. The zipped bag will not only protect their woodwork equipment, but will also help them carry the set to and from their jobs.

22. Carpenter King Of Trades T-Shirt

carpenter king of trades t-shirt

Show off his passion for crafts by gifting him this Carpenter King of Trades shirt. Made of cotton and polyester, this shirt features the star of carpentry trading and the profession itself. It displays a parody design highlighting the incredible craftsmanship of most home builders. The shirt has a cut of lightweight, classic fit, double-needle sleeve, and bottom hem style.

More Gifts For Woodworkers

23. Combination Square

combination square

No carpenter’s toolset can be complete without a combination square. Structured with black precision-etched scales, rustproof stainless steel blade, durable cast zinc body with an accurate 90 and 45 degree mark. Combination squares are fit to act as gauges in transferring measurements. With its comprehensive readings and durability, they can never have too many combination squares!

24. Magnetaclip


Is he always losing his work pen or pencil? Then this magenta clip system would be an excellent gift for the carpenter in your life. The clip is structured in strong composite plastic, with a strong magnet and power plate. Its stainless power plate makes every usage versatile as it can be used for places he can’t clip on.

25. Woodworking Tool Patent Prints

woodworking tool patent prints

For that unique carpenter gift, get him these special woodworking tool patent prints. A cool gift idea that will complement any room, they are sure to intrigue anyone who works in the trade. These wall decors do not come in frames, yet they go well with regular frames or any image platform to make them stand out in any room.

26. Sawdust Is Man Glitter Baseball Cap

sawdust is man glitter

A cool baseball cap for a cool loved one. The Sawdust Is Man Glitter Baseball Cap is crafted by great Michigan artisans and embroiderers. Sewn and drawn with pride, this cap is in a six panel classic “dad” style ball cap with directly stitched embroidery across the front. It has an adjustable closure for maximum comfort.

27. Men’s Tool Socks

mens tool socks

Who says guys can’t wear cute tool socks? They’ll surely be wrong as these pairs are designed with much comfort and softness, good for low to mid-calf stretches. The socks feature a pattern of construction tools in bright and youthful colors. The grey hue also complements the rugged adventure of his day.


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