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Finding the perfect gift for grandpa can be hard work. Having been around for several decades, the chances are he already has everything he’s ever wanted or needed. Not only does this make finding a gift for him challenging, but also very time-consuming!

To save you lots of time and bring a big smile to your grandpa’s face, we’ve scoured the web to find the best gifts for every occasion. No matter if it’s his birthday, or you’re already looking for Christmas gifts, you’ll find plenty of unique gifts your grandpa will love here.

Enjoy our list of handpicked gifts for grandpa below!

Unique Gift Ideas For Grandpa

1. Fishing Survival Kit

survival fishing kit

If your grandpa is into his fishing, then this is the perfect gift to help him catch his next record-breaking fish. Containing various fishing lures, hooks, and even a hand reel, this fishing kit has everything your gramps could ever need while out fishing.

2. Glasses Holder

wooden glasses holder

Does your grandpa keep forgetting where he left his glasses? Help him keep them safe with this handy glasses holder. Suitable for both spectacles and shades, this freestanding and handcrafted holder is not only functional, but it will certainly raise a smile from your grandpa.

3. Marble Chess Set

marble chess set

Your grandpa might not be into the latest video games, but the chances are he still loves a game of chess. Upgrade his current chess set with this stylish and elegant handcrafted marble set. Perfect for displaying on a counter; be sure to brush up on your chess skills before letting him open it!

4. Foldable Walking Cane

foldable walking cane

Whether your grandpa has mobility issues or not, a walking cane is always a useful gift for the elderly. Perfect for everyday use, or just when hill walking, this collapsible walking cane can easily fit into a small bag for storage. Lightweight and sturdy, restore your grandpa’s mobility today.

5. Illuminated Magnifying Glass

illuminated magnifying glass gift

Is your grandpa struggling to read his newspapers and books? Give him the gift of clear vision with this impressive multipurpose illuminated magnifying glass. Ideal for reading, this LED magnifying glass can zoom in by 10X and comes with two interchangeable lenses. The built-in light also makes it perfect for bedtime reading.

6. Hooded Dressing Gown

hooded dressing gown

A warm and cosy dressing gown is the foundation of every grandpa’s closet. If your grandpa needs a much-needed upgrade, then this is the ideal gift for him. Designed by luxury menswear designer John Christian, this dressing gown comes with fleeced fabric for extra warmth and comfort. Did we mention it’s also machine washable?

7. Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses

old fashioned whiskey glasses

You might be considering some good old whiskey for your grandpa, but the chances are he will already have plenty. Give him something unique with these old fashioned whisky glasses that are sure to take him back to his youth. Perfect for serving whiskey, Scotch, or mixed drinks.

8. Couch Arm Table

couch arm table

Perfect for any grandpa into his sports and TV is this couch arm table. Compatible with almost any sofa, simply lower the arms on each side to secure the table to the armrest. Ideal for holding snacks, drinks, or anything else you can think of, they’ll never have to struggle to reach for the table again.

9. #1 Grandpa Spatula

grandpa spatula

Is your grandpa always found beside the barbecue in the summer? Remind him who’s number one with this heavy-duty BBQ grill spatula. Featuring the engraved message “#1 grandpa”, this is sure to put a smile on his face. The spatula also doubles up as a bottle opener, which is ideal for every summer barbecue.

10. Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum cleaner

No matter your age, vacuuming is always a tedious task that becomes harder the older you get. Having to bend over all the time can be extremely uncomfortable and hard work! Take the strain off your grandpa’s back and keep his house clean with this robotic vacuum cleaner. Perfect for getting those hard to reach places, bring your grandpa into the 21st century with this futuristic gift.

11. Digital Tape Measure

digital tape measure

If your grandpa’s a dab hand at DIY there why not upgrade his tools to the 21st century with this impressive waterproof laser tape measure. Featuring a 16-foot tape measure, the LCD digital display instantly tells you the exact length of an object to the nearest millimetre. In addition to this, it also features a laser beam, which can be used to calculate distances of up to 130 feet quickly.

12. The Grandfather T-Shirt

grandfather shirt

Do you want to send a message to your grandpa and the rest of the world? Then do so with this iconic Godfather parody T-shirt. Choose from a range of different colors to leave your grandpa smiling and feeling like a real member of the Mafia!

13. GPS Keyring

gps keyring

Getting old means suddenly forgetting where you left your keys. Did you leave them in the car, or on the kitchen counter? Who knows! Find them quickly with this handy GPS key finder keyring. Attach it a set keys or any object, and you’ll instantly be able to track its location on your phone. Help grandpa never lose his keys again!

14. Big Brick of Soap Set

large soap gift set

Does your grandpa moan about men’s modern grooming products? Does he wish they still made them like back in his day? Bring a smile to his face with this big brick of soap set. Featuring three super large bricks of soap in different scents including “smells like victory”, a portion of the sales are also donated to US veterans.

15. Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot

Upgrade your grandpa’s home by giving him his very own personal assistant! The echo dot is an incredibly handy device that your grandpa will love. Featuring Amazon’s Alexa assistant, ask her any question and get an instant response. Incredibly simple to use and very functional, he won’t have to worry about using a computer again.

16. UGG Slippers

ugg slippers

Having a great pair of slippers is an essential part of your wardrobe when you become a grandfather. Make your pops the best-dressed grandpa in the neighborhood with these incredibly soft and comfy UGG Slippers. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, they’re completely waterproof and feature sheep’s wool inside.

17. Changeable Screwdriver Set

screwdriver set

Make sure your grandpa always has the perfect screwdriver for the job with this incredible changeable screwdriver set. Featuring 50 different heads that fit into an interchangeable non-slip handle, quickly swap the attachment in a matter of seconds. It also comes with a handy storage pouch to easily carry the heads around.

18. Brain Teasers

brain teaser puzzles

Want to keep your grandpa’s brain in shape? Watch him struggle with these 16 unique metal brainteaser puzzles perfectly crafted to get your grandpa’s brain thinking. Improve his IQ and creative thinking skills with this thoughtful gift. Don’t worry, they also include instructions if he does get stumped and needs some help!

19. Whiskey Scented Candle

whiskey scented candle

Is your grandpa a huge whiskey fan but you don’t want to encourage his drinking habit? Give him the unmistakable scent of whiskey without any negative side effects with this whiskey & oak-scented candle. Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee, this candle delivers the closest scent aside from real thing.

20. Beatles Socks Gift Set

beatles socks gift set

As people get older, they start to appreciate the gift of socks more and more. Add some color to your grandpa’s wardrobe with these vibrant Beatles socks. An excellent gift for Beatles fans, these are perfect for both formal and casual occasions and will match any outfit.

21. Guitar Effects Pedal

guitar effects pedal

Does your grandpa want to relive the 70’s and 80’s rock ‘n’ roll era? Transform the sound of his guitar with this impressive 75-effect guitar pedal. Featuring 100 memory locations and the ability to use five effects simultaneously, this guitar pedal will totally blow your grandfather’s mind.

22. Digital Hanging Scale

digital hanging scale

Weighing the catch of the day can often be a tricky task that can end up with some pretty inaccurate numbers. Never make a weighing error again with this portable digital hook scale. Simply place the fish on the hook, and it will accurately tell you how much it weighs.

23. Necktie Gift Set

necktie gift set

Give your grandpa the gift of fashion with this luxury necktie gift box featuring 5 different Italian neckties for every occasion. Featuring a range of different patterns and colors, these premium neckties are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Carefully wrapped and presented in a gift box, these neckties are sure to get your grandfather noticed!

24. Putting Green

putting green

If your grandpa is golf crazy, then he’ll love this miniature putting green. Measuring 9 feet long and featuring 3 different putting holes, this gift is perfect for anyone aiming to be the next Tiger Woods. Foldable for quick storage, this putting green can easily be rolled up and put away for another day.

25. Portable Vinyl Record Player

portable record player

They don’t make music like they used to do! You’ve probably heard that one 100 times already and know it’s time to do something about it. Treat your grandpa to the sounds of his era, with his very own portable vinyl record player. Suitable for records of 7 to 12 inches, it also comes with 3 different RPM settings.

26. Campfire Fishing Pole

campfire fishing pole

Give your grandpa a special gift with this fishing pole campfire roaster. Let him show off his fishing skills while roasting marshmallows and other food on the campfire. Featuring a stainless steel line and roasting hook, the heat resistant wooden handle stops the pole from getting too hot to handle.

27. DIY Toolkit

diy toolkit for grandpa

Is your grandpa always losing his tools and in need of a new toolkit? Replenish his tools with this handy DIY toolkit. Including all the essentials such as a tape measure, hammer, plyers and many more, if you rely on your grandpa fixing things than this is probably a worthwhile investment.

28. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker for grandpa

When you reach a certain age, it becomes increasingly important to keep active and fit. Encourage your grandpa to stay healthy with this impressive fitness tracker. The Lintelek fitness tracker will monitor your heart rate, sleeping pattern, and daily activity to ensure you are staying healthy. This all in one tracker is a must buy for anyone worried about their grandpa’s health.

29. Life Story Photo Frame

life story photo frame gift

Want to give your grandpa a gift that’s sure to make him shed a tear or two? Give him this life story photo frame showing the milestones throughout his life. From a young boy, to father, and grandpa, this photo frame is sure to take him on a trip down memory lane.

30. GPS Golf Ball Marker

golf ball GPS market

If your grandpa has all the golf gear but no idea, then he’ll love this golf ball GPS tracker. Compatible with any smartphone including Android and iOS, this golf ball tracker will instantly tell you the distance from the green. Useful for people who play a lot of golf (or just have really bad eyesight), this device is sure to improve your handicap.


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