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Hate them or love them, professors and teachers challenge us to expand our thinking and become a better version of ourselves. Considering they have a rather large impact in your life, it makes sense to buy them a little farewell present after all those years.

It might sound easy, but finding the right gift for a professor can be extremely difficult especially when they have plenty of gifts from past students in the office. Finding that perfect gift for your professor can require some long thinking and head-scratching.

Luckily, we’ve already checked the syllabus for you and found some of the most original and unique gifts that your professor will love. No matter if they were your math, history professor or anything in between, these gifts are sure to look good in any professor’s office.

1. Nutritional Mug

Perfect for any science professors, this is certainly a gift they’ll be happy to show to their class and keep in the faculty staffroom. Featuring a funny nutritional facts table on the side of the mug, it lists exactly everything that can be found in a teacher, from passion to determination. Considering how much coffee teachers drink, this is sure to be an excellent gift for a professor.

2. Glowing Coaster Set

It’s no secret that most professors are addicted to coffee and can be found sipping their cups throughout the day. Brighten up their desk with these awesome glowing periodic coasters. Featuring the symbols for radium, plutonium, uranium and thorium, these coasters are the perfect gift for professors who love science.

3. Worst Test Answers

Once you’ve been a teacher for a few decades, you think you’ve seen it all. All the funny exam answers, mistakes and general epic fails. Make your professor laugh with this hilarious funny fails book. Featuring a collection of exam fails, they’re sure to forget any funny answers you’ve ever given them in the past. The perfect professor gift idea for anyone who enjoys a laugh.

4. Pi Socks

Everybody loves a bit of pi, right? A great gift for a professor or math or physics, these socks are sure to become their classroom favorites. Featuring an embroidered pi symbol all over, the subtle socks will definitely put you in their good books and make them feel extra special.

5. Periodic Tie

Learning the periodic table can be a challenging task. The chances are your professor has plenty of copies of it around the classroom and lecture halls for you to look at and remember. Help them teach their students even faster with this factual periodic table tie featuring real elements. An excellent gift idea for a professor, this is sure to liven up their classroom.

6. Wireless Presenter Remote

There’s nothing more boring than watching a professor glued to the PC in the lecture hall. Without a wireless remote, they literally have to stand next to the computer and click the mouse for every new slide. Help them transform their lectures with this handy universal wireless presenter remote with LED pointer. If presenting is not their specialty then this is sure to be a top gift for any professor.

7. Mug Warmer

When it comes to teaching and lecturing, things often get forgotten, such as drinking coffee. Don’t let your professor’s beverage go cold again with this impressive desk mug warmer. Suitable for any office desk, this handy device will warm up any mug, cup, (and its contents) placed on it.

8. Desk Organizer

If you’ve ever visited your professor’s office after a lecture, then the chances are you’ve noticed their messy desk. Help them keep everything organized with this incredible desk organizer. Featuring an upright section to hold their pages and card folders as well as a sliding drawer for stationery and equipment, this organizer will instantly clean up their desk.

9. WTF Notes

Sometimes, when giving feedback on a piece of coursework or test, it can be hard to find the right words. Help your professor tell it as it is with these humorous WTF page notes. Featuring a range of boxes such as WTF were you thinking? And WTF was in that drink last night? Your professor will have no troubles getting his message across to students with these card clues.

10. Chemistry Spice Rack

If your chemistry professor is known for cooking up a storm in the classroom, then why not treat them to this awesome chemistry-themed spice rack. Including 14 clearly labeled spice containers such as salt, mustard, chili and paprika, this spice rack is sure to go down a treat with your professor. If you think an entire spice rack is too much, then you can just get the salt and pepper shakers.

11. Thank You Cookies

Nothing says thanks better than this delicious thank you gift idea. Baked fresh and shipped on the same day, these cookies will arrive as fresh as they can be. Nicely wrapped with a bow and a huge thank you sign, your professor is sure to get the message with these delicious treats.

12. Lit Mug

Just like everybody else in this world, professors love a good pun. Especially when the pun is related to their subject and it’s printed on a mug! This hilarious Shakespeare mug takes both of those boxes and the end result is an epic gift for your English professor.

13. Einstein Socks

Bring a smile to your physics or maths professor’s face with these out of this world Einstein socks. Einstein might’ve not been an avid sock wearer himself, but your professor will be when you gift them these head turners. Suitable for shoe sizes 7 to 13, one size almost fits all.

14. Shakespeare Sticky Notes

Every professor needs a pair of sticky notes on hand, whether it’s for jotting down notes, or using them to mark coursework and practice papers. A professor without sticky notes is like a professor without coffee; lost, tired and ready to give up. Help them spread their wrath on future students with these handy sticky notes. Also available in a Freudian version.

15. Chalk Keeper Holder

For whatever reason, some professors out there still insist on using a good old-fashioned chalkboard. They might not be willing to update their blackboard, but at least you can update what they write with. This handy chalk holder will keep their hands clean, stop their chalk from breaking, and allow them to store chalk in their pocket.

16. Desk Cup Holder

Some professor’s desk can be so cluttered that it’s actually impossible to put anything on them. Give your professor just a little bit more space with this incredibly useful desk cup holder. Simply attach the holder to the edge of the desk and voilà! A safe and secure place to hold their mug.

17. Travel Mug

Professors can be extremely busy people throughout the day, constantly traveling from lecture room to classroom and back to their office. Help make their day a little bit easier with this durable stainless steel travel mug. Holding up to 16 ounces while also keeping the contents warm for hours, they’ll have plenty of coffee to keep them going throughout the day.

18. Golden Statue

What can you get your professor when they have everything that they need? Give them the one thing they don’t have, the world’s best teacher trophy! Not to be confused with the Oscars, this trophy is only given to the finest professors who go the extra mile to help their students.

19. Pi Pen

Aside from coffee, the second most common thing you’ll usually see in your professor’s hand is a pen. Why not add to their collection with this awesome pi engraved multifunctional pen. Featuring a ballpoint writing tip, an LED light, and a stylus for tablets and mobiles, this pen is soon to become their favorite.

20. Tears of My Students

Do you know a shouty professor but you’re not sure what to get them just in case they shout at you? Turn their anger into smiles with this hilarious tears of my students mug. Featuring a wraparound print on both sides, their future students are sure to get the message once they see this mug.

21. Bonsai Tree

Professors are notorious for having boring desks and offices stacked high with books, papers, and reports. Brighten up your professor’s desk with this adorable authentic Japanese junior bonsai tree complete with a handmade bowl. This miniature tree requires little maintenance and can last years in the same bowl, making it the perfect desk decoration.

22. I before e mug

Remind your English professor how weird the I before E rule is with this hilarious weird grammar mug. Including plenty of words that don’t follow the I before E rule, this mug is sure to bring a smile to their face and anyone else who reads the sentence.

23. DNA Bowtie

Almost everybody knows a professor who wears a bowtie to their classrooms and lectures. Spice up their bowtie collection with this exceptional DNA themed bowtie. Featuring the colorful pattern of DNA molecules, test tubes and microscopes on top of a black background, this bowtie is sure to turn a few heads.

24. Einstein Tie

Want to give your science professor something they’ll remember you by but are struggling for ideas? Make them the center of attention in the next lecture with this funny Albert Einstein E=MC squared tie. Featuring a picture of Einstein himself and his famous equation on top of a black background, this tie is sure to stand out from their current collection!

25. Math Clock

Is your professor’s office looking a bit dull and boring? Make their office the talk of the class with this incredibly challenging mathematical pop quiz clock. Featuring 12 different unique equations for each hour, this clock is sure to challenge their mental maths and keep their brain in shape.

26. Pencils Pack

Have you ever borrowed a pencil from your professor and forgot to give it back? Repay your debt 150 times with this pack of 150 pre-sharpened HB pencils. Each pencil comes pre-sharpened and includes a smudge-free eraser on the end. With a stack of pencils this large, they’ll have enough to last an entire year!

27. Good Job Stamps

Do your professor’s markings need some more charisma and character? Help them speed up their marking process with this handy set of rubber stamps. Including stamps such as good work, needs work, and great job, your professor will be able to mark papers even faster with a quick stamp.

28. Mathematics & Art

Perfect for both mathematics and physics professors, this book is an interesting exploration of the practice of mathematics and the philosophical ideas that drive the discipline. Learn the different ways mathematical concepts have been expressed by artists in the past, including hundreds of pages of beautiful illustrations and artwork.

29. Nikola Tesla Art

Ideal for any physics professor, this incredible artwork illustrates the famed physicist Nikola Tesla working on one of his many contraptions. Sold as an individual 11” x 14” print, this artwork is perfect for any professor’s office and highlights just how fascinating electricity can be.

30. Einstein Eraser

No matter how long they’ve been a professor, believe it or not, professors can still make mistakes! Help them erase their mistakes with this incredibly sculptured Albert Einstein eraser. Sold in individual packs, they also make a great desk decoration that will make them feel like Albert Einstein himself is watching over them.


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