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Going to college can be a scary time, especially when nobody knows what items they’ll need. Even with a checklist, the chances are they’ll still forget something.

Luckily, we’ve handpicked all the items they never knew they needed. From breakfast makers to portable chargers and recipe books, if you know a guy who goes to college, then they’ll love any one of these gifts.

No matter if you have a loved one that’s going off to college soon, or starting their second year, there’s something in this list for everyone. Whether it’s a birthday gift, going away gift, or start of a new college year gift, here are the best gifts for college guys.

1. College Care Package Box

college care package box

Being away at college can give anyone the munchies. With no mom to cook their meals, making sure they stay fed can be a real challenge. This college care package will provide them with over 45 snacks to keep themselves full throughout the day. With plenty of well-known brands and snacks, they’ll definitely be asking for more of these!

2. 20000mAh Portable Charger

portable power bank charger

Spending all day in lectures and seminar rooms can be very draining on electrical equipment. And with only so many charging points per room, charging electrical devices can often be very challenging. Ensure their cell phones and tablets always have power with this handy 20000mAh power bank. Simply connect any device with a USB charger and they’ll have power all day.

3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

breakfast sandwich maker

Let’s face it, guys are the best cooks out there especially when they’re at college. In fact, most college guys often skip breakfast because they’re too lazy or don’t know what to make. Help them start their day right with this quick and easy breakfast sandwich maker. In just five minutes, they can have a nutritional breakfast to fuel them throughout the day.

4. Water Balloon Slingshot

water balloon slingshot gift

College is definitely a time for fun, pranks, and firing water balloons at freshman! Know somebody who’s a troublemaker? Then they’ll love this water balloon slingshot. Capable of firing a water balloon up to 300 yards, this three-person launcher is sure to provide hours of endless fun on campus.

5. Recipes Every College Student Should Know Book

college student recipes book

There’s no better way to teach a guy how to cook than while they’re at college. With no mom, more money to spend on takeaways, college is the time they finally master the art of cooking. This book is full of tasty recipes that can be made by anyone, no matter their experience (or lack of!).

6. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

wake up light alarm clock

Waking up early when they live on their own is often a daily struggle. With cell phone alarm clocks easy to turn off, sleeping through them can happen regularly. Make sure they wake up ready and energized for the day with this awesome sunrise simulation alarm clock. Simulating the rise of the sun with a bright LED light, there’s no chance they’ll sleep through this!

7. Beer Bottle Magnets

beer bottle magnets college guys

What is a college dorm without beer? Help them get the most out of their limited fridge space with these awesome BottleLoft beer magnets. Perfect for storing bottles inside the roof of their fridge, these holders will give them plenty of extra space in their fridge for other essentials such as… more beer!

8. LED Desk Table Lamp

LED desk lamp

Perfect for those late-night study sessions, this LED desk table lamp will provide enough light to allow anyone to study long into the night. Three different lighting modes and adjustable brightness, there’s a setting for everyone’s preference. The base of the lamp also comes with three USB charging ports so they can charge their cell phone or tablet while they study.

9. Homesick Candle

homesick candle gift

Believe it or not, college guys do get homesick! When living away from home for so long, they often start to miss the smell and scents from their hometown. Give them a reminder of where they’re from with this awesome homesick candle. Available in a range of different scents, each candle has a unique smell to that state which will make them feel right at home in no time.

10. Mini Fridge

mini fridge for dorm

Sharing a fridge with over people can often run into a lot of problems such as Food going missing and running out of space! Give them a secret place to stash the goodies with this portable and quiet mini-fridge. With 4 liters of capacity, there will definitely be able to cram plenty of beer inside.

11. Noise Cancelling Headphones

bose noise cancelling headphones

Trying to study in a noisy environment can be difficult for anyone, no matter how long they’ve been doing it for. The best way to block out all the noise and distractions is with a comfy pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones by Bose do exactly that and are guaranteed to help increase concentration.

12. Drinking Cards Game

drinking cards game buzzed

It’s no secret that guys at college will probably be drinking a lot of liquor. Why not help them have some fun with this fantastic drinking card game. Made for 3 to 20 players, this game contains 180 individual cards that will have them drunk in no time!

13. JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

JBL waterproof bluetooth speaker

What’s a frat party without a speaker blasting out the latest music? Turn any dorm into a party house with this wireless and portable waterproof speaker. Wirelessly connect up to two smartphones or tablets and enjoy up to 20 hours of playtime anywhere. The perfect gift for beach lovers, house parties, or spring break, this speaker is sure to be regularly used.

14. Mini Voice Recorder

mini USB voice recorder

You’re probably wondering why anyone would need a voice recorder with the popularity of cell phones. Well, this is perfect for leaving at the front of the lecture hall and not risk losing a $1,000 smartphone. It’s also incredibly small and light which makes it perfect for carrying around.

15. The Freshman Survival Guide

freshman survival guide book

Starting college can be a very scary experience for a lot of people. If you know someone who’s just starting their freshman year, then give them a helping hand with this handy freshman survival guide. Including everything they need to know about college life, this book is sure to be their new bible.

16. Sports Flask Water Bottle

sports flask water bottle

Keeping hydrated throughout college can be tricky, especially when you are continually moving from classroom to classroom. With no time to stop off at the canteen, having a water bottle is an essential piece of college equipment. In this flask is the best of the best keeping drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

17. Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee

Getting up in the morning after a long night of partying can be particularly hard. Give them the wake-up boost they need with this incredibly strong death wish caffeine. Expertly roasted with a bold taste, this caffeine will wake anybody up in the morning and prepared them for the day ahead.

18. Motivational Stress Balls

motivational stress balls

Perfect for anyone who needs a little pick me up every now and then, the stress balls are ideal for throwing, squishing, mushing and anything else they can think of. With a motivational pick me up on each ball, these stress balls are sure to see them through the tough times.

19. Large Laundry Hamper

large laundry hamper

Help them keep their laundry in check with this super handy and useful collapsible laundry basket hamper. Made from super strong polyester, this bag can hold up to 56 pounds of clothes! Not only is it strong but it’s also waterproof and easy to store when not in use.

20. Tennis Ball Saver

tennis ball saver

For that college guy in your life that loves to play tennis regularly, make his life easier with this ideal gift for tennis players. A unique storage system for tennis balls, this device holds balls under equal internal and external pressure that prevents air from seeping in and out of pores. Lightweight and portable, this is sure to keep their tennis balls nice and bouncy!

21. Campus Colors Sweatshirt

college campus colors sweatshirt

No matter what college they go to, every student likes to show off their colors by wearing their official campus colors. This officially licensed NCAA sweatshirt will become their new favorite piece in their wardrobe and they’ll treasure it for the rest of their lives. Available in over 50 different colors and 4 different sizes, they’re sure to love this.

22. BedShelfie Bedside Shelf

bedside shelf

Help them stay organized at college with this handy bedshelfie. Perfect for holding laptops, drinks, notepads, or whatever else they can fit on it, this shelf simply clamps on to the side of any bed. With enough strength to hold up to 15lbs, this adjustable shelf is sure to be used regularly.

23. College First Aid Medical Kit Dorm

college first aid medical kit dorm

Staying healthy and safe at college can be a real concern for many parents. Ensure your lovely one stays safe with this all in one dorm room medical kit. Featuring everything they could possibly ever need when they’re feeling ill or injured, this medical kit will nurse them back to health.

24. Keurig Coffee Maker

keurig coffee maker machine

Waking up in the morning can be hard, especially since most college guys are too lazy to make their own cup of coffee. Give them that wake-up call that they need with this huge timesaver. Simply pop in a capsule and watch as it automatically serves coffee without any of the hard work. With this, they’ll have no excuse not to be feeling energized in the morning.

25. Heavy Duty Power Strip

heavy duty power strip

Not having enough plugs in a dorm room can be a real dilemma. Make sure they’re fully prepared for any socket shortages with this heavy-duty power strip. Featuring a built-in surge protector, rotatable sockets, and USB ports, this power strip will take care of all of their precious electric devices.

26. Red Disposable Plastic Cups

red disposable college cups

What is a college party without 240 plastic red cups? Essential for beer pong, flip cup, or king’s cup, these cups are literally the heart of the party. With so many uses and being able to hold up to 16 ounces of their favorite beverage, every college guy will make use of these.

27. Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

microwave popcorn popper

Know somebody who is constantly peckish and loves a midnight snack? Give them everything they need to please their rumbling stomach with this microwave popcorn popper. Made from silicone, this collapsible bowl is super convenient and will save them a lot of money versus buying bagged popcorn.

28. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light blocking glasses

Studying late at night can often have a negative effect on people’s sleeping patterns. With so much blue light being emitted from mobile phones and laptops, it can cause the body to wake up and stay alert which is not ideal at 2 am in the morning. These glasses block the blue light, therefore, reducing fatigue, blurred vision and making it easier to sleep.


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