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No matter how many people you know, the chances are you’ll know someone who’s obsessed with knitting. Whether it’s your grandma, sister or best friend, finding the right gift for a knitter can be extremely tough. If they already have the needles and yarn, what else could they possibly need?

To help you on your journey to finding the perfect gift, we’ve scoured the web and handpicked the finest knitting gifts available. From knitting accessories to DIY kits and book, no matter your budget you’ll find the perfect gift here.

If you know someone who’s always knitting you a new sweater for Christmas or your birthday, then treat them to something special with these unique gifts for knitters.

Unique Gifts For Knitters

1. Vogue Knitting Book

vogue knitting book

Knitters love picking up new techniques and designs. If you know someone who’s fairly new to knitting then they’ll love this 300+ page book full of professional design secrets and techniques. Learn from the masters of knitting as they cover advanced concepts and design fundamentals in this comprehensive book.

2. Knitter Socks

knitting socks gift

Everyone has a pair of favorite socks, until they get replaced by a fresh new pair! Update someone’s wardrobe with these girl power knitting socks. Featuring an embroidered girl knitting away, these socks are sure to bring a smile to any dedicated knitter. An excellent gift for knitters, these are sure to become their new favorites.

3. Knitting Doll Book

knitting doll book

Most knitters can make the basics such as scarves, throws and beanie hats, but what if they want to take them knitting to the next level? Help them take their knitting to new heights with this detailed guide on how to knit dolls. Featuring 12 unique patterns on how to make adorable dolls and accessories, this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to hone their craft.

4. Yarn Storage Bag

yarn storage bag gift for knitters

Storing yarn can often be a real pain, but carrying it around can be even more difficult. Fix both issues with this light and portable yarn storage knitting bag. Perfect for storing balls of yarn and carrying knitting accessories, this bag will keep their house clean and there yarn organized.

5. Knitters Key Chain

knitting keychain

If you know someone who likes to travel and knit then make sure they’re prepared at all times with this crochet knitting hook keychain. Featuring two keychains with 3, 4 and 5 mm hooks, these keychains are perfect for knitting emergencies. The included yarn charm can also be used as a necklace.

6. Arm Knitting Book

arm knitting book

Knitting can be extremely fun, but sometimes it can be interesting to try new techniques. Arm knitting is a very popular and easy technique where you ditch the needles and use your arms instead. This book covers everything you need to know about arm knitting, including 30 no needle projects such as scarves, blankets, and beanies.

7. Hand Made Knitted Large Throw

knitted large throw

Surprise your knitting friend with this hand knitted chunky throw blanket. Perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, this throw is made from the softest sheep’s wool and will keep them cozy during the cold months. Available in a range of different sizes from small to extra large, this is the perfect gift any knitter could ask for.

8. Knitters Ball Sack

knitting canvas bag

This tongue in cheek gift is perfect for anyone who likes to knit while traveling. Featuring a funny graphic on the side, this bag is sure to let everyone know how much they love knitting. Available in two sizes of small and medium, the bag is also machine washable and features a reinforced handle so you can carry as much yarn as you like!

9. Knitting Gloves

knitting gloves

It’s no secret that knitting can be extremely tiring on your hands and their joints. As knitters start to get older, they can sometimes start to develop pains in their hands such as aches and stiffness. Bring back the motion in their hands with these helpful arthritis gloves for both men and women.

10. Travel Bag Knitting Gift

travel bag

Watch your friend carry their knitting equipment in style with this awesome canvas knitting tote bag. Choose from a range of different patterns including blue flowers, trees, sheep and even elks! The bag has plenty of room to store lots of knitting equipment and is easily foldable away after use.

11. Spaghetti Yarn Gift

spaghetti yarn

Do you know someone who’s in need of a yarn upgrade? Brighten up their faces with this high-quality eco-friendly spaghetti yarn. Choose from a range of different colors to gift your friend. Unlike traditional yarn, this spaghetti yarn is perfect for making durable items such as bags, purses, and jewelry.

12. Yarn Umbrella For Knitters

yarn umbrella

Winding up yarn can be one of the most boring and tedious things when it comes to knitting. If you know who spends more time winding up there yarn than actually knitting, then this is the perfect gift for them. This yarn umbrella has a smooth and squeak free rotation that will wind string into balls in record time.

13. Yarn Winder

yarn winder

Do you know someone who sits there and winds their yarn with their bare hands? Introduce them to the 21st century with this speedy yarn ball winder. Don’t let them stress about organizing their yarn any longer. Quickly transform piles of string into compact balls that sit nicely while they knit and crochet.

14. Glow In the Dark Knitting Needles

glowing knitting needles

Looking for something unique for your knitting friend? Blow their minds with these incredible glow-in-the-dark knitting needles! Ideal for knitting with dark colors, or knitting in the dark (if you know anyone who does that), these knitting needles will surely brighten up their day.

15. Finger Row Counter

finger row counter

As you get older, it’s no secret that your memory can start to fail you. Not only does it cause problems in your life, but it can also cause problems with your knitting. Forgetting what row or stitch you are on can be a nightmare. Don’t let anyone forget their row with this handy finger row counter.

16. Kitten Stitch Markers

kitten stitch markers

Know somebody who loves cats and knitting? Then this is the gift you’re looking for! Help them organize their knitting with these cute miniature set of five cat stitch markers. Ideal for keeping track of their rows or reminding them of a pattern change, they’ll have their own little cat as a reminder, how cute!

17. Yarn Cutter Pendant

yarn cutter pendant

Knives and sharp objects can be extremely dangerous, especially for young people who are getting into knitting. Keep them safe with this unique and original yarn cutter pendant. Simply slide the yarn into the center of the pendant and it will cut it for you without exposing any sharp blades.

18. Blocking Mats Knitting Gift

blocking mats

Having guidance while knitting can be extremely helpful no matter how experienced someone is. These blocking mats for knitting are super helpful at giving a grid pattern to follow which makes knitting easier and more accurate. They can also be used for steaming and drying any knits.

19. Collapsible Scissors

collapsible scissors

Scissors can often be extremely large and sharp which don’t make them ideal for carrying around. If you know someone who likes to knit a lot while they travel, then these foldable travel scissors are the perfect gift for them. Easily foldable and portable, they can be folded up into an incredibly small size which also protects any sharp edges.

20. DIY Chunky Beanie Gift

DIY chunky beanie

Know someone who’s just getting into knitting? Surprise them with this neat DIY chunky beanie knitting kit. Featuring all the materials and tools you need to make your own chunky beanie, the entire project only takes around two hours and they’ll be left with their own awesome creation to wear.

21. Star Wars Crochet Pack

star wars crochet pack

For the diehard Star Wars fan out there, this crochet pack is sure to get them in the mood for knitting. Included in the pack is all that materials, tools, and instructions they need to create 12 unique Star Wars figures. Featuring the likes of Kylo Ren, BB8 and Rey to name a few, there have hours of fun creating these adorable figures.

22. Knitting Enamel Pin

knitting enamel pin

If you know someone who’s got all the knitting gifts and items they could ever need, then why not get them this cool knitting kitty dressed as a sheep? As random as it may sound, this cute little enamel pin is perfect for going on bags, backpacks, baseball caps and even jumpers.

23. Snap Wrist Ruler

snap wrist ruler

Losing your ruler while knitting can be very frustrating as leaving anything to guesswork is sure to end in disaster. Help them never lose their ruler again with this handy snap wrist ruler. Simply use it as a normal ruler and when it’s not needed snap it around your wrist for storage. Their ruler will never be out of arms reach again!

24. Sheep Knitting Needle Gauge

sheep knitting needle gauge

When following knitting instructions, new knitters can often be extremely confused with the sizes that they need for a project. Help them banish their worries with this cute knitting needle gauge sheep. Featuring over 25 different gauges for knitting needles, they’ll never have to leave anything to guesswork again.

25. Cats Knitting Carry Case

cats knitting carry case

Keeping knitting tools and crochet hooks organized can be a tricky task when you don’t really have anywhere to keep them. Help someone organize their own knitting tools with this cute knitting accessories organizer. Available in different prints including flowers and cats, this portable case is great to keep everything in order.

26. Knitting Charms

knitting charms

If you know someone who loves their fashion, then why not let everyone else know they’re obsessed with knitting with this awesome pair knitting charm beads. These cute knitting charms are compatible with all major charm bracelets including Pandora, Kay, Chamilia and Biagi to name a few.

27. Knitflix and Chill T-Shirt

knitflix t-shirt

Sure, Netflix is cool, but nothing beats hours of Knitflix and chill! Surprise your knitting friend with this hilarious Knitflix and chill shirt. Available in a range of sizes for both men and women, it’s the perfect apparel to wear whilst knitting.

28. Yarn Knitting Bowl

yarn knitting bowl

Trying to keep a ball of yarn still while knitting is like trying to stop a cat playing with string. Keep those ball of yarn tamed with this cute sleepy sheep yarn bowl holder. Simply place a ball of yarn inside the bowl and it will instantly stop it from rolling around everywhere.

29. Knitting Techniques Book

knitting techniques book

It’s never too late to learn some new knitting tricks and techniques. Even the most experienced knitter needs their memory jogging. Delight your friends and family with this essential guide to knitting techniques. Featuring over 300 pages of knitting secrets, they’re bound to see an improvement in their knitting after reading this.

30. Knitting Needles Mug

knitting needles mug

If you’re looking for a knitting gift, then you can’t go wrong with a humorous mug. Make them laugh with this original funny knitting needles mug. Featuring a colorful graphic print on the side, this mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe.


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