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Long distance relationships can be extremely challenging. When you don’t see somebody for so long you often start to worry if they’ll forget you or disappear forever!

The best way to battle through a long distance relationship is to give them lots of gifts that remind them of you on a daily basis. Whether it’s a pillow, teddy bear, pictures or photos, there are plenty of gifts out there that will always keep you in their mind.

No matter if your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or other family members are living far away, we’re here to help you find the best gifts to send them. Whether you are celebrating their birthday or looking for a cute anniversary gift for her, here are our favorite gift picks.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Your Bestie

1. Why I Miss You

why i miss you journal

Don’t let your relationship suffer while you’re away, give them this awesome “why I miss you” gift journal to show them how much you miss them. Featuring 112 pages waiting to be filled in and customized with funny messages and pictures, this journal is sure to bring a smile to their face whenever they read it.

2. Distance Bracelets

distance bracelets gift

No matter where your loved one is, let them know you have a piece of them with you at all times with these pair of distance bracelets. Including one black Onyx bracelet with a single white bead, and one white Howlite bracelet with a single black bead, with these bracelets, you’ll never be alone again.

3. Mega Snacks Care Package

mega snacks care package

Is your best friend away in another country and missing their home comforts and food? Surprise them with 40 packs of snacks gift box. Great for college students, travellers and military abroad, this snacks care package is sure to bring a smile to their face when they receive over 3 pounds of cookies and candy!

4. Love Pillow

love pillow gift

Give your loved one a little reminder every time they go to bed with this fantastic love message pillow. Super soft and made out of 120-gram silky soft microfiber fabric, this pillow has the perfect message to let them know how much you love them. Ideal for boyfriends, girlfriends, family, and best friends, this pillow will let them know how much they are loved every night.

5. Love Messages Gift Box

love messages gift box

Keep your other half’s mind always on you with this box of sweet love messages. Featuring 31 different and unique messages in a box, whenever your partner is feeling lonely or down, they just need to open one and read the inspirational message. Perfect for reminding someone how much they mean to you, shower somebody with sweet expressions of love.

6. Personalized Star Map

personalized star map

This custom star map print makes the perfect piece to mark any significant life event, such as the “day we met”. See your night sky as it was at that very moment that changed your life. Your star map poster will show the stars exactly as they were at that location on that date, and even that time, if you wish!

7. Vintage Dual Watch

vintage dual watch

When travelling to different countries, there can often be a large time difference, which often leads to problems when it comes to calling each other. Ensure your loved one always knows what time it is back home with this awesome vintage dual watch. With two clock faces, this dual watch will let anyone track two different time zones at once, making it perfect for knowing what time it is back home.

8.  Heartbeat Ring

heartbeat ring

Share your heartbeat wherever you are in the world with this cute heartbeat ring. Featuring a unique heartbeat drawing on the outside of the ring, this ring is the perfect gift to give to your loved one. Made out of black tungsten carbide, when used as a pair they make a cute gift that will always remind them of you.

9. Personalized Coasters

personalized coasters gift

Send some memories their way with these awesome personalized mug coasters. Perfect for placing images of you inside them, these coasters will fit most photographs from Polaroid cameras. Simply place your picture inside the coaster to protect the photograph and let your loved one be reminded of you every time they have a drink.

10. Tablet Stand

tablet stand

Long distance Skype and FaceTime video calls can be very tiring on the arms, make them have no excuse not to video call you with this handy tablet stand. Perfect for holding any sized tablet, this will allow them to go completely hands-free and stop moaning about having to hold a tablet up for hours. With an adjustable arm and solid base, this will make those video calls much more comfortable.

11. Custom Face Socks

custom face socks

Give them something to remember you by every day with these hilarious custom face socks. Simply send a picture of your face and their designers will print you on a custom pair of socks. Perfect for boyfriends, girlfriends and best friends, these socks are sure to bring a smile to their face whenever they wear them.

12. Digital Picture Frame

digital picture frame

Let them take all their memories with them with this handy digital picture frame. Featuring an 8-inch photo frame and motion sensor, this frame will automatically turn on when someone walks within 3 meters of it. Just insert an SD card of pictures, and it will display them on the high-quality frame to remind them of all the good times.

13. Letters To Open When

long distance relationship gift letters

When you can’t be there in person, be there in spirit with these incredibly cute distance letters. Write them now and send them to your loved one to be opened when needed. Great for any long distance relationship, these letters will come in handy when your partner gets lonely or misses you. With letters made for pep talks, inspiration, or big decisions, you might not be able to be there face to face, but your letters can do the talking.

14. Hug This Pillow

huggable pillow

When you’re too far away to hug, let them hug this pillow instead. Made out of 125-gram silky soft microfiber, this thing is like hugging a soft cloud. Featuring the writing “hug this pillow until you can hug me” on it, your loved one will think about you every night before they go to bed.

15. Romantic Guitar Picks

romantic guitar picks

Does your bestie play the guitar? Give them something to remind them of you while they’re away with these unique guitar picks. Featuring various messages, styles and colors, this pack of 12 has a guitar pick in there for everybody. Including picks such as “I pick you” and “you tune me on”, these punny picks are sure to raise a smile whenever they use them.

16. Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

coordinates bracelet gift

Do you remember the first time you met your best friend? Cherish that location forever with these handmade personalized coordinates bracelet. Made from high-quality metal and leather, the bracelet has the exact GPS coordinates where you first met engraved on to it so your bestie will always be thinking about you.

17. Photo Fridge Magnets

photo fridge magnets

Let your bestie take their favorite pictures of you wherever they go with these handy photo fridge magnets. Featuring magnetic pictures stickers for the most common Polaroid camera sizes, these magnets will stick anywhere it’s magnetic, such as the fridge. With 20 individual photo frames included, there are more than enough for all of their favorite photos.

18. Digital Countdown Clock

digital countdown clock

Let your loved one know how long left they have until they see you with this fantastic digital countdown clock. With a max countdown of 9999 days, this large digital countdown clock will display the days, hours, minutes and seconds until you finally meet each other again. Simply enter the target time and current time and the clock will do all the hard work for them!

19. Preserved Rose

preserved rose gift

Show somebody how much you love them by sending them this preserved Rose as a symbol of your love. Packaged in a gift box, this preserved rose comes with an amazing flower holder that will keep the rose preserved for years to come. Available in a range of different colors, from classic red to rainbow and more, there is a unique style for everybody.

20. Boyfriend Pillow

boyfriend pillow

Is your girlfriend or boyfriend missing your cuddles while they are away? Send them some much-needed love with this boyfriend pillow. Featuring an arm and shirt, this arm is perfect for cuddling when feeling alone or down. With various different shirt colors to choose from, they’ll just need to close their eyes and use their imagination to pretend it’s you!

21. World’s Largest Gummy Bear

giant gummy bear

Does your best friend have a sweet tooth that just can’t be satisfied? Well, they’ll finally meet their match with this huge 5 lbs giant gummy bears. Featuring three different flavors of raspberry, orange and cherry, this gummy bear is 1000 times larger than an average gummy bear and stands 10 inches tall. Our only advice is to make sure they don’t try to eat it in one sitting!

22. Personalized Message In A Bottle

custom message in a bottle

Send somebody your love with this amazing personalized message in a bottle gift. Perfect for long distance valentine’s day, this bottle stands 12 inches tall and includes a scroll to write your own message on it. Simply place it back in the bottle and send it off to your loved one in the wooden box provided for safe transportation.

23. Fresh Cut Roses

fresh cut roses gift

Nothing says, “I love you” more than a beautiful fresh cut bouquet of roses. Featuring 50 individual freshly cut roses, these roses are shipped directly from the greenhouse for maximum freshness. With a vase life of 5 – 9 days, these roses are excellent for reminded someone how much you love them. Not only do they look amazing, but they also smell great and will brighten up any room they are in.

24. Giant Teddy Bear

giant teddy bear

Does your bestie love teddy bears? Then they’ll love this! Surprise them with this incredible 5-foot tall teddy bear. Ultra soft and huggable, this giant teddy bear is sure to keep you on their mind. Perfect for cuddling at night, this bear is made out of microfiber so there is no shedding and it won’t make a mess. Great for special occasions, your bestie is sure to love you even more after receiving this.

25. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch console

Are you missing those fun times with your loved one? Enjoy those fun times again with this highly portable Nintendo Switch. Perfect for carrying around everywhere, this games console requires no TV to use it and you can play with anyone all over the world. Add them to your friends list and get playing some online games together and re-live those fun times.

26. Personalized Frame Name

personalized name gift

Give them something to remember you by with this personalized framed name sign made from creative letters. Made entirely from natural alphabet letters, this picture frame is ideal for hanging up in any room. Custom made for every order; this unique gift is something they will cherish forever and always remember you when they look at it.

27. USA Pillow

usa pillow

Being abroad in another country can be very lonely and scary. Send them some good old American loving with this novelty American flag pillow. Perfect for any American abroad, this pillow is sure to make them feel at home. Suitable for both beds and sofas, this pillow is incredibly soft and easy to clean.

28. Love Heart Nail Art

love heart nail art

Add some love to their desk, mantle, or wall with this sweet handmade heart. Great for birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, give the gift of art and spread the love. Made on reclaimed wood, each piece is unique for every order. If you’re lucky they might also think you made it yourself (we won’t tell if you don’t!).

29. Love Hearts Candy

love hearts candy

Show someone how much you love them by sending them 24 rolls of love hearts candy! These original and retro sweets are sure to bring out their sweet tooth. Each tube is wrapped to ensure freshness during transport and each love heart candy contains a lovely message to read before eating. Satisfy somebody’s sweet tooth with this huge supply of candy.

30. Little Moments Of Love Daily Calendar

daily love calendar 2020

Make your loved one laugh every day with this hilarious little moments of love daily calendar. Featuring a unique and funny comic drawing for every day, this calendar is sure to have your partner saying “that’s just like us!”. The calendar also includes special editions for nationally recognized holidays in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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