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Hate it or love it, Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises out there today! Based on the best selling book by JK Rowling, Harry Potter is a BIG deal for many.

What better way to treat them to a gift than with a special Harry Potter surprise? No matter if you’re looking for gifts for 10 year old boys, or gifts for 30 year old guys, we’ve got you covered!

Having spoken to many HP fans from all over the world, we’ve picked the best Harry Potter gifts that will send them into meltdown. From special jewelry items to wands and replica movie gifts, here are the best Harry Potter gifts every fan with love.

1. Harry Potter T-Shirts Pack

Ensure no one ever mistakes them for a muggle again with these awesome t-shirts. Containing three different t-shirts with three different designs, these are sure to be loved by any Harry Potter fan. Available in a range of sizes, these t-shirts will make an excellent gift for any special occasion.

2. Wizard Training Wand

Help them become a master wizard with this magic training wand. Featuring 11 different spells to learn using the included training guide, the wand provides sound feedback for every correctly cast spell. If any of their friends also have the same wand, then they can be used together to play wizard tag or spell practice game modes.

3. Stainless Steel Hip Flask

The perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan that likes a drink, this stainless steel hip flask is sure to make them smile. With the ability to hold eight ounces of liquid, this hip flask also comes with appropriate Polyjuice potion labelling on the side. Laser welded, this leak-proof hip flask is bound to be used regularly.

4. Harry Potter Party Supplies

Get the party started with these fantastic Harry Potter themed party decorations. Including a huge Happy Birthday banner in the iconic Harry Potter font, the set also includes a Happy Birthday cake topper and 25 cupcake toppers. Combine them all together, and there are enough decorations to throw a party for even the biggest wizarding fan.

5. Marauder’s Map Changing Mug

Help them get their daily caffeine fix with this cool and secretive color changing mug. Based on the Marauder’s Map from the movies, this mug morphs into a map once any hot liquid is poured in. In addition to the mug revealing the map, text also appears on the side, which says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.

6. Wizard Chess Set

Upgrade their current chess set with this impressive collectible wizard set. Officially licenced by Warner Brothers, this set includes all the chess pieces as seen in the movie. Perfect for any Potterhead and chess fan, this chess set will look good in any room they choose to display it in.

7. Golden Snitch Light

Give them something to transform any room into a Harry Potter museum with this must-have golden snitch table lamp. Complete with its own protective case for display, the golden snitch hovers inside on its own see-through mount. Eight inches tall and USB powered, this officially licenced lamp will make a great addition to any room.

8. Harry Potter Book Set

They might have watched all the movies, but there’s a good chance they’ve never read all of the books! Ensure they get the full Harry Potter experience with this excellent special edition book set. Including all seven of the Harry Potter books from the Sorcerer’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, this collection is sure to please any Potterhead.

9. Harry Potter Insulated Tumbler

Keep their drinks hot or cool Harry Potter style with this awesome Potter-themed tumbler bottle.  Featuring unique Harry Potter drawings around the side, this bottle can keep liquid hot for up to eight hours or ice-cold for up to 24. Made from stainless steel and lined with premium grade copper, this is an excellent flask for taking to work, school or anywhere else.

10. Ravenclaw Pen

Help them show off their favorite house with this awesome Ravenclaw pen. Featuring a huge raven statue on the end, this officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise measures approximately seven inches in length. Ideal for any kid who goes to high school or college, the pen is also available for Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin.

11. Harry Plush Pillow

What better gift for a Harry Potter fan than the man himself! At 17 inches tall, this plush pillow is made from super soft microfiber, which is great for hugging. Officially licensed merchandise, the plush also features Harry’s distinct scar and iconic glasses. Suitable for fans of all ages, anyone will quickly accept this cute plush into their lives.

12. Harry Potter Wand

Turn any muggle into a fully fledged wizard with this highly detailed Harry Potter wand. Based on the same wand in the movies, the set also comes complete with an Ollivanders box to keep it safe and clean. Fifteen inches in length, this officially licensed merchandise is an exact scale replica from the movies.

13. Buttery Brew Soy Candle

They might not be able to get a taste of Butterbeer, but this is the next best thing! Fill their house with the sweet smell of buttered rum and vanilla with this large scented candle. Made in the US using natural soy wax and cotton wicks, this candle has a burn time of up to 75 hours.

14. Exploring Hogwarts Book

A top Harry Potter gift idea for any diehard fan, this exploring Hogwarts book takes a look inside the great castle and the most important locations. Fully illustrated, the book explores every room you can think of including outdoor areas such as the Forbidden Forest and Quidditch Pitch. Improve their Hogwarts knowledge and finally answer all their burning questions.

15. Gryffindor Scarf

Help them support their favorite house with this official and authentic Harry Potter scarf. Identical to the scarf that Ron, Hermione and Harry wear in the movies, this scarf is great for wearing with a costume or in the cold weather. Wrapped in a gift bag, this is sure to be loved by any Gryffindor fan.

16. Harry Potter Crochet Kit

The perfect gift for anyone who loves knitting and crochet, this crochet kit comes with everything they’ll need to conjure up their own adorable figures. Complete with a 76-page instruction manual and all the required yarn and stuffing, this book will teach them how to make Dobby, Harry, Ron, Hedwig and more!

17. Triwizard Cup Lamp

Light up any bedside table or desk with this awesome 13 inch tall triwzard cup lamp. Powered by 3 AA batteries, this lamp will light up any room and give off plenty of Harry Potter vibes. Officially licensed merchandise, this lamp is sure to be loved by any fan.

18. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

Make their dreams come true with these every flavor jellybeans. Just like the ones in the movies, these really have every flavor you can imagine, including soap, vomit, earwax, dirt and boogers! Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who’s feeling adventurous, they’re sure to catch anyone off guard.

19. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Find out who knows the most about the wizarding world with this magical version of trivial pursuit. Packed with 600 different questions about the series, this quick-play version is faster to play and easy to store compared to the original. Suitable for two players or more, the first player to answer 12 questions correctly will be crowned the winner.

20. Hogwarts Bed Sheets

Make sure they sleep soundly with these Hogwarts bed sheets. A great gift for any Potterhead, these sheets are suitable for a single mattress and come with a comforter, sham and pillowcase. Featuring adorable drawings of Harry, Luna, Ron, Hermione and Hedwig on the front, these bed sheets will transform any bedroom into a magical place.

21. Fuse Bead Kit

Get crafty with this fuse bead craft set. Complete with all the parts they need to create awesome character figurines from beads, the set comes with instructions to make 19 different patterns including Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Hagrid. Simply place the beads next to each other on the pegboard as the instructions say, and then iron them together to finish.

22. Hedbanz Party Game

Get any party started with this fun packed Harry Potter party game. Find out who knows Harry Potter the best as players put their knowledge to the test. Players take turn guessing what’s on their heads by asking yes or no questions, the first to five correct guesses wins! Suitable for two to four players, any Potter fan will love this game.

23. House Crests Tumbler Set

Ensure they stay refreshed with these house themed crest tumbler glasses. Including four glasses in total, each with a different houses crest on them, each one can hold up to ten ounces of liquid. Suitable for display or everyday use, these are a must have for any big Potter fan.

24. Harry Potter Pillow Cover Set

Sprinkle some magic into any room with these colorful Harry Potter throw pillow covers. Featuring four different Harry Potter themed designs, these 17-inch pillow covers look stylish on any sofa, bench or bed. An excellent gift for anyone who can’t get enough of the franchise, they’re sure to understand all of the references.

25. Niffler Statue

A fantastic beast from the film series, this highly detailed Niffler statue is sure to look good in any room. Officially licensed merchandise by Warner Brothers, this statue stands seven inches tall and comes with its own removable protective cover. Intricately detailed and painted, any Potterhead will appreciate you getting them this gift.

26. Harry Potter Earrings

Upgrade their jewelry collection with these must-have earrings. Featuring three different pairs of earrings from the Golden Snitch to the Deathly Hallows emblem, these earrings are suitable for fans of all ages. Made from silver plated brass and officially licensed, any fan is sure to wear these regularly.

27. Hermione Granger Figure

Surprise any Harry Potter lover with this super cute and adorable Hermione Granger figurine. Featuring a hint of anime style, anyone is sure to fall in love with her huge eyes! A great gift for any anime lover, this unique figurine is sure to stand out from their collection. One of many Harry Potter collectibles, any super fan is sure to love it.

28. LEGO Quidditch Set

Add a bit of Harry Potter to their LEGO collection with this awesome LEGO Quidditch set. Featuring Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff towers with viewing stands, the set also comes with six characters including Harry and Snape. With a total of 500 LEGO pieces, anyone will have a fun time putting together this detailed set.

29. Harry Potter 500 Piece Jigsaw

Help them relax and take some time out while completing this 500-piece wizarding world jigsaw. Featuring an awesome montage of characters from the franchise, this jigsaw measures 19 inches by 14 when complete. Suitable for ages ten and up, any fan of the Harry Potter series will have a fun time completing this challenging yet rewarding jigsaw!

30. Grindelwald Pendant

A special item from the Fantastic Beasts series, this pendant is a replica of Gellert Grindelwald’s and contains the sealed blood of Albus Dumbledore after they made their blood pact. An important piece of jewelry in the movies, any fan is sure to love this unique gift. At three inches tall, the pendant also comes with a 26-inch long chain.

31. Harry Potter Strategy Game

Forget Dungeons and Dragons! This strategy board game is perfect for all HP fans and is sure to be their new favorite. Suitable for ages ten and up, this game lets two to four players battle it out to claim victory. Complete with four character figures and two playable maps, not only is this game incredibly addictive, but also incredibly fun!


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