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Know somebody who spends most of their day driving trucks all across the country?

Make their life easier with these awesome trucker gifts!

No matter what they’re lugging, these gifts are sure to help cheer them up and come in handy during their day to day work.

From trucker apparel and t-shirts to portable ovens and snacks, discover the best gifts for truck drivers below!

Best Gifts For Truck Drivers

1. Trucker Dash Cam

trucker dash cam gift

Provide a truck driver with additional protection with this trucker dash cam. The camera has a 1080p full-HD and super wide angle lens that is able to capture the whole road in high resolution. With the use of advanced NightHawk technology, the dash cam also performs a wide dynamic range of video system to enhance night time capture. Its gravity sensors can detect movements and bumps along the road.

2. Rand McNally Trucker’s Road Atlas 2021

truckers road atlas 2021

In case their GPS fails, or their cell phone dies, make sure they have a backup. This easy to use atlas would be a big help for any lost trucker. Coming in spiral binding and laminated pages, the Deluxe Motor Carriers Road Atlas has the latest coverage of national and state designated routes, weigh station locations, city to city mileage, hotlines, and other necessary information about the road.

3. Trucker Multi Tool Pry Bar

trucker multi tool pry bar

Make a trucker’s life easy with this awesome multi tool pry bar. The pry bar is an all-purpose tool ideal for truck drivers everyday duties. It can be used to chip away hard-packed ice, cut branches, and loose nails. Including a hammer, nail-cutter, curved axe, lever, tire chain hook, spanner, and pry bar, this multi tool is clearly the perfect trucker gift to save space.

4. Small First Aid Kit

small first aid kit present

Injuries can happen anytime while driving and unloading cargo. That is why having a small first aid kit in the truck is essential. This small first aid kit is designed to be portable, light, and compact with several essential supplies for expeditions. It has a set of compatible straps, making it attachable to a belt, EDC bag, or backpack. The bag is formulated to be waterproof to protect from water damage.

5. American Flag Trucker Cap

american flag trucker cap

Complete a trucker’s look with this outdoor American flag trucker cap. Representing great honor and pride, this trucker cap has an adjustable hook and loop closure while also being made of 100% cotton. A large US flag is waving its solid colors while prominently displayed at the front center of the cap. Essential daily wear, any truck driver is sure to love this gift.

6. I Just Dropped A Load Trucker T-Shirt

trucker gift t-shirt merchandise

If he loves trucking more than anything, then he’ll love this statement shirt. This bottom hem, double-needle sleeve, classic fit, lightweight shirt features a hilarious slogan every trucker is sure to love. Made from soft cotton and polyester materials, this is sure to become his new favorite trucking apparel.

7. Rechargeable LED Lantern

rechargeable LED lantern gift idea

Wherever they may venture, ensure they can see safely with this awesome rechargeable LED lantern. The lantern has a protection grade of IPX4, 1000 lumens brightness, and offers 360 degree lighting. It can also serve as a portable power bank for mobile devices or smartphones in case of emergencies. The LED lantern has a total of five lighting modes, making it an extremely versatile gift. 

8. YETI 30 Ounce Tumbler

YETI drink trumbler

Give your favorite trucker a little something for the road. Whether it’s a hot morning brew or a refreshing cold iced coffee, this 30 ounce tumbler will stop the coolness or heat escaping from the container. The tumbler stands just over seven inches high and has a four inch lip diameter. Big enough to last them a long journey, this gift is sure to be appreciated by a trucker.

9. Badass Truck Driver Folding Knife

truck driver folding knife

A folding knife is an ideal present for a truck driver as it’s sure to come in handy cutting tags and opening boxes. Engraved in a rosewood handle, this folding knife has a durable bead-blasted stainless steel blade that can handle anything. The stainless steel blade has an open length of eight inches and a closed length of five inches.

10. Comfort Truck Seat Cushion

comfort truck seat cushion

Give them some much needed comfort and consider this truck set cushion as a gift for father’s day. Formulated using 100% pure foam, the comfort truck seat cushion is designed to conform to one’s natural curves and yield support throughout the trip. The rear has a U-shape to suspend the tailbone and keep it elevated from seating surfaces. It perfectly fits various seats due to its unique sizing.

11. 12V Electric Heated Blanket

12v electric heated blanket

The weather can be a massive challenge for every truck driver. Keep them warm throughout the year with this awesome heated blanket gift. This 12-volt electric blanket can be plugged into an SUV, truck, car, and other similar vehicles for instant heat. Made of polar fleece material, the auto blanket has a thin wire that produces comfortable warmth. At 59 by 43 inches, it’s great to use while driving or while having a nap.

12. Portable Personal Oven

portable personal oven

Let a truck driver enjoy hot and fresh food with this portable personal oven. With its automatic temperature control, the mini warmer preserves moisture and enhances the flavor of every cooked meal. It comes in a premium lunch tote with an excellent sealing effect to block food odors from spilling out. Extremely portable, this is an essential trucker gift anyone will love!

13. Snacks Gift Basket

snacks gift basket

Pack delicious delights for your loved one’s trip with this tasty snack gift basket. From sweet to salty treats, the basket has various kinds of snacks, including chocolate granola bars, fruit snacks, tootsie pops, and more. Besides being a tasty treat, the snack bin container is also reusable for future top-ups.

14. Impact Protection Work Gloves

impact protection work gloves

When exposed to labor work, hand safety must be a top priority. Ensure your loved one’s hands stay safe from impacts with these heavy duty work gloves. The gloves contain open cell memory pads to shield impact and vibration from power tools. To manage sweat, each glove has a terry cloth wipe that allows the wearer to wipe at the brow using one hand.

15. Vehicle Inspection Report Pack

vehicle inspection report pack

Vehicle inspection reports are essential for many truck drivers. Make their lives easier with this complete vehicle inspection report pack. Including a detailed format, specifically to note defects and other inspection findings. The report pack has two ply carbon, 32 sets of forms per book, and 25 books. These reports are sure to help them keep their truck well maintained and safe.

16. Trucker Nutritional Facts Mug

truck nutritional facts mug

Lift up a truck driver’s mood with this funny trucker nutritional facts mug. With a capacity of up to 11 ounces, this white ceramic mug is perfect for any hot or cold beverage. The premium sublimation imprint gives off the mug’s vibrant, lead-free, and long lasting design. Machine washable and microwave safe, this mug is sure to serve them well.

17. Good Luck Trucker Keychain

good luck trucker keychain

Let any truck driver know you always wish them good luck with this cute trucker keychain. The keepsake gift is made of plated brass coated in a soft, skin-safe, and rust-free enamel. At the back of the keychain, one will find a sandblasted surface dedicated for firm durability. Its easy-to-open keyring allows one to hook keys or loop bags.

18. Funny Trucker T-Shirt

funny truck driver t-shirt

Reveal a truck driver’s rebellious side with this funny trucker t-shirt. With a fabric that is made of polyester and cotton, this stylish truck shirt is comfortable to be worn on both sunny and cloudy days. The shirt has a promising cut on the bottom hem, a double-needle sleeve, and is lightweight with a classic fit.

19. Best Truckin’ Dad Ever Mug

best truckin dad ever mug

Show how much your dad means to you with this creative statement mug gift. Made of a durable white ceramic this mug is the perfect companion for your dad’s great daily adventures. The mug can hold up to 11 ounces of cold or hot beverages while also being both microwave and dishwasher safe. The perfect trucker gift for everyday use, he’s sure to take it with him wherever he goes.

20. Lightweight Polarized Sunglasses

polarized sunglasses gift

Help protect their eyes from the direct rays of the sun with these essential polarized sunglasses. These ultra lightweight sunglasses have a composition of 400 lenses with UV protection coating, helping them shield against UVC and UVB/UVA rays. Available in a range of different colors and lenses, these sunglasses are sure to make their job much more comfortable.

21. American Flag Trucker T-Shirt

american flag trucker t-shirt

Bring out your dad’s trucker and American pride with this sleek American flag trucker t-shirt. The design of the shirt features the semi-trailer truck in a camo USA American flag. Completely cold washable, the trucker t-shirt is made from cotton and polyester for a durable and soft feel. The shirt is styled with a lightweight, classic-fit, bottom hem, and double-needle sleeve.

22. Meal Prep Container Boxes

meal prep container boxes

It’s always bound to be a long trip for most truck drivers. Ensuring they can safely store their meals for the day is sure to be a great present for any trucker. These bento boxes arrive with 20-pack durable containers. Convenient and versatile, the meal prep containers have three compartments which can be used to set different portions and stop food from mixing together.

23. Truck Trash Can

truck trash can

Help them keep their truck clean and tidy by gifting them this portable and convenient trash can. With a capacity of two gallons, this makes it perfect for long drives and journeys. To keep the bin standing there is a good quality waterproof structure inside to support its full weight. Ideal for truckers who love to snack while they drive, this is sure to help keep their cabin clean.

24. Emergency Urinal Pack

emergency urinal pack

In case they get caught off guard in the middle of nowhere, give your loved one this emergency urinal pack. Available in a blue color, this emergency pack is made using eco-friendly materials and non-toxic solubles. The emergency urinal pack provides a flexible, reliable, high-quality, and reusable option for all individuals while being able to hold up to 10 ounces of liquid.

25. Spork Multi Tool Keychain

spork multi tool keychain

The spork multi tool is a brilliant gift for truck drivers who are always on the go. The tool is a creative combination of a spoon and fork while featuring multiple uses such as a bottle opener and flat screwdriver. Convenient, lightweight, durable, and simple to use, the spork multi tool is made of synthetic metal material.