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Everyone loves a good barbeque. But there are some people who just can’t get enough of grilling and love to hold barbeques often!

For any BBQ lover in your life, we’ve rounded up the best grilling gifts and accessories they are sure to love and put to good use.

From spice set and grilling utensils to cookbooks and new grilling gadgets, discover the best grilling gifts for men and BBQ lovers below.

Best Grilling Gift Ideas For Men

1. Electric Fire Starter Torch

electric fire starter torch

Save a loved one from the hassle of lighting charcoal during a barbecue with this awesome electric fire starter torch. Without using starter fluids or matches, this electric fire starter torch can light a wood-burning fireplace, campfire, and charcoal barbecue in less than a minute. It is a chemical-free alternative that uses only hot air with a 1500 temperature to ignite the fire.

2. Smokehouse Grilling Spice Set

smokehouse grilling spice set

Make your man the jack of all spices by giving him this hot spice set! The pack includes spices to season food and 20 unique BBQ rubs. Each bottle contains 0.21oz of Jalapeno, Chili Rosemary, Lime Chipotle, Chili Parsley, or Black Cajun. Aside from the standard set, herbs, salts, and onions also come with the set.

3. Deluxe Grill Utensils Set

deluxe grill utensils set

Improve anyone’s grilling game with this deluxe grill utensils set. Built using a durable stainless-steel tool construction, the set comes with an extra brush head, cleaning brush, silicone basting brush, spatula, grill tongs, and four pairs of corn holders. An excellent grilling gift for any guy who spends a lot of time at the grill, they’re sure to appreciate this new utensils set.

4. Tactical BBQ Grill Apron

tactical bbq grill apron

Keep their favorite shirt clean and tidy with this tactical BBQ grill apron. Easily adjustable and removable, the tactical grill apron brings comfort with its 100% durable 10 oz. cotton material. It has two side loops and five pockets so one can carry any grilling utensils wherever they go. With three different colors to choose from, the apron fits sizes up to XXXL.

5. Custom Monogram Branding Iron

custom monogram branding iron

Add a twist to a loved one’s BBQ parties with their very own custom monogram branding iron. The item is 15 inches long and comes with one inch monogram characters. The custom monogram branding iron is made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean with just water and soap. The branding iron is perfect for use on burgers, buns, and steaks to let everyone know who grilled it.

6. The Science Of Great Barbecue And Grilling Book

science of great barbecue and grilling book

Level up your friend’s knowledge on grilling by giving him this book of BBQ wisdom. The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling book provides a scientific understanding of smoke, fire, heat, and food. With a blended flavor of humor, chemistry, physics, and meat science, the book allows one to unlock the best ways of cooking a total of 100 tested recipes.

7. The Grillfather T-Shirt

the grillfather t-shirt

Let the world know that your grandfather is a natural in grilling with this hilarious The Grillfather t-shirt. Drawn from screen printed silk, the shirt has an intricate illustration made by the artists from Ann Arbor. It has a style of a slightly tapered classic cut. The shirt has sizes that range from medium to triple extra large.

8. Meat Injector Syringe

meat injector syringe

Make a loved one’s meat marinating easy and hassle-free with a meat injector syringe. Made of alloy metallic material and culinary stainless steel, the meat injector can effortlessly pierce the toughest cuts of meat. The set also comes with a grill pastry brush and seals. With its ergonomic threaded design, the meat injector syringe offers a friendly grip and manageable pressure control.

9. BBQ Multi Tool Utensil

bbq multi tool utensil gift idea

Give him this unique BBQ multi tool utensil for his next grilling party with the boys. This multi-tool utensil set is packed with a range of different utensils including a grill fork, bottle opener, spatula tongs, corkscrew, and a sharp knife. The widget is assembled with three detachable pieces for different uses. With this thing around, he’ll have all the grilling tools he needs!

10. Smoked Spices Gift Set

smoke spice gift set

Complete a loved one’s Sunday grilling time with these various smoked spices. From organic to recipe inspirations, this smoked spiced gift set offers a new taste to the table.  The sets come in Seasoned Sea Salts, BBQ & Grill Lovers, Hot & Spicy Seasonings, and many more. Each type of spice is perfect for putting on any type of meat to enhance the flavor.

11. Star Wars Lightsaber Spatula

star wars lightsaber spatula grill gift

Any Star Wars fan would love to add this lightsaber spatula to their grill utensils. Featuring a die-cut slotted Star Wars logo, the spatula displays Darth Vader’s lightsaber handle. It stands 11.5 inches long tall and weighs just 0.16 ounces. The Star Wars themed handle is made of heatproof stainless steel and is sure to make a perfect gift for any BBQ lover.

12. Playing With Fire Cookbook

playing with fire cookbook

Level up a loved one’s grilling skills with this Playing With Fire Cookbook where they can learn from word-famous iron Chef Michael Symon. This book has over 70 recipes for barbeque and live-fire grilling enthusiasts. With over 240 pages of info, the cookbook is sure to be loved by any BBQ fanatic.

13. Oyster Grill Pan

oyster grill pan accessory

Even if your loved one is an expert griller, they sure need a little assistance cooking those oysters perfectly. Give them this oyster grill pan made of heavy duty and durable cast iron to help tackle that tricky dish. It has 12 seasoned and non-stick coating that can accommodate oysters half shell or shucked for that tasty family meal.

14. Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tools

heavy duty bbq grill tools

Upgrade Sunday family barbeques by giving your dad these heavy duty BBQ grill tools. The set comes with four pieces of grilling utensils, including a spatula, tongs, fork, and a basting brush. Each one is made of rust-proof and high-quality stainless steel that ensures long lasting use. It’s everything they need to provide the best barbeque grilling experience.

15. Hot Stuff Cooking Apron

hot stuff cooking apron grilling gift

Is your dad your family’s personal chef? Then he would love this hot stuff cooking apron. It’s a fun and playful twist to your ordinary apron that’s sure to make grilling meals so much more enjoyable. The apron is made of 100% cotton twill for utmost comfort even in the kitchen’s hot heat.

16. Dual BBQ Grill Light Set

dual bbq grill light set

Night barbeque parties are the best, but it’s not so fun for whoever has to cook in the dark — until now. Give them this dual BBQ grill light set to help them cook dinner with ease. It’s equipped with a powerful magnetic base that easily attaches to the grill. The LED light also has various customizable brightness settings, including 100%, 50% or flashlight.

17. Grilling Prep & Serve Trays

grilling prep and serve trays

Make grilling meats a little easier for your man with these grilling prep and serve trays. Each package comes with two trays, a red and black one. This is to prevent cross contamination — use the red tray for raw meat and the black try for cooked meat. The trays are made of durable shatter-resistant melamine that also helps prevent it from heating up. The best part is that they are dishwasher safe, and BPA-free.

18. Custom Engraved BBQ Spatula

custom engraved bbq spatula

Know a loved one who loves to grill? Then there’s no better gift to get them than this custom engraved BBQ spatula. It’s the tool they need the most for passionate cooking with their names gorgeously engraved on the wooden handle. This is sure to let your designated home griller know how much you appreciate his or her cooking.

19. Grilling Gloves

grilling gloves gift idea

Keep a loved one safe while preparing meals with these grilling gloves made of heat resistant and BPA-free silicone material. The gloves have a dual layer, with the outer portion made of high-quality silicone and the inner portion made of cotton for utmost comfort while using. The surface is textured to prevent slips and accidents while grilling.

20. Rock Guitar Spatula & Tongs

rock guitar spatula tongs utensils

Do you know someone who loves to grill and is also a big fan of rock and roll? Then this is the perfect gift for them. These rock guitar spatula and tongs will make grilling so much more enjoyable for your loved ones. It’s made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel with a smooth and ergonomic wooden handle.

21. Non-Stick Grill Wok

non stick grill wok

Help a griller upgrade his or her menu with this non-stick grill wok. It keeps small ingredients like vegetables, cube meats, and others from falling through the cooking grate and making a mess in the grill. The wok is made of perforated steel, a material that enhances the smoky flavors of the food. The best part is that it’s non-stick, which means that easy clean up can be enjoyed.

22. Cedar Grilling Planks

cedar grilling planks

These cedar grilling planks will help anyone in your family upgrade their grilling menu and yield the best tasting smokey BBQ meals. The planks are made of high-quality wood with a premium texture that enhances the smoke and flavor of the food. These planks are only made for single use only with 12 included per pack.

23. BBQ Grilling Socks

bbq grilling socks

Do you know a meathead who absolutely loves to grill? Give them this pair of BBQ grilling socks to wear whilst doing their favorite activity. Made of soft, combed cotton, strong nylon, and spandex, these socks scream comfort, durability, and elasticity. Ideal for men with shoe sizes 7 to 12, these are sure to be part of their grilling attire.

24. Dad Is Grilling T-Shirt

dad is grilling shirt apparel

Dad deserves recognition for his expert grilling skills! This “Dad is Grilling” T-Shirt is the perfect attire for him to wear during BBQ parties or picnics. Made of cotton and polyester blends and imprinted with a superior and vibrant design, this shirt is bound to be comfortable, long-lasting, and well-loved by your dad. 

25. Meat Thermometer

meat thermometer grilling gift

Free a griller from the hassle of manually determining the doneness of the meat they’re cooking with this meat thermometer. With this new grilling gadget, simply poke the meat and the accurate temperature will show up in the digital display in as fast as two seconds. The perfect gift to make their grilling easier, anyone will be appreciative of this accessory.

26. Meat Shredder Claws

meat shredders claws

Shredding meat will no longer be a tedious and labor-intensive task for anyone if you give them these meat shredder claws. It’s made of BPA-free and heat-resistant nylon that’s very durable and long-lasting. It has a unique design that’s easy to hold and control while the sharp claws break down the meat into smaller pieces.

27. Grill Cleaning Brush

grill cleaning brush

Grilling BBQ is fun and enjoyable. But cleaning up? Not so much! Save your BBQ king from the hassle of having to intensely scrub his grill with this high-end grill cleaning brush. It’s made of grill wire and has a large cleaning area with a round head and sharp scrapers. All of these features make getting rid of burnt food leftovers so much easier and faster.

28. Jack Daniel’s BBQ Smoking Chips

jack daniels bbq smoking chips

Your expert griller at home will surely love adding a twist of flavor to smoked meats. Give them this Jack Daniel’s BBQ smoking chips to add a touch of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 flavor. The perfect blend of whiskey and oak to add to their BBQ, the chips are very versatile and can be applied to gas grills, electric smokers, or charcoal grills.

29. Cast Iron Grill Press

cast iron grill press

Make family barbeques a little healthier by giving your designated griller this cast iron grill press. It’s made of durable cast iron with an incredible weight that can press out fat and oil from your smoked meat. The wooden handle gives it a stylish and classy touch and also helps with safe and easy gripping.

30. BBQ Meat Socks

bbq meat socks

Know someone who just can’t get enough of BBQ and grilling? Whoever that is, they’ll surely love these BBQ meat socks. The pair is made of pima cotton, nylon, and spandex for the utmost comfort, coolness, and breathability. Machine washable, they are also very fashionable (for someone who loves to grill, of course)!

31. Professional Grill Cleaner

professional grill cleaner

Save your chief griller from the trouble of cleaning the grill rigorously after a nice family barbeque with this professional grill cleaner. A heavy-duty cleaner with advanced grease-cutting formula that easily removes grime and burnt leftover food, it’s ideal for ovens, broilers, and barbeque grills. With this, your dad can say goodbye to hassle clean ups and tiring scrubbing.


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