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Every guy has his own private space where he can relax, play games and hang with the boys!

Help any guy upgrade his special space with these awesome man cave gifts.

From shot glasses and games to beer fridges and Star Wars decorations, discover the best man cave gift ideas to transform any room below.

Man Cave Gifts 2022

1. Man Cave LED Sign

man cave LED sign

Do you know someone who has a man cave where they go to relax and have fun? Then get them this Man Cave LED Sign to help them mark their territory. The Man Cave sign can be mounted on a wall easily thanks to its battery-operated design and large size of 20 by 11 inches. It features 5 LED lights that can be powered up to give that old-fashioned feel.

2. Poker Chip Set

poker chip set

What’s a man cave without poker chips ready to play? Upgrade a loved one’s man cave with this poker chip set, complete with four colors of holders, two decks of cards, and poker buttons. This is all they need for a complete Texas Hold ’em game, all enclosed in a sturdy aluminum case for sleek and sophisticated storage.

3. Marvel Chess Set

marvel chess set

The perfect gift idea for comic book lovers, if you know someone who’s a Marvel fan, then they’ll love this Marvel Chess Set in their man cave. This set spices up traditional chest games and adds a superhero twist with 32 custom Marvel heroes. Characters include Iron Man, Capital Marvel, Black Widow, Captain America, Spiderman, Black Panther, Thor & Hulk.

4. Kobe Bryant Wall Art

kobe bryant wall art

Decorate any man cave with this Kobe Bryant Wall art that features the iconic basketball player, his signature, and most famous mamba mentality quote. The artwork is printed in high-quality canvas and wood-framed. It is durable and long-lasting, thanks to its waterproof, moisture-proof, and UV-resistant construction. This will bring life to any man cave and will even inspire someone to work harder and live a life of excellence.

5. Dartboard Cabinet Set

dartboard cabinet set

Complete your friend’s man cave with this Dartboard Cabinet Set. The perfect pastime for when he has friends over, this dartboard includes chalk, scoreboards, an eraser, dart holders, and wall template. The entire set is heavy-duty and made in a way that reduces bounce-outs for seamless and efficient play. This is sure to bring some new competition to his man cave!

6. Autographed Mike Tyson Boxing Glove

autographed mike tyson boxing glove

Boxing fans would surely be more than happy to have an authentic piece of Mike Tyson merchandise in their man cave. Give a loved one this Autographed Mike Tyson Boxing Glove to display in their man cave as a prized possession. It’s an authentic and certified piece of merchandise with a genuine autograph in black ink that they’ll love showing to their friends.

7. Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine gift idea

A man cave is not complete without some snacks! Help a loved one enjoy chilling in their secret spot with this Popcorn Machine. Able to accommodate four quarts of popcorn, the machine creates as much as 5 to 6 servings in a matter of minutes. The device is durable and easy to clean so that they can enjoy the popcorn yield anytime!

8. Mini Keg Beer Dispenser

mini keg beer dispenser

One thing that should never be missing in a man cave is beer! Give a loved one this Mini Keg Beer Dispenser so they can serve their friends with ice-cold drinks every time. The dispenser holds up to 126 oz. of beer and keeps the beverage cold for up to 8 hours. The beer can be dispensed easily with the integrated faucet that is also adjustable!

9. Coors Light Mini Fridge

coors light mini fridge

The worst thing for a man cave owner is having to run to the kitchen to restock on drinks. Help them relieve that hassle with this essential Coors Light Mini Fridge that they can keep in their man cave. The mini fridge has a 4L capacity and can fit up to six standard cans of beer, as well as other food and beverages. It can keep drinks ice cold at 32 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature.

10. Shot Glass Display Shelf

shot glass display shelf

Man caves tend to get messy, especially after a night drinking with friends. Help a loved one organize their man cave with this Shot Glass Display Shelf. Not only does it keep shot glasses organized, but it also adds that sports bar feel to their man cave. Over 20 shot glasses can be stored on the 4-tier round shelf, making it a great conversation starter.

11. Beer Brewing Kit

beer brewing kit

What better way to spend time in their man cave than drinking their homemade beer! This Beer Brewing Kit includes everything they need to brew their own drinks, including a recipe book, fermenter, airlock lid, bottling bucket, bottle filler, siphon tubing, and cleaning materials. With this kit, one brewing cycle can yield five gallons of beer for their next guy’s night in.

12. Personalized Man Cave Wall Sign

personalized man cave wall sign

Mark a loved one’s man cave territory with this Personalized Man Cave Wall Sign. The placard is made of high-quality metal and measures 20 by 5 inches, including holes for easy mounting on a wall or door. It can be personalized with the receiver’s name and year of establishment of their very own man cave.

13. Gronkowski Football Jersey

gronkowski football jersey

A football fan would love to have this Gronkowski Football Jersey in their man cave, especially if they’re a fan of the iconic football player. They can either wear it for guys night with their friends or put it up on a wall to bring life into their man cave. The jersey is unsigned but is a valuable piece of football memorabilia.

14. Indoor Putting Green

indoor putting green

Upscale your loved one’s man cave with this indoor putting green. Made of high-quality resin and finished with a smooth surface, this putting green is highly durable and can sustain countless gold practice sessions. The kidney shape and perfect size of 3 by 9 fit makes it a great addition to a man cave belonging to a golfer.

15. 100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster

beers bucket list scratch poster

Do you know a beer lover? Get them this 100 Beers Bucket List Scratch Poster to display in their man cave. Each box contains a unique beer from around the world that your friend can try out. They will surely love trying new beers and marking them off on this poster!

16. Thor Hammer Wall Art

thor hammer wall art

Bring a nice unique touch to your loved one’s man cave with this official Marvel Thor Hammer Wall Art. Featuring a 3D design with LED lighting and almost to scale in size, this will surely be a conversation starter every time someone visits their man cave. It’s cordless and powered by three triple A batteries.

17. Skull Bottle Holder

skull bottle holder

Get this Skull Bottle Holder to help decorate your loved ones his man cave. The bottle holder is carefully handcrafted using cold cast resin to create this intricate masterpiece. It measures 11 inches tall and can fit most standard-sized wine bottles or equivalents. The gothic skull is sure to look at home in any man cave!

18. Shot Glass Display Case

shot glass display case

If you have a friend who loves holding parties in his man cave, get them this Shot Glass Display Case to organize their shot glasses. The case is made of wood and has 36 openings to hold a ton of shot glasses. The cabinet is equipped with a cover to keep it shut when not in use.

19. Beer Cap State Map

beer cap state map

A beer lover would really love something he can use to remember and show off the different beer brews he’s tried. Get them this Beer Cap State Map to decorate his man cave. The map is available in any state shape and contains around 70 holes to fit beer caps of any size. The maple wooden finish is semi-gloss to add that durable and warm touch in a man cave.

20. Viking Ox Horn Mug

viking ox horn mug

Make a loved one’s beer drinking sessions in his man cave more exciting with this Viking Ox Horn Mug. Created using the highest quality of materials and crafted to reflect an ancient Viking drinking glass, this mug adds a twist to the beer drinking experience. It is very sturdy and is safe to use thanks to a premium lacquer coating and polished finish.

21. Cigar Rest Glass

cigar rest glass

Let anyone enjoy cigars in their man cave with this Cigar Rest Glass. The whiskey glass is made using high-quality glass and is ergonomically designed to securely hold a cigar piece on the side. A perfect cigar gift for cigar lovers, this is sure to be a fantastic gift to show off to their friends.

22. Boba Fett LEGO Helmet

boba fett LEGO helmet

Give a loved one a gift to work on in their man cave. This Boba Fett LEGO Helmet is a rare LEGO collectible coming with 625 bricks to build a one of a kind piece of memorabilia. It’s going to make for a fun and challenging construction project, but once built, it will make an iconic piece of decor in their man cave.

23. Revolving Liquor Dispenser

revolving liquor dispenser

Make drinking nights more fun for your friend by gifting them this Revolving Liquor Dispenser for their man cave. The dispenser is made of professional grade stainless steel for a sleek finish and durable construction. It can securely hold three large bottles of liquor and easily dispenses drinks with a simple push.

24. Man Cave Rules Sign

man cave rules sign

Any man cave should always have a set of rules (aside from no women allowed!). Give a friend these man cave commandments to display in their own personal space. The signboard is made of solid wood with a dark-stained finish and measures 11 by 14 inches. The back is equipped with a sawtooth hanger for easy mounting and installation. 

More Man Cave Gift Ideas

25. Vintage Star Wars Patent Prints

star wars vintage patent prints

For the Star Wars lover looking to transform his man cave, get him this awesome man cave gift idea. Add some decor by giving them these Vintage Star Wars Patent Prints that feature iconic vehicles from the movie franchise. These unframed prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive paper for durability and a high-quality appearance.

26. Bullet Whiskey Stones

bullet whiskey stones

Any whiskey enthusiast will know that ice ruins the flavor of the drink. If you know someone who loves drinking whiskey in their man cave, then this is the perfect gift. The Bullet Whiskey Stones are made of food-grade stainless steel that helps keep each bullet cool for longer. Just two bullets in their glass can keep the whiskey cool while keeping it undiluted and preserving its taste.

27. RGB LED Light Strips

RGB LED light strips

Help any guy light up his man cave with these RGB LED Light Strips. Delivering a futuristic vibe, the LED lights have 16 colors, 6 dynamic lighting modes, and two speed modes for personal customization. They are controllable using a remote control with 44 interactive buttons. One set is enough to decorate an entire room by simply sticking the adhesive to any wall.

28. Hook And Ring Toss Game

hook and ring toss game

Give your friend something to play with while he’s chilling in his man cave. This Hook And Ring Toss Game has very simple mechanics but is challenging to master, making it highly addictive and relaxing. It’s made completely out of bamboo and can be installed on any wall in less than five minutes. Forget video games, this is sure to be his new favorite game!

29. Wall Mounted Ball Holder

wall mounted ball holder

Do you know a basketball player with his very own man cave? Help them decorate their private space with what he loves most, basketballs! These Wall Mounted Ball Holders are made of durable solid steel, strong enough to hold balls of any size and weight. They are easy to install and come with screws for quick installation.

30. Tactical Mini Beer Vests

tactical mini beer vests

Stop your loved one and his friends from getting wet hands when he has a party in his man cave with these Tactical Mini Beer Vests. These adorable vests hug bottles and cans of all shapes and sizes thanks to adjustable shoulder straps. They are made of high-quality and wear-resistant fabric for long-lasting use and enjoyment.

31. Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

guitar wall mount hanger

Help a musician display his prized guitar in his man cave with this Guitar Wall Mount Hanger. Made of North American hardwood and equipped with protective padding, this hanger can carry heavy-weight guitars and keep them protected. They also add a nice touch to a man cave belonging to a music-lover while keeping their guitar secure.

32. 50 Cal Shot Glass Set

50 cal shot glass set

Give a friend this 50 Cal Shot Glass Set to complete his drinking nights in his man cave. The set comes with two shot glasses made of ceramic and finished in shiny gold for that sleek and classy appearance. Each glass can hold 2 oz. of liquor and is highly durable and easy to clean, perfect for partying and playing drinking games.


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