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Everyone loves the hit cartoon series Rick and Morty!

With a huge fan base from all over the world, you’re bound to know a fan or two.

No matter if they’re a fan of Pickle Rick or Mr Meeseeks, we’ve handpicked all the best Rick and Morty gifts that every fan will love. From apparel and plush toys to board games and wall art, explore the best Rick and Morty gifts below.

Best Rick And Morty Gifts

1. Portal Umbrella

ricks portal umbrella gift

Make a Rick and Morty fan ecstatic with this 3D molded handle umbrella featuring Rick’s portal gun. Complete with a 36 inch canopy which is wide enough to shelter anyone from heavy rain and burning sun. The Portal umbrella is designed to be both fashionable and fun at the same time! The ideal portal gun gift for any super fan.

2.  Pickle Rick Plush Toy

pickle rick plush toy

Give your loved one this pickle rick plush to keep them entertained wherever they go. The hilarious pillow features rick in one of his most iconic and funniest forms. Soft and cozy to cuddle with, the plush is 20-inches long and is super squishy. Officially licensed merchandise, any fan will love this Rick and Morty gift.

3. Tie-Dye Portal T-Shirt

tie dye portal t-shirt

Add some Rick and Morty apparel to their wardrobe with this essential tie-dye portal t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, it’s guaranteed to be comfortable no matter the weather. It displays the quirky adventures of Rick and Morty coming out from the portal after an epic adventure. The t-shirt is in an exciting color of green tie-dye that perfectly highlights the portal and the craziness of the cartoon show.

4. The Art Of Rick and Morty Book

the art of rick and morty book present

This Rick and Morty art book is an ideal gift for any fan who loves both arts and the animated series. The book is a concept art wrapped in an exciting glow-in-the-dark cover. Fascinating and cynical, the hilarious and insane universe escapades of Rick and Morty are now in an art book filled with the creators’ commentaries, production art, and everything behind this beloved animated show.

5. Evil Morty Figurine

evil morty figurine

Add a twist to your friends Rick and Morty collection with this cute yet cynical evil Morty figurine. Made from a durable and easy to clean material, the figure stands eight inches tall and comes complete with a presentation box. Ideal for collectors who love Funko POPs, any Rick and Morty fan would love to receive this gift.

6. Autographed Rick and Morty Script

autographed rick and morty script

Get this autographed Rick and Morty script for any fans birthday. Available in framed and unframed options, it comes securely packed with waterproof packaging. The Rick and Morty script is also printed on high-quality paper and features the autographs of all the creators. The perfect present for any superfan, this is sure to be their new prized possession.

7. Rick and Morty Throw Blanket

rick and morty throw blanket

Spice up their living room and bedroom with this versatile Rick and Morty throw blanket. An awesome blanket made 100% from polyester, it offers long lasting durability and supreme softness. The large blanket features Rick and Morty traveling the universe in their space cruiser. This cozy throw blanket measures 46 by 60 inches and is perfect for using while watching the latest season!

8. Rick and Morty Wall Art

rick and morty wall art

Add some Rick and Morty to any room in their house with this fantastic and colorful wall art. The oil canvas painting has a dimension of 16 by 24 inches making it a great conversation starter. Its color will remain shiny and beautiful thanks to its UV-resistant and waterproof protection. The wall art can be hung anywhere in their house with a black hook mounted on the wooden bar.

9. Rick and Morty Monopoly Game

rick and morty monopoly game

Introduce any Ricky and Morty fan to a new edition of Monopoly with this board game. The exciting game revolves around the characters’ trade locations, featuring the Planet Squanch, Gazorpazorp, and Cromulon Dimension. The game is also packed with 6 collectible tokens, including Snuffles’ Helmet, Rick’s Car, Plumbus, a Portal Gun, a Meeseeks Box, and a Council of Rick’s Badge.

10. Game Against Rick and Morty

game against rick and morty

Strengthen your friendship and give a loved one this Game Against Rick and Morty card game. The game introduces amusing scenarios where players must come up with answers related to the TV show. Similar to other card games such as cards against humanity, this is sure to be an excellent present for any card game lover.

11. Schwifty T-Shirt

schwifty t-shirt gift idea

Let your bestie get Schwifty with this Supreme inspired Ricky and Morty t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this lightweight and machine washable t-shirt is ideal for anyone who loves the TV series. Available in two colors of black and white, it also comes in six different sizes making it a perfect gift for any fan.

12. Rick and Morty Spaceship T-Shirt

rick and morty spaceship t-shirt

Any avid fan of the TV series deserves this Rick and Morty apparel gift. Made from cotton and polyester, the t-shirt promises comfort, smoothness, and softness. The t-shirt is also machine washable and is available in a total of six different sizes and five different colors. Licensed merchandise, this is the perfect present for a Rick and Morty lover.

13. Rick and Morty Clue Board Game

rick and morty clue board game

Give a classic gift with this Rick and Morty Clue board game. The game starts with an adventure that leads to solving the mystery behind Rick’s missing portal gun. With six sculpted pieces, the players can choose their characters, including Morty, Rick, Jerry, Summer, Mr. Poopy butthole and Beth. The Rick and Morty Clue Board Game can be enjoyed by three to six players, making it the perfect gift for multiple fans!

14. Giant Inflatable Pickle Rick

giant inflatable pickle rick

Whether it’s for summer events or parties, any Rick and Morty fan would love to have this giant inflatable pickle rick toy. Fully inflated, the inflatable pickle rick is 5.5 feet tall, which makes it perfect for outdoor fun activities. It can be easily inflated and can hold up to 250 pounds.

15. Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty Set

dungeons and dragons vs rick and morty set

The perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons players, any fan will love this Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty crossover. Through the lenses of Rick Sanchez, the table top roleplaying game has an exciting crossover of the iconic D&D adventure and the Rick and Morty animated series. It has a 64-page rulebook narrated by Rick, 32 pages of 3-level original adventure, 4-panel folding Dungeon Master, 11 dice, and 5 character sheets that are readily playable.

16. Rick and Morty Leather Wallet

rick and morty leather wallet gift

Give a loved one a pocket of adventure with this Rick and Morty leather wallet. Composed of faux leather material, this officially licensed is perfect for any fan. Cash, cards, coupons, and similar items will be neatly organized as the wallet has three horizontal pockets, a large pocket, and a clear ID window. The Rick and Morty Leather Wallet has an ebony black color accented with bold and bright designs.

17. Book of Gadgets and Inventions

book of gadgets and inventions present

A unique book for any fan of the series, this Book of Gadgets and Inventions comes with an illustrated guide featuring Rick Sanchez’s crazy and hilarious science creations. The backstories are classified into seven themed categories, which include Interdimensional Gadgets and Science, Robots & Clones, Extracurricular Gadgets and Inventions, Ships, Weapons, Guns & Suits.

18. Rick and Morty Eyes Open T-Shirt

rick and morty eyes open t-shirt

The perfect Rick and Morty gift idea, give any fan this Rick and Morty merchandise and they’re sure to love you forever. Made of 100% cotton, they will love wearing this t-shirt wherever they go. The sizes available range from small to 3XL and the tee is available in two colors of black and blue. Its design depicts the love-hate family relationship of Rick and Morty.

19. King of $#!+ Figurine

king of poop rick sanchez figurine

Make anyone laugh when they receive this funny Rick vinyl miniature figurine. The King of $#!+ figurine features Rick Sanchez on his throne and stands five inches tall. Funny and absolutely adorable, the King of $#!+ figurine is ideal for collectors to add to their existing Funko POP collection. Perfect for the bathroom or bookcase, they’re sure to love this present.

20. Rick and Morty Slippers

rick and morty slippers

Let them enjoy their time indoors with these hilarious Rick and Morty slippers. Designed with a slip-on closure, these Rick and Morty slippers are made creatively for avid fans. Available in size 8 to 12, the slippers are officially licensed and feature special anti-slip soles. The Rick and Morty slippers introduce a fun way of chilling in the house with the two main characters.

21. Morty Coffee Mug

morty coffee mug gift idea

Draw a smile on their faces by giving them their very own Morty Coffee mug. The molded mug is made from ceramic material best for tea, coffee or morning drinks. Safe and durable, the Morty Coffee Mug can be washed, microwaved and used for a long period. The Morty Coffee Mug is in anime style formation, which one can also be displayed in their collection.

22. The Science of Rick and Morty Book

the science of rick and morty book

This is book that will get rid of your friend’s boredom. He or she will have the chance to explore the real science of the phenomenal animation series. It contains a blended knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and Rick’s witty prose. In 336 pages, your friend will get a mind-blowing time unfolding scientific foundations that support the character’s fascinating experiments.

23. Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass

szechuan dipping sauce shot glass

Spice up anyone’s shot glass collection with this Ricky and Morty themed Szechuan dipping sauce shot glass. A glass that presents the funny and novelty character of Rick is perfect for dipping food or drinking refreshments. The Szechuan dipping sauce shot glass can hold up to two fluid ounces of any beverage and comes complete in a cool presentation box they’re sure to love.

24. Rick and Morty School Supplies

rick and morty school supplies

School is cool for both kids and adults if you get them these Rick and Morty school supplies. The bulk pen set is packed with one stylus pen, two light up pens, one click action pen, and three projector pens. They can also add these fun collectibles to their Rick and Morty office display to show how much they love the TV show.

25. Rick and Morty Socks Pair

rick and morty socks pair

Gift any Rick and Morty lover these beautifully colored pair of socks. Suitable for shoe sizes 6 to 12, these spandex and polyester socks are super comfortable and feature the main characters Rick and Morty. Officially licensed merchandise, these socks are also fully machine washable, and a must have for any fan.

26. Snowball Plush Figure

snowball plush figure toy

Get a Rick and Morty fan this cute collectible Snowball Plush Figure from the Rick and Morty animation series. It is a stylized plush toy figure made of cozy and soft cotton material that is ideal for both kids and adults. The Snowball Plush figure stands 12 inches tall and will bring happiness to a 5 year old kid and even kids at heart.

27. Heat Changing Coffee Mug

heat changing coffee mug gift

An artsy and fun collectible, the heat changing coffee mug is for someone who loves coffee and the Rick and Morty TV series. Made from 100% ceramic, the heat reactive mug reveals a hidden dimension when a hot beverage is added. Officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise, the mug can hold 8 ounces and is an excellent gift idea.

28. Mr Meeseeks Figurine

mr meeseeks figure

Get this adorable Mr. Meeseeks figurine for your family and friends to add to their collection. The Mr. Meeseeks Figure is formed using vinyl material that has a height of just under four inches tall. If you are looking for a remarkable Ricky and Morty themed gift that your loved ones will happily display, then this Mr. Meeseeks Figurine is an ideal choice.

29. Total Rickall Card Game

total rickall card game

The perfect gift for anyone who loves board games, they’re bound to love the Total Rickall Card Game. Although its core material is paper, the card game is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. The card game is played by mimicking Total Rickall’s hilarity and action movements. It introduces a funny and exciting character roleplaying game within the group. 

30. Mr Meeseeks Pattern Socks

mr meeseeks pattern socks

Fans of the Rick and Morty animation series will love these Mr. Meeseeks pattern socks. Fit for shoe sizes 6 to 12, the pairs are best to complete a casual or sporty look. Each pair has a unique art design featuring Rick and Morty or Mr. Meeseeks characters. The colorful patterns make the socks even more irresistible.

31. Rick and Morty UNO

rick and morty UNO

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