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The chances are you know somebody in your life who is OBSESSED with bacon. If they eat it every day and can’t get enough of it, then they most likely qualify.

So what do you buy a bacon addict? Well, what better gift to get them than their own novelty bacon present!

To help you find that perfect gift, our team has searched high and low to find some of the funniest bacon gifts online. From bacon smelling candles to bacon hot chocolate (yes you read that right!), we’ve found all the gifts any bacon lover would adore.

Discover the funniest bacon gifts below.

Funny Bacon Gift Ideas

1. Bacon Sauce Gift Set

bacon sauce gift set

Is your friend the ultimate bacon lover? Give them what they need to prepare their own home-made bacon! This 3-in gift set includes 1 Maple Bacon Aioli, 1 Maple Bacon Onion Jam, and 1 Boozy Bacon Barbeque sauce. All these ingredients have the taste of real bacon — the perfect gift for your bacon loving friend.

2. Powered By Bacon T-Shirt

powered by bacon t-shirt

Gift your bacon-lover relative or friend their soon to be new favorite shirt made with a mix of preshrunk cotton and poly/cotton blends for superior design and quality. A vast range of sizes available for women, men, and youngsters, this is the perfect gift for your loved one who is definitely powered by bacon.

3. Bacon Man Snacks Set

bacon man snacks set

Whoever said you can’t have too much bacon knows what they were talking about! Share a bacon gift basket with your boys and enjoy a whole lotta bacon! The manly gift basket comes with a variety of bacon-based snacks, including two types of delicious bacon jerky, bacon jam, bacon hot sauce, bacon stick, bacon salt, and pork rinds. Bacon overload? Yes, please!

4. Bacon-Opoly Board Game

baconopoly board game gift

Gift them monopoly, but with a bacon twist! The Bacon-Opoly board game is the perfect gift for bacon-lovers. Give them the chance to buy their favorite bacon delicacies, collect and trade pork, pay their rent with bacon (we wish it was that easy in real-life), and have a night of bacon-filled fun with 2-6 of their family and friends.

5. Bacon Salt Gift Box

bacon gifts salt gift box

Do you have a friend who just can’t get enough of bacon? Well, this is the perfect gift for them! Give them their daily bacon fix with this Bacon Salt Box with three flavors: Original Bacon Salt, Hickory, and Peppered Bacon Salt. Make everything they eat taste like bacon — without the calories and fat.

6. The Bacon Bible Recipe Book

the bacon bible recipe book

Go-to bacon-guru Peter Sherman just gave you the perfect gift for bacon-lovers — the Bacon Bible Recipe Book with over 200 recipes for bacon that they will never know they needed. Enjoy bacon and all its goodness as a sandwich, salad, mac and cheese, and more. Who knows, the receiver of your gift might just be the next bacon-guru.

7. Bacon Pyjama Pants

bacon pyjama pants

Have you ever thought about giving a good night’s sleep as a gift to family and friends? Now you can. Give a bacon-lover the most delicious pyjama pants with realistic bacon print to spark bacon dreams. The pyjamas are made with 100% soft and comfortable cotton with an elastic drawstring waist for the perfect fit.

8. I Like Pig Butts Mug

i like pig butts mug

Have a friend who likes pig butts a.k.a bacon? Give them the perfect coffee and tea mug to make their day. This statement mug is made with high-quality ceramic and premium full color subliminal imprint for a vibrant, long-lasting, and lead-free design. Plus, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

9. Bacon & Bourbon Candle

bacon bourbon candle gift

Do you know someone who loves the smell of bacon in the morning? Who doesn’t? Now, your bacon-lover friend can enjoy the scent of maple glazed sweet & smoky bacon anytime they want. The Bacon & Bourbon Candle is made with soy wax, which is eco-friendly, free burning, and long-lasting.

10. Smoked Bacon Fine Sea Salt

smoked bacon fine sea salt

Gift the bacon-lover you know with this smoked bacon fine sea salt that makes every meal taste like their favorite: bacon! The all-natural, solar-evaporated sea salt perfectly captures the taste and scent of bacon and brings that desirable flavor into any meal, whether it be fish, vegetables, meat, or soup.

11. Cast Iron Bacon Press

cast iron bacon press

Help your bacon-lover friends make the perfect bacon every time with this cast iron bacon press. It’s made with heavy-duty cast iron that enables the user to take control and flawlessly sear their bacon to avoid raw or overcooked sections. Make perfectly-cooked bacon every time with a classic-looking, safe-to-use, and indestructible bacon press.

12. The Answer Is Bacon T-Shirt

the answer is bacon t-shirt

Let everyone know that they did the math, and the answer is always bacon with this hilarious t-shirt. An awesome gift for bacon-lovers, with its lightweight, classic fit, and high-quality cotton material, any bacon fan will be wearing this with pride. Available in a range of different colors, there’s one to suit everyone’s personality.

13. Bacon Gift Wrapping Paper

bacon gifts wrapping paper

Wrap your bacon presents with — you guessed it, bacon! This bacon printed wrapping paper makes for the most fun and creative way to give your receiver a smile. One vintage style, premium-quality sheet measures 30” by 84”, enough to wrap several bacon gifts for your family and friends.

14. Bacon Coffee Mug

bacon coffee mug

Is your dad a big pork lover? Give him this bacon coffee mug that will make his mornings much brighter. This 15 oz. mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and makes for the perfect gift for any occasion — whether it be father’s day, Christmas, or a special birthday.

15. Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix

bacon hot chocolate mix

Do you have a friend who loves bacon so much he wishes he could drink it? Say no more. Surprise them with this bacon-flavored cocoa hot chocolate mix! All you have to do to make a bacon-tasting hot chocolate drink is to add hot water and coffee. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the delicious blend of chocolate and bacon goodness.

16. The Little Bacon Cookbook

little bacon cookbook present

Bacon is no longer just a breakfast staple. Now, you can help a bacon-lover incorporate his favorite food into a variety of different dishes. This little bacon cookbook makes bacon a star in over 40 easily achievable dishes, helping spice up any meal with that delicious bacon taste.

17. Chemistry Bacon T-Shirt

bacon chemistry t-shirt

If you love bacon so much, you should wear it. That’s exactly what you’re going to say when you gift them this chemistry bacon t-shirt to your bacon-lover friends. Made from 100% cotton, and available in men’s women’s and youth sizes, this could be your friend’s next favorite t-shirt.

18. Grease Container

grease container

No bacon goes to waste! Get your friend a bacon grease container they can use to store and reuse bacon grease for flavorful cooking. This container is durable and features an enamel lid, sturdy handle, and comes in four stylish and modern colors bacon-lovers will surely love.

19. Microwave Bacon Cooker

microwave bacon cooker

The perfect gift for bacon lovers who need a quick fix, this microwave bacon cooker can cook their favorite food quickly in the microwave. The tray helps cook bacon in minutes in the air, while also reducing fat by up to 35%. Help a bacon-lover maintain good health today with this handy appliance that cooks bacon above the fat, not on it.

20. Lazy Egg & Bacon Plush

egg bacon plush toy

Do you have a friend who loves bacon so much they could hug it? Then give them a lazy egg & bacon plush they can bring to their bedside. This plush toy measures 6 x 4.5 x 4.25 inches and has a height of 4.5 inches. It is surface-washable for easy cleaning just in case they spill any bacon over it.

21. Bacon Bifold Wallet

bacon bifold wallet

Ensure your bacon obsessed friend carries some around in their pocket. Wouldn’t they just love to store money in their very own bacon wallet? This bacon bi-fold wallet is made from 100% cotton and engraved with an embroidered bacon design to help anyone remember their favorite food.

22. Bacon Lapel Pin

bacon lapel pin

Bacon lovers just can’t help but tell the world how much they love bacon. Give your bacon friend the perfect trademark for his unquenching desire for bacon with this lapel pin. Stick it in their jackets, shirts, and even coats to tell the world just how much they love bacon.

23. Unisex Bacon Bucket Hat

unisex bacon bucket hat

Going on a trip with a bacon lover? Then give them this handy unisex bacon bucket hat. This wide brim hat combines colorful styles and a sizzling design that can turn heads everywhere — while providing the wearer with maximum comfort thanks to its polyester, breathable, and lightweight material.

24. Bacon Playing Cards

bacon playing cards

Spice up a game night with your friends with these bacon playing cards. It features over 52 different images of bacon and has a linen type finish that can make your game nights more enjoyable and bacon-filled. Why not play some Texas bacon hold ‘em or even baconjack? The limit is their imagination!

25. Bacon Necktie

bacon necktie gift

The perfect gift for any bacon fan, this men’s necktie is crafted with 100% microfiber and measures the standard adult size of 57 inches long. Give this to any one of your friends so they can turn heads wherever they go and show the world just how much they love bacon.

26. Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce

bacon hot sauce

Do you know someone who loves bacon and is also a huge fan of spicy food? Well we have just the thing. This hot sauce is a combination of their two favorites, bacon and hot sauce. Each 5 oz. bottle contains the highest quality of ingredients to add a twist to every meal.

27. Bacon Socks

bacon socks

Bacon lovers like having bacon in just about anything. So why not give them these bacon statement socks! This bacon-themed apparel is the perfect gift, made with a super soft blend of 5% elastic, 10% spandex, and 85% cotton. Suitable for US sizes 6-13, these are the ideal socks to cook bacon in.

28. BBQ Bacon Hot Sauce

BBQ bacon hot sauce

Bacon, spice, and everything nice. Level up a bacon lovers meals with the hotness of chili and the savoury flavor of bacon. This makes for an incredible layer for any dish, enhancing its taste, and of course, making everything taste like their favorite food bacon. The only steak sauce they’ll ever need, it’s sure to be a well-received gift.

29. Realistic Bacon Keychain

3d bacon keychain

Help your bacon lover friend take his favorite food with him wherever he goes. This 3D bacon keychain is made with handmade leather and will make for the perfect accessory for bacon fans everywhere. Hand made in the USA and 2.25 inches long, you’ll have to remind them not to try and eat it.


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