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For some, hot sauce is an essential part of every meal! Know somebody who loves spice and trying out new flavors? Then we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for any hot sauce lover in your life.

From hot sauce gift baskets and sampler sets to make your own hot sauce kits, we’ve rounded up all of the top gift ideas for hot sauce fans. Discover the best gifts for spicy food lovers below.

Best Hot Sauce Gift Ideas

1. Hot Sauces From Around The World Gift Set

hot sauces from around the world gift set

Gift them a range of hot sauce flavors from all around the world with this 30 piece gift set. Flavors in this set range from Baja Mango to Rio De Janeiro Habanero and everywhere in between! Those who love hot sauce will definitely be spoilt for choice as they try new and exciting mouth tingling flavors.

2. Hot Sauce Plush

hot sauce plush

Get them something more huggable than your regular old bottle of hot sauce. Ensure they always have something to squeeze away the pain and take their anger out on with this adorable hot sauce plush. This cute little hot sauce plush makes a great partner alongside the other pillows in bed, and definitely will not send the recipient scrambling for a glass of milk!

3. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

make your own hot sauce kit

Get them a gift that allows them to craft their very own hot sauce from scratch. Not only does this kit come with all of the equipment that they will need. But it also comes loaded with some very spicy ingredients that are sure to keep even the biggest hot sauce enthusiast yearning for more.

4. Hot Ones The Game (Truth Or Dab)

hot ones the game truth or dab

This game is definitely hot, and not just because of the hot sauce related themes. Pick up this gift for that special someone that you know adores hot sauce and loves trying the hottest sauces. This game is truth or dare with a twist. You either answer deeply personal questions or take a dab of hot sauce with a heat rating of over 2,000,000 on the scoville scale!

5. General’s Hot Sauce Triple Threat

generals hot sauce triple threat

These six ounce bottles include a fantastic selection of some of the most popular hot sauce flavors around: cayenne and habanero peppers. Grab these if you are looking for a gift that is sure to satisfy any hot sauce lover. Every bottle of this product comes loaded with 86% real peppers, which is sure to cause an explosion in their mouth!

6. Hot Sauce Nation Book

hot sauce nation book

Surprise your friend with a book about the facts and other interesting information about hot sauce. The origins, history, culture, and science behind hot sauce are all covered in this detailed book. Available in either Kindle or as a paperback version, you can gift your friend this enjoyable and exciting read about their favorite condiment (just make sure they wash their hands!).

7. It’s Never Spicy Enough T-Shirt

its never spicy enough t-shirt

Perhaps you have a friend who just can’t get enough of hot sauce and loves to lather on the spicy condiment onto every dish. Well, this t-shirt is the perfect hot sauce gift for them! They will be able to express themselves and how they feel about hot sauce while wearing this machine washable t-shirt. Available in five different colors and sizes, from small to triple extra large.

8. Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set

hot sauce sampler gift set

Grab them this hot sauce sampler gift set and spice up their life! Sporting some magnificent cover art showcasing two luchadores, this boxed set makes for the perfect gift that any hot sauce lover will truly enjoy. With 15 different sample bottles included, they’re sure to enjoy trying all these new and irresistible flavors.

9. The Great Chile Poster

the great chile poster

For anyone who wants to spice up their room, get this awesome gift idea. The poster features some of the most popular Chile peppers against a gorgeous heavy stock paper background. Get it for a friend so that they can hang it up in their home and showcase their love for all things spicy.

10. Hawaiian Hot Sauce Shirt

Hawaiian hot sauce shirt

Hawaiin shirts and hot sauce make quite a combo – who would have thought? Get this gift for anyone in your life that eats, sleeps, and breathes hot sauce. This shirt is very soft, features a tailored fit, and comes with excellent stretching, which allows for a very comfortable fit for whoever gets this shirt. Available in small to 2XL.

11. Whoop Ass Sauce Gift Set

whoop ass sauce gift set

Give the gift of spicy goodness with this set of premium bacon, green habanero, and roasted garlic hot sauce. Every sauce included in this gift set is made to fit any dish. Your friend will be very grateful to you for getting this for them, especially since they will get to enjoy these three premium sauces on a variety of different foods.

12. Red Chili Earrings

red chili earrings

Give that special woman in your life these red chili earrings and let her show off how much she loves hot sauce. These flattering earrings dangle around 2.5 inches long and are made out of lightweight stainless steel wires. She’ll love wearing these all day, and they’re sure to look great with any outfit.

13. Hot Sauce Gift Basket Challenge

hot sauce gift basket challenge

This hot sauce challenge book is truly a test of endurance. Get this for a friend or loved one who wants to test their limits and see how much they can handle when it comes to hot sauce. Including 12 hot and tasty bottles of sauce, this is the perfect present for anyone who’s adventurous when it comes to spices.

14. Hot Sauce Recipes Book

hot sauce recipes book

Sometimes, making homemade hot sauce is just better than getting some from the store. If you know someone who loves to make their own hot sauce, then don’t hesitate to buy them this recipe book. They will be able to make their own unique hot sauce recipes and tailor their spicy experience to their liking.

15. Hot Sauce Fire Truck

hot sauce fire truck

For that person who loves trying new flavors and spices in your life, this is the perfect gift set. Add some fire to their life with this awesome hot sauce fire truck! Not only do these bottles come in a display case that looks just like a fire truck, but the flavors are all-time favorites among hot sauce connoisseurs.

16. Tapatio Hot Sauce T-Shirt

tapatio hot sauce t-shirt

Gift them this Tapatio hot sauce shirt and help them to show their love for the spicy brand. This cotton shirt has a fantastic print of the famous hot sauce brand across the chest that everyone will notice when they wear it. Not only does this shirt look great, but it is also comfortable and lightweight, ensuring that the wearer doesn’t overheat while eating hot sauce!

17. Hot Sauce Crazy Socks

hot sauce crazy socks

Get them a pair of funny socks that showcase some of the most popular hot sauce brands. These officially licensed socks are a fun way to show their love of the condiment and make a great pair with other hot sauce clothes. They don’t just look great; they are also very comfortable and go with any outfit.

18. Wall Mounted Spice Rack

wall mounted spice rack

Give them a place where they can store their numerous spices and sauces. This wall mounted spice rack is the perfect place for them to keep their hot sauces and other spicy condiments. The beautiful exterior is reinforced by the bronze structure, making this a sturdy rack that can hold tons of bottles.

19. Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Sauce

satans blood chile extract sauce

Does your friend think they can handle the heat? Well, get them this hot sauce that is sure to knock their socks off. Conceived back in October of 2000 on Friday the 13th (and on a full moon, mind you), this hot sauce is worthy of its name. It clocks in at 800,000 Scoville units, making it a great challenge for your friend to tackle.

20. Tabasco Logo T-Shirt

tabasco logo t-shirt

This simple t-shirt is a wonderful way for someone to show their love for the Tabasco brand. The perfect gift idea for any hot sauce lover, this is sure to bring a smile to their face. The cotton and polyester blend of this shirt keeps it comfortable and looking great no matter how many times it’s worn.

21. Tabasco Chocolate Wedges

tabasco chocolate wedges

This is a wonderful gift idea because it can be given to both chocolate and hot sauce lovers, though one is sure to be happier than the other! Gifting this to your hot sauce loving friend means that they will get a very unique flavor combination that they can only get with these dark chocolate wedges.

22. The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook

the complete hot sauce cookbook

Gift them this hot sauce cookbook and open up new doors for them to experiment and explore new hot sauce recipes. This book is loaded with 60 hot sauce recipes that are not only easy to make, but are also delicious. Any hot sauce enthusiast would love to receive this book as a present for any occasion.

23. Tabasco AirPods Cover

tabasco airpods cover

Get them a gift that shows off how much they love their hot sauce. This AirPods cover takes the form of a bottle of Tabasco and really stands out compared to the standard covers. Aside from its stellar looks, this cover can be used with both 1st and 2nd generation AirPods, and its sturdy rubber silicon design means that it’s sure to last.

24. Truffle Hound Hot Sauce

truffle hound hot sauce bottle

This gourmet hot sauce is a godsend for those on a diet but still want to get that spicy and delicious flavor. Ideal for anyone on a vegan, keto, or paleo diet, this sauce is non-GMO, fat-free, and doesn’t contain any preservatives. Available in tons of different flavors including black truffles, chili de arbol, and ghost pepper.

Gifts For Spicy Food Lovers

25. Mike’s Hot Honey

mikes hot honey gift idea

Snap up this unique honey hot sauce gift and give it to your friend who wants to try a new flavor experience. This spicy honey packs just the right amount of kick, sweetness, and heat to produce delicious tasting honey that has a unique taste. This product comes in 10 and 12 ounces options.

26. Spicy Socks For Foodies

spicy socks gift idea

These novelty socks would make an excellent gift for friends or family members who love hot sauce. Featuring a range of bottles, spices and chiles, these funky socks are sure to go well with any outfit they wear them with. These socks are comfortable and durable, being made out of a sturdy blend of cotton that provides the wearer with extra comfort.

27. Tabasco Hot Sauce Keychain

tabasco hot sauce keychain

This hot sauce keychain is an excellent pick for those who want to always have a little Tabasco on them in cases of emergency. You can give this to a friend who just has to have some Tabasco sauce on them at all times. The miniature bottle contains ⅛ ounce of Tabasco and comes in an adorable little keychain form.

28. Hot Sauce Enamel Lapel Pin

hot sauce enamel lapel pin

If you have a friend or family member who wants to display their love for hot, spicey sauce wherever they go, this is the best gift idea. This pin is made of enamel and can be clipped onto any lapel to tell the world that the individual wearing the pin simply adores hot sauce.

29. Hot Stuff Metal Sign Art Wall Décor

hot stuff metal sign art

This wall decor is a fantastic pick as a gift for hot sauce lovers due to how versatile it is. It can be hung up easily by utilizing the pre-drilled holes in each corner of the frame. This wall decor is made out of metal and makes a perfect fit in any kitchen or shop. Get this for a friend who wants to decorate their house with hot sauce.

30. Tabasco Jelly Beans

tabasco jelly beans

Jelly beans and Tabasco come together to provide you with a funny, and possibly delicious test. Whether your friend is a Jelly Bean fanatic or adores hot sauce, this is one gift that you just can’t pass up. Each pack of these jelly beans weighs 3.1 ounces, and all jelly beans are filled with delicious Tabasco goodness.


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