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Looking for the perfect eagle scout gift idea for your adventurer?

Our team has scoured the web and handpicked the best eagle scout gifts that they are sure to use.

From functional tools and equipment to t-shirts and mugs, discover the finest eagle scout presents and gift ideas below.

Best Eagle Scout Gifts

1. Leatherman Scout Multitool

Our top recommendation for any Eagle Scout is this essential multitool gift. The elegant design of this tool looks great, whether you choose the black or grey color. They’ll be prepared for anything when they use this tool, as it comes loaded with wire cutters, scissors, knives, a small saw, a ruler, files, screwdrivers, and even a can and bottle opener.

2. Eagle Scout Logo T-Shirt

This officially licensed Eagle Scout logo shirt makes for a great gift to get for that special scout in your life. You can choose a variety of 9 different colors, from pink to red, but we highly recommend black. They will get to enjoy the comfortable and durable fabric of this shirt while showing off their love for scouts.

3. Boys Life Eagle Scout Art Print

Get them this Eagle Scout art print so that they can display their love of the hobby in their home or office. This print features some vintage Boys’ Life artwork from the renowned scouting magazine, and can be mounted on any wall easily. This print’s high-quality wooden frame means that it’s ready to be hung upright when you receive it.

4. Key Multitool

This fantastic multitool comes loaded with features. A wrench, ruler, bit driver, file, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more are all built into this tool, making it an awesome tool to have for any Eagle Scout. The stainless steel build ensures that it will last for years to come, while the small size means that it can fit in any pocket easily. This is why we think it’s a great gift for an Eagle Scout.

5. Personalized Eagle Scout Pocket Watch

This personalized pocket watch is possibly the best gift that you can get for an Eagle Scout in your life. The durable build of this pocket watch and sturdy materials ensure that it will last them for years to come. At the same time, the extremely beautiful exterior is something that they can be proud of every time they use it.

6. Folding Survival Shovel

This folding survival shovel is the perfect piece of gear to bring along when out camping. Get this for that special Eagle Scout in your life so that they can always be prepared no matter what their camping trips throw at them. This compact little shovel packs in the usefulness of a saw, a spade, and a hoe all in one. This tool’s carbon steel construction also ensures that it’ll see tons of use before wearing out.

7. Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Having a reliable Swiss army pocket knife is one of the first things an Eagle Scout will want to keep on them at all times. That is why getting this as a gift for them is such an awesome idea. It comes with tons of different tools that all pack away into a compact design, and the durable construction means that they can use it without the worry of it breaking.

8. Legacy Of Honor Eagle Scouts Book

Any scout can brush up on the history of the Eagle Scouts by reading this astounding book. This book documents some of the historical happenings within the Eagle Scouts and highlights some of the core values and influences that have made the organization what it is today. Any enthusiastic Eagle Scout would love to receive this as a gift.

9. Eagle Scout Recognition Coin

Get them this recognition coin so they can feel accomplished and proud of what they have done in the Eagle Scouts. It’s a great idea to give this to that special scout in your life as it commemorates the fact that they have reached the highest achievement in American scouting. With intricate engravings and quality acrylic, this is a wonderful coin to give as a present.

10. Boy Scouts Of America T-Shirt

This comfortable and fashionable shirt is a great gift to get for an Eagle Scout. The lightweight materials used to make this shirt ensure that it remains comfortable to wear even during long days, making it a great shirt to pack for camping trips and excursions. It comes in 10 different colors that all feature brilliant prints.

11. Emergency Survival Tent

Get them this emergency survival tent, so when they are out on a camping trip, you can rest assured that they have a safe place to sleep. This emergency shelter packs away into a small bag and can fit easily into any backpack. It can fit two people inside and even comes packed with a survival whistle as well as a paracord.

12. Multifunction Navigation Compass

Having a trusty compass when out camping or hiking is super important. That is why you can get your bestie this waterproof and impact-resistant compass, so they are always prepared. This not only functions as a standard compass, but comes with a sighting hairline, adjustable diopter lens, rotating bezel ring, and a conversion chart.

13. Eagle Scouts History Book

Allow them to study the history of the Eagle Scouts by getting them this informative book. This book celebrates the most elite rank in all of the Boy Scouts and covers one hundred years of the organization’s existence. Some of the most astounding original stories and recollections are included in this book, making it a must-have for any Eagle Scout.

14. Never Mess With A Scout T-Shirt

Get a laugh out of any scout by giving them this funny shirt. It features a fun little blurb about how an Eagle Scout knows the best hiding places, printed on comfortable and breathable fabric. You can choose from five colors, each made out of lightweight and comfortable materials. This makes for a great gift for Eagle Scouts on their birthday or for other special occasions.

15. Portable Outdoor Hammock

Having a nice place to rest when out on a camping trip is a big commodity. If you get them this hammock as a gift, then they’ll always have a reliable place to hit the sack and rest themselves. This sturdy nylon hammock is super durable and very strong, utilizing parachute nylon. It also packs down into a small size that can fit in any backpack or rucksack.

16. Knots Coffee Mug

Get them this coffee mug so they can enjoy their morning coffee or drink, while memorizing how to tie the various types of knots. It even comes with some spans of rope that they can practice their knots on the handle of the mug after they are finished enjoying their drink. It can hold up to 10 oz. of liquid and is dishwasher safe.

17. Paracord Survival Bracelet

Grab them this paracord survival bracelet as a gift, so they always have paracord at their disposal in case of an emergency. Every Eagle Scout needs to be prepared, and over 11 feet of ultra strong MIL-SPEC 550 paracord can help ensure that. Comes with a stainless steel bow shackle that can hold up to 1,650 pounds in case of an emergency.

18. Pocket Chainsaw

This pocket chainsaw is an astounding tool that can be a huge help when camping or in an emergency situation. Paracord handles make this tool extremely comfortable and also provide the user with extra materials if they ever need them. The teeth of the saw itself cut deep into wood which makes cutting anything fast and easy. Getting this as a gift for an Eagle Scout is a wonderful idea.

19. LifeStraw Water Filter

Get them a water filter that they can always rely on. This piece of equipment filters out contaminants from water so that it is safe to drink. It can get nearly 100% of all bacteria and harmful irritants out of the water, ensuring that it is safe to drink. It filters up to 1,000 gallons of water before it needs replacement, and gets this done without iodine, batteries, or chemicals.

20. Bushcraft Fire Starter

Starting a fire has never been easier than with this tool. This weather resistant ferro rod and fire starter is the perfect item to have whenever hiking or camping. The sparks generated by the rod reach 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can start a fire using any common piece of debris. They can get over 15,000 strikes out of this tool before it needs replacement.

21. Types Of Knots T-Shirt

This shirt is not only comfortable, but also useful for someone who’s learning the different types of knots. This shirt’s comfortable and breathable fabric combines perfectly with the quality prints to make for a very good present to get for an Eagle Scout. Comes in 3 colors, and also features the fun little inclusion of a “pretzel knot” on the front print.

22. Paracord Survival Grenade

If you know an Eagle Scout then you definitely will want to take a look at this gift option. This survival grenade comes loaded with tons of useful survival items and keeps them contained within a compact package. It can hold over 550 lbs and easily clips onto a backpack or belt. Eagle Scouts would benefit quite a bit from having one of these handy when out on a hike or when camping.

23. A Field Guide To The Art Of Wilderness Survival

Eagle Scouts go out and camp quite a lot, so having a book handy on how to survive in the wilderness is a huge benefit. Get this gift for that special Eagle Scout in your life so they can always be prepared for the worst. The wisdom and experience contained within this book are a great gift to impart to an Eagle Scout.

24. Once An Eagle Scout Keychain

Get them this Eagle Scout keychain so that they will always be reminded that they are an Eagle Scout. Made out of high quality stainless steel that won’t rust, change color, or tarnish in the slightest, and comes in a velvet bag. This is a great gift item for both current and retired Eagle Scouts alike.

25. Eagle Scout Ornament

Give them this Eagle Scout ornament as a present and see their face light up with joy. This ornament features intricate details showcasing an Eagle Scout’s shirt adorned with many different patches and accolades along the sash. A white banner with gold trim is located beneath the shirt itself, making it perfect for personalization with a name or personal message.

26. Eagle Scout Neckerchief

This Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout neckerchief is a great gift to grab for that special scout in your life. Featuring some high-quality colors and a very intricately stitched Eagle Scout design on the front, this neckerchief looks astounding. The Eagle Scout logo on the front is fully embroidered, which looks great. Any Eagle Scout that receives this will be very pleased.

27. Emergency Sleeping Bag

Having an emergency sleeping bag is one of the most essential things when out on a camping trip or a long hike. If you get this as a gift for an Eagle Scout, they will definitely love the waterproof mylar and compact design of this sleeping bag. It can be stored nearly anywhere, whether that be a backpack, glove box, or in a large pocket.

28. Scout Backpack Patent Poster Art

Get them this poster art if you know that they love vintage scout related novelties. This poster showcases the patented Boy Scout backpack via a classic diagram. This print looks fantastic and will fit perfectly into any home or office. It is printed on high-quality paper that will resist fading and remain bright and beautiful for years to come.

29. Eagle Scout Way Street Sign

Any Eagle Scout would love to receive this street sign novelty prop as a gift. They can hang it up in their bedroom, office, or home to show off. High-definition printing on this durable metal sign ensures that it will remain bright and shiny for a long time to come. They can even place it outside, as it is water and rust-proof and resistant to weather.

30. Eagle Scout PopSocket

Get them this PopSocket phone grip as a gift so that they can always show their pride of being an Eagle Scout. This grip easily sticks onto any phone or phone case. It provides a very easy to hold grip that makes holding a cellphone much easier and more comfortable. It’s waterproof and the adhesive used is durable and long-lasting.


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