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What present do you get a 10 year old boy that has everything and an attention span of 10 minutes? As challenging as it may sound, it’s not an impossible task!

From superheroes to video games, and sports, 10 year olds love practically everything, and the choices can be extremely overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Having surveyed hundreds of little monsters, we found the best gifts and presents that every 10 year old boy wants.

No matter your budget, there’s plenty of gift ideas on this list for everyone. From Lego to Star Wars, and Fortnite to Nerf guns, we’ve found gifts for every boy’s personality.

Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

1. Harry Potter Lego Set

harry potter lego set

No matter their age, everybody loves Harry Potter. And what else do 10 year old boys love? LEGO, of course! The perfect gift for Harry Potter fans, this LEGO set contains everything they need to build their own Hagrid’s hut. Complete with Harry, Ron and Hermione figures, this gift will be a great addition to anyone’s existing LEGO collection.

2. Fortnite Nerf Gun Set

fortnite nerf gun gift idea

Fortnite might be a few years old by now, but it’s still as popular as ever. Thanks to its ever-changing world and new updates, kids just can’t seem to get enough of it! Do you know a 10 year old who’s a big Fortnite fan? Surprise him with this awesome Fortnite NERF gun and llama targets set.

3. AirZooka Air Cannon

airzooka air cannon present

Worried about having too many projectiles or NERF guns around the house that could get lost or hurt somebody? Let them blast some air around the house with this harmless AirZooka cannon. Designed to fire huge balls of air, this cannon is great for blowing out candles, blowing people’s hair, or just pranking somebody!

4. Avengers Infinity Gauntlet

avengers infinity gauntlet toy

Give them the gift of the infinity stones with this Avengers Infinity Gauntlet. Worn by Thanos himself in the movies, this official Avengers merchandise comes complete with all the six infinity stones. Featuring a range lights and sound effects, this toy is perfect for any Marvel or superheroes fan.

5. Nintendo Switch (Mario Kart 8)

nintendo switch games console

Put your name in their good books by giving them what every 10 year old boy wants… a Nintendo Switch! Complete with two controllers and a copy of the super popular Mario Kart 8, this is the Super Mario gift they’ve always wanted. Unlike PlayStation and Xbox’s the Switch can also be used as a portable tablet gaming device with no TV required!

6. Magnetic Dart Board

magnetic dart board gift idea

A regular dart board is far too risky and dangerous for a 10 year old, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still play darts. Surprise them with this safe indoor magnetic dart board that won’t harm and walls, people or pets. Complete with six strong magnetic darts, it’ll feel like they’re playing with the real thing.

7. Electric ATM Bank

mini ATM for 10 year olds

Encourage them to become a savvy saver early in life with this fully functioning electric ATM piggy bank. With the ability to store up to 600 coins or 100 pieces of paper, this ATM also comes with an automatic paper note feeder, and four PIB digital password protection. Much more techy than your standard piggybank, this device is sure to encourage them to save up.

8. All In One Ping Pong Set

ping pong table tennis set

Transform any table into a fully functional ping pong set with this super adjustable ping pong set. Complete with a retractable net that will stretch up to a maximum of 72 inches, this can be used on any table from a dinner table to bed side table. The set also comes with three balls, a set of rackets and a handy storage kit.

9. Microscope Kit

science microscope kit

Help them explore the world of science and set their minds free with this educational microscope kit. Featuring a fully working microscope with five 40x to 1000x zoom settings, the set also comes with a range of accessories including five prepared slides, and five blank slides. Perfect for all budding scientists, this is sure to be a regularly used gift.

10. Folding Scooter

folding scooter birthday present

Help them travel around faster with their very own folding scooter. Constructed from aluminium and steel, this scooter can be used for every day traveling and can be easily folded up when not in use. With adjustable handlebars, rubber handles, and kickstand for easy freestanding, this is the scooter they’ve always wanted.

11. Fortnite Bed Set

fortnite bed sheets

Make their Fortnite dreams come true with their very own Fortnite bed covers. Featuring the iconic loot llamas, may all of their Fortnite games be blessed with a visit from the super rare loot llama. Including a comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet and two standard pillowcases, this bedding set is the perfect give for any 10 year old Fortnite fan.

12. K’NEX Model Building Set

knex model building toy set

Set their creative minds wild with this awesome K’NEX model building set. Including 705 individual pieces, there are enough pieces in this kit to build over 70 different models, including cars, boats and more. Featuring easy to use and assemble pieces, this kit allows kids to create a range of shapes and models without any mess.

13. No Stress Chess Kit

no stress chess kit

Chess is a timeless game that has been played for thousands of years by millions of people worldwide. What better way to learn the rules and strategies of chess than with this no stress chess kit. Featuring a plastic chess set and education deck cards, this set will teach youngsters everything they need to know about the game and how to win.

14. Code Your Own Games Book

code your own games book

If they’re interested in playing video games, then they might be interested in making their own. Give them everything they need to make their own games with this fantastic code your own games book. Based on the simple to use language Scratch, this book teaches youngsters how to create 20 different video games from scratch.

15. Professional Magic Kit

professional magic kit gift idea

Help them become the magician they’ve always wanted to be with this high-quality professional magic kit. Perfect for all skill levels, this kit contains over 400 different magic tricks and all the equipment to perform them. Full of instructions and online videos, even beginners will be able to follow along and perform some incredible magic tricks.

16. Slackline Kit

slackline kit present

Keep them off their video games and get them outdoors with this super challenging slackline kit. Perfect for playing with outside and practicing their balance, this kit includes two tree protectors, a main slackline and a training line. With just two trees required for set up, this slackline can be used almost anywhere and provide hours of endless fun and exercise.

17. Lego Movie Making Kit

lego stop motion movie kit

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to make movies, or wants to be a YouTuber, this movie making kit has everything they need to get started with animation. Included in the set is a detailed book with step-by-step instructions on how to animate Lego characters, as well as a range of Lego props and figures.

18. National Geographic Slime & Putty Kit

national geographic slime putty kit

Another great gift for anyone interested in science, this slime and putty kit is sure to give them hours of fun. Included in the set are eight different varieties of slime and putty including magnetic putty, color changing putty, bouncing putty and fluffy slime. The set also comes with a 16-page book that explains the science behind them all.

19. Lego Star Wars Kit

lego star wars kit

Perfect for Lego and Star Wars fans, this set features the iconic imperial walkers from the empire strikes back movie. Also included in the set are various stormtroopers and rebel trooper figurines. To make the set even more fun, it also includes cannons that fire projectiles and various targets to aim for, making the set very interactive and offering hours of fun.

20. Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Kit

tinkering labs electric motors kit

Give them the perfect introduction to engineering with this challenging and multifunctional robotics kit. Great for young boys looking to invest and tinker with things, this kit comes with over 50 different parts, which can be used to build ten different robot models. Complete with instructions, this kit has everything they need to start building.

21. Kids Metal Detector

kids metal detector gift

Help explore the great unknown with this fully functional metal detector. Get them outside and exploring; you never know what they might find! Suitable for everyone, this metal detector comes with other accessories including a carrying bag, spade and trowel. Adjustable and waterproof, this metal detector is sure to help them find plenty of buried treasure.

22. Dude Perfect Nerf Bow

dude perfect nerf bow

Help them perfect their trick shots with their very own Dude Perfect Nerf bow. Official merchandise of Dude Perfect and Nerf, this bow and arrow set will give them everything they need to make their own trick shot videos. With two arrows and a target included, they’ll have hours of endless fun trying to pull off impossible trick shots.

23. Rocker Gaming Chair

rocker gaming chair for boys

Make them feel comfortable during their PlayStation and Xbox gaming sessions with their very own gaming chair. Designed for playing video games and watching movies in front of the TV, this chair provides incredible back support and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Complete with armrests and vibration motors, this chair is the ultimate gaming accessory for any 10 year old.

24. Portable Keyboard Kit

portable keyboard music kit

Let their creative minds run free with this awesome all in one portable keyboard kit. Including a 61 key portable keyboard along with a stand and chair, the kit also comes with a music rest, headphones and microphone to sing along with. Great for anyone just starting music lessons, this kit is everything they need to start their musical career.

25. Pokemon T-Shirt

pokemon t-shirt for boys

Help them become the Pokemon master they were born to be with this bright and colorful Pokemon t-shirt. Featuring the four iconic Pokemon Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur on the front, this short-sleeved crewneck t-shirt is perfect for every Pokemon fan. Available in a range of different sizes, this official merchandise is sure to be an excellent gift.

26. Kids Walkie Talkies

boys walkie talkies

Make their outdoor adventures even more enjoyable with this pair of long-range walkie talkies. Weighing only 90g each, these super-light radios are easy to carry and include 22 different channels to communicate on. With a built-in LCD screen, this makes using them in the dark super easy and practical. Perfect for any budding adventurer, these walkie talkies are sure to be used regularly.

27. Amphibious Remote Control Car

remote control car for boys

Remote control cars are loved by boys of all ages, but what’s better than remote control cars? Amphibious remote control cars of course! This waterproof remote control car is suitable for use both on land and in water. With special rubber wheels for floating on water, this remote control car can literally go anywhere.

28. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

instant mini camera

Start their photography career early with a traditional and iconic Fujifilm instant camera. Similar to other instant cameras such as Polaroids, this kit comes with everything they need to start taking photos and printing them out. The perfect gift for any 10 year old boy looking to get into photography, the kit includes plenty of film, filters, hanging frames and a camera case.

29. Pogo Stick

pogo stick for boys

Know somebody with a lot of energy? Are they always running around and bouncing off the walls? Give them something to use their energy on with this portable and functional pogo stick. Complete with a high-quality spring and foam covered grip handles, this pogo stick is really built to last. Suitable for up to 160 lbs, they’ll have lots of fun bouncing around!

30. Beginners Juggling Kit

beginners juggling kit

Juggling is a skill that every boy wants to learn growing up. Not only is it challenging, but once they master it, the skill will stay with them forever, just like riding a bike. Give them everything they need to learn how to juggle with this beginners juggling kit. Featuring three super-soft beanbags and an 88-page instruction manual, they’ll be juggling in no time.

31. Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

rocket launcher toy idea

Prepare for lift-off with this awesome blast pad rocket launcher. The perfect toy for any 10 year old who’s interested in space or engineering, this contraption will help them blast rockets off to space without any jet fuel. Simply jump on the pad and watch as the rocket launches itself hundreds of feet into the air.

32. Dirty Dunk Basketball Laundry Hamper

basketball laundry hamper

Help them make laundry day more enjoyable with this fun hoop laundry hamper. Designed to work on any bedroom door, simply hang it from the back and watch as they drunk their dirty laundry into it. The quick-release drawstring at the bottom makes it easy unload the laundry and turns chores into a fun game of basketball!


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