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Played by almost every kid in the country, you can’t escape the popularity of Fortnite. With millions of people that play it all over the world, Fortnite has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon and has gained plenty of fans!

No matter the occasion, choosing a Fortnite gift can be hard, especially when you don’t know the first thing about the game. But don’t worry, luckily, we know what all the hottest gifts are that Fortnite gamers are hoping to unwrap. From Fortnite Jenga to figurines and Nerf guns, we’ve handpicked a whole range of gifts perfect for every age and budget.

1. Action Figure Squad Pack

When they can’t play Fortnite online, that doesn’t mean they have to stop altogether. Let their creative minds run free with this awesome Fortnite action figure squad. Featuring various characters from the game, such as Trog, Omen, Moisty Merman and Ravage, all of these action figures come equipped with their own pickaxes and weapon accessories.

2. Monopoly Board Game

Before Fortnite took over the world, Monopoly was very close to doing the same. Introduce them to the fun game of Monopoly with this unique Fortnite themed board game gift. Featuring all the Fortnite classic map locations on the board, and characters from the game, they’ll feel like they’re playing a real game of Fortnite!

3. Jenga Game

Help them improve their building and analytical skills with this twist on a classic game. Featuring revamped blocks that resemble the wood, brick and metal materials from Fortnite, this Fortnite themed Jenga is sure to be one of their favorite gifts. Unlike the original Jenga, players must climb the tower with the first to the top being the winner!

4. How To Draw Characters Book

Help them draw their favorite Fortnite characters from the game with this official and detailed drawing guide. With 35 different tutorials inside covering a range of different outfits, weapons, building materials and vehicles, each guide goes step-by-step from rough drawing to detailed finish. Let them unleash their creativity with this excellent drawing guide.

5. Tactical Nerf Shotgun

Nerf battles will never be the same again with this officially licensed Fortnite tactical Nerf shotgun! Based on the exact tactical shotgun from the game, this Nerf gun can hold four darts at a time and comes with a total of eight. With its pump-action reloading mechanism, this Nerf gun is sure to cause some havoc on the battlefield!

6. Vinyl Stickers Pack

Feed their Fortnite addiction with this set of vinyl stickers. Featuring 104 unique and individual stickers, these are great for sticking on any object including bikes, laptops, games consoles, bags, skateboards, or whatever they can think of. Ranging from 2 to 4.7 inches tall, these stickers are the perfect gift for anyone obsessed with Fortnite.

7. Llama Plush

Give them some luck in hopes of finding a loot llama with this cute and fluffy llama plush. Standing at 7 inches tall, this llama is officially licensed merchandise and looks just like the real thing. Made from high-quality materials, this plush is super soft and huggable for all ages.

8. Boogie Bomb Bed Set

Send them to bed dreaming of Fortnite and victory royale’s with this awesome boogie bomb bed set. Including two pillowcases, a flat sheet, fitted sheet and comforter, this bed set contains fantastic artwork in the style of the iconic boogie bomb grenade. Perfect for both twin and single beds, this bed set is sure to help send them off to sleep after a long day of playing Fortnite.

9. Boogie Bomb Grenade

Bring Fortnite to life with this life-sized replica boogie bomb grenade. Designed based on the classic in-game item, this toy is fully functional and lights up while also playing music. Made of plastic and metal, it also contains a realistic pull-pin trigger and on/off switch. Just remember to dance when it goes off!

10. Skull Trooper Figurine

They might not be able to get the rare Skull Trooper skin in the game anymore, but you can always surprise them with this Skull Trooper figurine! Created by Funko Pop Vinyl and known for their collectible figurines, this figurine features the rare Skull Trooper skin. Suitable for collectors or people who just want to play, this gift is sure to be popular with any Fortnite fan.

11. Prisoner Action Figure

Perfect for collectors or kids who didn’t manage to unlock this battle pass skin, this figurine features the rare prisoner skin in its full glory. Complete with accessories such as a backpack, pistol and axe, this figurine also has 22 separate moving parts making it incredibly flexible and fun to play with. 

12. Pizza Cutter Pickaxe

Great for fancy dress or just bopping people on the head, this pizza slice pickaxe is down to go well with both kids and adults. Made from soft-play material and based on the in game pickaxe, this toy is perfect for hours of fun. Officially licensed, fans of Fortnite won’t be able to stop playing with this awesome gift.

13. Party Supplies Kit

Make it a party to remember with these awesome Fortnite inspired battle supply drop goodie boxes for gamer’s birthdays. With balloons and ribbons included, this kit has everything you need to create 24 goodie boxes. Easily assembled by hand, these supply drops are sure to make any Fortnite lover’s party extra special.

14. Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Give them the edge they need to win more games with this fully RGB mechanical gaming keyboard from Corsair. Featuring backlit keys that change color according to its profile settings, this keyboard can produce millions of unique colors. Featuring red switches which are known for their fast response, this keyboard is sure to blow their mind and improve their gameplay.

15. G502 Gaming Mouse

If they’re playing on PC, without a proper gaming mouse it can be incredibly hard to aim and shoot other players. Give them an in-game advantage with this precision and super-fast Logitech gaming mouse. Featuring up to 12,000 DPI and an incredibly responsive sensor, this mouse will make their gaming much more enjoyable while giving them an edge.

16. Llama Backpack

Perfect for school, this llama backpack is official Fortnite merchandise and contains enough room to store a 15-inch laptop. Covered in the iconic loot llamas from the video game, this backpack also comes with plenty of storage to keep all those notebooks and stationery safe. With branded Fortnite zip closures, they’re sure to be the cool kid at school.

17. Battle Bus

Let their imaginations run wild with this Fortnite battle bus and figurines set. One of the best Fortnite gifts out there, this set comes with the iconic battle bus as well as two characters to battle it out on the map of their choice. Officially licensed merchandise, the kit also comes with accessories including a loot llama, victory umbrella, and weapons.

18. Birthday Party Invites

Invite their friends the battle royale way, with these awesome party invitation cards. Fortnite themed, these cards include several blank fields to fill out including the location, date, time, and RSVP number. Great for sending out to other Fortnite players, these cards will instantly be recognizable and set the theme for the party!

19. Drift Mask

Looking for the ultimate Fortnite gift to surprise them with? Perfect for fancy dress parties or getting into the Fortnite mood, this drift mask is officially licensed and will transform anybody into a real-life Fortnite skin. Made from plastic, it’s incredibly lightweight and ideal for any outfit.

20. Drift Outfit

For the die hard Fortnite player, they’re sure to love wearing this Drift outfit while playing. Including jacket, gloves and mask, this officially licensed outfit is made from polyester and spandex. Available in a range of different sizes this is sure to be anyone’s new favorite outfit.

21. Loot Llama Socks

Increase their Fortnite luck with these awesome loot llama socks. The perfect gift for any Fortnite gamer, these socks are guaranteed to increase their chances of getting a loot llama in-game by 54% (not really!). Featuring a colorful llama as the main centerpiece, these socks look awesome and are extremely comfortable.

22. Durr Burger Plush

Brighten up somebody’s day with this cute and cuddly burger plush. An iconic mascot from the game, this plush is great for hugging, throwing around, letting out some anger or just brightening up a room. Officially licensed merchandise, this 5-inch tall burger plush is sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face.

23. Tomato Head Figurine

Give them a little buddy to play Fortnite with and decorate their desk with no other than Mr Tomato Head himself. Featuring Mr Tomato Head with a pizza cutter accessory, this 3.75-inch figurine also comes with a chug jug to bring good fortune to any Fortnite player.

24. Loot Llama Tee

Help them share the llama luck with all their friends with this awesome graphic loot llama t-shirt. Officially licensed by Fortnite, this t-shirt features the loot llama every Fortnite player wants to find in-game. With cool retro graphics and made from 100% cotton, this llama tee is sure to be their new favorite wardrobe piece.

25. Do Not Disturb Gaming Sign

Playing Fortnite can be incredibly challenging and gamers require the highest level of concentration while doing so. Give them the ultimate do not disturb gift with this handy wooden door sign. Made from natural wood and featuring a rope handle, they can simply hang it on their door handle when they are playing Fortnite.

26. 3D Llama Lamp

This is the ultimate lamp for any Fortnite player. Once turned on, this lamp produces an incredible 3D image that can also change into seven different colors. Powered by a USB port, this lamp can be used on a gaming desk or bedside desk. Great for kids and adults of all ages, this lamp is sure to add some color to anybody’s room.

27. Ninja’s Gaming Book

Know somebody who sucks at Fortnite? Give them a helping hand with this detailed and practical gaming book. Learn from the master himself Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and discover his top secrets to dominating Fortnite and gaming in general. Full of illustrations and photographs, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to get better at Fortnite or video games in general.

28. Tim The Tatman Figurine

Streaming is the new television and with so many streamers that play Fortnite, they are quickly becoming the next celebrities and idols. Know somebody who likes watching Fortnite on Twitch? The chances are they’ll watch TimTheTatman. Surprise them with their very own 5-inch figurine of Tim, great for collecting and having on their desk.

29. Ninja Wig & Headband

Help anyone instantly become the gaming god Ninja with this hilarious and practical Ninja gaming wig. Including his iconic blue hair and headband, every Fortnite player will be able to harness the power of Ninja when wearing this headband. Win more games while looking cook, what’s not to love?


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