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16 year old boys have always been difficult to buy for. Often because their wants don’t line up with budgets!

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest gadgets or clothes to impress them.

To help you find the perfect gift for any 16 year old boy, we’ve asked hundreds to give us their wish lists and items they actually want to receive. From gaming headset and keyboards to new clothes, drones and skateboards, here are the best gifts for 16 year old boys.

Best Gift Ideas For 16 Year Old Boys

1. Razer Cynosa RGB Gaming Keyboard

razer cynosa gaming keyboard

Give their PC gaming setup some much needed RGB with this fantastic mechanical gaming keyboard from Razer. Featuring backlit keys, this keyword has over 16 million possible color combinations. With hundreds of settings to customize and change, teens will also love the clicky style keys that will give them a big advantage when playing games.

2. Gaming Headset (Console & PC)

steelseries gaming headset

No matter if they play Xbox, PlayStation or PC, this headset will take their gaming to the next level and help them win more matches. Featuring a noise cancelling microphone for team communication and an adjustable headband for the perfect fit, this headset will let them play for hours while hearing everything. Available in wired and wireless options.

3. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3

canakit raspberry pi

Any teen who’s shown an interested in engineering or electronics will love this Raspberry Pi kit. Including everything they need to get this started, this kit will allow anyone to program and build their own robots and contraptions. An excellent gift for anyone who wants to explore computers, they’ll definitely have hours of fun tinkering with this.

4. Chronograph Quartz Watch

chronograph quartz watch

Commemorate any special occasion with this beautiful quartz watch. Featuring a three hand analog display with a genuine brown leather band, it also comes with a stopwatch and is water-resistant to 50 metres. Available in over 12 different colors and wrist straps, this watch will look great with any outfit and rivals some of the designer watches that cost ten times more.

5. Massage Gun

massage gun

A must have gift for any 16 year old boy that loves sports, this massage gun will help with their recovery after any tough game. Fully automatic with 30 different speed settings, this massage gun will massage any muscle to relieve soreness or stiffness. Complete with eight different massage heads for different muscles, any teen who enjoys sports will love this gift.

6. Roku Premiere Streaming Stick

roku premiere streaming stick

Turn any boring old TV into a smart TV with this awesome Roku premiere streaming stick. Bring Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, and many more to any big screen thanks to this device. Simply plug in via HDMI and start watching any popular streaming channels. Complete with its own remote control, and various free TV channels, watch all the latest shows with ease.

7. Video Capture Card (Console & PC)

video capture card

Video game streaming has become very popular nowadays with many players streaming their game to thousands online. Help any teen become the next big streamer with this awesome video capture card. Ideal for any new streamers, this card will let them broadcast their games live on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

8. Champion Hoodie

champion hoodie

A must have for every 16 year old boy, this Champion hoodie is sure to go down as an excellent gift. Available in six different colors and five different sizes, not only is this hoodie stylish, but it’s also super comfy and stretchy. Ideal for teenage boys who like to be outdoors, this hoodie will go well with any outfit.

9. Cinema Lightbox Marquee Sign

cinema lightbox marquee sign

Help your teenager express himself with this cinema lightbox marquee sign. Including over 100 letters, numbers and characters, they’re sure to come up with lots of creative words for this lightbox. Wall mountable and backlit with LED lights, this marquee sign has countless uses from do not disturb signs, to leaving messages for parents.

10. Vans Authentic Classic Sneakers

vans classic sneakers

Add something to their wardrobe that they are sure to wear with these Vans classic sneakers. Super lightweight, flexible and breathable, these sneakers are suitable for any outfit. With ten colors and multiple sizes to choose from, these sneakers are popular today just as they were when they came out all those decades ago.

11. Video Camera Drone

camera drone

Get them a camera drone without blowing hundreds of dollars, thanks to this SANROCK video drone. Featuring a 720P HD camera mounted on the front, this drone has a real time video feed and can fly for 17 minutes on a single charge. Ideal for beginners, this mini camera drone is sure to teach them the basics and give them lots of awesome footage.

12. All In One Trimmer

all in one trimmer

Starting their grooming journey right with this awesome all in one grooming trimmer. Including nine different head attachments, this trimmer is ideal for all over the body, including face, nose and ears. Waterproof and cordless, this trimmer will last up to 60 minutes per charge and will be an essential tool in their grooming kit.

13. Apple AirPods

apple airpods

Make any teenager envied by all of their friends with these must have Apple AirPods. Both a fashion statement and practical earphones, these wireless buds are the perfect gift for any 16 year old boy with an iPhone. With a built in microphone and charging case included, these AirPods can be worn practically anywhere without having to worry about wires.

14. Durable Sports Action Camera

sports action camera

Perfect for vloggers, extreme sports fans, or anyone who just likes recording videos, this durable miniature camera has plenty of uses. With the ability to shoot crystal clear 4k at 25 frames per second, the entire camera can be operated from a wireless wrist remote. Waterproof and durable, the camera will also last up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

15. Jedi Fleece Bathrobe

jedi fleece bathrobe

An ideal gift for any big Star Wars fans, this Jedi bathrobe is sure to release the inner nerd in any teenage boy! Super soft and long, this bathrobe has been taken straight from the movies and turned into a comfy one-size fits all robe. Complete with the Jedi logo, any Star Wars fan will love this gift.

16. Portable Net Set

portable net set

What better way to keep a 16 year old boy entertained than with this portable net set. An excellent gift for tennis lovers, soccer fans, and volleyball enthusiasts, the net can be adjusted to various heights for multiple sports. Simple and quick to set up with no tools required, any 16 year old is bound to have hours of fun with this.

17. Mini Fridge Cooler

mini fridge cooler

Does your teenage son always complain about having to go downstairs during his gaming sessions to get snacks and drinks? Save them the “long trip” from their bedroom with this handy electric mini fridge. Available in various colors, this convenient and lightweight fridge is super quiet and can even be used in cars!

18. Punching Laundry Bag

laundry punching bag

It’s no secret that every teenage boy hates doing their laundry. Help make it a little bit more enjoyable with this funny punching laundry bag. With a 67-litre capacity, this makes a practical laundry bag as well as a functional workout aid. Complete with a handle to make it easy to carry and hang, this bag is sure to make laundry cool again.

19. Mini Skateboard

mini skateboard

At some point in their life, teenage boys have probably tried skateboarding. Re-ignite their love for skateboarding with this portable and handy mini skateboard. Ideal for taking to school and going places, this 22 inches skateboard is super compact and portable. Featuring Smooth PU wheels, and available in five different colors, any teen is sure to enjoy riding this.

20. Spikeball Game Set

spikeball game set

Get them outside and off their video games with their very own spikeball game set. Perfect for playing in the sun, this portable set comes with a ball, bag, adjustable net and foldable legs. With tons of variation possible, this game is an excellent gift to play with their friends wherever they like.

21. Anker Portable Charger

anker portable charger

With teens relying on electronic devices so much these days, running out of battery can often be a big problem. Save any teenage from being bored thanks to this portable charger. Featuring 20,000mAH of power, this power bank can charge the latest iPhone approximately five times, giving them plenty of power throughout the day while out and about.

22. CraveBox Care Package

cravebox care package

Let’s face it, most teenage boys can eat mountains of food without even cracking a sweat! Feed their hunger temptations with this awesome CraveBox care package. Including 60 different snacks from cookies to candy and even chips, this package contains various essential food brands that they’re sure to recognize. Suitable for birthdays or any other occasion.

23. LED Light Strips

LED light strips

Take their gaming zone to the next level with some added RGB colors and lights. Including four 16-foot LED light strips, these can be placed around any room or desk to create an awesome backlit background. Controlled with a mobile app, teens can choose from over 16 million different colors and adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%.

24. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light blocking glasses

Playing video games late at night can cause some serious damage to their sleeping patterns. With the blue light emitted from monitors and screens, this can stop the creation of melatonin, which reduces the quality of their sleep. Made from wood, these lenses will block out the blue light while they play games, resulting in much better sleep.

25. What Do You Meme? Party Game

what do you meme party gift

Looking for a fun game that’s not a video game? Take them back to the good old days of party games with this modern game. Any teen boy will probably be an expert at internet memes, so they’re sure to pick this up pretty fast. Featuring 435 cards in total, this game has lots of replayability and is a fun game to play with their friends.

More Essential Gifts For 16 Year Old Boys

26. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

scratch off movies poster

Ensure they watch all the movie classics before they get too old! Ideal for any big movie fans, this scratch off poster lets them show off how many of the top 100 films they’ve watched. Including classics like Kill Bill and Dirty Dancing, this poster will also introduce them to some films they’ve never heard off.

27. Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot

Add some convenience to their life with this handy Amazon Echo Dot. With Alexa built in, any teen can give it commands to stream songs, turn lights on or off, and many other actions. With four different colors to choose from and integration with plenty of apps and devices, any teen will love telling it what to do.

28. Shocktato Party Game

shocktato party game

Give any teen the shock of their life with this awesome Shocktato party game. With three different shock settings to choose from, simply select an option and toss it around to other people to see their reaction. A fun party gift that can be played with their friends or family, their sure to be in for a shocking surprise.

29. Fat Gripz

fat gripz for 16 year old boys

For those teens who like to hit the gym and stay in shape, these fat gripz gym accessories are a must have. Designed to help increase the size of biceps and forearms, these grips simply slide on any dumbbell or barbell and work their magic. Perfect to push their workouts to the next level, any will love using these.

30. I Paused My Game Tee

gaming t-shirt

Make any 16 year old boy smile with this funny video games t-shirt. Perfect for those teens who hate being away from their video games and attending family events, this tee is bound to say exactly what they are thinking. Available in several different children’s and adult sizes, it’s super soft and screen-printed for longevity.

31. How-To Cookbook for Teens

cookbook for teens

Turn them into master chefs by starting them young. The perfect gift for any 16 year old who’s always hungry or doesn’t want to cook, this book will teach them plenty of awesome new recipes. From scrambled eggs to omelettes and bacon muffins, this book will teach them plenty of exciting new meals they’ll be able to make themselves.


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