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Know a guy in your life who has recently had surgery or is feeling under the weather?

We’ve have picked the best get well gifts for men that will have them feeling better and get them back on their feet in no time.

No matter if they’re feeling ill, or they’ve had to have a trip to the hospital, these gifts are sure to help aid their recovery and make them feel better. From slippers and pillows to food and brain teasers, here are the best get well soon gifts for men.

Best Get Well Soon Gifts For Men

1. Men’s Moccasin Suede Slippers

moccasin suede slippers

Ensure they stay comfy at home or in the hospital with these super-soft moccasin suede slippers. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, they feature a rubber sole with engraved traction and a soft suede upper design. Inside, the slippers have a woolly interior with a removable insole. Available in two colors and various sizes, they’re sure to keep any guy comfy.

2. Luxury Gel Pillow Pack

luxury gel pillow pack

After any major surgery, they’re sure to be spending a lot of time in bed. Make sure they’re as comfortable as possible with these awesome luxury gel pillows. Including two gel-filled fiber pillows that are specifically tailored to ensure maximum comfort for all sleeping positions, they’ll definitely notice a difference in their sleeping when using these.

3. The Sick Kit Care Package

sick kit care package

A must have kit for anyone who gets ill or visits the hospital regularly, this care package contains everything a patient would need. Including various medical essentials that anyone would need, such as VapoDrops, DayQuil, and Tylenol, this kit is sure to help any guy feel better in no time.

4. Core Power Protein Shakes

get well gift protein shake

What better way to recover from surgery or a broken bone than with some high quality protein shakes. Containing 12 per pack, each one has 42g of protein and 90% of the recommended daily amount of calcium. Available in three different flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, these drinks are sure to help get them back on their feet in no time.

5. Indoor Putting Green

indoor putting green gift

Recovering from surgery might mean no trips to the golf course, but that doesn’t mean they can’t practice from home! This three hole putting green features everything a golfer needs to practice in their home. At 9 feet long and three feet wide, it comes with three holes and is perfect for any golfer who just can’t wait to get back on the course.

6. Surgery Care Package Kit

surgery recovery package kit

Having an operating on a leg or arm can often mean lots of post surgery therapy. Help speed up the recovery process and get them back to health faster with this surgery recovery kit. Including essential items such as a reusable gel cold pack and therapy bands, the kit also comes with a service bell to grab the attention of any carer.

7. Coldest Ice Pack

coldest ice pack gift

Help ease those aches and pains from surgery or accidents with this super cold ice pack. Designed to be as cold as possible while also lasting as long as possible, this pack will help speed up recovery of aches, pains and soreness. Suitable for all body areas, it comes in various sizes to ensure maximum coverage.

8. Leg Elevation Pillow

leg elevation pillow

Rest their leg after an injury or surgery with this leg elevation pillow. Ideal for holding a leg up in place, this pillow will help with fibula surgery, knee replacement surgery, hip replacements or any ankle injuries. Super soft and made from memory foam, this pillow is sure to help massively in their recovery.

9. Folding Walker With Wheels

folding walker medical

For those who can’t walk after surgery but still want their independence, this walker is perfect for them. Complete with wheels for enhanced mobility, this walker also folds up when not in use, so it doesn’t take up too much space. An excellent get well gift for any guy who’s just had surgery, this is sure to be very useful.

10. Reacher Grabber Set

reacher grabber set

For guys who are suffering from back pains and aches post-surgery, this reacher grabber set is sure to make their life and daily chores easier. Including a 32 and 19-inch grabber reacher, a sock aid, bath sponge and shoehorn, these aids will help make it easier to get dressed and clean themselves.

11. Soft Compassion Blanket

get well blanket gift

Help them relax in peace whether it’s on the couch or in bed with this colorful and comfy soft throw blanket. Featuring various words such as warm hugs, compassion and healing on the blanket, this 50 by 65-inch blanket is fully machine washable and made from 100% microfiber. With several colors to choose from, any guy will love snuggling up in this.

12. Daily Multivitamins For Men

multivitamins for men

Ensure they get all the important vitamins while they recovery thanks to these daily nutritional vitamins for men. Including natural vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K2 and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, these tablets are also GMO free and organic. Available in two or four month supplies, these are sure to help aid with their recovery.

13. Giant Gummy Bear

giant gummy bear present

Celebrate their successful surgery or operation with this huge gummy bear. Weighing approximately five pounds, this cherry flavored bear stands nearly 12 inches tall and is gluten free. Made in the USA, this gummy bear is sure to be a delicious snack they can enjoy while recouping their energy.

14. Speed Cube Set

speed cube set

Keep their mind in shape while they’re bed bound thanks to this set of interesting puzzle cubes. Start easy with the 2×2 square and work themselves up to the more challenging puzzles. With 12 different puzzles per set, these are sure to help them pass the time and keep their brain engaged while recovering.

15. CraveBox Care Package

cravebox care package

The perfect get well gift for any man, any guy is sure to enjoy eating these delicious healthy snacks while they recover. Including a mix of 40 individual sweet and savory snacks from nuts to fruit chews and veggie chips, these will definitely provide them with the nutrients they need.

16. Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Help them sleep and rest with this soothing aromatherapy oil diffuser. One single fill will last 11 – 15 hours while providing a constant stream of scented vapor. Designed to operate silently with a noise level of less than 30 decibels, this diffuser also comes with an auto shut off feature to turn off if it runs out of water.

17. Rotating Tower Fan

rotating tower fan gift

Ensure they stay cool and refreshed wherever they are recovering with this large rotating tower fan. Featuring three different fan speeds and three different power modes, this fan is ideal for cooling down anyone with a fever. Cheap to run and easy to store, this fan will make anyone’s recovery journey much more enjoyable.

18. Puzzle Pod Brain Teaser

puzzle pod brain teaser

Make them work for their get well gift with this brain teaser puzzle pod. Place any item inside and set a five letter word for them to guess. Once the correct word has been entered, the pod will open up and grant them access their grand prize. With lots of time on their hands, it’s sure to be a great puzzle!

19. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket gift idea

Ensure they get a good night’s sleep without constantly rolling around with this weighted blanket. Designed to feel like the user is being hugged all over their body, this blanket also reduces anxiety, stress and worries. Available in two sizes and weights from five pounds to 30 pounds, this blanket is bound to be their new favorite recovery aid.

20. Assorted Chocolates Gift Basket

assorted chocolates gift basket

Reward them for getting through surgery and make them feel better with this box of assorted chocolates. Presented in a metal tin, this gift basket contains a range of different chocolates from milk butter pecan patties to cashew clusters and pretzel clouds. With the ability to add a custom gift message at checkout, any guy will love this gift.

21. Get Well Soon Balloon & Teddy

get well balloon teddy

A lovely get well gift for any man in your life, this teddy bear and balloon is sure to help cheer them up. Complete with wrapped candies in a container, this will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face who’s feeling under the weather. At 13 inches tall, any guy would love to receive this gift.

22. Brain Teaser Puzzles

brain teaser puzzles

Ensure they keep their mind in tip top shape while they lay in bed with this set of challenging brain teaser puzzles. Including 20 different wooden and metal puzzles, this set will test every part of their brain. A great gift to help pass the time, they’re sure to have a lot of fun solving them.

23. Straight Outta Surgery Tee

straight outta surgery tee

Let everyone know that his surgery was a success with this funny t-shirt! A twist on the iconic straight outta Compton film, everyone is sure to get the reference. Available in five different colors and six different sizes, this top will certainly make them smile and will be their favorite recovery tee.

24. Bedside Storage Organizer

bedside storage organizer

Make items easier to reach while they recover in bed thanks to this useful bedside storage organizer. Featuring four mesh pockets and two cloth pockets, this organizer is ideal for holding phones, glasses, remotes, pens, tablets and more. Perfect for in or out of the hospital, the sturdy design will help keep everything right where they need it.

25. Beer Soap Pack

beer soap pack

They might not be able to drink any beers while they are recovering from surgery, but they can certainly wash themselves in it! Including six different scented bars per pack, each one has a unique scent that is made with real beer. Made in the USA with quality ingredients, any beer lover will instantly fall in love with them.

26. Get Well Soon Teddy Bear

get well soon teddy bear

Looking for the perfect get well gifts for men? Then look no further than this super cute get well soon teddy bear. Featuring a cast and crutch, this bear is ideal for anyone who’s injured their leg or foot recently. At 8.5 inches tall, his cast can also be signed with a loving message before gifting.

27. One Tough Cookie Gift Box

one tough cookie gift box

An excellent present for that tough cookie in your life, this gift box is perfect for saying get well soon! Complete with an adorable cookie balloon, this gift box contains a variety of seven different cookies including Oreos, Teddy Grahams, Chips Ahoy and Animal Crackers. Presented in a handy box, any guy will enjoy munching on these cookies!

28. I Do All My Own Stunts Shirt

i do all my own stunts shirt

For anyone who’s recently broken a bone and had to go to the hospital, this t-shirt is sure to make them smile. An excellent get well gift for any guy, it has a snug fit and is made from lightweight material. Available in ten different colors and six different sizes, this tee is ideal for wearing in the hospital or while at home recovering.

29. Premium Soy Wax Fragrance Candle

soy wax fragrance candle

Help aid their recovery with a gorgeous scented candle made from eco-friendly soy wax. Handcrafted in America, and made from premium ingredients and scents, this candle has a long lasting burn that is sure to liven up any bedside cabinet. With three unique scents to choose from including Moroccan amber, the scent is sure to help them sleep.

30. Call Bell

call bell present

What better way for a guy to ask for assistance than with his very own call bell! Half practical and half novelty, this bell is sure to be used regularly around the house. At 7 inches tall and made from wood and brass, every guy is sure to love having his own attention bell!


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