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Everyone loves a challenge in life, but some people take it way more seriously!

Looking for a unique puzzle to challenge your friend or loved one? We’ve handpicked all the top gift ideas that any puzzle lover is sure to enjoy.

From jigsaws and crosswords, to brain teasers and challenging board games, discover the best puzzle gifts for puzzle lovers and enthusiasts below.

Gifts For Puzzle Enthusiasts 2022

1. Dimension Board Game

Give a puzzle lover something to entertain their friends with. This Dimension Board Game is the ultimate bonding activity for friends, containing 60 spheres to be used to play a three-dimensional puzzle game. The players will be challenged to position their spheres on their trays and earn points to win. Let your puzzle loving friends battle it out to see who is the true puzzle champion!

2. Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube Gadget

For anyone who’s tried to solve a Rubik’s cube for years and has never managed to complete it, this is the perfect gift for them! It can be connected to a phone app so you can track your movements in real-time. Plus, it offers a tutorial for how to solve the cube and offers advanced stats to keep them aware of their progress.

3. 3D Pirate Ship Puzzle

For any puzzle lover looking to display their hard finished work, this 3D Pirate Ship Puzzle is exactly what they need. The set comes with 340 pieces of elements that need to be put together to build a stellar displayable pirate ship. The ship also lights up with 2AA batteries to really make it the center of attention.

4. Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle

If you know a puzzle lover who’s grown tired of jigsaw puzzles because they’re too simple, then this is the perfect gift for them. This Impossible Clear Round Jigsaw Puzzle offers a new challenge as it requires one to build a round figure using 100 color-changing iridescent acrylic pieces that change colors with movement. It’s definitely a brain-teasing challenge that a puzzle lover will be up for!

5. Mandalorian Jigsaw Puzzle

Make any Star Wars and puzzle lover’s face light up with this awesome gift idea. Featuring a scene from the Mandalorian with the super popular baby Yoda, this 1000 piece jigsaw is sure to bring hours of fun to any fan of puzzles. Made from recycled paper, the jigsaw measures 26.75 by 19.75 inches once complete.

6. 3D Wooden Marble Run Puzzle

Give a puzzle lover a new weekend project with this unique 3D Wooden Marble Run Puzzle. The set comes with 254 wooden pieces that need to be put together to build a maze. Overall, it should take over 6 hours to build, depending on how experienced they are! The set comes with an easy instructional manual that will walk anyone through the puzzle step by step, no matter how experienced.

7. Puzzle Master T-Shirt

Do you know someone who’s just so proud to be a puzzle master? Allow them to flaunt their skill with this Puzzle Master T-Shirt. It comes in several colors to suit their preferences and style, including black, blue, red, green, and many more. Sizes also range from small to 3XL, making the t-shirt suitable for every age group.

8. 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Give a puzzle lover in your life a game that can build their skills, boost their problem-solving capabilities, and allow them to relax. This 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle contains 54 pieces of wooden planks that need to come together to create a perfect cube. Every piece is precision-cut and built to last so they can enjoy it for a long time.

9. Winterfell 3D Puzzle

If you’re looking for the perfect Game Of Thrones gift idea for that puzzle loving friend, then look no further. This Winterfell 3D Puzzle contains 430 pieces that come together to create a 4D Cityscape of Winterfell from the series Game of Thrones. It’s an interactive game that adds a challenge and will surely be enjoyable for a puzzle master and Game of Thrones fan.

10. The Master Theorem Book

A puzzle lover will surely be head over heels for the Master Theorem, a secret society of solvers that work with the most cryptic and complicated puzzles known to man. If you know someone who’s up for a challenge, then get them this Master Theorem Book. The book contains over 40 brain-teasing puzzles that can build their skills and ignite their passions for puzzle solving.

11. Marvel Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle

For an avid puzzle lover, there is no such thing as an impossible puzzle. But this Marvel Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle surely comes close! With 1000 pieces that come together to build an extremely complicated collage of all Marvel characters known to exist. It’s surely going to add a challenge to the normal puzzle game, and it’s a challenge any puzzle fan will love.

12. Puzzle Piece Cutting Board

Puzzle fans live and breathe puzzles, they just love solving problems! Get any puzzle lover this Puzzle Piece Cutting Board, a set of three Bamboo Cutting Boards that can be attached together to create a large space for meal preparation. The boards are made of environmentally-friendly Bamboo and feature uplifting and inspirational words to help them with their puzzle solving.

13. 3D Big Ben Puzzle

Help a puzzle lover build one of the world’s most iconic structures with this 3D jigsaw. This puzzle set comes with 200 pieces, which, when assembled, create a 3D Big Ben that can be displayed in their home. Each piece is made of high-quality materials that are precision-cut to fit perfectly. They also have an easy-click technology that allows each connected piece to click and offers stability for the complete structure.

14. Leather Puzzle Coaster Mats

Do you know a puzzle lover who just loves bringing friends together for game nights? Make these gaming nights even more enjoyable with these Leather Puzzle Coaster Mats. Each coaster can be connected together to form a complete puzzle or used separately to hold several cups. They’re hand-stitched using full-grain leather for excellent durability.

15. Broken Glass Jigsaw

Give any puzzle lover in your life their most challenging puzzle yet! Coming in 161 pieces, the goal is to fix the broken glass and complete the 10 by 10 inch canvas. What makes this incredibly challenging is that the pieces all come in unique sizes, unlike what is seen in regular puzzle pieces.

16. Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Mat

Probably the most annoying thing for puzzle lovers is finding a place to build their puzzles, but that won’t be a problem with this Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Mat. This mat can hold most 1500-piece puzzles and keeps the pieces in place even when moved around. With this, any puzzle lover can build their puzzles anywhere without the hassle of moving each piece.

17. Milky Way Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle lovers are always up for a challenge. And this can definitely elevate their puzzle solving experience and skills. The Milky Way Jigsaw Puzzle comes with 1000 pieces, each made of high-quality recycled paper that are preciously cut. The similarity in colors and lack of unique elements in the overall design will definitely put a puzzle lover’s skills to the test.

18. 3D Stitch Puzzle

Get any Disney lover this adorable 3D Stitch Puzzle Figurine that’s made of high-quality crystal material. It comes with 43 pieces that allow the user to build Stitch’s structure and gain a new collectible to add to their collections. This is the perfect gift for a newbie or young puzzle fan.

19. Buncha Masks Jigsaw

A historic reminder of the pandemic to pass down to their children, this jigsaw is both fun and challenging. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle builds an image of buncha masks, all collaged together to add a unique challenge to the puzzle. This can provide your puzzle loving friend with hours of fun and entertainment.

20. Harry Potter Jigsaw

Do you know a puzzle lover who’s a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise? If you do, then here’s the perfect gift for them. This Harry Potter Jigsaw set comes with 1000 pieces that complete a poster of the iconic movie, along with all its characters. A puzzle and Harry Potter lover will surely enjoy building it and displaying it in their home once complete.

21. Just A Girl Who Loves Puzzles T-Shirt

Allow your friend to flaunt their love for solving puzzles with this Just A Girl Who Loves Puzzles T-Shirt. Coming in several colors, each style displays a vibrant design that is sure to bring life to any outfit. The shirts have a lightweight and classic fit while being machine washable.

22. Speed Cube Set

Regular Rubik’s cubes are fun, but for some people, they are too easy! Give your friend an added challenge with a set that comes with five different cubes in unique shapes and sizes. Each cube is easy to twist and solve, thanks to its well-engineered design. They’re made of high-quality ABS material that makes them durable and long-lasting. This set will definitely add a different challenge to the puzzle game.

23. Assorted Brain Teasers Set

Anyone who has tried to untangle earphone wires knows that it’s a difficult endeavor. But this is something that a puzzle lover will surely enjoy. This assorted brain teaser set comes with 30 different wires linked to each other. They all come off, and it’s up to the puzzle solver to try to unlink them using their strategy. The set also comes with a box and bag for safe and easy storage.

24. Speed Cuber T-Shirt

Being a master in Rubik’s cube puzzle solving is something to be proud of. Let the whole world know how good your friend is at solving Rubik’s cubes with this Speed Cuber T-Shirt. The shirt comes in various colors and sizes, with all of them being lightweight with a classic fit.

Unusual Brain Teaser Gifts

25. Bottled Frustration Brainteaser

If you know someone who loves brain teasers and mind-boggling puzzles, then this is the perfect gift for them. This Bottled Frustration Brainteaser is a very unique and challenging mind game that any puzzle fan will enjoy. The goal is to find the right strategy to get the marble out of the bottle safely. The solution comes with the package, but your puzzle lover friend will enjoy solving it on their own.

26. Rubik’s Cubes Socks

Allow a puzzle lover to get comfy with their favorite past-time. These Rubik’s Cubes Socks have a pattern that any puzzle lover will surely love. Made of cotton, polyester, and elastane for the utmost comfort and softness. The socks can fit men’s shoe sizes 7 to 13 and are ideal for wearing to any Rubik’s cube tournament.

27. Puzzle Necklace Jewelry Gift Idea

Do you know a couple who both love puzzles? Give them something that represents not only their common hobby but also their love. This Puzzle Necklace Jewelry set comes with two necklaces that, when put together, form the perfect puzzle link. The necklaces are made of durable and hypoallergenic metal that will ensure longevity and durability.

28. Cast Padlock Puzzle

Unlocking objects is another challenge that puzzle fans love to get their hands on. Give a puzzle solver this Cast Padlock Puzzle in difficulty level five. The goal is to unlock it using the best skill and strategy. It’s an immense challenge to prove who really has what it takes to be hailed a puzzle master.

29. Nutcase Cast Metal Brainteaser

This puzzle piece looks simple at first glance. But any puzzle lover will know that there is more than what meets the eye. Give your puzzle loving friend this Nutcase Cast Metal Brainteaser, which will give them the challenge they crave for. The goal is to disassemble the nuts and find out how to assemble them in the correct order.

30. Cookie Cutter Puzzle Piece Set

Add a fun twist to anyone’s meals and treats with this Cookie Cutter Puzzle Piece Set. With this piece of kitchenware, they can make everything puzzle-shaped to reflect their passions. It’s made of food grade stainless steel to guarantee durability and safety. The set also comes with a recipe for butter cookies.


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