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A super fun game for young kids, Roblox is full of adventures, creative puzzles and all round fun!

Know somebody who plays Roblox religiously and can’t get enough of the video game? Surprise them with the best Roblox gifts and presents.

From playsets and action figures to apparel and other cool Roblox merchandise, here are the best Roblox gifts for kids of all ages.

1. Roblox Museum Heist Playset

Get them off the computer or console for a while with this awesome Roblox museum heist playset. Featuring 8 characters and a whole range of different accessories, kids will have plenty of fun creating their own adventures. In addition to the physical playset, the pack also comes with an exclusive in-game Roblox toy code item they are sure to love! If you’re looking to get them away from the screen, then this set is a great gift choice. Suitable for ages 6 years and older.

2. Roblox Party Supplies

Throw your loved one a surprise Roblox party with this essential set of Roblox party supplies. Featuring a happy birthday banner, table cover, cake topper, cupcake toppers, cutlery, plates, balloons and more, the set has everything you need to throw them the best Roblox themed party. With over 127 individual items included, there are enough supplies for up to 20 guests who are a fan of the Roblox game. Made from safe non-toxic materials, lightweight and reusable.

3. Roblox Sharkbite Toys

Whether they already have a Roblox toy collection, or they are starting theirs from scratch, they are sure to love this Sharkbite toy set. Featuring a character, vehicle and accessories, this set is sure to make a great first set or an addition to their existing playset. An excellent gift idea for shark lovers, this Roblox gift, is sure to be used regularly. Also includes 6 redeemable codes, making it a top gift idea for any Roblox lover. Suitable for ages 6 years and older.

4. OOF Kids Hoodie

The iconic death sound that has been in Roblox forever, the “OOF” sound is known by every player in the game. Let your loved one show off their love for the game with this comfy Roblox apparel. Available in 9 different colors and sizes 6 to 14, this hoodie is sure to be a staple piece in their wardrobe. Printed in the USA and made from cotton and polyester.

5. Boys Roblox T-Shirt

Let them show off their love for Roblox wherever they go with this colorful boys Roblox t-shirt. Featuring a range of different Roblox characters, this t-shirt is sure to let everyone know that they’re the world’s biggest Roblox fan! Officially licensed merchandise, it’s suitable for any young child aged 7 to 11 years old.

6. Roblox Pattern Backpack

Featuring a cool Roblox collage print of various different characters from the game, this pattern backpack is sure to be a hit at school with their friends. Water resistant and complete with two way zippers, this backpack features multiple storage compartments and has a total capacity of 19 liters. Lightweight and durable, they’re sure to love showing off this backpack at school. Measures 17 inches tall and suitable for ages 5 years old and above.

7. Roblox Meme Figure Set

Take their favorite Roblox adventures off the screen and into the real world with this creative Roblox meme pack playset. Featuring a range of funny accessories they can mix with their existing collection, this set is sure to bring them lots of fun. Also included is a special digital code that will let them redeem a special gift in-game. Contains 25 individual pieces and suitable for ages 6 years and older.

8. Diary of a Roblox Noob Book Set

For kids who hate reading, they’re sure to love reading these hilarious Diary of a Roblox Noob books! Features 5 books and 482 pages in total. Each book tells a story based in the world of Roblox that every fan is sure to enjoy. Ideal for kids 10 years old and older, they won’t be able to put these books down!

9. Roblox Zombies Playset

For any kid who loves zombies, this is the perfect Roblox playset for them! Featuring all the characters and accessories they need to create their own zombie apocalypse attack, kids will love mixing and matching with their existing set. Also included is a secret code that allows them to redeem a special in-game virtual item. Suitable for ages 6 years and older. Includes 20 different pieces.

10. Roblox Canvas Wall Art

For any kids bedroom or gaming room that needs a bit of a Roblox makeover, this Roblox canvas art is the perfect solution. Ready to hang on any wall, this colorful design is printed on a high quality canvas to ensure the best picture. Measures 16 by 20 inches and is sure to be the main focal point of any room.

11. Robot Riot Figure Pack

Let them enjoy Roblox even when they’re not playing on their console or computer with this fantastic Roblox playset. Including four unique figures with interchangeable parts, these accessories can be mixed and matched to create anything they can imagine. In addition to the figures, the set also contains a redeemable code that unlocks a special item in game. Features 12 pieces in total. Suitable for 6 years old and older.

12. Kids Roblox T-Shirt

Add some Roblox merchandise to their outfit with this must have Roblox t-shirt. The perfect Roblox present for any youngster, this tee is made from cotton and is available in a range of different sizes from small to large. Officially licensed merchandise, this is sure to be their number one pick for any outfit. Suitable for children 6 years and older.

13. Citizens Of Roblox Figure Collection

Make their Roblox playtime even more fun by adding these citizens of Roblox figures to their collection. With six different characters ranging from a doctor to policeman, this set is sure to bring them hours of endless fun. In addition to the characters and accessories, it also comes with an exclusive code to redeem a special Roblox gift in game. Features 14 pieces in total, suitable for kids 6 years and older.

14. Roblox Throw Pillow Cover

Does your loved one’s bedroom need some more Roblox décor? Add some color to their room with this essential Roblox throw pillow cover. The perfect cover for any pillow in their room, this would be ideal for their gaming chair or seat. Machine washable and easy to maintain, this pillow cover is sure to make any Roblox fan smile. Measures 18 by 18 inches and fits and standard size pillow.

15. Operation TNT Playset

For any kids who love construction vehicles and engineering, they are sure to love this playset. Including four characters, a drilling vehicle and plenty of other accessories, this set is sure to add plenty of fun to their existing collection. Officially licensed Roblox merchandise, the set also comes with a redeemable code for a special in game item. Features 19 pieces in total and is suitable for ages 6 years and older.

16. Roblox Figures Wall Art

The perfect addition to their gaming room or bedroom, this Roblox wall art is bound to be loved by any Roblox fan. Ready to hang anywhere, the picture is printed on high quality canvas to ensure it’s super detailed and long lasting. Better than a poster, Roblox lovers everywhere will love this gift. Measures 20 by 20 inches and features a colorful print.

17. Collector’s Tool Box Carry Case

For fans who love taking their playsets to their friend’s house, get them this handy Roblox gift. Featuring two exclusive figures, the carry case can hold a total of 32 different figurines so they can take their Roblox sets anywhere. The carry case also comes with an exclusive virtual item than can be redeemed with the secret code inside. Suitable for ages 6 years and older.

18. Roblox Character Encyclopedia Book

For kids who can’t get enough of the game, teach them the history of Roblox and everyone who’s in it with this fantastic book. Including everything they need to know about the 100 different characters in game, this book also contains information about the creators and renowned staff members. Each book also comes with a figurine that kids will love playing with! Features 144 pages of information and is suitable for reading ages 8 years and older.

19. Roblox Snapback Cap

Keep the sun out of their eyes while they’re playing Roblox or out in the real world with this colorful Roblox snapback cap. Officially licensed merchandise, the cap comes with an adjustable strap on the back, meaning one size fits all. With the Roblox logo on the front and colorful pattern on the brim, every kid is sure to love this gift. Suitable for most kids, the cap is made out of polyester for a lightweight construction.

20. Advanced Roblox Coding Book

For kids who want to take their Roblox games to the next level whilst learning about computers and coding, then they’ll love this advance Roblox coding book. Full of step by step instructions to teach anyone how to create new objects and games, this book has everything they’ll need to create their own unique worlds. Features 256 pages of detailed instructions and tutorials. A must have Roblox gift for any youngster interested in coding and computers!

21. Roblox Birthday Party Decorations

What birthday party would be complete without this awesome Roblox backdrop banner? Measuring 5 by 3 feet, this huge banner is the perfect backdrop for any Roblox super fan. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, the banner is printed from high quality vinyl to give it fantastic picture quality. It’s sure to be an essential part of any birthday party.

22. Roblox Mouse Pad

For gamers who play Roblox on the computer, this is a must have. Measuring 10 by 12 inches, the mouse pad features a range of unique Roblox characters from the in game universe that any player will recognize. Made from soft lycra, the mouse mat is perfect for any type of computer mouse and will fit right in when they play Roblox.

23. Roblox Dab Baseball Cap

For kids who love dabbing and playing Roblox, this is the perfect gift for them. Featuring a Roblox character dabbing on the front, this one size fits all cap is great for wearing indoors while gaming and outside for other activities. Available in four different colors, it’s sure to match anyone’s dress style. Made from cotton material and comes with an adjustable closure strap.

24. Roblox Where’s The Noob Book

If they’re ever read Where’s Waldo? Then they’ll love this book! With its very own Roblox twist, each page has a beautifully illustrated world where the reader must find and point out the noob. Featuring 48 pages in total, it’s suitable for anyone between the ages of six and ten who love Roblox. Similar to where’s Waldo, any Roblox fan will have hours of fun reading this book.

25. Roblox Sticker Decals

Add even more Roblox into their lives with this awesome Roblox merchandise. Including 20 stickers per pack, these stickers can be stuck practically anywhere, making them ideal for laptops, consoles, bikes, scooters or anything else they can think of. Featuring a range of iconic Roblox characters, kids are sure to have plenty of fun finding places to stick them. Each sticker measures between 3 and 5 inches.


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