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One of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes, Spiderman is a big hit with both kids and adults.

With plenty of Spiderman movies and games coming out in recent years, many people have become big fans of the web-shooting hero.

If you know someone obsessed with Spiderman, then we’re here to help. Our team has handpicked the best Spiderman gifts from across the internet that are perfect for fans of all ages.

From action figures and collectables to wall art and video games, here are the best Spiderman gifts.

Best Spiderman Gifts

1. Talking Spiderman Action Figure

talking spiderman action figure

Any Spiderman fan will love adding this to their collection. This fully articulated and sculpted talking Spiderman action figure makes for the perfect gift. Including over 15 phrases, which can be activated with a press of a button, the toy also has some impressive web-slinging action with two webs on each hand.

2. Spiderman Comic Book Cover Art

spiderman comic book cover art

Do you know someone who has a Spiderman themed bedroom or just loves collecting superhero artwork? This Marvel licensed official Spiderman art will make the perfect gift for comic book lovers and spidey fans. Measuring 19 by 13 inches, this framed wall art brightens up any wall and fills the room with nostalgic Spiderman memories.

3. Miles Morales PS4 Game

miles morales ps4 game gift

For any Spiderman fan who can’t get enough of the superhero, they are sure to love this video game. Explore his bio-electric venom blasts, camouflage powers, and web-slinging gadgets in this Miles Morales PS4 Game. Give your Spiderman-obsessed friend the ultimate experience of fighting crime and becoming a hero. This Miles Morales launch edition game also has digital bonuses, which include a unique Spiderman suit and extra skill points.

4. 3D Spiderman Mask Wall Art

spiderman mask wall art

This 3D Spiderman mask wall art makes for the perfect gift for Spiderman fans. Officially licensed merchandise, it makes the ultimate 3D effect, and even comes with a 3D crack sticker to make the mask come to life. The best part is that it lights up when powered by 3-AA batteries to make it look even more amazing!

5. LEGO Spiderman & Venom Kit

LEGO spiderman venom kit

For any kids who lover Spiderman and LEGO, what better gift to give them than this Spiderman themed LEGO set. Using the 371 individual pieces in the kit, kids can create various two models, including a Venom mech and Spider-jet. The LEGO set also comes with three LEGO figures, including Venom and Spiderman himself, that will let them have hours of fun playing.

6. Bluetooth Spiderman Headphones

bluetooth spiderman headphones present

Know a Spiderman fan who also happens to love music? These Bluetooth Spiderman wireless headphones will make for the perfect present. It has a versatile application and use, equipped with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, a built-in microphone for communicating, rechargeable battery, and adjustable headband with padded cushions. Plus, they’re kid-friendly as well with volume reduction features for safe listening.

7. Spiderman Boxing Fists

spiderman boxing fists toy

These Spiderman boxing fists will help unleash the hero inside of anyone. The gloves measure 11.8 inches in height and are made with lycra cotton and polyester cotton for optimal comfort and protection from strong impact. It’s also equipped with a built-in grip on the inside for easy handling and control. Soft and fun, they’re the perfect Spiderman gift for any youngster.

8. Spiderman Bed Sheets Set

spiderman bed sheets set

Any Spiderman fan wants his or her bedroom to be all things Spiderman, and these bed sheets will do just the trick. The set includes a twin comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, standard pillowcase, and sham. It can fit any twin-sized bed and instantly gives a room a touch of action and adventure.

9. Stainless Steel Spiderman Bottle

stainless steel spiderman bottle

This stainless steel insulated bottle with Spiderman print is going to make your friends or family love carrying a jug of water around with them. This 26-ounce capacity bottle is equipped with inner insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It’s made of surgical-grade, BPA-free stainless steel. Other accessories include a twist-on cap and BlenderBall wire whisk for easy mixing of supplements and smoothies.

10. Spiderman Ring Jewelry

spiderman ring jewelry gift idea

Give your Spiderman fan a gift that they can wrap around their finger wherever they go. This Spiderman ring is a staple accessory for any Spiderman lover. It’s made with high quality stainless steel colored with black accents and features the iconic Spiderman mask. The ring is available in size 8 with a 3 inch diameter. 

11. Spiderman 3D Night Light

spiderman 3d night light

Give your niece and nephew a good night’s sleep with Spiderman watching over them at night. This Spiderman 3D illusion night light is powered via USB connection and has 16 RGB colors plus four modes of brightness. Everything can be accessed using a simple remote control or through a one touch navigation.

12. Spiderman Canvas Wall Art Set

spiderman canvas wall art set

Add a touch of Spiderman to a loved one’s room with this Spiderman canvas wall art set. The set includes four square canvases, each with a different design. Each piece of art measures 11 inches in length and 11 inches in height. The colorful and outstanding detail of the print makes it a wonderful addition to any fan’s bedroom.

13. Heat Reactive Spiderman Mug

heat reactive spiderman vs venom mug

This heat reactive Spiderman mug is truly a remarkable gift. That’s because its complete design of Spiderman and Venom in battle can only be visible when hot liquid is poured into the mug. Imagine a new image every time they use it! The mug is made from stoneware and features a Marvel design that’s sure to brighten up their mornings.

14. Boys Spiderman T-Shirts Set

boys spiderman t-shirts set

This Spiderman t-shirts set is the best gift for your son, nephew, or other any other young Spiderman fans. Every purchase gives you four different shirts, each with a unique Spiderman design or featuring the iconic Spiderman logo. The fabric is 100% cotton sewed to a rib-knit crew-neck collared shirt with short sleeves.

15. Spiderman Plush Toy

spiderman plush toy doll

Every child who’s a Spiderman fan would want nothing more than to have their favorite superhero accompany them while they sleep. And that’s why this Spiderman plush toy is the perfect present. Made with 100% polyester, it’s incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. It measures 20 inches tall, which is the ideal size for all kids. 

16. Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 Game

spiderman ps4 game of the year

Thinking of the best gift to give a Spiderman fan who loves gaming? Get them this Game of the Year edition of Marvel’s popular Spiderman PS4 game! This is the game that every Spiderman fan is raving about, featuring a remarkable and nostalgic storyline plus additional perks like Marvel’s Spiderman The City That Never Sleeps DLC with additional missions and challenges.

17. Marvel Spiderman Sculpted Mug

spiderman sculpted coffee mug

If Spiderman printed mugs are not enough for your Spiderman fan loved one, then this Marvel Spiderman sculpted mug will exceed all their expectations. Made with high quality stoneware, this mug is carefully crafted to detail and painted with a bold character design to make Spiderman’s features come to life. Colorful and practical, it’s definitely going to make drinking their beverages much more enjoyable.

18. Spiderman Wall Decals Set

spiderman wall decals set

This Spiderman wall decals set is all it takes to make an entire bedroom Spiderman themed. Each set has 18 decals, including a big Spiderman figure, webs, and spiders. It can be applied on any wall or flat surface with easy, and the best part is that it’s easily removable. Perfect for temporary decorations without damaging the walls, these decal stickers are sure to brighten up any fan’s room and face.

19. Spiderman Mysterio LEGO Set

spiderman mysterio LEGO set

The best adventures a Spiderman fan can have are those that they can bring into their homes. This Spiderman Mysterio LEGO set will make any Spiderman fan jump with joy. It comes with several parts that are buildable to create a Spiderman helicopter and Mysterio mech. Other pieces include Spiderman and Ghost Spiderman superhero mini-figures for unlimited playability.

20. Spiderman Icon Graphic T-Shirt

spiderman icon graphic t-shirt

This Spiderman icon graphic t-shirt is classy and makes a bold statement, perfect for older Spiderman fans. With solid different color variations available, each is made from 100% cotton, making the shirt lightweight for extreme comfort while wearing. These classic fit, double-needle sleeve and bottom hem shirts are also machine washable. Available in different fits for men, women, and youths.

21. Avengers Iron Spiderman Figurine

avengers iron spiderman figurine

Spiderman becoming part of the Avengers was a huge moment for Spiderman fans. Help them commemorate this moment with this truly unique figurine! This Avengers Iron Spiderman Figurine is a collector’s item made of vinyl sculptured to intricate detail and vibrant colors. It stands at just under four inches tall, making for the perfect display item and addition to a Spiderman fan’s collection. 

22. Spiderman Protective Helmet

spiderman protective helmet

Give your kids Spiderman’s protection with this Spiderman protective helmet. It has an arsenal of features that make it extremely comfortable and boosts the safety of kids while at play. The helmet is made with shock absorbing inner shell to reduce the strength of impact. Chin straps are in place for a comfy and safe fit. Plus, it’s equipped with aerodynamic cooling vents to get rid of moisture and keep rides cool even in humid weather.

23. Spiderman Mask Cufflinks

spiderman mask cufflinks

A Spiderman fan is never too old to wear Spiderman accessories. If you know an adult who’s absolutely in love with Spiderman, then gift them these Spiderman Mask Cufflinks to wear their child’s heart on their sleeve (literally). These cufflinks are made with the highest quality of materials and will surely add a fun twist to any formal outfit.

24. Spiderman Movie Blu-ray Collection

spiderman movie blu-ray collection

A Spiderman ultimate fan will love nothing more than to spend weekends watching a Spiderman movie marathon! Give them this Spiderman Movie Blu-ray Collection with three of the most iconic Spiderman movies, including Spiderman Into the Spiderverse, Spiderman Homecoming, and Spiderman Far From Home. Each film has perfect picture displays and pure digital sound for the best Spiderman movie marathon ever.

25. Spiderman Face Pendant Necklace

spiderman pendant necklace

This Spiderman face pendant necklace is surely in any Spiderman fan’s wish list. Made from high quality stainless steel, it features a colorful Spiderman red mask pendant and silver chain. This necklace is an officially licensed Marvel product and comes complete with a presentation box, which makes it ideal for gifting.

26. Spiderman Winter Apparel Set

spiderman winter apparel set

Any kid will surely love this Spiderman winter apparel set to help keep them warm during those cold winter months. It’s made using the coziest and softest materials with printed Spiderman designs on each piece of clothing. The set includes a one size fits all pair of gloves, a winter hat, and scarf.

27. Amazing Spiderman T-Shirt

amazing spiderman t-shirt merchandise

This amazing Spiderman t-shirt will make a great gift for your nephew, son, or other any children who love Spiderman. It’s made with cotton and polyester, making it super soft and comfortable. The shirt has a crew neck and short sleeves, coming in the color grey with the amazing Spiderman print. 

28. Spiderman Soccer Ball

spiderman soccer ball spiderman gifts

Give your son or nephew’s soccer games a Spiderman twist with this Spiderman soccer ball. It’s a size three ball that’s suitable for both training and soccer practice. The material is synthetic leather for increased durability, better flight, and soft touch. Soccer games are bound to be more enjoyable, allowing kids to interact with their favorite superhero while they train.

29. Spiderman Snapback Baseball Cap

spiderman snapback baseball cap

Add a little bit of spice into a Spiderman lover’s daily outfit with this Spiderman snapback baseball cap. It comes in the iconic Spiderman colors of red and blue with a Spiderman embroidered mask print right at the center. Made from cotton material it’s one of the best Spiderman gifts any youngster could hope for.

30. Spiderman Slippers

spiderman gifts slippers

Any kid would surely love these Spiderman slippers featuring every toddler’s favorite superhero, Spiderman. The slippers are lightweight and made with the best quality of materials for extreme softness and comfort. The sole is textured so that slips can be prevented. These slippers come in a broad range of sizes to suit toddlers of different age groups.

31. Spiderman Crew Socks

spiderman crew socks

These Spiderman crew socks scream comfort and class. Each pair is made with from polyester and spandex, along with moisture-wicking properties to keep the feet cool, dry, and comfortable. The socks are also equipped with strategic cushioning and a ventilated mesh instep. It’s the perfect gift for a Spiderman fan, whether kids or adults.


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