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Turning 50 years old is an important milestone in anybody’s life. Not only are they one step closer to becoming a senior citizen, but they’re also closer to finally becoming retired!

To help them celebrate their impressive life milestone, we’ve searched high and low to find the best 50th birthday gift ideas for everyone. No matter if you’re trying to find something special for your wife or husband, or you’re looking for a gag gift for your friend, we’ve picked all the gifts for you. From unique jewelry to mark the special occasion, to birthday decorations and more, you’re sure to find that perfect gift for your loved one here.

Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Everyone

1. 50th Birthday Necklace

50th birthday necklace gift

Let them remember this important milestone in their life with this beautifully made five-ring necklace. With one ring for every decade they’ve lived, this necklace is perfect for any lady reaching that golden milestone. At 19 inches long and made from 925 sterling silver, this is sure to be a gift they’ll love and treasure forever.

2. I’m Sorry You’re Old Mug

sorry you're old mug

Make them laugh with this light-hearted joke mug. They might only be 50, but it’s all downhill from here! Standing at 4.35 inches tall and holding 16 ounces, this mug is dishwasher safe and is sure to constantly remind them of their age. With a simple text message that says “I’m sorry you’re old”, this mug is sure to get lots of laughs.

3. Scratch Off Travel Map

scratch off travel map

If you know someone who has ambitions to travel the world, then this will help them take stock of their current adventures and plan where they should go next. At 36 by 24 inches, this scratch-off map is perfect for those adventurers looking to show off where they’ve been. With 196 countries waiting to be scratched off, this should give anybody the motivation they need.

4. 50th Birthday Bracelet

50th birthday bracelet

Anybody who’s a fan of jewelry or bracelets will love this meaningful birthday bracelet. Made from high-quality lapis lazuli beads, these beads are said to attract wisdom, power and truth to the wearer. At 7 inches in size and made from stretchy thread, this beautiful deep blue bracelet will fit anybody’s wrist.

5. 50th Birthday Wishes & Memories Jar

50th birthday wishes and memories jar

You only celebrate your 50th once! Make it a birthday to remember with this 50th birthday wishes and memories jar. Complete with 100 individual tickets, pen and decorative lid, their 50th will be remembered for years to come with all of the thoughtful birthday wishes and memories in this jar. A unique keepsake, these messages are sure to bring them smiles for years to come.

6. Funny Birthday Mug

funny birthday mug

It might be their 50th birthday, but it doesn’t mean they have to feel or act 50! Remind them of their real age with this hilarious birthday mug. Made from high-grade white orca ceramics, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. With a funny print on both sides, this mug is sure to remind them that they are young at heart every time they use it.

7. State Beer Cap Map

state beer cap map

Help them keep track of their drinking habits with these special mountable state beer cap maps. Choose from 50 different states and fill them with any type of beer cap. Made from maple wood with a semi-gloss finish, these cap maps are sure to keep their drinking habits in check!

8. DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike

under desk exercise bike

Getting older can mean less exercise for most people, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Give them a way to exercise at work discreetly without having to pay for a gym membership. This DeskCycle is perfect for staying fit in the office without them ever needing to their desk. Simply pedal away and burn those calories to stay fit.

9. 24-inch Pepper Grinder

24 inch pepper grinder

Know somebody who has a thing for pepper? Are they always wanting it on their food wherever they go? Make their dreams come true with their very own giant pepper mill. Perfect for any pepper fan, this 24-inch grinder gives restaurant-quality grinding at home. Made in the USA from walnut, this is a great way to start their 50th birthday.

10. Portable Phone & Tablet Charger

mobile battery pack charger

No matter how old you are, a portable phone and tablet charger is essential for traveling. Help them get the most out of their electrical devices and ensure they don’t run out of battery with this huge power bank. At 22,000mAh, this monster can fully charge an iPhone over 5 times, ideal for travellers and hikers.

11. Scalp Massager Tool

scalp massager tool

Being 50 years old can be stressful for many; not everyone is ready to accept that they are getting old. Give them a relaxing break with this deep scalp massager tool that will make all of their stress disappear. With two massagers included per pack, if you’re lucky, they might end up giving you one to say thanks!

12. Rotating Pizza Oven

rotating pizza oven

Turning 50 is all about enjoying the finer things in life, such as good food and drinks. Why not let them create their own quality food at home with this handy rotating pizza oven. Compared to a conventional oven, this thing saves 60% in energy while delivering an even temperature throughout. This results in made to perfection pizzas with less waiting time, perfect for any pizza fanatics!

13. 50 Caliber Bottle Opener

50 caliber bottle opener

There’s no better way to celebrate turning 50 than with their very own 50 caliber bottle opener! High quality and handcrafted in the USA, this authentic 50 cal bottle opener also comes with gift box for storage. Perfect for anyone who loves beers, guns and turning 50 years old, this bottle opener is sure to get used often.

14. Car Seat Gap Filler

car seat drop stop

Dropping stuff down the side of a car seat can be one of the most frustrating things in the world, especially when it’s something important! The last thing anybody wants to be doing is crawling around on their hands and knees, especially when you’re 50. Stop any objects from falling down the side of any car seat with these fantastic drop stop gap fillers.

15. Fitness Tracker

smart fitness watch

Staying fit at fifty doesn’t have to be difficult! Help anybody keep track of their fitness regime with this portable and functional fitness tracker. The 3-inch screen will show all the important information they need to know, including daily steps, calories burned, and real-time heart rate. The tracker also monitors sleep patterns to help wearers get a better understanding of their sleep schedule.

16. Mobile Phone Macro Lens

mobile phone macro lense

Know somebody who is a huge fan of photography? Help them take incredible photos with their phone thanks to this awesome macro lens. Compatible with iPhones and most Androids, this lens will allow anybody to take super close up images with perfect clarity. Perfect for any budding photographer, this lens will be a 50th birthday gift they are sure to enjoy using.

17. Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit

They might be getting older, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stop looking after themselves. Help somebody take care of their beard with this complete beard grooming kit. Including beard scissors, brush, comb, oil and balm, this kit has everything they need to style and maintain a healthy beard.

18. Executive Writing Pen

executive writing pen

Give them something to last a lifetime with this executive writing pen. Made from brass with a jet-black lacquer and finished in 24 karat gold, this pen is sure a thing of beauty. With its German liquid ink system, the pen glides effortlessly across paper, making it perfect for signing important documents.

19. 50th Birthday Hip Flask

50th birthday hip flask

Give a 50th birthday gift that is sure to impress anyone. Perfect for that hard to shop person, this hip flask is perfect for holding any kind of beverage. Complete with a gift box and funnel, the flask can hold 10 ounces of liquid while also staying clean thanks to its stainless steel metal.

20. Whiskey Glasses & Stones

whiskey glasses stones

The ultimate 50th birthday gift for any guy reaching that important milestone, this whiskey glass and stones set will be treasured for years to come. Presented in a beautiful wooden box, the set contains two twisted whiskey glasses, 8 granite whiskey stones, two coasters and a metal tongue. Perfect for anyone who loves whiskey, this set is sure to go down well.

21. You Know You’re Fifty When… Book

you know youre fifty when book

If you’ve already been over 50 for a while, then it can be a fun time welcoming other people to the 50s club. Make it a birthday for them to remember with this hilarious joke book. Full of funny comics and illustrations, the book shows plenty of things new 50-year-olds can look forward to in all areas of their life.

22. 50th Birthday Decorations

50th birthday decorations

You can’t have a 50th birthday party without the appropriate party supplies! Make anybody’s 50th birthday extra special with this pack of 34 different party decorations. Including a giant 50 balloon, happy birthday balloon, and 24 other different colored balloons, this kit will turn any room into an epic 50th birthday party.

23. 50 & Fabulous Sash

50 fabulous sash

It wouldn’t be a 50th birthday without a birthday sash! Perfect for gals (and guys!) this sash is perfect for letting everybody know how old they are. Great for parties, nights out, or just joking around, this 50th birthday accessory is sure to get the party started.

24. Make Fifty Great Again Hat

make fifty great again hat

Perfect for all Trump fans, this MAGA-inspired hat is exactly what they didn’t know they needed. Featuring the slightly altered iconic slogan text, this make fifty great again hat is sure to crack plenty of smiles. Make in the same style as the original MAGA hat; this hat is sure to let everyone know they’re 50 and proud.

25. Wine Decanter

wine decanter gift

Enjoying wine can now be even more enjoyable thanks to this fancy wine decanter. Ideal for holding an entire bottle, this 1800ml decanter is made from 100% lead-free crystal glass and is designed to oxygenate wine to release both its aroma and flavor. Complete with a stand, cork and cleaner, this decanter will change the way they enjoy wine forever!

26. Exotic Jerky Bouquet

exotic jerky treat gift

Nothing says “happy 50th birthday” than a bouquet of exotic meat jerky. Including 20 different meat sticks in four different flavors, this unique bouquet is perfect for every meat lover. Including flavors such as elk, buffalo, venison mild and venison hot, you’ll have to make sure they don’t eat them all at once.

27. Watch Display Storage Box

watch display storage box

Help them show off their prized possessions with awesome display watch and valet draw box. With enough room to hold 16 different watches and a separate draw to store sunglasses and other items, this box is perfect for anyone who has spent decades collecting watches.

28. Old Lives Matter T-Shirt

old lives matter shirt

Spread the social movement with this funny old lives matter shirt. Featuring the iconic text and style of the black lives matter shirt, this shirt is perfect for anyone turning 50 and joining the old club. With sizes to fit both men and women, this unisex shirt will be a great 50th birthday gift.

29. Wine Glass Cork Holder

wine glasses cork holder

Give them a reminder of how much they drink with this cool wine glass cork holder. Made for storing all those wine glass corks, this metal wireframe holds over 50 corks and is great for saving their favorite ones. Made from sturdy metal, this holder is sure to help decorate any room.

30. Happy Birthday Candle

happy birthday candle

What better way to wish somebody a happy birthday than with a relaxing birthday candle. Made from soy wax, this candle is free from parabens and other nasty ingredients giving it clean smoke and a great smell. Handcrafted in America, it’s an excellent 50th birthday gift for anybody looking to de-stress.