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Beth Noll

Beth Noll is a gift editor at Gift Observer. She loves shopping for friends and sharing her top gift recommendations on the blog. With 9 years of blogging experience, she's always up to date with the latest trends and best gift ideas.

Finding the perfect birthday gift for an 18 year old can be a real challenge. With so much to consider and think about, how can you be sure that they’ll like it?

To make your life easier and less stressful, we’ve compiled the top 18th birthday gift ideas that every 18 year old wants. From AirPods to candy, drones and more, we’ve asked hundreds of 18 year olds to pick their favorite gifts they want to receive.

If you know someone who’s turning 18 soon, then you’ve come to the right place! Discover all of our top 18th birthday gift ideas picks below.

Unique 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

1. 18th Birthday Necklace

18th birthday necklace gift
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Help them cherish their special birthday with this incredibly cute 18th birthday sterling silver necklace. Featuring 18 individual beads, each for one year of their life, this necklace is made out of 925 sterling silver along with the necklace chain. Complete with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, this is an excellent gift idea for any girl just turning 18.

2. Giant Gummy Bear

giant gummy bear
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They might be turning 18 years old, but the chances are they still have a massive sweet tooth! Satisfy their candy cravings with this huge 5 pounds cherry-flavoured gummy bear. Made in the USA and gluten-free, this giant gummy bear is sure to last them several weeks…. Or months!

3. Apple AirPods

apple airpods
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Make their dreams come true with these must-have Apple AirPods. One of the hottest trends and fashion accessories, these AirPods are in high demand by every teenager. Wireless and compatible with most iPhones (sorry Android users!) these AirPods also come with a charging and storage case to keep them safe.

4. Manual to Manhood

manual to manhood book
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Turning 18 should be a reminder of how quickly they are growing up. Ensure they’re on the right path to becoming a successful man with this highly education manual to manhood book. Featuring step-by-step tutorials on how to do over 100 basic skills such as changing a tire, and cooking the perfect steak, this book is sure to set them on the right path to manhood.

5. Swiss Army Knife

swiss army knife gift
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An essential for anyone who’s a big fan of the outdoors, hunting, or DIY, a Swiss army knife is the perfect multifunctional tool that will last them their entire life. Complete with 15 different tools including a screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw and scissors, a Swiss army knife is perfect for camping, keeping around the house, or having in an office.

6. Extra Large Scratch Off World Map

XL scratch off world map
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Perfect for any young adventurers, this scratch off world map is great for helping them keep tracking of where they’ve been in the world. At 36 by 24 inches, this huge poster looks great on any wall and is a great showcase of all the countries they’ve visited. Simply scratch off the countries they’ve been to keep track of how many they’ve got left.

7. CraveBox Care Package

cravebox care package
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What better way to celebrate them turning 18 than to shower them with lots of candy and snacks? Give them plenty of Netflix food with this huge CraveBox care package. Featuring 60 different snacks, this care package contains everything from chocolate bars to cookies, candy and more! With so many snacks, this care package is ideal for anyone turning 18.

8. Nintendo Mini SNES

SNES mini classic
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Give them a blast from the past with this old skool yet modern super Nintendo entertainment system console. The console that gave birth to PlayStation and Xbox is now available in a classic mini edition. Revamped and updated, this console comes with 21 different games built-in making it the ultimate entertainment system.

9. Prank Gift Box

prank gift box present
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Looking to prank somebody and make it a birthday to remember? Make them laugh with this hilarious Roto Wipe prank kit. Complete with professional pictures on the box, anyone who opens this will think they’re getting some bizarre contraption. But once they open it up and find the real present inside, they’ll truly know that they’ve been pranked!

10. Apple Watch

apple watch
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Give them something special for their birthday with this state of the art Apple watch. Perfect for anyone who already has an iPhone, this watch syncs up with their phone to make managing their life even easier. With pop up notifications and alerts, this phone also helps with fitness tracking and will monitor their heartbeat, and tell them how many calories they’ve burned.

11. Unisex Charging Bracelet

cell phone charging bracelet
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Forgetting your cell phone charger is one of the biggest first world problems around. Without a cell phone charger, you risk your battery running out and not being able to check how many Instagram and Facebook likes you have! Ensure they never forget their cell charger with this stylish iPhone charging bracelet. Functional and fashionable, this unisex design is perfect for anyone turning 18.

12. Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit
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If they’ve got a beard, then it’s time to start teaching them how to take care of it properly. What better way to welcome them into manhood than with their very own beard grooming kit. Featuring 12 different tools, this kit comes complete with scissors, brushes, oil, beard wash and more to ensure they have a healthy beard at all times.

13. 12 Inch Pizza Cooker

12 inch pizza cooker
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If they’re off to college or moving into their own place, then they definitely need this. Perfect for those 18 year olds who aren’t ready to grow up yet, this pizza cooker will save them plenty of time and trouble. Also suitable for nachos, croissants, giant cookies, quesadillas and more, this cooker is sure to become their new favorite pizza gift.

14. Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity game
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There’s no better way to celebrate turning 18 then with this hilarious cards against humanity card game. Suited for all 18 year olds and older, this card game is sure to have everyone laughing. With over 500 unique cards included, this game has plenty of replayability and is perfect for anyone who’s just turned 18.

15. Pac Man Heat Changing Mug

pac man heat changing mug gift
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Suitable for every diehard gamer out there, this heat changing Pac man mug is an excellent gift idea for anyone turning 18. Straight out of the box, the mug contains just the Pac man background and nothing else. But as soon as hot liquid is added, characters and ghosts suddenly start to appear everywhere.

16. GoPro Hero5 Camera

gopro hero5 camera
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If you know someone who’s planning on making their own YouTube channel or just wants to record their upcoming travel adventures or extreme sports, then this is the perfect gift ideas. Incredibly portable, durable and waterproof, this GoPro Hero5 is packed full of features including 4k video and a time-lapse video mode.

17. Fender Acoustic Guitar

fender acoustic guitar set
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Ideal for both guys and girls, this Fender acoustic guitar kit comes with everything a budding musician needs. Complete with a strap, picks, and a beginner’s guide featuring chords, notes and songs to play, this kit truly has everything they need to take their music to the next level.

18. Ergonomic Gaming Chair

ergonomic gaming chair
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They might just be turning 18, but the chances are they’re still a big kid at heart. No matter if they’re a gamer, streamer, or aspiring YouTuber, this gaming chair is perfect for anyone who loves spending time in front of their computer. Including Bluetooth speakers, this ergonomic chair is super comfy and great for long sessions.

19. Mini Drone

DJI mini drone gift idea
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Set their sights higher than they can imagine with this incredible miniature drone. Weighing less than 250 grams, this drone is super light and legal to fly without any registration. With a quad HD camera on the front, this drone is great for taking aerial footage, birds-eye pictures, and for recording any sports, vacations or landscapes.

20. Giant Bean Bag

giant bean bag
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Help them relax with this enormous ultra-soft bean bag. Great for relaxing on after a long day of work or school, this bean bag is the perfect addition to any room. With over 11 different colors to choose from, they’ll love spending time on this giant fluffy seat.

21. Bose Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

bose wireless headphones gift idea
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Studying at school can be a difficult task with constant noise and distractions everywhere. Help them stay focused on their studies with these noise-cancelling Bose headphones. Designed to block out distracting noises, these wireless headphones can easily be synced with any Bluetooth device and last up to 15 hours per charge.

22. Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette

calvin klein ck one
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Help them smell good wherever they go with this Calvin Klein eau de toilette fragrance spray. Suitable for both guys and girls, this unisex fragrances has been a huge hit since it was released in 1994. A well-known designer brand, Calvin Klein, creates a range of modern clothing, accessories, and fragrances perfect for any 18 year old.

23. Two Man Tent

two man tent gift idea
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Anyone who loves camping out in the wilderness or attending festivals will love this two-man tent. Easy to assemble and waterproof, this tent is a must-have for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. With enough room to fit two people inside, this makes it perfect for taking to music festivals, camping out under the stars, or going on adventures.

24. Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens card game
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An incredibly easy to learn and fun card game, exploding kittens can be picked up in just two minutes. A fast paced game, this card game is great for playing with family and friends. With games suitable for two to five players, this popular game has sold over nine million copies, which only shows how good it is!

25. Hoverboard

hoverboard present
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Give them hours of fun with this super handy and cool hoverboard! Perfect for anyone who dislikes walking or just wants to travel around in style, this thing has all the lights and whistles. Complete with fancy LED flashing wheels and a chrome finish, this gift is sure to bring them hours of fun.

26. Mobile Lens Kit

mobile lens kit
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Help them up their selfie game with these range of lenses for their mobile phone. Ideal for anyone interested in photography or who just enjoys taking pictures, this set will allow them to take even better pictures. With nine different lenses included such as macro, micro and fish eye lenses, they’re sure to take some interesting pictures with these new accessories.

27. Electric Scooter

electric scooter present
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Give them the scooter they always with they had with this state of art electric scooter. Perfect for commuting from school or work, this scooter will do up to 15 miles on a single charge. With a max speed of nine miles per hour and two different driving modes, they can say bye-bye to having to walk or cycle everywhere.

28. Power Bank Portable Charger

power bank portable charger
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Make sure their precious cell phone never dies with this life-saving power bank. With 25,000mAh of power inside, this portable charger can charge an iPhone to full battery around five times. Suitable for festivals or when travelling outdoors for long periods of time, this power bank can also be used to charge tablets.

29. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

scratch off movies poster
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They might think they’re a movie fan, but if they haven’t watched these top 100 movies, then they’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Ensure they’ve seen all the classics with this awesome scratch off movies poster. Filled with 100 must-see movies, this post gives them an interactive scratch-off list that they can work their way through.