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Reaching 30 years old is an important and memorable day for anybody. Making sure you get your friend or relative a memorable 30th birthday gift is just as important.

They only turn 30 once, so finding that perfect gift can take a lot of thinking and head-scratching.

To help you find the perfect 30th birthday presents for your loved one, we’ve rounded up a collection of ingenious birthday gifts for him and her.

No matter your budget, our team has handpicked all the best birthday gifts online. From cute presents to subtle “you’re getting old” gifts, discover the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him and her below.

Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas & Presents

1. Corky The Dog Cork Holder

dog cork holder gift

Encourage your friends wine habit with this cute, but useful dog cork holder. Standing at 13 inches tall, this durable metal doggy is the perfect 30th birthday present for keeping all those pesky corks contained. Simply put them in his mouth and watch as they fall into his belly. Made out of durable metal, this loyal doggy will make a great addition to their home.

2. Whiskey Bullet Stones

whiskey wine bullet stones 30th birthday gift ideas

If you know someone who enjoys the finer things in life such as whiskey, then this is the perfect gift. If they haven’t realized yet, ice cubes often water down their drink which reduces the flavor. Up their drinking game with these incredible bullet whiskey stones that will keep their drinks cool without watering them down. The perfect 30th birthday gift idea for anyone who loves their whiskey!

3. Outdoor Pizza Oven

outdoor pizza oven idea

Let’s be honest, everybody loves a pizza party, but it’s even better when it’s outside! If you know someone who’s a big fan of pizza then they’ll love this incredible outdoor pizza oven. Great for making those fresh and authentic Italian pizzas, this outdoor oven will change the way they cook pizzas forever.

4. LEGO Death Star

LEGO death star gift idea

They might be turning 30, but age is just a number. Let them relive their childhood with this incredible 4,000 piece LEGO Death Star. Standing over 16 inches high and 16 inches wide, the set includes everything they need to make a perfect replica of the iconic spaceship. The set also includes 23 LEGO different figurines such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

5. Cut Resistant Gloves

cut resistant gloves ideas

Growing up often means spending more time in the kitchen cooking up feasts for family and friends. Do you know someone who’s incredibly clumsy and shouldn’t be let near a knife? Do everyone a favor and get them these cut resistant gloves. Perfect for wearing when cutting up veg or meat, they’ll never have any nasty accidents again and should live until their next birthday.

6. Mini Guitar Amp

marshall mini guitar amp

Know someone who loves to play the guitar? Help them annoy their roommates or other halves with this handy miniature guitar amp. Operated by batteries and small enough to fit in the palm of their hand, this amp won’t break any sound records but it will certainly blast out some music. Including a headphone jack, it’s also great for on the go rocking and makes a great gift for any rocker.

7. Food Dice

food dice 30th birthday gift ideas

Turning 30 means having new life experiences you’ve never had before. Help someone you know experience something new with these life-changing foodie dice. Never struggle to decide what you want to eat again, simply roll the dice and you’ll get a new meal every time. Featuring over 186,000 possible meal combinations, spice up someone’s life with these dice.

8. Magnetic Bottle Opener

magnetic bottle opener

Nobody has time to go around picking up loose bottle caps hidden under the chairs and behind the bin. Make someone’s life easier with this helpful magnetic bottle opener and catcher. Use the built-in bottle opener to crack open a bottle and watch as the bottle cap magically sticks to the wall. Once full, tear off in one massive group and easily dispose of. A magical 30th birthday gift indeed!

9. Fitness Tracker

wrist fitness tracker

Getting old means you need to start looking after your general fitness and there’s no better time to start doing it then when you turn 30. Give someone you know the gift of exercise with this helpful fitness tracker device. Ideal for tracking daily activities and how many calories have been burned, everyone can now track their fitness easier than ever.

10. 30th Birthday Bracelet Gift For Her

30th birthday bracelet

Nothing says happy 30th better than a special bracelet with 30 beads, one for each year! This milestone 30th birthday gift bracelet is perfect for anyone hitting the big 30 and is sure to last them until the next birthday milestone. Made from 14k dipped gold, the bracelet is presented in a beautiful gift box and will let everyone know about their impressive achievement.

11. Hot Sauce Kit

hot sauce kit birthday gift

Nuke somebodies taste buds with this DIY hot sauce kit. Featuring all the tools and equipment, you need to make your very own hot sauce, the kit also comes with the best recipes and even pepper bags. Perfect to enjoy at your friends next big BBQ, you better hope they don’t over do it with their DIY hot sauce!

12. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

electric wine bottle opener

It’s no secret that as you get older your joints become more and more delicate. Give someone a helping hand on their birthday with this ingenious automated electric wine bottle opener! 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery, this lifesaver can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Simply press the button and open sesame!

13. Beer Chiller Sticks

beer chiller sticks

Nobody likes drinking a warm beer, especially in the summer. Help out your bud by giving him his very own beer chiller sticks. Like ice cubes, but reusable and without the watering down problem, these chiller sticks will fit into any beer bottle. They’ll wonder how they ever lived without them.

14. Portable Espresso Maker

portable espresso maker

Turning 30 is when people often start to lose energy during the day. Help keep someone’s energy levels up throughout their day with this fantastic portable espresso maker. Travel-sized and great for taking to work, on holiday, or while camping, they’ll always be able to get their fix of energy juice.

15. Beginners Ukulele Set

ukulele starter set 30th birthday gift

Whoever said an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Help someone forget about their growing up worries with this entertaining Ukulele set. Including everything a new player would ever need such as a strap, travel bag, tuner and online lessons, this really is the all in one beginner’s kit. Available in 4 different colors, there’s a Ukulele for everyone!

16. Beer Cap State Maps

beer cap states present

There’s no better way to celebrate turning 30 than drinking yourself through an entire state. Help your friend do just that by getting them their very own beer cap state map. Choose from all the US states to find the perfect one for them. Made from glossy wood and shipped with mounting nails, once full this decoration will be the pride and joy of their house.

17. ROLI Seaboard

ROLI seaboard keyboard

Blow somebody’s mind with this futuristic instrument. Half synth and half guitar, this ROLI Seaboard combines the two together to create an instrument with five dimensions. Ideal for anyone who currently plays the piano or guitar, this instrument will help unlock their creative genius and make sounds they never knew where possible.

18. 30th Birthday Gift Idea For Him T-Shirt

level 30 unlocked gaming shirt

Know someone who’s a big gamer and spends hours on their console or PC? Get them this very special 30th birthday gift for their special occasion. Available in a range of different colors and sizes, this t-shirt is suitable for both men and woman who just can’t put that controller down.

19. Bath & Shower Cup Holder

bath and shower wine holder

Relaxing in the bath can be an endless struggle, especially when there’s nowhere convenient to put your glass of wine. Help make someone’s bath time a little more relaxing with this handy bath and shower cup holder. Simply stick to glass or tile and it will any wine glass or beer up to 7lbs.

20. Sterling Silver 30th Birthday Bracelet

30th birthday gift bracelet

Help someone treasure their special milestone with this beautiful 30th birthday bracelet. Made from bluestone beads that symbolize wisdom, truth and power, it also includes a heart charm to show how much you love them. Wrapped in a gift box, the jewelry also includes a printed message that is sure to bring a smile to their face.

21. Beer Soap

beer soap 30th birthday presents

Ideal 30th birthday gift ideas anyone who is a massive beer or cider fan, you can now bring their love of beer to the bathroom with these smelly beer soaps. Made in the USA, this pack of six soaps are sure to send their nostrils into overdrive. Lovingly made from natural ingredients, they can also be used as shampoo and even shaving cream!

22. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

Getting older means starting to hate weekly chores like vacuuming the house more and more. Give someone a well-needed break with this impressive robot vacuum cleaner. Designed to navigate around any house any avoid objects in its path, this little thing will vacuum for 90 minutes on a single charge. Complete with several cleaning modes, this robot is sure to save anybody a lot of time.

23. Soy Scented Candles

soy scented candles

Give the gift of relaxation with this pack of soy wax scented candles. Ideal for the bathroom or any room in the house, these candles are made from natural ingredients and are eco-friendly as well as biodegradable. Each candle lasts 10-20 hours and will leave the room smelling of beautiful fragrances such as Coconut Berry, Rose Honey, and Nectar Basil.

24. Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

oil diffuser birthday ideas

If candles aren’t their thing then don’t worry. Help them relax with this colorful and calming oil diffuser. Simply add a few drops of oil into the water and watch as it fills the room with a warm and lovely fragrance. It also doubles up as a humidifier to add more moisture to the air, which also helps with relaxation.

25. Beer Brewing Kit

beer brewing kit

Make someone’s dreams come true and let them start their own beer empire with this fantastic home beer brewing kit. Including enough equipment for making five gallons of beer at a time, you’ll definitely be invited to more parties thanks to this. Complete with “fool-proof instructions” there’s really no way anybody could mess this up… not even a 30 year old!

26. Bartender Kit

stainless steel bartender kit

Give them everything they need (except for the booze) to celebrate their birthday with this high-quality 30th birthday present. Including everything from filters, shakers and grinders, this deluxe set also comes with a fancy wooden stand to keep everything organised and on display. Also included is an online mixology catalog with hundreds of instructions on how to make cocktails.

27. Sushi Bazooka & Kit

sushi bazooka kit

Anyone who loves sushi will love this all in one sushi bazooka and kit. Including all the necessary tools and equipment to create the finest sushi, this kit will allow you to pump out sushi like a homemade factory. Featuring the incredibly handy sushi bazooka that you load with rice and other ingredients, then watch as the finished product shoots out.

28. Vintage Candy Gift Box

vintage candy box present

Remind someone how old they are with this vintage candy gift box set. Featuring all the popular candy from the 70s and 80s, you’re sure to bring back some happy memories with these treats. A delicious birthday gift, each box contains over 45 yummies including the likes of starburst, bottlecaps, nerds and cow tales.

29. 30th Birthday Bath Bombs

luxury bath bombs gift

Help someone relax on their birthday with this handmade set of luxury bath bombs. Made in the USA (California to be precise), each of these individually wrapped bath bombs has a different color and fragrance that will help anyone forget about the stress of turning 30.

30. Luxury Chocolates

luxury chocolates gift ideas

Wish someone a happy birthday in the most traditional way possible with these mouth-watering luxury chocolates. Choose from a set of 8 to 70 chocolates including assorted Belgian dark, milk, and white treats. Fillings also include caramel, fruit, nuts and praline. The chocolates come wrapped in a luxury gift box with a bow for the ultimate unwrapping surprise.