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There is nothing funnier than buying a gag gift for your friends. But with so many gag gifts out there, which ones should you buy? If you said whoopee cushion then think again! No matter what gag gift you are looking for; we’ve found the best presents that are sure to get some laughs.

The Best Gag Gifts 2021

1. Finger Hands

finger hands

Surprise your friend with these hilarious set of miniature finger hands. Including a set of 10 finger hands (one for each finger and thumb), each hand is just under 3 inches tall and is incredibly detailed. With countless possibilities for photos, these are sure to go down a treat and bring a smile to everybody’s face.

2. Pooping Pooches Calendar

pooping pooches calendar gag gift

Know somebody who’s a big fan of dogs? Then they’ll certainly love this pooping pooches calendar! Featuring a new picture of a pooping dog every month, this calendar is sure to be one of the most memorable gifts they have ever received. Featuring all their favorite dog breeds, $1 per calendar is also donated to the Maui Humane Society to support animals in need.

3. Burrito Tortilla Blanket

burrito tortilla blanket

Has someone ever told you how they wished they could be wrapped up like a tortilla? Well, now they can! Make their dreams come true with this hilarious tortilla blanket. Available in four different prints and three different sizes, this is an excellent gift for any foodie lover and is sure to serve them well for years to come.

4. Spider Prank Box

spider prank box

Everybody loves a mystery box, but what if that mystery box contained a spider? Prank your friends and family with this mysterious spider prank box. Perfect for hiding jewelry, gift cards or other small gifts inside, once the lid is slid open a realistic spider will jump out and give them the fright of their life!

5. Toilet Mug

toilet mug gag gift

Do you know someone who drinks disgusting cheap coffee or other horrible beverages? Give them the perfect gift to drink from with this hilarious toilet mug! The perfect gag gift for any party, stocking or co-worker, this unique and funny mug is sure to crack a few smiles.

6. Weener Kleener

weener kleener soap

Bring some fun into the shower or bath with this hilarious Weener Kleener soap. This doughnut-shaped soap is very easy to use and cleans the body while it dirties the mind! With one size fitting all, this special soap is the perfect gag gift for any bachelor party or birthday and will add a hole new dimension of fun to showering and cleaning.

7. Blinker Fluid

blinker fluid gag

Looking to prank somebody who knows nothing about cars? Then this is the perfect gift! Sold as an empty 8 oz bottle, this can be filled up with anything including water, energy drinks or whatever else you can think of. Ideal for pranking any gullible person, this blinker fluid will definitely give their headlights a boost in brightness.

8. Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

prescription drinks cooler gag

Help somebody keep their beer drink cold with this hilarious prescription pill bottle drink cooler. Featuring a warm outside and cold interior, this cooler will keep any beverage cool while keeping their hands warm. Made from high-quality insulating foam, the exterior also contains funny writing and puns that will bring a smile to anybody’s face.

9. Donald Trump Toilet Paper

donald trump toilet paper

Know somebody who is not a fan of the Donald? Then they’ll love this novelty Donald Trump toilet paper. Featuring Donald Trump’s face on every individual piece of toilet paper, the printing is non-toxic and what smudge or smear when being used. Even if your friends love Donald Trump, this gag gift is sure to stir up conversation!

10. Exercise Block

exercise block gag gift

Give your friends the ultimate fitness gift with this hilarious exercise block. Everybody knows someone who keeps saying they’ll start going to the gym tomorrow, well make that day today with this revolutionary fitness equipment. With no sneakers required, they’ll be able to get all their exercise done in record time!

11. Moon Ring

moon ring gag

Looking for the ultimate prank gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Then look no further than this moon ring. Featuring a white leatherette ring box, this thing looks like a real engagement ring… until they open it. Once opened, they’ll be greeted with an audible fart that will have them laughing all day.

12. Donald Trump Fortune Teller Ball

donald trump fortune teller ball

Donald Trump clearly has the answer for everything in life, so if you know somebody in need of his guidance, then this is the perfect gag gift. Let Donald tell them their future with just a shake of the ball. Featuring the real voice of Trump, simply ask him a question and your future will be revealed!

13. Bad Parking Business Cards

bad parking business cards

Everybody hates a poorly parked car that takes up three spaces, but there are some people who just won’t stop ranting about it weeks later. Give them something to express their anger with this hilarious bad parking business cards gag gift. Each pack comes with 50 thick and durable cards for maximum revenge to leave on their windscreen and remind them how bad at parking they are.

Funny Gag Gifts That Are Sure To Crack A Smile

14. Plunger Christmas Tree

plunger christmas tree

Christmas time is the time for festive celebration and Christmas decorations. Know somebody who hates Christmas or never seems to put up their Christmas tree? Give them no excuse this year with this hilarious plunger Christmas tree gift. And if they still hate Christmas, at least they can make use of the plunger!

15. A Sack of Shit

a sack of shit

Looking for the ultimate gag gift? Why not give somebody an actual sack of shit? Perfect for letting someone know you don’t like them, or you disapprove of a certain celebration all-party this sack comes with four high-quality poops. Each poop is around 2 to 3 inches long and is sure to be a memorable gift.

16. Funny Drink Coasters

funny drink coasters

There’s always that one person who insists on using coasters on their expensive table. Give them the gift of their dreams with these hilarious funny drink coasters. Each coaster features a funny saying to ensure guests always use the coasters for their drinks and won’t damage their table. With three different sayings and six coasters in total, nobody will ever damage their table again!

17. Dehydrated Water

dehydrated water

Looking for the most pointless gag gift you can find? Leave your friends confused and scratching their heads with this hilarious dehydrated water can. Perfect for camping and survival fans, this gag gift is sure to get plenty of laughs. Simply add water and watch it come to life!

18. Dump A Trump Pen Holder

donald trump pen holder gift

Let somebody hold their pen in style with this handy dump a Trump pen holder. Perfect for anyone who is or isn’t a fan of Donald Trump, this funny statue is the perfect place to hold their pen or pencil. Featuring his signature make America great again hat, finally, they’ll have a handy place to keep their pen safe.

19. Naughty Gnome

naughty gnome

Give the gift of a naughty gnome with this hilarious middle finger gnome statue. Featuring a gnome flipping the middle finger, this little guy is perfect for indoors or outdoors and will add a bit of cheekiness to anyone’s garden. Perfect for welcoming guests and telling them to go away, they’re bound to crack a few smiles after opening this gag gift.

20. Beer Holster

beer holster gag gift

Is your friend always asking you to hold their beer or placing it down and leaving it unattended? Make sure they can take their beer anywhere they go with this handy beer holster. Perfect for BBQ’s, hiking, DIY jobs, and gardening, they’ll never have to leave their beer alone again. Please be sure to check your state’s laws about open carry before purchasing.

21. Out Of Business Cards

retired business cards

The perfect gag gift for anyone who is retired and doesn’t give a crap about anything anymore. Including 15 high-quality cards and a special business card holder case, these business cards are hilarious and will bring a smile to any retired person’s face. Featuring writing such as “ask someone else” and “not my problem” these cards are sure to get used regularly.

22. Redneck Backscratcher

redneck backscratcher

Scratching your back can be very hard work. Make someone’s life easier with this handy redneck backscratcher, which will help them get those spots they can’t reach. With 15 individual tines shaped to reach every part of their back, this backscratcher does exactly what it was made to do.

23. Bag of Poo

bag of poo

Feel like giving someone a shitty gag gift? Why not give them a bag of poo? Spread the laughter by sharing this one-of-a-kind novelty gift with your friends and family. Inside the bag is a brown substance that might look like poo, but it’s actually cotton candy that tastes a lot better than it looks!

24. Tin Foil Hat

tin foil hat

Are Wi-Fi and cellular signals sending your friends crazy? Protect their precious brains with this hilarious tinfoil hat. Featuring an elastic strap that goes under the chin for added security, this hat is perfect for all those alien believers and conspiracists. Made of Mylar with felt lining, this gag gift is sure to get a few smiles.

25. Handerpants

handerpants gag gift

There’s always that one person who complains about their hands always been cold. Help keep them nice and warm throughout the year with these handy handerpants! Stylish and suitable for any occasion, these handerpants will help keep their hands warm and clean throughout the day. Stop your friends from going comhando and give them back their dignity today.

26. Insect Lollipops

insect lollipops

Perfect for anyone scared or terrified of bugs, these scorpion lollies are sure to go down a treat. Eating bugs has never tasted so good with these real scorpion suckers. Including flavors such as banana, apple, blueberry and strawberry, only your bravest friends will dare attempt to eat these!

27. How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety Book

how to talk to your cat about gun safety book

Gun safety is extremely important and should be taken very seriously, even with pets. Surprise your friends with this hilarious cat gun safety gag gift. Featuring 144 pages of high-quality content, by the end of this book their cat will understand everything about gun safety and won’t be putting any of their nine lives at risk.

28. Jumbo Deck Of Playing Cards

jumbo playing cards gift

Bring more fun to any card game with these incredibly large jumbo-sized playing cards. At over 8 inches wide and 11 inches long, these cards will make any card game extra fun. Perfect for anyone who has trouble reading cards, or always tries to cheat, these cards will definitely be a game-changer for many.

29. Crap Taxidermy Book

crap taxidermy book

There are plenty of crap taxidermy jobs out there, and this book proves it! An unusual gift for sure, this book highlights a variety of terrible taxidermy attempts. Totaling 96 pages of high-quality pictures, this book is sure to raise a few eyebrows and crack a few smiles!

30. Star Wars Chewbacca Mask

star wars chewbacca mask

Made famous from the viral laughing Chewbacca mask lady YouTube video, this facemask is sure to go down a treat with any Star Wars fans. Simply put on the mask and hear Chewbacca’s roar! Suitable for both adults and children, this mask is sure to bring hours of fun to anyone who receives it.

31. Chicken Legs Socks

chicken leg socks

Do you know someone with chicken legs who needs to hit the gym more? Give them a subtle reminder with these funny knee-high chicken leg socks. Featuring printed chicken legs on a white background, these socks are sure to turn a few heads and remind them of how skinny their legs are!

32. Mullet Wig Skull Cap

mullet skull cap

Remember when mullets were fashionable? Give someone a blast from the past with this incredible mullet wig skull cap. Featuring a skull cap made from the American flag, this cap also includes 12 inches of black wavy mullet hair that is sure to get anyone’s juices flowing. With so much beauty and power, they might forget that this is meant to be a gag gift.

33. Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

bacon scented dryer sheets

Try to keep a straight face when your friend opens these bacon-scented dryer sheets. Of course, it’s not a real gift, but they won’t know that until they try to open it! Simply place your real gift inside beforehand and wait for their confused and relived reaction once they realise.

34. Chicken Rooster Mask

chicken rooster mask

Want to make someone look like a massive chicken? Surprise them with this huge chicken rooster mask. Perfect for any adult and made of soft plush material, it has large eyeholes so they can see everyone’s smiles when they have it on. At 24 inches tall, whoever puts this on is sure to be the center of attention.

35. Golf Pens With Golf Bag Holder

golf pens and holder gift

Perfect for every die-hard golf fan, this golf pen holder comes complete with its own golf pens. Ideal for birthdays and Christmas, this gift will help keep their mind on golf even when they’re not playing. Each pen comes with a different colored ink and clubhead making them as realistic as possible.


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