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On your 21st, you officially become an adult. Turning 21 years old is a big deal for anyone and should be celebrated with gifts. Give your loved one the best birthday party with these awesome 21st birthday gift ideas. No matter if they are into drinking or not, discover the best 21st birthday presents below.

1. Apple AirPods

Get your 21 year old the one thing they’ve always wanted, Apple AirPods! These earphones are some of the hottest tech out there and are often seen as a status symbol amongst young adults. Easy to use and convenient, they’ll never have to worry about tangling wires with these.

2. Beer Cap State Map

For the diehard drinking fans, these beer cap states are perfect for showing off their drinking skills in the house. Choose their favorite state and let them fill it up by drinking as many beers as possible. Each state comes with wall mounting nails so they can show off their amazing feat to all their family and friends.

3. Hangover Recovery Drinks

Want to make someone really love you? Help them cure their first hangover with this pack of six morning recovery hangover cure drinks. Packed full of vitamins, milk thistle, and ginseng, the propriety formula helps cure hangovers in record time thanks to its fast-absorbing nutrients and minerals.

4. 21st Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace

A special 21st birthday present for any birthday girl in your life, this sterling silver jewelry is sure to be loved and cherished forever. Made to celebrate their milestone birthday, this necklace features two rings, one for each decade and a colored crystal for the extra year. A beautiful gift for any daughter or loved ones, they’re sure to wear this special birthday gift with every outfit.

5. Tipsy Tower Game

The perfect drinking game for any party, Tipsy Tower is similar to Jenga but is twice as fun! Each block contains 1 of 36 different rules which participants must follow whilst playing the game. Anyone who breaks a rule on the block must drink, resulting in even more chaos. Give them a party to remember with this must-have party game.

6. Home Brew Kit

They might be old enough to crack a cold one, but that doesn’t mean they have to do so at a bar. Give them the gift of beer with this excellent home brewing kit. Including everything they need to make an impressive 5 gallons of homemade beer, save them a fortune by brewing it at home.

7. Keyring Breathalyzer

Drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous and can often result in jail time or even death. Help your loved one stay safe when they’re going out with this keychain breathalyzer. Small and compact, this breathalyzer will fit on any keys or chain and displays an accurate reading every time.

8. Bullet Shot Glasses

No matter if they’re a gun lover or not, these shot glasses are incredibly cool. Sold in a pack of six, each shot glass contains a real .308 bullet embedded in the side. These glasses are great to bring out at any party and are sure to get all the guests talking.

9. Candy Gift Basket

The perfect 21st birthday gift for any young man who loves stuffing their face with candy and snacks, this snack box is sure to go down well! Containing 60 individual candy items such as Oreos, Pretzels, Pop Chips and more, what better way to celebrate their 21st birthday than having a mountain of food!

10. Rocking Tumbler Glasses

Give them something unique for their 21st birthday with this set of rocking whiskey tumbler glasses. Containing six rounded whiskey glasses, these glasses are designed to tumble around without spilling their contents. Great for cocktails, whiskey or even normal drinks, they’re sure to love these modern drinking glasses.

11. Scratch Off World Map

At 21 years of age, the world is practically your oyster. Help them fulfill their travel dreams with this mesmerizing scratch off world map poster. Perfect for anyone setting out on an adventure, this accurate map will allow them to keep track of all the countries they’ve visited and which they still need to cross off.

12. 21st Birthday Customized Hip Flask

Ordering a drink in a club or bar can be extremely expensive in some areas. Help your loved one save money with this handy personalized stainless steel hip flask. Perfect for sneaking into nightclubs and bars, they can drink their own liquor without being charged inflated prices. The hip flask also features engraved initials that you can personalize yourself.

13. Amazon Gift Card

Looking for a last minute present? Let them decide what they buy with this Amazon gift card. Available in different sizes from $50 to $200, this card will let them pick whatever they want, instead of pretending to like those new pairs of socks they just opened!

14. Mixology Gift Set

There’s no better way to appreciate cocktails until you make them yourself. Help them create their own cocktails at home with this stainless steel 10-piece bartender kit. Including every tool they need to make hundreds of different cocktails, experimenting with liquor has never been easier.

15. Bubble Ball

Being 21 years old might make them adults in the eyes of the law, but in reality, they’re still big kids! Give them the gift of fun with this hilarious inflatable bubble ball. Simply jump inside and strap yourself in using the straps. Then proceed to roll down a hill, jump in a swimming pool, or run at a wall.

16. Cocktail Book

Introduce your loved one to the world of cocktails with this impressive cocktail recipe book. Featuring over 500 unique and original cocktail recipes, this book is perfect for the new drinker on the block. Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions to re-create some of the most famous and delicious cocktails ever created. For those who really love cocktails, be sure to check out our gifts for tequila lovers.

17. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Help your friend take care of themselves with this set of 12 USA made bath bombs. Featuring various fragrances and colors, these bath bombs are designed to leave you moisturized and smelling fresh. Handmade in California, each bath bomb is individually wrapped and contains only natural ingredients that won’t stain your tub.

18. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Help keep them warm and cozy at night with this faux fur bed blanket. Made from the softest and most luxurious faux fur you have ever felt, this blanket will keep them warm after a long night out of partying. Fully machine washable and tumble-dry safe, this bed blanket is sure to serve them for many years to come.

19. Exploding Kittens

Party games can often be very boring, but not when they involve kittens, explosions and laser beams! This fast-paced game only takes around two minutes to learn but will provide hours of endless fun. Suitable for everyone, no matter their party game ability, it can also be turned into a drinking game with a little bit of creativity.

20. UGG Slippers

Getting older means you get to enjoy the finer things in life, such as comfy slippers. Treat your loved one to these luxurious and fashionable suede slippers with sheepskin lining and waterproof outsole. Perfect for wearing around the house or walking around outside, any 21-year-old would love to receive these. Also available in women’s sizes and styles.

21. Cards Against Humanity

Give them unforgettable parties and laughs with this hilarious card style party game. Featuring almost unlimited replayability, this party game will bring out the worst in everyone (in a good way!). Easy to pick up and fun to play, this game will have everyone in hysterics in no time. Not for those who get easily offended.

22. LEGO Stormtrooper Helmet Kit

For all the Star Wars fans out there, this is a must buy. Standing seven inches high, this 647 piece kit will look amazing on any desk, shelf or table. An excellent present to help someone transition from teenager to young adult, they’re sure to start appreciating collector’s items and figurines more.

23. Instant Pot Multi-Cooker

Turning 21 means you have to take on a lot more responsibilities, such as doing your own cooking! Luckily, this multi-cooker makes everything a lot easier thanks to its multipurpose use. Including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and yoghurt maker to name a few, this device will help anyone make delicious meals.

24. Poker Set

If gambling or poker isn’t their strong point, then it might be an idea to practice with them before they go out and lose all their money. This high-quality poker set comes with a total of 500 individual chips as well as an aluminium case to store everything. Teach them your best tricks and who knows, they might be the next Daniel Negreanu.

25. Corgi Slippers

No matter their age, everybody needs a pair of funky slippers like these. Bring a smile to their face with this hilarious and cute corgi gift . Featuring an adorable face with fluffy ears and little paws, these are sure to be worn around the house at every possible opportunity.

26. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Anyone who’s a big fan of gadgets and electronics will love this raspberry pi starter kit. Including over 220 individual components to use with the raspberry pi, this starter kit also includes 430 pages of detailed tutorials to help them complete 57 different projects. No matter if they’re training to become an electrician, computer programmer, or technician, this gift ticks all the boxes.

27. GPS Keyring Tracker

Do you know someone who’s super forgetful and are always forgetting their keys and belongings? Help them keep track of their valuables with this handy GPS key finder keychain. Simply attach it to whatever item they want to track and they’ll never lose it again. The device also has a mobile app which can be used to locate lost items.

28. Dragon Wine Holder

Any wine and dragon lovers will love this magnificent dragon wine bottle holder. Perfect to display on a cabinet or home bar, this bottle holder is sure to get everyone talking. Each holder is handcrafted from scratch and cast in cold resin to deliver an immaculate finish and detail.

29. Hoverboard

Wish them happy birthday in style with this futuristic and popular hoverboard. Perfect for anyone who likes to live life dangerously, this hoverboard is sure to get them from A to B as fast as possible. Suitable for users up to 264 lbs, anyone can take advantage of this new method of transport.

Thoughtful 21st Birthday Gifts

30. Stemless Wine Glass Set

An excellent birthday gift idea, this wine glass set is sure to help anyone celebrate their birthday in style. Contain four glasses, each one features a unique copper stemless design which helps heat the wine or champagne to the appropriate temperature using the heat from your hands. With each glass holding up to 18 ounces, this is a great gift for anyone turning 21 years old.

31. Baby Yoda Birthday Card

Surprise your birthday boy or girl with this awesome card! Featuring baby Yoda from the hit TV series the Mandoloarian, any Star Wars fan will be thrilled to receive this card. The perfect addition to any special present, the 3D baby Yoda model will pop out once opened, and can also be kept as a figurine keepsake.

32. Viking Beer Mug

An excellent 21st birthday present for any boyfriend or birthday guy you know, this is most certainly an essential gift for any birthday celebration. With various colors and styles to choose from, each bottle holds 16 ounces of beverage and also comes with a 3 ounce shot glass. Crafted from ox horns and presented in a nice carry bag, this unique 21st birthday gift is sure to be a favorite.

33. Beautiful Booze Book

Struggling for 21st birthday ideas? Why not introduce them to the world of cocktails on their special day with this Beautiful Booze book. After all, what’s a 21st birthday celebration without liquor? Featuring plenty of recipes to create a range of delicious drinks, any fan of liquor will have their wishes answered with this book.

34. 21st Birthday Decorations Set

What’s a 21st birthday party without the decorations?! Ensure any 21st party is one to remember with these essential decorations. Featuring a range of different sized and colored balloons, the set also comes with a large champagne bottle and glass balloon. The perfect way to transform any room into a party room, these decorations will certainly help set the tone.

35. Giant Drinking Glass

Welcome them into adulthood with this incredible 55-ounce drinking glass. Supersized their parties, BBQ’s, and sporting events with the ultimate party accessory. Hold over four cans of beer, soda, or anything else you can think of with ease. No more running back and forth from the fridge!

36. Grown-up Book

Turning 21 can hit you with many responsibilities. If you know someone who’s just turned 21 and needs some help growing up, then this is the perfect gift for them. The large text and careful choice of words combined with the frequent repetition and matching pictures will teach anyone how to grow up.

37. 50 Cal Bottle Opener

For the guy or girl who’s obsessed with guns, this is the perfect gift to help them crack open a cold one. Made from a real 50-caliber bullet, this bottle opener has been handmade by military veterans. Standing at 5.7 inches tall, they’ll be able to impress all their friends by cracking a cold one open with authority.

38. Bullet Shot Glasses

No matter if they’re a gun lover or not, these shot glasses are incredibly cool. Sold in a pack of six, each shot glass contains a real .308 bullet embedded in the side. These glasses are great to bring out at any party and are sure to get all the guests talking.

39. Illuminated Letters

Let them know how much you love them by giving them their own illuminated name or initials. Choose from 26 letters and 10 numbers to make the message of your choice. Perfect for displaying in their bedroom or around the house, these illuminated letters are sure to brighten up their day.

40. Bottle Cap Launcher

Forget whatever bottle openers they have at the moment, throw them all away and replace them with this. Perfect to fit on any key ring, this bottle opener will launch bottle caps over 12 feet with the flick of a button. Great for annoying their friends, there will be sure to thank you for this awesome gift.

What Is A Traditional Gift For A 21st Birthday?

A traditional gift for a 21st birthday is alcohol as the minimum legal drinking age in the US is 21. For many, it’s the first time they get to drink alcohol with their friends &  family. Ensure they have a fun time with this tipsy tower drinking game and cure their hangover with this essential hangover recovery drink.

What Is A Good Gift To Give A 21 Year Old?

A good gift to give a 21 year old is a huge candy gift basket. But for those who don’t want to be showered in candy, you could always get them card games, a hoverboard, or a collection of handmade bath bombs. Since they’re still really kids but older, anything fun and practical will do!

What Do You Buy A Guy For His 21st Birthday?

Buying 21st birthday gifts for your average guy is pretty easy, the chances are they’ll love anything alcohol related such as beer brewing kits, or bullet shot glasses. But for the guys who aren’t big drinkers, other gifts like Apple AirPods, or a Raspberry Pi starter kit are both good ideas.


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