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Know a drama king or queen in your life? Help them celebrate any special occasion with a thoughtful acting gift.

We’ve handpicked the best gifts for any actor, from educational books to practical items and even their own Hollywood star of fame.

No matter if they’re an aspiring actor just starting their career, or they’re a professional theater actor, discover all the best gifts for actors below.

Gifts & Presents For Actors 2022

1. 10 Award Winning Movies Collection

award winning movies collection blu-ray

This set of 10 award-winning movies is a wonderful gift for those who love acting. Your actor friends will love watching some critically-acclaimed movies not only for their enjoyment but also so that they can learn and emulate the acting techniques. Including hits such as Brokeback Mountain, Atonement, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Theory of Everything, any actor is sure to enjoy this movie marathon.

2. Broadway Musical Collage Tote Bag

broadway musical collage tote bag

Get them this tote bag and let them show their flair for acting every time they leave the house. This is a wonderful gift for any actor friend, or family member. A bright and colorful design on the side of the bag makes a statement, and the latest and greatest printing process is implemented to ensure durability. It’s soft and comfortable to wear, being made out of cotton canvas. Also machine washable for easy cleaning.

3. The Method Acting Exercises Handbook

the method acting exercises handbook

Method acting is a very popular form of acting among those aspiring to make a name for themselves in the film industry. If you want to get your friend a gift that can help them in their quest to become famous, then this method acting handbook is a wonderful choice. Originally devised by the astounding Lee Strasberg, this book will help them perform believably and enjoyably in every role.

4. Iron Flask Thermo Water Bottle

iron flask thermo water bottle

This is an amazing gift that you can get for your actor friend so that they can stay hydrated on set at all times. The awesome design of this thermo water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and keeps hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours. That means that no matter how long the shoot goes on for, they will be able to enjoy delicious drinks. Also features a sweat-proof body!

5. Japanese Bento Box

japanese bento box gift idea

This Japanese bento box is a great gift to get for your actor friends who need to stay on the set all day for a long shoot. They can pack their lunch or snacks in this stylish box and not need to worry about their food going bad. These airtight eco containers keep food fresh, safe from spills, and ready to eat whenever they get a break.

6. Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Print

hollywood walk of fame star print

Make your actor friend feel like a star by getting them this astounding gift. Printed on high-quality matte photo luster paper and shipped in a protective tube and rigid mailer, this Hollywood Walk of Fame star will reach them and help them truly feel like a movie star. Give them some encouragement with this gift idea!

7. The Power Of The Actor Book

the power of the actor book

This book is a Los Angeles Times bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. The recipient of this book will learn helpful lessons from the premier teacher and acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck. They will be able to hone their skills and improve their craft after reading this book., making it a perfect gift for up and coming actors.

8. Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler Device

vicks personal steam inhaler device

Sometimes, your actor friend may be out shooting in a field or other location that can make their allergies flare up. Getting them this Vicks personal steam inhaler will help make those outdoor shoots easier as they can find instant relief no matter where they go. A soft, comfortable face mask and soothing menthol help relieve congestion in coughs in as little as 5 minutes.

9. Theatrical Makeup Kit

theatrical makeup kit

Having the right makeup is vital for actors that want to truly make their characters come to life and feel as authentic as possible. This makeup kit is a wonderful gift for actors that want theatrical quality cosmetics that can withstand even the longest of performances. Once they are through with their act, the makeup easily washes off with soap and water.

10. Future Oscar Winner Mug

future oscar winniner mug

Give them some helpful encouragement by gifting them this Future Oscar Winner mug. With quality printing and sturdy ceramic build, this mug will give them some much-needed encouragement every single time they go to take a sip of their favorite drink. They can easily wash this mug in the dishwasher without worry of the paint coming off.

11. The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors

the hollywood survival guide for actors

Do you have a friend that dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood actor? Well, getting them this survival guide is a wonderful way to give them a head start. They will learn everything that they need to know in order to become successful in either film or television. This is possibly one of the best gifts you could give an aspiring actor in today’s world.

12. Inside The Actors Studio: Johnny Depp

inside the actors studio johnny depp

Johnny Depp is one of the most renowned actors of the current day and is known for his variety of roles. Getting this DVD as a gift for your actor friend or family member is a great way to give them some insight into how this great actor operates. They will be able to learn his thought process and work ethic within the studio and improve their own performance based on the DVD’s contents.

13. Greenlights By Matthew McConaughey

greenlights matthew mcconaughey

This #1 New York Times bestselling book is a memoir of one of the most famous and unconventional Hollywood actors, Matthew McConaughey. Giving this as a gift to your actor friend will give them insight into this famous actor’s life and allow them to learn lessons and gain wisdom from what McConaughey has gone through. If you want to give them some material that can not only improve their acting career but also their life in general, then this is an amazing gift.

14. Portable Makeup Mirror

portable makeup mirror

Actors that work in theater and need to make quick makeup fixes before they get back on stage will adore this portable makeup mirror. It’s made out of premium vegan leather, meaning that anyone can enjoy it, and features an elegant modernist design. If you get this for them as a gift, they will never have to worry about doing some quick touch-ups before going back on stage.

15. Insulated Lunch Box

insulated lunch box gift

Actors tend to have very busy schedules, and sometimes they don’t even have time to eat! That is why you should get your actor friend this insulated lunch box as a gift. They’ll never need to worry about not having time for a snack again. They can simply reach into this lunch box and pull out some food to satisfy their cravings. Leakproof, waterproof, and fully insulated, this lunch box will keep their food protected and ready to eat all day long.

16. Cinephile Card Game

cinephile card game

Test your actor friends and see how much they truly know about cinema by getting them this Cinephile card game. There are tons of cards about the film industry and more that make for a very fun game night. With 150 cards and tons of different ways to play, the fun will never run out if you get them this as a gift.

17. How To Stop Acting Book

how to stop acting book

John Lahr, a renowned author, and acting coach provides fascinating insight into how to land roles and become a better actor in this bestselling book. If you know an actor that wants to improve their performance and land more roles, then you’ll definitely want to get them this book as a gift.

18. Break A Leg Mug

break a leg mug

Want to wish your actor acquaintance good luck even if you aren’t around to say it yourself? Well, then get them this Break a Leg mug. Made out of durable ceramic and featuring a microwave-safe and hand washable exterior, this mug not only looks great but will last them for a long time. Give them your best wishes by getting them this mug as a gift.

19. The Actor’s Life Book

the actor's life book

This survival guide for acting is a fantastic book that any actor would love to receive. Jenna Fischer, the actress famous for portraying Pam in the hit show The Office, gives insight into her Hollywood career and how up and coming actors can make it through and become successful. This makes for a perfect gift and allows actors to learn from the best.

20. Straight Outta Rehearsal

straight outta rehearsal t-shirt

Get them a gift that lets them rep just how much they adore acting. This Straight Outta Rehearsal t-shirt lets everybody know that they are an actor and that they love it. It comes in solid colors and is made out of comfortable cotton and polyester. Machine washable and made with durable materials, your actor friend will be able to use this shirt for a long time to come.

21. Acting Good Luck Charm

acting good luck charm

The famous saying “Break a Leg” holds special meaning among actors. If you want to give your family member a souvenir so that they never forget that you are wishing them luck, then get them this good luck pocket token. Made out of organic pewter stone and hand stamped with a beautiful design, this is a wonderful and heartfelt gift for actors.

22. Stage Directions Pillow Cover

stage directions pillow cover

Any theater actors will adore this throw pillow cover. Featuring a durable print indicating stage left and stage right with cute little arrows pointing in opposite directions. They will be able to reminisce about the fun times they had while acting in theater even when they are sitting comfortably at home. Made out of quality polyester fabric and printed on both sides, this is a great gift.

23. Drama Queen T-Shirt

drama queen t-shirt

This is an especially good gift for young actors that may be just a tad on the overdramatic side. A cute little gift with the words Drama Queen bedazzled on the front in durable shiny beads. This shirt is entirely cotton making it very comfortable and machine washable, making for easy cleanup should it ever get dirty.

24. Comedy Tragedy Mask Earrings

comedy tragedy mask earrings

One of the most recognizable icons in the acting profession is the comedy and tragedy masks. Get these magnificently crafted earrings as a gift for your actor friend so that they can rep their love for theater no matter what outfit they are wearing. These earrings are well made and come in choices of sterling silver or lead/nickel. Each earring comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal embedded in it, making them look absolutely gorgeous.

Gifts For Acting Students

25. Best Actor Ever Mug

best actor ever mug

Show them that you think they are the best actor ever by getting them this coffee mug. It is made out of high-quality ceramic and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Get it for a friend that adores acting or as a gag gift for someone who is a bit of a drama queen. This mug’s simple look and quality printing mean that it will look great for years to come.

26. Clint Eastwood Artwork

clint eastwood artwork

Get them this vintage poster of one of the best western actors in recent memory. If they are an actor and look up to Clint Eastwood as one of their idols, they will absolutely adore this poster. Featuring Eastwood in one of his most iconic roles from the film Fistful of Dollars, this high-resolution metal poster will look astounding in any room in their home.

27. Drama Mask Keychain

drama mask keychain

This drama mask keychain makes for a simple and elegant gift to give to an aspiring actor in your life. They will be able to keep all of their keys and other things on this stainless steel keychain, all while showing off their love for acting. Comes with a mask charm and a simple charm with the words “All the world’s a stage” that features a tragedy and comedy mask on it.

28. Personalized Oscar Trophy Award

personalized oscar trophy award

Make that actor friend or family member of yours feel truly special by getting them a personalized Oscar style trophy. This trophy is made out of high quality materials and has a beautiful gold plate that will display your personalized message upon it. Any actor would love to receive this as a gift.

29. Stage Directions & Masks Bracelet

stage directions mask bracelet

The perfect gift for that special woman in your life that just loves acting is this stage directions and mask charm bracelet. Any woman who loves to perform or partake in theater will be ecstatic to receive this beautiful bracelet. It features a charm of the comedy and tragedy masks and one with the phrase Stage Right Stage Left. Rust and wear will never be an issue with this gift, so don’t hesitate to get it!

30. All My Acting Shit Journal

all my acting shit journal

Get them a journal where they can keep literally all of their acting shit. This journal features a funny saying on the cover that is sure to get a laugh out of any actor who receives it. Getting them this as a gift will provide them with the perfect way for them to keep a record of the auditions that they join or take notes during their acting gigs.


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