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Since 1963, Doctor Who has been watched by millions all over the world. With a large army of Whovians, there are plenty of people out there obsessed with the show.

Know somebody in your life who loves watching the Doctor save the universe? Then they’re sure to love our pick of Doctor Who gifts.

From unique collectibles to coffee mugs, shot glasses, and more, discover all the best Doctor Who gift ideas below!

Best Doctor Who Presents 2022

1. Doctor Who Monopoly Edition

The perfect gift for board game lovers, add something special to their collection with this Doctor Who monopoly board game. It includes six playable objects such as a scarf, bow tie, screwdriver, celery, recorder, and umbrella. The game features a Doctor Who theme with the usual monopoly trading, selling, and buying mechanics. Any fan of the TV series is sure to enjoy the game, thanks to its unique twists.

2. Sonic Screwdriver

Any Doctor Who fan must have this Sonic Screwdriver in their collection. The same device used by the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, this piece is built with spring loaded extending action and touch controls. It comes with a removable power cord and authentic sounds and lights. Perfect for cosplayers and collectors, this screwdriver already has batteries making it ready for gifting to anyone.

3. Doctor Who Gift Set

All you need to make someone happy is this Doctor Who gift set. Featuring the three iconic collectibles from the famous television series, including the journal, Sonic Screwdriver flashlight, and Doctor Who coffee mug. The set comes in stunning designs, making each packed item simply irresistible to the eyes of a true Doctor Who fan.

4. Second Doctor & Tardis Set

Give this Second Doctor & Tardis Figure Set to relive any fan’s favorite scenes from the television series. The set is filled with collectibles that are intricately crafted, such as Second Doctor’s signature bow tie and dark and washed look of 1969 Tardis. The Second Doctor and Tardis set features opening doors and a 5.5 inch scale articulated Second Doctor action figure with a ripped trouser knee.

5. Tardis Jewelry Box

Introduce a fun way to organize one’s accessories with a Tardis Jewelry Box. Ideal for any Doctor Who superfan, the box comes with ring inserts, hooks, and drawers. The jewelry box is built using sturdy wood that will withstand the test of time, just like how the Tardis in the series survives travels between space and time.

6. Doctor Who Autographed Script

Get an exclusive Doctor Who autographed script for any friend or family member in your life. This is a complete TV script that also comes with a frame made of high-quality black wood. The copy is professionally produced from the original signed script. Since this reprint copy replicates the autograph of the script, it’s way cheaper and affordable for most buyers.

7. Fourth Doctor Ornament Figure

Add the Fourth Doctor to someone’s Christmas tree with this highly detailed ornament. Made of resin material, this figure perfectly resembles the character’s quirky side, as well as his iconic multicolored scarf. Standing 5 inches tall, this Tom Baker ornament is the perfect present for any Doctor Who collector who loves collecting classic pieces.

8. Doctor Who Crossing T-Shirt

Combining the legendary Beatles and Doctor Who, this t-shirt is the perfect Beatles gift for fans who love the band and TV series! Made of cotton, the tee gives off a comfortable and soft feel. The colors available for the shirt are black and navy blue, ideal for matching anyone’s style and outfit. Entirely machine washable, any fan is sure to love showing this off.

9. Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Set

Transform a fan’s kitchen condiments by gifting them this Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Set. The epic battle across time and space will take over the dinner table. The Tardis vs Dalek salt and pepper shaker set consist of collectible ceramic shakers that no Doctor Who fan should miss. Each item is crafted with detailed designs, which exactly resemble the original elements from the series.

10. Tardis Zip Hoodie

Make someone the coolest Doctor Who fan with this Tardis Zip Hoodie. The hoodie is in a dashing shade of blue, while the high-quality print ensures the design will last. Made of an equal amount of cotton and polyester, this hoodie aims to offer a warm and cozy feeling for the wearer. The Doctor Who Call Box Window Adult Zip Hoodie is available in sizes extra small to double extra large.

11. Doctor Who Ornament Gift Set

Surely a loved one in your life deserves this Doctor Who ornament gift set. Made of toxic-free plastic material, these collectibles are a fun and festive addition to any Doctor Who enthusiast. The characters present in this set are Weeping Angel, Adipose, Orange Dalek, and the Cybermen. Each ornament stands 3.5 inches tall and are sure to look amazing on their Christmas tree.

12. A Brief History Of Time Lords Book

Feed a Doctor Who fans nerdy side with this Brief History of Time Lords Book. It covers the true story of Gallifrey and the contradictory accounts that survived the Last Great Time War. Specifically, the book tackles the notable historical figures and their whole ancient and legendary civilization. The features are all in full colors and comprehensive text, making it an excellent read.

13. Day Of The Doctor 50th Anniversary Special Blu-ray

Get them a clear copy of the Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary Special and be their favorite best friend. Inside is a journey of Doctors embarking on a special celebration. The intensity of each scene is narrated in a clear and impressive storyline. In crisp blu-ray quality, any Doctor Who fan is sure to enjoy geeking out on this episode!

14. Heat Activated Tardis Mug

Let a fan experience the mystic wonders of Doctor Who with this heat activated Tardis mug. The design displays a spacecraft sitting in English street. When hot liquid is poured, it disappears and reappears in the faraway galaxy on the other side of the mug. It can hold up to 12 oz of any beverage, but the hotter the liquid, the better!

15. Dalek Action Figures Set

Featuring the Daleks as seen on screen in the 1964 episodes of the second season of Doctor Who, this set will be a delight to any fan. The figure carefully replicates the original on screen Dalek villain that fans are sure to know. The Dalek figure set is packed in a Heritage Doctor Who cover that comes with specially created inserts.

16. Doctor Who Resolution Blu-ray

Surprise your bestie with this Doctor Who Resolution copy for movie night. Filmed in blu-ray HD, every scene is crystal clear and perfect for big home TVs. It comes with a sturdy protective casing to keep the disc free from scratches. Doctor Who Resolution is one of the series’ best produced movie tributes that any fan is sure to enjoy.

17. Dalek Blueprint Mug

Perfect for a friend who’s a fan of blueprints and designs, this Dalek Blueprint Mug is an ideal treat for their special day. Featuring professor Bakewell’s genuine blueprints for the Dalek’s design, Doctor Who’s long-time nemesis, is amazingly displayed on this mug. The Dalek Blueprint Mug can hold up to 16 oz. of any beverage and is sure to be their new favorite mug.

18. Tardis Earrings

These police box earrings can transform any look in an instant. Each piece has a design featuring the comical version of the Blue Police Box from their favorite TV series. Each earring measures 1.5 inches long and is made of sterling silver. The pair also comes with stylish ear wire hooks that add to the design.

19. Doctor Who Tardis In Space T-Shirt

Grab this magical Doctor Who Tardis In Space t-shirt as a holiday gift for any fan. Featuring a striking and out of this world graphic, this shirt is made of pure cotton with a polyester blend. The design displays the Tardis spinning through time and space with an awesome background. This will instantly brighten up any Doctor Who fan and bring a smile to their face.

20. Funko POP Tenth Doctor Figure

For any fan who loved David Tennant as the tenth doctor, then this is the perfect gift idea for them. Featuring a detailed model of the doctor, this figurine is definitely a must own for any Doctor Who collector. Its bright colors of yellow, blue, and red complete the charm of this Tenth Doctor figure and is sure to look at home in any display cabinet.

21. Golden Dalek Action Figure

The Golden Dalek Action figure is a must own item for any Doctor Who collector or young fan. It stands 3.75 inches tall and is designed in an intricate manner featuring the highlights of the original Dalek. Its primary material is plastic and guarantees all users a safe and fun playtime experience.

22. Tardis Throw Blanket

Looking for a soft and cozy present for someone special in your life? The search is over with this Tardis throw blanket. Introducing a silky touch with a size of 50 by 89 inches, this blanket is a product of perfect polyester formulation. The design is inspired by the police box Tardis and will keep them warm thanks to its softness and material.

23. Jodie Whittaker Figure

This Jodie Whittaker figure is a perfect replica of the Doctor from the newer TV episodes. This figure displays detailed characteristics of Jodie, who’s up for sorting right from wrong and saving a number of civilizations across the galaxy. Of course, this collectible is not complete without her signature Sonic Screwdriver.

24. Tardis Type Forty Instruction Manual

Give a gift of more Doctor Who knowledge as this Tardis Type Forty Instruction Manual unravels the technology behind the most powerful craft in the universe. Inside are comprehensive discussions about fully labeled and detailed schematic diagrams and the craft’s different functions. This book contains a wealth of knowledge for any curious fans.

More Doctor Who Gift Ideas

25. Tardis License Plate Frame

A fan has got to have this Tardis License Plate Frame to show the world how much they love the show. Featuring a silvery representation, this plate frame is a fresh addition to the memorabilia of every fan. Unique and rare, it’s ideal for any type of car and will certainly help them pimp their ride.

26. Doctor Who Shot Glasses

Comical and stylish, this Doctor Who shot glass set features a range of characters from the show. Each glass displays an iconic scene from the series, including attacking Daleks, Cybermen, and traveling in the Tardis. These glasses are made out of durable ceramic material are printed in vibrant and strong hues. The set is recommended to be hand washed to preserve the longevity of the artwork.

27. Tardis Bookends

Help them organize their books with a little help from the Tardis with these awesome bookends. These bookends are crafted from sturdy metal and are formulated with a solid glossy blue paint finish. As a result, every bookend is strong enough to hold items on display. The corners of the bookends are structured in circular forms to avoid possible book scratches.

28. Keys To The Tardis Keychain

Make their key holder more interesting and give them the Keys To The Tardis with this funny keychain. Inspired by the TV series, this keychain is a suitable gift for a true Whovian fan. The statement on the keychain is something they’re sure to love. The material used for this stunning piece is a high-quality stainless steel.

29. Heat Reactive Doctor Who Mug

No fan can ever have enough reactive mugs with Doctor Who on them. This hot reactive mug reveals the Tardis silhouette when filled with hot beverages. It goes perfectly with hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. Easy to hold, this mug protects anyone against finger burns. It’s a great gift for someone who enjoys both Doctor Who and morning brews.

30. Doctor Who Socks Set

Make them feel the excitement of getting up in the morning and wearing their Doctor Who socks. This set of socks will help anyone show off their love for the series in a fun and creative way. Coming in three pairs, the socks are designed with patterns of iconic characters from the show. Cold washing is recommended for these socks to keep the unique and vibrant style of the artwork.


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