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Do you nnow an author who’s trying to write the next Harry Potter or Game of Thrones novels?

Help boost their writing career and get them out of a creative slump by getting them a gift to help with their writing.

From new writing equipment to educational books and desk organizers, explore all of the best writing gifts for aspiring authors below.

Gifts For Writers 2021

1. Classic Mechanical Keyboard

classic mechanical keyboard

A writer’s keyboard is one of the most important tools in their life. Get any writer this Classic Mechanical Keyboard to help them type their words away with ease. This keyboard has a grey and white theme and is equipped with Cherry MX Blue key switches for the ultimate typing experience. The key caps are spherical in shape to fit the fingers perfectly. There are also RGB lights for a more personalized aesthetic. 

2. Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

amazon kindle ebook reader

Writers find inspiration by reading as many books as possible. Make it easier for them to read and get inspired with this Amazon Kindle eBook Reader. The device gives access to millions of different resources and displays the material in a 167 PPI display. Several features are also in check, including adjustable brightness, long-lasting battery, 8GB storage capacity, and more.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones

For a writer to work and keep their momentum going, they need an environment with no distractions. If you know a writer who likes playing music to keep them inspired, get them these Noise Cancelling Headphones. Equipped with noise-cancelling technology that reduces low frequency noise by up to 90%, the headphones also have high-quality sound, Bluetooth, and quick charge features.

4. LED Desk Lamp

LED desk lamp gift idea

Do you know a writer that is a night owl? Then they’ll love this LED desk light to help them work throughout the night! It’s equipped with five different color modes and seven brightness levels to suit their preference. All they need to do is plug it into a USB port, adjust the light, swivel the lamp to the right angle, and write away!

5. Digital Voice Recorder

digital voice recorder gift

For a writer, ideas can come when they least expect them. Ensure they record them wherever they are with this handy Digital Voice Recorder. This voice recorder boasts clear recordings, a 32GB storage capacity, voice activation technology, and fast file download. It can also double as several other devices, including a USB flash drive and MP3 player.

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light blocking glasses

A writer tends to spend countless hours in front of a computer, which can take a serious toll on their eyes and sleep. Help them maintain their eyesight and quality of sleep with these Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These specs have anti-blue light and UV technology that filters harmful rays from their computer screen. The frame is made of acetate for durability and a cutting-edge aesthetic appeal.

7. Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

100 books scratch off poster

Coincidentally, avid writers are often avid readers too! Surprise any writer with this Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster to help them start their journey towards reading the best books ever written. Every time they finish a book, they can scratch off the block to reveal a nostalgic icon that commemorates their achievement while showing off their progress to the world.

8. Bronze Man Reading Sculpture

bronze man reading sculpture

Give a writer something to decorate their work table with, but also speak to them on a personal level. This Bronze Man Reading Sculpture makes the perfect gift for writers. It’s handcrafted using bronze for a sleek finish and looks great on any desk. Measuring 4.5 inches tall, this will serve as an excellent figurine for bookshelves, tabletops, or living rooms.

9. The Writer’s Toolbox

the writer's toolbox

Give a writer everything they need to create great stories and literary masterpieces! The Writer’s Toolbox is a book filled with instructions, exercises, and tips that can help writers improve their craft. It sparks creativity through games and activities and builds knowledge through prompts, writing samples, and creativity-boosting tips.

10. This Is My Writing Shirt

this is my writing shirt

Your writer friend will surely love this shirt, which they can wear to spark creative ideas while they write. The This Is My Writing Shirt comes in the standard colors of black, grey, and navy blue and are made of the best materials for utmost comfort and softness. The shirt has a lightweight and classic fit, ensuring the best attire for writing sessions.

11. Lord Of The Rings Bookends

lord of the rings bookends

If you know a writer who’s also a fan of the movie franchise Lord of the Rings, then they’ll love these bookends to keep their beloved books in place. The set comes with two bookends, which, when put together, reveal the iconic phrase “Not all those who wander are lost.” The bookends are made of durable steel and a black polished finish.

12. Typewriter Drinks Coasters Set

typewriter drinks coasters set

Every writer lives and breathes their craft. Get your writer friend or loved one this Typewriter Drinks Coaster Set to keep their desk clean while they type. The set comes with four vintage coasters decorated as the keys of a typewriter. The holder also doubles as a phone or tablet stand. This set is made of high-quality resin, with each coaster measuring 4 by 3 inches.

13. Writing Prompts Set

writing prompts set gift

Writers absolutely dread getting writer’s block. To help them avoid it, give them this Writing Prompts Set gift. Each box is filled with 150 prompts that help spark unique ideas, creativity, and motivation for a writer to push through with their work. They can help ignite their passion for writing and sharpen their skills to help them create literary masterpieces. 

14. Stephen King On Writing Book

stephen king on writing book

Stephen King is one of the best writers of all time, and your writer friend will surely be a fan of him. Give them this Stephen King On Writing Book, whose pages are filled with stories about the great writer, his experiences, and tips for aspiring literary artists. Your friend will surely learn a lot from this book and gain insights to improve their writing craft.

15. Literary Cat Mug

literary cat mug

Do you know a writer, reader, and cat lover all in one person? If so, then here’s the perfect gift for them. This literary cat mug features a cat pattern with the best literary quotes from famous writers. It’s the best mug to use for writing sessions and can be filled with up to 12 ounces of coffee, tea, or any beverage.

16. Cross Edge Writing Pen

cross edge writing pen

A pen can be a powerful tool, especially for a writer who can use it to create wonderful works of art. Get any writer in your life this Cross Edge Writing Pen gift. It is a click-and-slide pen equipped with gel ink technology. It also has a very sleek and classic design, encased in a metallic fusion resin.

17. Typewriter Pencil Holder

typewriter pencil holder

Not only can this Typewriter Pencil Holder help a writer organize their workspace, but it also shows off their love for their craft. The holder features a classic typewriter design and is made of faux stone composite, guaranteeing durability and strength. It measures five inches tall and can store over 15 pens, pencils, and other writing tools.

18. Scented Candles Gift Set

scented candles gift set

Scent can influence the entire feel of a workstation, which is why it’s incredibly important for a writer’s surroundings to smell and feel relaxing. Fuel a writer’s creativity with this beautiful Scented Candles Gift Set. It comes with four candles with scents including spring, lavender, lemon, and mediterranean fig. Each candle lasts up to 75 hours and creates the best writing environment for optimal focus.

19. I Make Stuff Up T-Shirt

i make stuff up t-shirt

Writers deserve to flaunt their careers and love for writing. Help them do so with this I Make Stuff Up T-Shirt. The shirts come in various colors to suit anyone’s style. It comes in a lightweight and classic fit for utmost comfort. Your writer friend will surely love to wear this for their writing sessions!

20. Ernest Hemingway On Writing

ernest hemingway on writing book

One of the greatest writers of all time, Ernest Hemingway shares his stories, experiences, and tips for aspiring writers in this book Ernest Hemingway On Writing. The book gives the reader insights into his career, where they can learn valuable reflections, wisdom, and advice to improve their writing craft and career.

21. The Writer’s Block

the writer's block

Help a writer say goodbye to writer’s block with this practical and helpful gift! The Writer’s Block is a book of 672 pages that contains over 200 photographs to help spark imagination and help a writer gain new ideas. Everything in this book is from the best novelists of all time, so it’s like getting tips from the writing gods themselves!

22. Writing Patent Prints

writing patent prints

Give any writer a history lesson with these awesome and decorative wall art patents. These writing patent prints display writing equipment from the old days and drawings that writers would love to know about. The set comes with four prints measuring 8 by 10 inches and are printed on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

23. Post-it Sticky Notes Pack

post-it sticky notes pack

Writers tend to have a lot going on in their mind, and often need to organize their thoughts to create a seamless and steady flow in their writing. Help them manage their ideas with this essential Post-it Sticky Notes Pack. Each pack contains 24 pads with 70 sheets of 3 by 3 inch Rio de Janeiro collection paper that are perfect for sticking anywhere.

24. Writer Emergency Pack

writer emergency pack

Is your friend always complaining about writer’s block? Help them break out of their creativity coffin with this Writer Emergency Pack that contains 26 idea cards that can spark imagination and give wonderful ideas to complete a story. Super small and portable, these cards are perfect for taking anywhere.

Inexpensive Gifts For Writers

25. Writer Bracelet

writer bracelet gift

Give a writer something to commemorate their career and show off their love of writing. This Writer Bracelet is the perfect gift for a writer and includes charms that reflect the profession in the best light. It is made of lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic stainless steel to ensure longevity. The bangle measures 2.56 inches and fits most wrist sizes.

26. Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

short stories of ernest hemingway

Inspire a writer with the beautiful works of one of the greatest American writers of all time, Ernest Hemingway. This book, Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway, contains all of the iconic stories by the great writer, including The Snows of Kilimanjaro, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, and more. Plus, they can get a sneak peek at seven unpublished stories!

27. Do Not Annoy The Writer Mug

do not annoy the writer mug

This Please Do Not Annoy The Writer Mug is the best ceramic mug to hold coffee and display on a writer’s work desk. With images printed on both sides saying, “Please do not annoy the writer, she may put you in a book and kill you,” no one will ever disrupt their momentum again. The mug is also microwave safe for convenience.

28. Writing Prompt Cubes

writing prompt cubes

Give a writer more ideas for their next novel or short story with these Writing Prompt Cubes. The cubes are made of soft foam measuring just over one inch each. Each side has a different and unique prompt that can help spark ideas and creativity. With this, your writer friend can just dice the cubes and come up with a fantastic prompt for their next literary masterpiece.

29. Writer Life Typewriter Socks

writer life typewriter socks

A literary representation in comfortable apparel, this pair of Writer Life Typewriter Socks is the perfect gift for someone who loves writing. It comes in the soft yet playful colors of pink and teal and is printed with a typewriter pattern. Each pair is made of combed cotton, polyester, and polyester for the utmost softness and comfort.

30. Do Not Disturb Writer Sign

do not disturb writer sign

A writer needs a space with absolutely no distractions! Allow them to experience peace and keep their momentum going by giving them this Do Not Disturb Writer Sign. It’s made of durable thick plastic and measures 3.5 by 9.5 inches to serve as the perfect notice on a writer’s door.


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