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Know somebody who’s aiming to be the next Steven Spielberg? Or maybe they just enough making movies for fun! Whatever their experience, get them a useful gift to help them make their movies even better.

From rig systems to tripods, studio lights, and apparel, our team has asked hundreds of filmmakers what’s on their wish list. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find suitable presents for filmmaker below.

Gifts & Presents For Filmmakers 2022

1. GoPro HERO5 Camera

gopro hero5

Get that aspiring filmmaker in your life a wonderful camera that they are sure to love. This GoPro HERO5 camera is fantastic for action shots and filming things on the go. They will be able to film in resolutions up to 4k and take 12MP photos in multiple different modes. Waterproof up to 33ft and highly durable, this is a great gift for any beginner or experienced filmmaker.

2. Dimmable LED Standing Lights

dimmable LED standing lights

These LED standing lights are the perfect gift to get for any filmmaker. They each come with their own bag for storage, are made out of very durable aluminum, and feature a total of 480 LED lights. They will be able to choose between using either white or yellow light for their shot, making this a fantastic piece of equipment for any filmmaker.

3. DSLR Camera Rig System

DSLR camera rig system

If you’re looking for a gift to get that action filmmaker you know, then this is one of the best out there. This DSLR camera rig makes taking moving shots and action shots a breeze. Featuring a shoulder mount, 15mm rail rod system, and overall ergonomic design, this rig system is sure to many any camera man’s life easier.

4. We’ll Fix It In Post T-Shirt

we'll fix it in post t-shirt

Something that seems to be a running joke among filmmakers is the quote, “we’ll fix it in post”. This comfortable t-shirt features that very quote on its front alongside a retro design. Any cinematographer would love to have this in their wardrobe because of the funny quote and comfortable fit.

5. GorillaPod Compact Tripod

gorillapod compact tripod

Equip them with the gear they need to shoot that perfect scene with this GorillaPod tripod. Not only can this be used to stand the camera in any position that they need, but it can be held in hand and used as a monopod. They’ll love the versatility and usefulness that this tripod offers them.

6. 10 Movie Spotlight Blu-ray Collection

award winning movie blu-ray collection

Help that special filmmaker you know study up on some great examples of films by gifting them this collection of 10 award-winning movies. They will be able to study the works of the Coen Brothers, Sofia Coppola, Ang Lee, Wes Anderson, and other filmmakers. Not only will they be able to learn a lot from these movies, but they’ll also find them highly entertaining!

7. Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

100 movies scratch off poster

Sometimes, it is best to get inspiration from those who have come before. That’s why this scratch off poster is an amazing gift to give to your filmmaker friend. With over 100 movies to choose from, they’ll not only be inspired by different directors, but they’ll also have a beautiful piece of art that they can hang on the wall.

8. Universal Camera Microphone

universal camera microphone

This camera microphone may be one of the best gifts you could give to a filmmaker friend. Instantly improve the audio quality of the movies they shoot by giving them this high-quality mic set. Including various attachments, this is the perfect starter set for aspiring filmmakers as this mic is even compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

9. Filmmaker Necktie Gift Idea

filmmaker necktie gift idea

Get them the perfect present for when they attend future award ceremonies. This filmmaker necktie is the perfect gift that allows them to sport their flair for filmmaking while still keeping a classy look. Made of high end fabric and durable microfiber, this charcoal grey necktie is a beautiful addition to any filmmaker’s wardrobe.

10. Essential Camera Tripod

essential camera tripod

Get them a gift that will assist them in all of their shoots and give them a great outcome no matter the scene. This 67 inch tripod is a fantastic tool for any filmmaker as it provides them with a 360-degree rotating holder, Bluetooth remote, and high-quality construction that is sure to last them for years to come.

11. Ridley Scott: A Retrospective Book

ridley scott autobiography book

If you know a filmmaker who idolizes Ridley Scott, then it should be a no-brainer to get them this book as a gift. This book contains some of Scott’s firsthand experiences from the various movies he has worked on and includes multiple illustrations and interviews with this legendary director.

12. Evolution Of Filmmaker T-Shirt

evolution of filmmaker t-shirt

This evolution of the cameraman shirt is bound to get some laughs out of anyone who receives this awesome present. Giving this as a gift to someone who loves to make films won’t just make them chuckle, it’s also a very comfortable and lightweight shirt made out of machine washable cotton.

13. Lighting For Cinematography Book

lighting for cinematography book

One of the most essential things when filming a movie is having the proper lighting for the scene. That is why this book is an amazing gift for any filmmaker. In the book, they’ll be able to learn techniques for getting the best lighting for their shoots and making their work look as professional and appealing as possible.

14. Film Production Patent Wall Art Prints

film production patent wall art prints

Take any filmmaker on a history lesson of the film industry with these retro patent wall art prints. These wall prints are a wonderful gift for that filmmaker friend of yours who just cannot get enough of the industry. Every print is 8 by 10 inches and printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper that guarantees their longevity.

15. Funny Filmmaker T-Shirt

funny filmmaker t-shirt

For any friend who just loves filming, this t-shirt is sure to make them smile from ear to ear. This funny shirt won’t just get a laugh out of whoever you gift it to, but it will provide them with an extremely comfortable shirt. Made out of premium and lightweight materials, it will ensure comfort no matter how long it is worn.

16. Star Wars Original Movie Posters Set

star wars original movie posters set

Gift them some posters from one of the most beloved movie franchises of all-time. Filmmakers will adore this set of Star Wars posters due to their quality prints and historical relevance. Every poster is licensed as authentic and will look great on any wall. You can choose between getting them a framed or unframed version as well.

17. Harry Potter Page To Screen Book

harry potter page to screen book

This book provides readers with a complete history of everything that occurred throughout the making of the Harry Potter films. An excellent present for any filmmaker that wants to learn more knowledge about professional filmmaking. The book also includes information and pictures about the various Harry Potter theme parks around the world, as well as props and sets.

18. LEGO Make Your Own Movie Set

LEGO make your own movie set

This LEGO set is an amazing gift to pick up for young and aspiring filmmakers. They will be able to learn the basics of shooting a scene by building simple sets and using LOEG mini-figures as stand-ins for their cast. Various items are provided, such as bricks, props, and helpful tips for shooting their movie.

19. What Film Schools Don’t Tell You Book

what film schools dont tell you book

Help that filmmaker friend of yours equip themselves with some extra knowledge that they can’t learn in school. This book will fill them in on some of the most valuable techniques and tactics they can use to make the best movie on a minimal budget. Giving them this book as a gift will surely make any filmmaker happy.

20. Film Clapboard Set

film clapboard set

What’s a movie set without a film clapboard? Essential for marking footage from the film, a set can never have enough clapboards. The bundle comes packed with a sturdy clapboard that can easily be written upon, dry erase pens and a whiteboard eraser. Every filmmaker needs a clapboard in order to shoot a movie, so get them this fantastic set as a gift!

21. A Creative Approach To Narrative Filmmaking Book

a creative approach to narrative filmmaking book

Gifting a filmmaker this book will provide them with helpful knowledge on how they can craft a narrative film that will impress anyone. This book will give them a solid grounding in the various techniques, tools, and processes needed to craft a solid narrative film, making this a wonderful gift for anyone.

22. Sterling Silver Movie Camera Pendant

sterling silver movie camera pendant

Get them this sterling silver movie camera pendant and allow them to showcase their love for film. This pendant is crafted out of very high quality sterling silver and comes with an 18 inch chain made of the same silver. Female filmmakers will especially appreciate this gift as they can wear it with any outfit and show their love for the craft.

23. Cinema Pillow Covers

cinema pillow covers

These pillow covers make for a great addition to any bed or sofa. Every pillow cover comes with a unique design that features vintage cinema equipment. Beautiful colors and antique designs help give off a very classic feel to complete any film aesthetic in movie rooms or bedrooms. Any big fan of film is sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift.

24. Director Baseball Cap

director baseball cap

Gift this director baseball cap to your friend or family member and make them feel like a pro. Available in a variety of different colors ranging from black to camouflage and everywhere in between, you’re sure to find a color for them. Comfortable and low-profile, this hat won’t get in the way during filming and remains comfortable no matter how long the shoot.

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25. Pulp Fiction Movie Poster

pulp fiction movie poster

As one of the most influential movies of recent times, any filmmaker is sure to appreciate the movie that is Pulp Fiction. This cult classic poster for the film is sure to make a great gift for any filmmakers who look up to the legendary director Quintin Tarantino. Printed on low-glare satin finish paper and ready to be framed, it’s sure to look great in any home cinema or editing studio.

26. Director’s Megaphone Prop

directors megaphone prop

Any aspiring filmmaker would be ecstatic to receive this comedy megaphone gag gift. This sturdy, vintage megaphone comes printed with the word “director” on the side in a classic cinema font. Filmmakers who are working on indie projects will love this item for its usefulness and classic look.

27. Eat Sleep Film Mug

eat sleep film mug

If you know a friend that loves anything and everything to do with filmmaking, then this mug is the perfect gift for them. They will be able to enjoy their drink on or off set with this beautiful white and black ceramic mug. It is also microwave safe, making it super practical.

28. Life Is But A Scene Keychain

life is but a scene keychain

Get them this hand-stamped keychain and allow them to show off just how much they love filmmaking every time they pull out their keys. This keychain is made out of durable stainless steel and comes with both a pendant of a classic movie projector as well as the quote “Life is but a scene” stamped onto a glossy sheet.

29. Popcorn & Cinema Socks

popcorn cinema socks

These fun men’s socks are a wonderful gift for filmmakers that want to show how much they love filmmaking no matter what outfit they wear. With 14 different colors to choose from, these socks feature patterns of popcorn, tickets, a movie reel, and a clapboard. These socks are made out of durable cotton to ensure breathability and comfort.

30. Clapper Board Cufflinks

clapper board cufflinks

Give them these cufflinks to show their love for filmmaking even when they are wearing formal attire. These clapboard cufflinks are made out of high-quality materials, and each is molded to showcase a beautifully detailed clapboard. These cufflinks easily fit onto any cloth and look great with any outfit.


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