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Struggling to find that perfect gift for your favorite 12 year old girl? With so much to choose from, even the most experienced gifters can struggle to keep up!

To help you pick the best present, we’ve surveyed hundreds of 12 year old girls to find out exactly what they want. From musical instruments, to bath bombs and cuddly plushes, here are the best gifts for 12 year old girls that they are sure to love.

Best Presents For 12 Year Old Girls

1. Ukulele Beginners Kit

ukulele beginners kit

What’s the best gift to give a 12 year old music lover? This ukulele beginners kit! The body is made with top-quality mahogany and equipped with a walnut fretboard for a smooth and polished finish. It boasts soft carbon nylon strings for a bright and penetrating tone, pre-tuned at a lower action. It also comes with: a free online lesson, extra strings, strap, bag, and electric tuner.

2. Vans Old Skool Sneakers

vans old skool sneakers gift

Vans are and have always been staple sneakers for kids. Featuring a leather body and rubber sole, these Old Skool sneakers have a soft build and classic finish suitable for a 12 year old’s lifestyle. Absolute comfort was kept in mind in designing these sneakers, boasting of features like a vent hole for breathability, lightweight material, and more. 

3. Felt Letter Board

felt letter board present

Add a little bit of flair to your 12 year old’s bedroom with this handmade felt letter board. This 10 by 10 inches board is made with a warm oak frame, and robust evergreen felt in your child’s favorite colors. Allow them to express themselves with a 300-piece character set of letters and a drawstring pouch for safekeeping.

4. Custom Name Necklace

custom name necklace

A personalized necklace is the most meaningful and heartfelt gift you can give to any loved one. Show them how special they are to you with this prime quality stainless steel and 18K gold plated necklace. Customize it with your loved one’s name in your favorite typography (up to 8 characters).

5. Portable Inflatable Lounger

portable inflatable lounger

Do you know a 12 year old who loves having fun and lounging outdoors? This portable inflatable lounger may just be the perfect gift for her. For total comfort, it is equipped with anti-deflation technology and a patented pillow headrest to support the upper back and neck. Setting it up is such a breeze as well — just whisk it through the air and trap it inside the bag and it’s ready for a day of lounging and relaxation.

6. Unicorn Onesie

unicorn onesie for 12 year old girls

Sleepovers with friends are prevalent for 12 year old girls. Give them this sweet unicorn onesie to help them attend sleepovers and bundle up with friends in style and comfort. Made with 100% polyester, banded cuffs, and exposed zipper, this onesie can keep anyone warm from head to toe and give the utmost comfort and coziness.

7. Harry Potter Ring

harry potter ring jewelry

Looking for that perfect Harry Potter gift for your 12 year old? Get them something they will surely love — a special Harry Potter themed ring. This ring is made of premium sterling silver and comes in two coatings you can choose from: 14K gold or sterling silver. It’s the perfect treat for Harry Potter fans that will add value to their cherished collections.

8. Rose Flower Lamp

rose flower lamp

Add a touch of warmth and vibrance in your 12 year old daughters room with this gorgeous rose flower lamp in a romantic Bonsai design. Every branch is twistable and moldable so you can customize it and add your own personal touch! The lamp can be powered by 3 AAA batteries or connected to an outlet or any device via a USB cable.

9. DIY Bath Bomb Making Set

DIY bath bomb making set

Got a crafty 12 year old? Fuel their creativity with this DIY bath bomb making set. Everything they need to create their own bath bombs come in the set, including 10 food-grade aluminum alloy bath bomb molds in 3 sizes, 12 soap dye colors, and 50 shrink wrap bags for storage. Plus, it comes with a bath bomb recipe for beginners.

10. Fujifilm Instant Camera

fujifilm instant camera set

Capture childhood memories and look back at them with smiles in the future. Your 12 year old would love to record their treasured moments with this Fujifilm instant camera. Featuring a new selfie mirror, new macro lens adapter for closeups, and automatic exposure, every picture will turn out brighter and perfectly capture fond memories.

11. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

hydro flask water bottle

Help your 12 year old stay hydrated all day with a new hydro flask water bottle. This insulated bottle will keep cold drinks icy cold and hot drinks piping hot for hours. Made with BPA-free, phthalate-free, high-grade stainless steel, it’s safe for the dishwasher and even safer for use. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors anyone will love.

12. Tie Dye Crocs

tie dye crocs

Help your 12 year old make a statement with her own personal flare. These tie dye crocs boast of a timeless and fun design, perfect for adding grooviness and vibrance to any outfit. Made with 100% lightweight synthetic material, these crocs deliver iconic comfort and can sustain years of use.

13. Oversized Sherpa Hoodie

oversized sherpa hoodie

Keep your kids warm with this oversized sherpa hoodie. The large standard size fits most girls from 7-13 years of age, keeping them cozy during the winter. The hoodie is reversible, made with smooth micro fleece on the front and sherpa lining on the other side. It’s equipped with a Kangaroo front pocket that can fit anything from a phone, water bottle, or snacks.

14. Burrito Blanket

burrito blanket gift

Some days, girls just want laze around like a burrito, right? This burrito blanket is the perfect gift for your family to keep them warm and cozy while they’re watching TV. It’s made with high quality flannel fabric and eco-friendly dyes, making it skin-friendly, incredibly soft, and especially cozy.

15. Cat Pyjamas

cat pyjamas gift for 12 year old girls

Make nights cozier and more elegant for your 12 year old with these awesome cat pyjamas. The top and bottoms are made with eco-friendly fabric for a softer, lightweight, and more breathable choice of sleeping attire. Reactive printing and dyeing makes it possible to enjoy these pyjamas for longer, giving your 12 year old a comfortable and good night’s sleep.

16. Yarn Llama Craft Kit

yarn llama craft kit

This yarn llama craft kit is the perfect present for your intermediate to advanced crafter. Coming with detailed instructions, 9 pieces of acrylic felt, 20 yards of cotton thread, 103 yards of acrylic yarn, 46 acrylic pom poms, and one roll of adhesive. Your 12 year old can create his or her very own 9.5” tall yarn-wrapped llama they will surely love.

17. Sterling Silver Stud Heart Earrings

sterling silver stud heart earrings

Give your 12 year old daughter a breath of class and elegance with these sterling silver stud heart earrings. Made with Swarovski crystals and a romantic flying butterflies design, it’s evident that the wearer will sparkle and stand out everywhere. The earrings are made of fine hypo-allergenic sterling silver and are 100% safe to use even when worn for a long time.

18. Unicorn Dressing Gown

unicorn dressing gown

A unicorn dressing gown is the perfect sleepwear for young girls. Made with spa-like quality material and 100% lightweight polyester, it’s perfect to wear for any activity or occasion. Style and comfort are merged in one robe, thanks to a sherpa lined shawl collar and cuff sleeves that can keep your 12 year old warm and fuzzy.

19. RGB LED Candle Lights

RGB LED candle lights

Has your 12 year old moved on from her night light? Shine some brightness in their room with this RGB LED candle lights present that can give you all the brightness and the calming vanilla scent of a traditional candle — except this one is safe and risk-free. It comes with a remote control that changes the colors and lights at their leisure.

20. Vintage Sunglasses

vintage sunglasses

Heading on a trip soon with your 12 year old? Gift them some UV protection with these stylish vintage sunglasses. With polarized lenses, this eyewear can block 100% of UVB and UVA rays, keeping your kid safe and comfortable outdoors. The frame is flexible and strong, made with unbreakableT90 material so it will last for years.

21. Sterling Silver Heart Promise Ring

sterling silver heart promise ring

A promise of unconditional and everlasting love is what you make to your children. Give them a symbol of this promise with this sterling silver heart promise ring. It’s made with pure 92.5% sterling silver that adds strength and durability. The natural gemstone gives the most elegant and gorgeous design.

22. Metal Marquee Letter

metal marquee letter

Give your 12 year old’s room some personality with their own initials that illuminate and adds life to any dull space. It has an industrial, vintage style thanks to a galvanized finish that reflects any personality. The letter can be an accent to any desk or hung on the wall, powered by batteries and controlled with an easy on/off switch on the back.

23. LED Photo Clip Lights

LED photo clip lights

Take your child on a journey of fond memories by displaying their favorite photographs in their room with these LED photo clip lights. These fairy string lights are powered by a USB cable and can be personalized with a variety of flash combinations via a remote control. Each package includes 40 photo clips so they can hang as many photos as they want.

24. Glow In The Dark Blanket

glow in the dark blanket

Give your 12 year old daughter comfort during the night with this glow in the dark blanket adorned with stars and words of encouragement that gives a comforting embrace. Its plush furry fabric made with microfiber fleece delivers extreme comfort and makes any night soft, calming, and comfortable. An excellent gift for any 12 year old girl, they’re sure to enjoy using it.

25. RGB Cat Lamp

RGB cat lamp present idea

This lovely RGB cat lamp is made using soft BPA-Free silicone material and has a host of features that can brighten up your 12 year old’s room. The silicone surface can be tapped to switch between seven color breathing modes, standby mode, and warm white light mode. The lamp also comes with a remote control that can be used to turn it on/off, adjust brightness, and choose colors.

26. Ultra Soft Fluffy Rug

ultra soft fluffy rug

Add a touch of elegance and comfort to your child’s room with this ultra soft fluffy rug made with high quality velvet material. It comes in an innovative design and non-slip dots backing to keep it in place on a flat surface. This rug can add a touch of flair into any room and provides a soft, safe flooring for your kids.

27. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bluetooth karaoke microphone

The age of 12 is the perfect time for your kids to explore their interests and fuel their passions. Aid their self-development journey with a Bluetooth karaoke microphone that your entire family can enjoy. This portable handheld wireless microphone can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker, loudspeaker, and recorder. Use it anywhere at any time by simply connecting a device via Bluetooth or connecting the cable.

28. Soft Shiba Plush

soft shiba plush

A plush toy is a good companion for your 12 year old that can help them get a comfortable good night’s sleep. This soft Shiba plush offers an extremely cozy embrace since it’s made with premium plush fabrics and is stuffed with feather PP cotton filler. The plush has a convenient length that makes it a fuzzy pillow to sleep with.

29. Animal Sleeping Eye Mask Set

animal sleeping eye mask set

This animal sleeping eye mask set has four cute rabbit eye masks made from high quality plush material. Each mask is soft, lightweight, and provides extreme comfort. Its thick material can fully block light and provides the most comfortable and calming sleep environment for any 12 year old.

30. Bake It Recipes Book For Kids

bake it recipes book for kids

Does your 12 year old love to bake and fiddle with things in the kitchen? If they do, this bake it recipes book for kids makes for the perfect gift. It has over 250 recipes with easy step-by-step instructions that can help anyone bake cookies, cupcakes, cake, and more. These easy crafts will help develop your kids’ baking skills and pave the way to them becoming an expert baker!


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