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Finding the perfect gift for an engineer can be a tricky challenge. With so much to choose from, how can you find a gift that they’ll love while also making sure they don’t already have it?

No matter if they’re just starting their engineering career, or they’ve been in the industry for decades, we’ve handpicked the best gifts for engineers to celebrate any occasion. From engineering themed shirts to model kits and useful tools, you’ll find the perfect gift for every type of engineer here.

Cool Gifts For Engineers

1. 101 Things I Learned In Engineering School

101 things i learned in engineering school book
  • Features: 101 top tips for engineers
  • Dimensions: 216 pages, 5.2 x 1 x 7.2 inches

Perfect for anyone currently studying engineering, this book introduces the reader to all the fundamental elements of engineering as taught by an experienced civil engineer. Using real-world examples to show how engineer’s think and problems are solved, this book is sure to help anyone kick-start their engineering career.

2. Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

raspberry pi starter kit
  • Features: 4GB of RAM, 1.5Ghz 64-bit quad-core CPU
  • Dimensions: 8.27 x 6.61 x 1.81 inches

No matter their age, every engineer should own a Raspberry Pi. Perfect for anyone looking to get into engineering or has studied it for a while, this kit will allow their imagination to run wild. Complete with all the essential items, this kit will allow them to program the mini computer and make it do whatever they like.

3. Engineering Computation Paper Pad

engineering computation paper pad
  • Features: 200 individual pages
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inches by 11 inches

An engineer without computation paper is like an engineer without a pencil. Ensure they’re fully stocked up on grid paper with this 200 sheet computation pad. Featuring five squares per inch, this paper is great for any ring binder and is sure to be used daily to jot down drawings and equations.

4. Big Engineering Science Experiment Kit

big engineering science experiment kit
  • Features: 22 models, 260 building peices, 136 page manual
  • Dimensions: 19.1 x 3.8 x 13 inches

Perfect for any aspiring engineer or engineering student, this engineering kit will teach them how to build 22 different functional models while learning about mechanics. Finished models include a hydraulic lift, robotic arm, selfie stick and camera mount. Complete with a 136-page manual with step-by-step instructions, they’ll have everything they need to make these awesome models.

5. I Void Warranties Shirt

i void warranties shirt gift
  • Features: 100% cotton, made in the USA
  • Dimensions: Available in sizes medium to 3XL

Engineers are known for their hands-on tinkering and don’t respect all the warning labels and signs they see on items. Bring a smile to any engineer’s face with this hilarious and accurate “I Void Warranties” shirt. Unisex and perfect for any engineer, this shirt is great for wearing daily while voiding warranties…

6. Engineering Nutritional Facts Mug

engineering nutritional facts mug
  • Features: 11 ounce capacity
  • Dimensions: 4 inches tall

As a hardworking engineer, it’s only normal that they’ll be drinking lots of coffee to get through the day. Bring a smile to their face with this handy and humorous engineer nutritional mug. Featuring different nutrients ingredients on the side, such as determination, pride and critical thinking, this mug is sure to give them lots of motivation and refreshment.

7. Da Vinci’s DIY Construction Kit

da vinci diy kit gift
  • Features: 3 different projects, 1- 3 hours construction time
  • Dimensions: 5 inches tall

Da Vinci was an engineer way beyond his time and created some impressive and mighty contraptions. This national geographic DIY kit contains everything they need to build three functioning wooden models including a catapult, bombard and ballista. Perfect for new and experienced engineers, this kit will certainly get their brains thinking!

8. Metal Wire Puzzle Set

metal wire puzzle set
  • Features: 16 different puzzles
  • Dimensions: 2 inches squared

Engineers love a challenge, and there’s nothing more challenging than a unique puzzle gift. Featuring 16 different brain teasers made from iron wires, these puzzles will require all of their engineering knowledge to solve them. Suitable for engineers just starting their careers and veterans who have retired from the business, these wire puzzles are sure to go down a treat.

9. Multi-functional Plier Tool

multi-functional plier tool
  • Features: 12 integrated components
  • Dimensions: 4 inches long

An engineer always needs a handy set of tools to fix things. Give them something practical and useful to use around their house with these multi-functional pliers. Featuring 12 different tools, including a serrated blade, screwdriver and wire head cutter, these pliers will quickly become their favorite tool in their toolbox!

10. Circuit Board Coasters Set

circuit board coasters set
  • Features: set of 6 coasters
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 0.9 x 9.2 inches

Add some electrical engineering to their dining table with these colorful and detailed circuit board coasters. Made from recycled circuit boards, each coaster contains a real circuit board from an electrical device that has been crafted into a unique coaster. Fully waterproof and durable, these coasters are sure to be a great conversation starter.

11. V8 Model Engine

v8 model engine kit

Understanding how an engine works in like engineering 101. No matter if they’re new to engineering or have been doing it for decades, every engineer will be able to appreciate this awesome V8 combustion engine model kit. Use the pieces to build the engine and then turn it on to watch it function just like a real V8!

12. Robotic Arm Toy

robotic arm edge kit

Every engineer dreams of having their own robotic arm. Whether they work in chemical engineering or robotic engineering, a robotic arm has so many useful uses. Make their wish come true by getting them their very own robotic arm. Easy to assemble and use, this arm can rotate in various ways to make it incredibly handy.

13. Large Perpetual Calendar

perpetual calendar gift

Want to gift your engineer friend or family member something they will cherish forever? Look no further than this impressive and reusable perpetual calendar. Perfect for putting on a desk or mounting to a wall, simply move the magnet to mark the date and month. Simple yet functional, this reusable calendar is sure to be a stylish addition to their home.

14. Scientific Engineering Calculator

engineering calculator

Every professional engineer needs a trusty calculator; they can count on to help work out their math. Ideal for students taking tests at college, or engineering professionals who crunch numbers all day long, this scientific engineering calculator is perfect for the task. Featuring a solar panel, they’ve never have to worry about it running out of battery.

15. Blue Screen of Death Shirt

BSOD shirt

When it comes to engineering and computing, not everything works as intended. Bring a smile to any computer engineer’s face with this hilarious and humorous blue screen of death shirt. Featuring real error text commonly found on Windows computers, this unisex shirt is perfect for any engineer who works in computer engineering.  

16. Pop Up Golden Gate Bridge Card

golden gate bridge pop up card

Want to wish an engineer a happy birthday, congratulations or well done? Surprise them with this 3D and interactive golden gate pop up bridge card. Super thin and sleek, the recipient will have no idea what is about to hit them when they open it. Let them marvel at the card and bridge’s engineering that will leave them shocked and darn right impressed.

17. Tesla Patent Prints

tesla patent prints

Known for his incredible inventions (and being the name of a very popular electric car company) Nikola Tesla is popular with all engineers, but especially electrical ones. Known for his work regarding alternating current electricity, this lead him to create a range of electricity spewing contraptions. Give the gift of his creations with these high-quality patent prints based on his original work.

18. N52 Neodymium Magnet Cube

N52 neodymium magnet cube

A unique gift for any chemical engineer, this metal looking cube is actually made from neodymium, which is extremely magnetic. With a magnetic grade of N52, this cube magnet is 10 times stronger than normal magnets and is highly resistant to demagnetization meaning it won’t lose its magnetic ability. If you know someone who loves elements, then this cube is sure to be a great gift.

19. Robot Vacuum

robotic vacuum cleaner

Even engineers need help with their vacuuming! Give them the gift of a clean house with this smart and helpful robot vacuum. An engineering marvel in its own right, this robot vacuum cleaner is sure to pique their interest and engineering knowledge. Fingers crossed they won’t end up taking it apart!

20. She Engineers Book

she engineers book

Female engineers might be severely underrepresented in the industry, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving their goals. Know a female engineer who needs a little bit of motivation and guidance with their career? This book contains everything they’ll need to craft their dream career and excel every step of the way.

21. Screwdriver Pen Multi-Tool Kit

screwdriver pen multitool

Every engineer needs a sturdy pen to help them draw and write down equations, but what if they could get more out of their pen? Leave them impressed and awesome multifunctional pocket pen tool. Featuring various tools including a spirit level, screwdriver, ruler and stylus, this gadget pen is perfect for every engineer who keeps forgetting their tools!

22. Solder Sucker

solder sucker tool gift

Electrical engineering can be a nightmare when you have to unsolder lots of components from a circuit board. But fear not, this device is sure to turn any laborsome task into an easy job. Designed to suck up unused solder, this solder sucker can be used with one hand and withstand direct contact with a soldering iron. Help keep their desks free from excess older with this handy sucking device.

23. Soldering Iron Kit

soldering iron kit

Every engineer needs a soldering iron in their toolbox. Not matter if they’re fixing the toaster or building a new invention from scratch, a soldering iron is perfect for soldering things into place. Featuring everything they need to get stuck in, the kit comes with a soldering stand, tweezers, five soldering tips and a solder sucker.

24. Engineering Scale Ruler

engineering scale ruler

No matter what blueprint they are drawing, every engineer needs a professional ruler for drafting and drawing those straight lines. Made from high-quality aluminium, this engineering scale ruler is sure to be an engineering gift they’ll use regularly. With laser-etched markings, these markings will never rub off with wear and tear. Sold in a set of three, these rules will last them many decades to come.

25. Marble Mechanical Kit

marble puzzle kit

Looking for something unique and creative to keep them entertained? Give them hours of fun with this challenging mechanical marble kit. Perfect for all engineers, this kit comes with everything they need to build a functional marble roller coaster contraption. Containing laser cut pieces of wood, this kit is sure to teach them all about mechanical engineering.

26. Spirit Level Cufflinks

engineering spirit level cufflinks

Help them dress to impress with these engineering themed spirit level cufflinks. Featuring real working spirit levels, these cufflinks are perfect for wearing to any black-tie or formal event. Sold in a pair and complete with a presentation box, these cufflinks are sure to be their favorite gift.

27. Circuit Board Tie

circuit board tie

Add to their tie collection with this appropriately themed circuit board tie. Great for electronic engineers, this tie is sure to be an attention grabber in the workplace or at any formal event. Featuring a unique circuit board print, this design is sure to be recognizable to most engineers and will quickly become their favorite tie to wear.


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