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Buying chemistry gifts can be a real challenge, especially when you aren’t a chemist yourself! With so many wacky gifts out there, how can you tell that what you’re buying is going to be relevant and funny? The last thing you want to do is buy something so basic and unimaginative that its cringey…

Luckily, we’re here to save you from embarrassment and get yourself in their good books.

No matter if they’re just starting to learn about chemistry at high school, or they’re a fully-fledged chemistry professor, we’ve hand-picked a range of chemistry gifts suitable for everyone. From punny t-shirts and hoodies, to chemistry themed spiced racks, check out all of our favorite gifts for chemists below.

1. Periodic Table Bow Tie

periodic table bow tie

Upgrade their outfit with this fantastic periodic table bow tie. Suitable for every occasion, including formal events or even the classroom, this bow tie features a selection of elements from the periodic table. Suitable for both chemistry students and professors alike, it’s sure to be a chemistry gift that will leave them smiling.

2. Chemist’s Spice Rack

chemists spice rack

Spice up their kitchen with this essential chemists spice rack. Featuring 14 different beakers and flasks within the set, they can now perfectly arrange their spices in the appropriately labelled flasks. With 36 stickers included, they can pick which spices they use the most and display them in their collection. The set also comes with a metal spice rack for presenting the spices.

3. Chemist Proton Keychain

chemist proton keychain

Remind them to think positive like a proton with this funny chemistry gift. Perfect for a chemistry graduation gift, retirement gift for chemists, or a gift for chemistry teachers, this hand-engraved stainless steel keychain will always remind them of their passion. Wherever they go, they’ll always have it on their keys.

4. Chemistry Pattern Flask

chemistry flask gift

Help them stay hydrated at college or work with this chemistry themed water bottle flask. Featuring a unique chemistry pattern on the flask, including molecule drawings, there’s no denying that this is a chemists flask. Featuring a double-wall vacuum, this flask will keep drinks hot or cold throughout the day.

5. Chemistry Scarf

chemistry scarf gift

Wrap them up warm with this chemistry themed scarf, which is perfect for those cold winter months. Featuring a unique chemistry pattern of flasks and beakers, everybody will know they’re a chemist with this! Sold in a double layer with no open seams or raw ages, this scarf is sure to keep them warm while also becoming their new favorite accessory.

6. Beaker Shot Glasses

beaker shot glasses

The perfect chemistry gift for those alcohol lovers, this beaker shot glass set contains four miniature shot glasses that each hold 30ml. Each shot glass looks like they’re straight from the science lab and contains various styles including the traditional beaker, conical double-wall flask, and round Florence flask. The perfect gift for chemistry students and graduates, these are sure to get the party started!

7. Beaker Wine Glass

beaker wine glass

Help them take their work home and relax with this hilarious beaker wine glass. Featuring a lab beaker flask carefully attached to a wine glass, this is the ultimate crossover of working hard and partying hard. Dishwasher safe, this is also the perfect gift for any chemistry graduate, or any chemist teacher starting their retirement.

8. Periodic Clock

periodic elements clock

Great for new chemistry students, this element periodic clock will help them learn elements from the periodic table with ease. Containing 12 different elements, a different one for every hour, this clock is sure to help burn those important elements into their brain. Be warned, they might start referring to hours as elements!

9. Periodic Table Lanyard

periodic table lanyard

Let them show everybody they mean business with this highly colorful and educational periodic table lanyard. Featuring a range of colorful elements from the periodic table, this double-sided and 18-inch lanyard is perfect for any chemistry teacher or student. With lots of color and lots of elements, it sure to be a real head-turner.

10. Beakers & Flasks Tie

chemistry tie gift

Perfect for any formal occasion such as graduation, retirement parties, or any other formal event, this chemistry necktie is an excellent chemistry gift. Made out of silk and featuring a unique pattern of flasks and beakers, this is sure to let everybody know they love chemistry!

11. Dihydrogen Monoxide Water Bottle

dihydrogen monoxide water bottle

Surprise your chemistry friend with this hilarious dihydrogen monoxide flask. For those that aren’t chemistry geeks, dihydrogen monoxide is a name for the water molecule which is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Complete with both a sports top and clip screw top, this thing can hold 18 ounces of hot or cold liquid to keep them fuelled throughout the day.

12. Molecule Model Kit

chemistry model kit

Perfect for teachers and students, this molecule model kit is sure to come in handy for demonstrating to students or revising for a test. Including 239 individual pieces, this model kit is designed for both beginners and experienced chemists. Complete with an instruction manual, this kit has everything they’ll need to start creating molecules in minutes.

13. Ba Co N Hoodie

chemistry bacon hoodie

Know somebody who loves chemistry and bacon? Surprise them with this hilarious Ba Co N elements hoodie! Unisex and made from super comfy and soft material, this hoodie is perfect for any chemistry student at college. Featuring the elements of barium, cobalt and nitrogen on the front, the hoodie cleverly spells out bacon.

14. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

caffeine molecule necklace

Caffeine is a drug that is loved by millions, including chemists! Give them something funny and amusing with this beautiful caffeine molecule necklace. To the average person, it might not look like much, but to their co-workers or co-students, they’ll be able to tell that it’s actually a caffeine molecule.

15. Chemistry Themed Socks

science chemistry socks

Give them something funny to wear to work or class with these appropriately themed chemistry socks. Featuring various drawings of lab equipment, molecules and atoms, these socks are unisex and suitable for everyone. Perfect for any science lover, these socks are sure to keep them warm while showing their love for science.

16. Throw Pillow Cover

chemistry theme throw pillow

Bring some chemistry into their home with this scientific throw pillow cover. Suitable for throw pillows on the bed or sofa, these covers are machine washable and feature a double-sided print. Featuring a molecule element on both sides, this chemistry pillow cover is sure to look great in anybody’s home.

17. Chemistry Coasters

chemistry drinks coaster gift set

Keep their tables clean with this six set of chemistry drinks coasters. Featuring six different lab rule designs in total, these funny coasters are perfect for anyone who works in a chemistry lab. Presented in a handy drawstring gift bag, these coasters will be a memorable chemistry gift for anyone.

18. Serotonin Molecule Decal Sticker

serotonin molecule decal sticker

Great for students who are studying chemistry at college, this serotonin decal sticker is ideal for their laptop. Featuring the entire serotonin molecule, this decal can be stuck on surface and objects such as laptops, walls, cars or notebooks. At six inches wide, it’s an ideal size for any object and is sure to let everyone know they’re a chemist!

19. Elements Decks

deck of elements chemistry gift

Learning all the elements can be a challenge without any visual clues to link them together. Help somebody master their periodic table with this incredibly helpful and handy elements picture deck. Including all 118 elements on five by five-inch cards, this deck will help them learn every element and their various properties with ease.

20. 5 Piece Flask Set

scientific glass flask set

Help somebody do science outside of the lab with this handy 5-piece flask set. Perfect for students and teachers who like to experiment outside of the lab, these flasks are exceptional quality and very heavy duty. Suitable for use at a home lab, these are just as good if not better than the ones in a commercial lab.

21. Original Science Lab Equipment Art

original science lab equipment art

Give them a piece of science history to hang on their walls with these incredibly detailed and original pieces of lab equipment art. Including four unique pieces of art, these illustrations are sure to look great in any home or classroom. Printed on crystal archive paper, this art is sure to last a lifetime.

22. Iron Man Chemistry Hoodie

iron man chemistry hoodie

Know somebody who’s man enough to be called an iron man? Or perhaps they love Marvel comics and chemistry, whatever it is, surprise them with this funny Iron Man chemistry hoodie. Suitable for both guys and girls, this hoodie features the element Fe (which is actually Iron!). Simple yet humorous, this inside joke is sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face.

23. Chemistry Cookie Cutters

chemistry cookie cutters

Bring some chemistry into the kitchen with these funny chemistry cookie cutters. Containing four different cutters shaped as different science objects including a flask, test tube, beaker and atom, they’ll be able to make plenty of science-themed cookies from now on!

24. Fisher Chemicals Caffeine Mug

fisher chemicals caffeine mug

Anyone who works or studies in a chemistry lab is sure to have seen this logo before. Fisher chemicals produce a wide range of chemicals for use in labs and the chances are they’ll use them in their lab! Instantly recognizable for anything who handles chemicals in a lab, this mug will be the talk of the office, lab or classroom.

25. Home Chemistry Experiments Book

chemistry experiments book

Studying chemistry can be hard when you spend all day reading books and not getting any practical experience. Give them a better understanding of chemistry and science with this home experiments book. Perfect for anyone just starting a chemistry course at college, this book is sure to give them a head start.

26. The Element of Surprise T-Shirt

element of surprise shirt

Make them smile with this hilarious element of surprise t-shirt. Printed on a quality garment, this unisex t-shirt is perfect for anyone who’s into their chemistry and elements. Featuring an imaginary element that looks like it could belong on the periodic table, this t-shirt is bound to get plenty of laughs.

27. Element Encyclopedia Book

elements exploration chemistry gifts

When learning the periodic table, the best way is to have a visual image of the element in question. This book will help anybody master the periodic table with ease thanks to its collection of pictures for all the 118 elements. Organized sequentially by atomic number, every element is represented by a big beautiful photograph that most closely represents it in its purest form.

28. Caffeine Molecule Earrings

caffeine molecule earrings

Help them show their love for caffeine with these funny but stylish caffeine molecule earrings. Featuring the entire caffeine molecule, these earrings and the perfect chemistry gift for any wife, girlfriend, daughter or co-worker. Available in various colors including rose gold, silver, and gold, these earrings are sure to be a welcomed gift.

29. Chemistry Goggles

chemistry goggles

Protect those precious eyes with these essential chemistry goggles. Ideal for students and teachers alike, you can never have too many pairs of goggles! Incredibly comfortable and designed to be long-lasting and durable, feel safe knowing they won’t have any nasty chemicals going in their eyes while in the lab.


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