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Everybody loves learning about history and what happened hundreds and thousands of years ago, but some people take history a little more seriously than others.

History buffs love learning and talking about historical figures and events, to the point where they often bore people to tears! But it’s their passion for history than can often make it hard to buy them gifts for special occasions.

To help you find the perfect gift for any history buff and lover, we’ve asked plenty of historians and self-proclaimed history lovers. Covering a range of different periods from the American civil war, to World War II, and even ancient Egypt, these gifts are sure to please even the biggest history fans.

Best Gifts for History Buffs & Lovers

1. LEGO Empire State Building Kit

LEGO empire state building kit

One of the most iconic buildings in New York, the Empire State Building has dominated the skyline since 1931 and remains one of the tallest buildings in New York today. What better way to surprise a history buff that with their very own LEGO Empire State Building! 21-inches tall and 1767 pieces, this kit is sure to keep them entertained.

2. Mead Making Kit

mead making kit gift

One of the first alcoholic drinks, mead is created by fermenting honey with water. Dating all the way back to 7000 BC, this beverage has been enjoyed by millions since the beginning of time. Help any history lover make their own mead with this mead making kit. Including the ingredients and bottles, this kit also includes step by step instructions.

3. History of the World Map by Map

history of the world map

It’s no secret that the world has changed over the millions of years we’ve been here. From empires forming and collapsing to new countries being born, this history book covers all the important changes with 140 detailed maps. Ideal for any history lover who wants to learn about wars, revolutions and empires, this book has it all.

4. History Buff T-Shirt

history buff t-shirt

Let everyone know they’re they biggest history buff with this hilarious t-shirt. Featuring George Washington pumping some iron, this t-shirt is screen printed in the USA and is available in a range of different sizes from small to X-large. Ideal for anyone studying history at college or school, this t-shirt is sure to make them laugh.

5. Declaration of Independence Framed Print

declaration of independence gift idea

The ultimate gift for any history lover, this framed declaration of independence is sure to look great in anybody’s house. Available in a range of different sizes and colored frames, this replica declaration is printed on high-quality paper and contains a special glass UV blocking layer to ensure it doesn’t fade over time.

6. Chronology Board Game

chronology board game

What better way to test somebody’s history knowledge than with this fact-based history game. The game is simple, arrange the card in chronological order until your timeline reaches ten cards. Featuring over 858 different events from the past 2,000 years, this game is suitable for two to eight players and has plenty of replayability.

7. Encyclopedia Mythologica Pop Up Book

encyclopedia mythologica book

What better way to learn about mythology than with this incredible 3D pop-up book! Full of myths, legends, and a bit of fantasy, this book explores various ancient mythology including various gods and heroes from millions of years ago. Great for anyone who loves ancient tales and myths, this book certainly has the wow factor.

8. President Socks

president socks gift idea

Make any history buff geek out than with their very own president socks! This four-pack of socks contains four of the most famous presidents, including Lincoln, Kennedy, Franklin and Washington. Suitable for shoe sizes 6 – 11, these colorful socks are also very stretchy and comfy, making them perfect for wearing every day.

9. Abraham Lincoln Figurine

abraham lincoln figurine

Often regarded as the greatest US president to date, Abraham Lincoln is a historical figure everyone is familiar with. Brighten up anybody’s desk or office with this awesome bobblehead style figurine. Standing at eight inches tall, this figurine is highly detailed and would make an excellent gift for anyone who’s a big fan of him.

10. Quill Pen Set

quill pet set

Take them back a few hundred years with their very own quill pen set. Complete with a unique ostrich feather and metal nib, this set also comes with an additional five calligraphy tips to switch between. Once they’ve finished writing their note, there is also a seal stamp included so they can seal their messages with a wax stamp.

11. WW2 Jigsaw Puzzle

ww2 jigsaw puzzle

Most jigsaws can be dull and boring, but not this one! Give them something they’ll look forward to completing with this 1000 piece world war two themed jigsaw puzzle. Featuring all the famous and iconic American posters from the second world war, any history buff will thoroughly enjoy completing this puzzle.

12. Titanic Model

titanic model gift

There’s no denying that the Titanic was one of the most iconic ships to sail the seas, even though it did end at the bottom of the ocean. Anyone who loves the history behind the Titanic and its engineering achievements will love this 14-inch long model. Pre-assembled and made by the finest craftsmen, this Titanic model is sure to make them geek out.

13. Julius Caesar Statue

julius caesar statue

Another incredibly famous historical figure, Julius Caesar played a vital role in the rise of the Roman Empire. A bloodthirsty warrior, he went on to become a general and lead Rome on countless conquests. Standing ten inches tall, this bronze statue is the perfect gift for any history fan who loves ancient Rome.

14. Historic Tea Samples

historic tea samples

The Boston Tea Party was a political protest back in 1773 when there were riots over a law that allowed British companies to sell tea without paying any taxes. Give them a throwback all the way to 1773 with some of the same tea leaves they traded and drunk back then.

15. Henry VIII Wives Mug

henry VIII mug

Henry VIII is one of the most studied kings in the world. Known for his long list of wives and wild life, this mug is sure to make an excellent gift for any history buff. When cold, the side of the mug displays Henry and several of his wives. But when the mug heats up, it reveals their fate within the silhouette.

16. Women Who Dared Book

women who dared history book

Help inspire a generation of women to explore, discover, persist, and succeed with this fantastic Women Who Dared book. Although many women have been doing dangerous, daring and amazing things for centuries, very few are rarely mentioned in history books. Show someone how amazing women can be with this historic history book.

17. Benjamin Franklin Electricity Mug

benjamin franklin mug

Known for inventing plenty of useful machines and gadgets throughout his life, Benjamin Franklin also went on to become the president. An ideal gift for any big Franklin fan, this mug re-enacts his famous lighting experiment. The mug also has a unique notch at the top for hanging their teabag, which becomes part of the kite in the picture!

18. Wright Brothers Flying Machine Patent

wright brothers patent posters

What better way to impress a history fan than with patents of the very first aeroplane designed by the Wright brothers. Featuring four different patents printed on high quality Fuji crystal archive paper, these prints are made to last as long as the patents themselves. Great for any engineering history fan, these are sure to look great in any home.

19. Nikola Tesla Bronze Bust

gift for history buff nikola tesla bust

The man, the myth, the legend. Nikolas Tesla has had a huge impact in today’s society thanks to his work electrical engineering, with even some companies being named after him. Known for his crazy experiments and inventions, any history fan is sure to appreciate this 7.5-inch tall bronze bust of the man himself.

20. Miniature Civil War Cannon

civil war cannon model

Watch them geek out when you give them this cool miniature desktop cannon. Used during the American civil war, this cannon is the perfect size for anyone to keep it on their desk. Incredibly accurate and realistic, if you know someone who loves their military artillery, then they’ll love this gift.

21. Egyptian Pyramid Box

egyptian pyramid box

What better way to keep their valuables safe than within the ancient tombs in a pyramid! Impress any history fan with this seven-inch tall Egyptian storage box. Perfect for storing jewelry, or any other small objects, this pyramid has a sandstone finish and contains various detailed engravings and scriptures.

22. Viking Ox Horn Mug

viking horn mug

No matter if they’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Vikings, or just beer, this Viking Ox horn mug is sure to be a great surprise for anyone. Crafted from real oxen, this mug can hold 16 ounces of beer and comes complete with a 3-ounce shot glass and bottle opener.

23. Battle of Gettysburg Tie

battle of gettysburg history tie

The perfect gift for anyone who’s not afraid to show off their nerdy side, this tie has the entire Battle of Gettysburg map printed on it. The famous fight during the American civil war era, this tie is sure to be a great conversation starter at any formal event.

24. Authentic Roman Bronze Coins

authentic roman bronze coins

Give them a piece of real-life history and treasure with these authentic Roman bronze coins gift. Genuine Roman coins, each coin comes with its own certificate of authenticity as well as a mini folder and protective casing. Ideal for any history buff or coin collector, they’re sure to be treasured forever.

25. World War II Monopoly

world war 2 monopoly board game

Everyone’s played Monopoly at some point in their life, but not everybody has played World War II Monopoly! Perfect for history and World War II fans, this board game takes everyone back in time to the 1940s and replaces the board with numerous famous landmarks. Complete with wartime money and player tokens, this is sure to get them geeking out.

26. Jousting Knight Statue

jousting knight statue

Enter their knight in shining armor with this 11-inch tall jousting knight on horseback. Made from high quality designer resin, this statue is individually hand polished to ensure maximum detail. Great for any desk, mantle, or bookshelf, this knight statue is an excellent gift for anyone who loves medieval history.

27. George Washington Cookie Cutter

george washington cookie cutter gift

Make history taste delicious with this funny George Washington cookie cutter. Made from solid heavyweight copper and joined using lead-free solder, this cutter is built for years of use. When not being made to cut cookies, it also doubles up as a Christmas tree ornament.

28. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

leonardo da vinci catapult

Explore the inventions of the worlds smartest man with this Leonardo da Vinci catapult kit. Complete with all the pieces they need to construct it, simply slide the pieces together to create one of Leonardo’s amazing inventions. Ideal for engineers, history lovers, or anyone who wants their own catapult, this kit will be loved by any recipient.


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