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When it comes to myths and fantasy, nothing is more awe-inspiring than dragons!

Many recent TV series and movies such as Game of Thrones and the Hobbit have made dragons more popular than ever before. With the likes of Drogon and Smaug regularly on TV, it’s easy to see why they’ve become loved by so many.

If you know someone who’s obsessed with this mythical beasts, then you’ve come to the right place.

No matter their age, we’ve handpicked the most unique dragon gifts for even the biggest dragon lovers. From collectible figurines to blankets and t-shirts, here are the best dragon gifts for any dragon lovers.

1. Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

Wow, your friends with this spectacular mythical dragon wine bottle holder. This individually hand-crafted piece of art comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, so you don’t need to worry about any gift-wrapping. The high-quality resin table ornament stands approximately 7″ high and weighs 3.1lbs. Ideal for any fan of dragons, this is sure to look great on any table or cabinet.

2. Bookend Dragon Statues

Surprise your friends or family with these two fire breathing gothic dragons, hand-crafted with real crushed stones and bonded with superior-quality resin. Guard your magical tomes with great aplomb and ferocity. The dragon figurine bookend set towers a whopping 8 inches in height and casts an umbra over anyone who dares venture into the library without your permission.

3. Table Clock Figurine

Hand-painted and polished to perfection, this Red Ember Dragon Protecting Egg Table Clock will delight any dragon lover. The battery-operated clock is easily removed to expose the battery chamber. It weighs just 1.3 lbs, and the top-notch quality resin three-dimensional figurine makes it an extraordinary table ornament for your dragon loving friends.

4. Dragon Head Skull

No Dungeons and Dragons fan can ever say no to the life-like, miniature Skeleton Dragon Head Fossil-Like Statue. It’s a part of an exclusive gift collection and makes for a great present or addition to your collection of medieval memorabilia. Just looking at it, you know you can expect nothing but A-grade quality material and craftsmanship.

5. Dragon Throw Blanket

Made from sustainably-sourced American grown cotton farmed near the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is the throw blanket of any dragon fans dreams. Bearing the image of the Fire Dragon by Anne Stokes this super-soft, queen-sized, and machine-washable blanket allows anyone to cuddle up and stay cozy while being wrapped in fantasy in the truest sense.

6. Father of Dragons T-Shirt

Premium pre-shrunk ring-spun cotton with double-needle stitching makes for rugged durability while the DTG (direct to garment) printing makes for a vivid, long-lasting image on this one of a kind Father of Dragons T-shirt. Available in nine sizes, complement the mother of dragons in your life with this tee, or even a matching pair!

7. Dragon Plush

Surprise any child with an extra soft Dragon Plush Doll Toy & Pillow. Made with non-allergic cotton filling, this U-shaped pillow/plush toy makes for a huggable, and cuddly delight for children and parents alike – it’s the perfect gift for anyone that has a fascination with dragons. And when you consider the fact that it’s fully machine washable – what’s not to love?

8. Dragon Incense Burner

Nothing comes closer to calming the body and mind after a hard day’s work than some aromatherapy. The Fen Shui dragon, in Chinese mythology, was believed to stimulate a positive aura, motivation, and creativity. Create that zen-like feel in the comfort of your home with a LightUp Dragon Backflow Incense Burner – it even comes with 20 free cones to get anyone started!

9. LED Light Statue

You don’t have to love dragons to be amazed by the Lethuvanian Dragon Head. Its striking features depict a dragon rising up with a glittering globe gripped in its razor-sharp fangs. This Frost Dragon Storm Ball Statue makes for an eye-popping decorative piece, and it even comes with an LED night light and sound-activated sensors to add to the feeling of mystique.

10. Mini Dragon Figurines

In the market for some mystical collectibles? Well, look no than these three fun dragons to make anyone smile. These adorable, see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, and speak-no-evil, mini dragons are called the Trio of Trouble. And, they are hand-crafted to make this the perfect keepsake for your loved ones.

11. Purple Dragon Mug

There is nothing better than waking up to a great cup of coffee! And, when it’s served in an Exotic Purple Dragon Mug, the experience is altogether more special. This Purple Dragon Mug is 4.5 inches tall and features a spectacular sculptural gothic dragon encasing a washable stainless steel liner that can hold 13.6 oz of liquid.

12. Trinket Box Statue

Artfully and intricately crafted, with superb detailing, the Mythical Guardian Dragon Trinket Box Statue makes for a valuable gift for all your gothic and fantasy loving friends. Its impressive dimensions (6.75 inches width and 8.25 inches high), and top-class build quality commands attention. And the hidden compartment built-in keeps precious items from prying eyes.

13. Castle Candle Holder Statue

Anyone with a taste for the dramatic will appreciate the handiwork and premium quality resin used to handcraft this Fiery Dragon Castle Candle Holder Statue. Standing over 9.25″ high, this work of art will look great in any room and is sure to grab anyone’s attention.

14. Dragon Ceramic Cup

Anyone with a taste for the dramatic will appreciate the handiwork and premium quality resin used to hand-craft this Fiery Dragon Castle Candle-holder Statue. Standing over 9.25″ high, this work of art will look great in any indoor space. It may seem like a regular cup, but hidden inside is a little dragon waiting to attack as the liquid disappears!

15. Leather Journal Diary

Surprise your loved ones with this handmade Vintage Double Dragon Genuine Leather-Bound Journal for their birthday or a special occasion. Give them a meaningful gift that will stay with them for a lifetime and bring a little fantasy into their lives. Its environmentally-friendly cotton-lined handmade paper can be used for writing, sketching, or drawing – you name it!

16. Fury Dragon Plush

Want to see your favorite little one jump with joy? Well, get them thisFury Plush and see them smile from ear to ear. The perfect movie gift idea from the popular film franchise How to Train Your Dragon, the cuddleable plush serves as a friend by day, and as a 16″ pillow by night if you unfasten its belly.

17. Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder

Keep their salt pepper shakers well-guarded with a fiery winged beast. Turn their guests green with envy, as an exquisitely hand-crafted granite-gray dragon fiercely guards two glass salt and pepper shakers. Standing 8 inches high, and individually crafted, it’s the perfect gift for your fantasy dragon loving friend!

18. Dragon Taco Holder

Picky eaters at the dinner table? Get them a Dragon Taco Holder! You won’t have to call the kids to the dinner table twice. The innovative design serves as a taco, sandwich, or hotdog holder while making mealtime a total blast of fun. The tail of the dragon serves as a comfortable handle. And the plastic it’s made with is BPA, lead, and phthalate-free.

19. Dragon Birthstone Statue

Legends of dragons and magical stones come to life with this March Birthstone Dragon Egg Figurine. The included gemstone represents the month of birth and is available with twelve different gems ranging from blue to pink. The figurine stands 4.25 inches tall and gets a ‘wow’ even from the not-so-crazy-dragon fans.

20. Dragon Head Stapler

Ideal for any office environment, this Blue Ice Dragon Stapler is sure to turn a few heads. It’ll be a terrific new addition to anyone’s dragon-lore collection. The stone base finish gives the winged creature a life-like semblance, and it functions effortlessly as a light-use stapler taking bites out of any paper.

21. Coaster Holder Set

Every house needs a coaster set, so why not give your fantasy-loving buddy the dragon coaster set of his dreams? The high-quality resin and smooth finished surface of the 4″ thick coaster set will not absorb water, and the exquisite image of the dragon remains untainted turning any drink-night into a truly glorious one.

22. Double Dragon Goblet

It’s hard for any Game of Thrones fan to resist a medieval double dragon goblet. So, if you know someone obsessed with Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion, then this 6.3 oz stainless steel goblet makes an essential party favor. The felt covered bottom prevents scratches on the surfaces of the furniture. And, you have a money-back guarantee to be thoroughly delighted.

23. Fantasy Dragon Figurine

Their dragon collection will never be complete without this amazing stone-gray ferocious dragon figurine holding a stunning sword within its grasp. The dragon stands 6.5″ high, and the stainless steel sword works great as a letter opener. They’ll love the artistry, the workmanship, and the top-notch quality of the materials used.

24. Stationery Holder Figurine

Nothing will guard their precious stationery better than a valiant faux-stone finish dragon. And, you can definitely be sure that their dragon will hold a whole bunch of pens or highlighters for them. At a height of 4.75 inches, this dragon comes from an exclusive gift collection and arrives in a pristine gift box, which any figurine collector will appreciate.

25. Reusable Chinese Dragon Chopsticks

Get your dragon-lover friend the ultimate gift with a Phoenix and Dragon Chopstick set made with natural wood. It comes with two sets of non-slip, anti-hot chopsticks, two wood holders, all in an exclusive gift box. And, it’s free of wax and paint, being hand-polished the traditional way, making it a remarkable dragon gift.

26. Fire Dragon T-Shirt

Made with organic materials and through sustainable practices that preserve natural resources, this fire dragon tee features 100% natural cotton, uses organic dyes, and brandishes an awesome Anne Stokes Fire Dragon design. So, if your friends are fantasy fans – this all-natural dragon tee will be the perfect match while being super comfortable for them to wear.

27. Dragon Dagger Wall Plaque

Quench your loved ones’ love for dragons with this incredibly detailed dragon dragger wall plaque. Complete with a gift box, the dull miniature stainless steel sword serves as a letter opener too, making it much more than just a decoration. Turn any room into a scene right out of Game of Thrones without busting the bank!

28. Fantasy Dragon Shower Curtain

Complete any youngster’s dragon collection with a fantasy-themed purple dragon shower curtain. The 3D printing of the dragon image on the high-quality polyester curtain is non-fading and is 100% machine washable. The vivid colors and detailed imagery adds a whole lot of oomph to its surroundings. And it even comes with free shower curtain hooks too.

29. Dragon Head Wine Pourer

Improve the taste and presentation of any wine as the oxygen pours through into the wine with this exquisite dragon mouth aerator. It prevents leakage, seals the bottle, and adds a splash of fantasy to every meal. Made with only food-grade materials, this will make a perfect gift for any dragon and wine lovers.

30. Dragon Coffee Mug

There’s nothing like a book to read and a great mug of coffee to start your day. Help anyone start the day right with this fine white ceramic dragon imprint mug. The A-grade ink used ensures no fading, and the mug is microwavable as well as dishwasher safe. So they can enjoy their cuppa joe with a bit of fantasy flair!

31. Mother Of Sons T-Shirt

What’s the difference between kids and dragons anyway? Make a statement with this fashionable joke on the GoT “Mother of Dragons” accolade. The super-soft fabric used and a slightly tapered fit make for a great fit. It’s the perfect gift for any mom who knows that dragons are easier to raise than sons after all!

32. Dragon Token Necklace

Give your loved ones something that they’ll adore and wear every day. This dragon token necklace provides for a fashionable accessory while giving them the perspective they need to reach their true unrealized potential in life. Presented in a beautiful gift box with a note, this necklace is bound to make any youngster smile with joy.

33. Game of Thrones Dragon Glass

Any GoT fan will swear by these perfectly hand-etched wine glasses. It bears the mark of ‘Mother of Dragon’ so that special lady in your life will love it, and it’s also made with premium glass, so they’ll definitely be around for years on end. These glasses are entirely dishwasher safe and add a splash of mystique to any occasion.


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