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Beth Noll

Beth Noll is a gift editor at Gift Observer. She loves shopping for friends and sharing her top gift recommendations on the blog. With 9 years of blogging experience, she's always up to date with the latest trends and best gift ideas.

Turning 70 years old is a big milestone that requires an equally as big birthday present! With 70 years of experience up their sleeve, the chances are they’ve already collected almost everything they could ever want.

This can make finding that unique and special gift extra hard. Especially if you’ve just bought them their dream present for their 60th birthday!

To save you the time and effort of mindlessly Googling into the early hours of the morning, we’ve done all the hard work for you. No matter your budget or relation, we’ve picked the top 70th birthday gift ideas that anyone turning 70 will love. From birthday cards and books to gifts that will make their wine last as long as them, here are the best 70th birthday gift ideas.

Best 70th Birthday Gifts

1. 70th Birthday Tiara & Sash

70th birthday tiara sash

They might be turning 70 years old, but they’re still the golden girl they used to be! Remind them of the queen they are with this beautiful metal 70th birthday tiara and matching sash. Complete with crystals and rhinestones, the tiara can also be used as a cake topper for the big reveal.

2. 70 Things To Do When You Turn 70

70 things to do when you turn 70

For some people, turning 70 years old can be very disheartening as they don’t have much to look forward to. Change their mind and outlook on life with this excellent 70 things to do when you turn 70 book. Featuring 70 (as you guessed) different activities and things to do, this handy bucket list is sure to get anyone excited about their future.

3. Funny 70th Birthday Gift Card

funny 70th birthday card

Looking for the perfect 70th birthday card to celebrate their awesome life milestone? Make them smile with this delightful, funny bunny card. Including a separate envelope to use once you’ve written your message, the inside message reads: “Think of it as being 7 perfect 10’s. Happy Birthday”.

4. Extendable Back Scratcher

extendable back scratcher gift

As you get older, even the simple things in life can become challenging and difficult, such as scratching your own back! Give them a helping hand with this incredibly useful retractable back scratcher. With four in a pack, each one can extend up to 27 inches long to reach any itch they may have.

5. Prescription Coffee Mug

prescription coffee mug gift idea

Old age usually means having to take lots of medicine and prescriptions on a daily basis. Help them see the funny side with this hilarious prescription coffee mug! Perfect for anyone who takes a lot of prescriptions or just loves coffee, this mug is shaped and painted just like a prescription bottle. With a funny label on the side, this mug is sure to be a good reminder to take their pills.

6. 70th Birthday Toilet Paper Gag Gift

70th birthday toilet paper gag gift

Remind them of their old age with this funny toilet paper gag gift. Featuring the iconic poop emoji, this toilet paper will be a constant reminder of their age. American made from recycled paper, this toilet paper is quality stuff with printing on both sides and is biodegradable, and septic tank approved.

7. Memory Mints

memory mints

Does your loved one always complain about how they wish their memory were better? Or perhaps they just keep forgetting to tell you! Give their memory a good boost with these appropriately named memory mints. Perfect for seniors, these tinned mints are a great 70th birthday gift idea for anyone who’s in need of a memory boost.

8. Senior’s Texting Code Mug

senior texting code mug gift

They might not have grown up texting on cell phones, but there’s no reason why they can’t start now! Get them up to speed on their texting code with this funny senior’s texting code mug. Featuring a range of texting abbreviations on the side, this is sure to get many laughs (especially if they think they are real!).

9. Seat Gap Filler

seat gap filler 70th birthday gift

No matter your age, dropping things down the side of your car seat is annoying, but it’s even worse when you’re 70 years old! Stop cell phones, money, food and everything else from falling down the side of their car seat into the abyss with this drop stop-gap filler. Their back will thank you later!

10. Back & Neck Heated Massager

back & neck heated massager

Aching joints and muscles are just one of the many things they can look forward to with old ages. Give them some much-needed relief without having to pay for expensive medicines or treatment with this portable back and neck heated massager. With heated kneading massage nodes, this massager will relieve any aches, cramps or tension anywhere on their body.

11. 70th Birthday Necklace Gift

70th birthday necklace gift

What better way to commemorate their impressive milestone than with a very special necklace? Featuring seven individual rings, one for each decade, this beautiful sterling silver necklace is the perfect gift idea for any mom, sister, or best friend. With a 21.5-inch long chain and five-year manufacturer’s warranty, this birthday necklace is the perfect gift for any loved one turning 70.

12. Senior Digital Calendar Clock

senior digital calendar clock

For some seniors, remember what day and even what year, can be a daily struggle. Help them start their day off right with this huge digital calendar day click. Featuring extra-large writing, the calendar clearly displays the day, date, year and time, so they’ll never forget what day it is again. Perfect for their bedside or around the house, they’ll never forget an important date again.

13. Silver Steel Hand Bell

silver steel hand bell

As a senior, shouting loud can often be a struggle. Stop them from losing their voice every time they need some assistance with this silver steel hand bell. Perfect for signalling that dinner is ready, or to call for help, this bell is great at quickly grabbing the attention of anyone.

14. Ministry Of Silly Walks Mug

ministry of silly walks mug

For any 70 year old in your life, they’re sure to love this Ministry of Silly Walks mug. A hilarious and popular sketch from Monty Python, this gift is bound to bring back plenty of fond memories of their younger days. Officially licensed merchandise, it features a colorful print all the way around and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

15. Digital Hearing Amplifier

digital hearing amplifier

Hearing loss is a common problem with old age, and at 70 years old, the chances are they’re already experiencing it. Help them understand what you’re saying easier without having to shout at the top of your voice with this handy digital hearing amplifier. Simply place it in their ear and be amazed as they finally start listening to you again!

16. Old Lives Matter T-Shirt

old lives matter t-shirt

Looking for a funny 70th gag gift idea? Look no further than this old lives matter t-shirt! Perfect for any senior, this funny t-shirt is available in five different colors and six different sizes. Suitable for both women and men, this t-shirt is sure to be a great addition to their wardrobe.

17. Folding Garden Kneeler & Seat

folding garden kneeler gift idea

What better way to celebrate turning 70 than to tend to your garden and plants? This folding garden kneeler and seat is perfect for anyone who is a keen gardener. Great for seniors with bad backs and knees, this handy device will make their gardening a breeze. Easy to fold up and store, this kneeler also comes with tool pouches on each side.

18. Reacher Grabber Tool

grabber reacher tool

If they haven’t already experienced back pains yet, then it’s only a matter of time until they do. Help make their life easier with this super helpful grabber reacher tool. Perfect for picking up items off the floor or high up top, this lightweight tool is perfect for seniors with bad backs, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

19. Seniors Hand Therapy Set

hand therapy gift idea

If your loved one suffers from arthritis or stiff joints in their hands, then they’ll love this hand therapy set. Created to reduce stiffness and pain, the set also increases strength and flexibility in their fingers, hands, and wrists. Complete with a booklet full of 24 different exercises, used regularly this therapy set can have a huge improvement in their condition.

20. Long Handle Shoe Horn

long handle shoe horn

At 70 years old, even doing the simple tasks in life can be a struggle. With bad backs and aches being the most common problems in senior citizens, giving them a helping hand is the least you can do. This long-handled shoe horn is exactly the help they need in their daily routine. At 31.1 inches long, it’s designed to help put on shoes without ever bending over.

21. Senior Birthday Card

funny 70th birthday card

Give them a hint of what’s to come in the next decade with this hilarious birthday card. Featuring a funny incorrect password joke on the front, this is sure to be a relevant joke for any senior who has trouble remembering their passwords! Made in America, this card also comes complete with an envelope.

22. Ultimate Golf Balls

ultimate golf balls set

What is the one thing every guy does when he retires? Spend all day playing golf of course! If you know someone who’s turning 70 and loves a competitive game of golf, then help him take his game to the next level. Unlike other balls, these golf balls offer extraordinary distance with consistent flight, allowing them to smash their records and make better shots.

23. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleaner

Old age can be very draining on the body, and they might not have the energy levels they once had. Give them some help around the house with a new bit of technology! This robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect gift they need to do all the house chores while they rest. Automatic and intelligent, simply set it off and watch it vacuum the entire house on its own.

24. The Beatles Socks

the beatles socks gift set

Bring back good memories of their young adult lives with these beautifully designed Beatles socks. The perfect gift for Beatles fans, these socks are sure to cheer them up and have them singing all their greatest hits. With a special collectors box and three pairs, this is a great gift idea for anyone turning 70.

25. Grip Jar Opener

grip jar opener 70th birthday gift

Do you know someone who’s lost their hand strength and struggles to open up jars? Then this gift will be a real life-changer for them. Designed to make opening jars a breeze, this grip jar opener is perfect for all sized jars and is super easy to install. Simply install it under any cabinet and slide in a jar when needed.

26. Tile Object Finder

tile object finder

Forgetting where you placed your keys or phone is a constant struggle for every senior. When their memory starts to fade, it can become very frustrating spending hours trying to find those keys! Make their life much easier with this awesome object finder. Simply attach it to an important object and click a button to make a noise to alert them where it is.

27. Fitbit Smartwatch

fitbit smartwatch

Keeping fit at 70 can be hard to track and manage. Give them some encouragement with this handy Fitbit smartwatch with built-in heart rate monitor, sleep and swimming tracking, Alexa, and music. Perfect for syncing to their cell phone or using on its own, this smartwatch has a 6-day battery life and will provide them with lots of important data about their health.

28. Wine Preservation System

wine preservation system

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t love wine? Whether they’re a big wine drinker or they’ve been trying to cut back on the bottles, everybody needs a wine preserver in their life. And if they’re planning on cutting back, then this gift idea is essential to make sure they don’t waste a drop. By piecing the cork with a thin needle, the wine can be taken out and resealed for lasting freshness.