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In a time before video games, board games were the king of entertainment, and for many, they still are!

Want to surprise your board gamer friend with something special? Then look no further than these essential gifts for board game enthusiasts.

From brand new board games to gaming accessories and apparel, discover the best gifts for board game lovers and enthusiasts below.

Best Gifts For Board Game Lovers

1. Round Board Games Table

road board games table

Any board gamer will surely love to play on this round table. Extremely durable and made using quality steel and plastic, the tabletop can seat up to six players. The rounded four foot design makes it super easy for everyone to reach into the center, making it much better than a rectangle table. Easy to fold up, it can also be stored away when not needed.

2. A Game of Thrones Catan

game of thrones catan board game

Based on the popular TV series Game of Thrones, any avid fan will scream with happiness when they open this present. Filled with exciting strategies to fight against giants, wildlings, and climbers, each gamer will have a chance to develop their status with the help of the iconic Heroes of Night’s watch. This is sure to be in their top three games after just one session!

3. Lucky Game Night T-Shirt

lucky game night t-shirt

Wish a loved one luck by giving them this lucky game night t-shirt. Arriving in solid colors, the shirt displays vibrant board game designs from dice, scrabble tiles, and pawns. The fabric is composed of both polyester and cotton, making it comfy and breathable. It has a classic cut with a double needle sleeve and bottom hem.

4. Pandemic Board Game

pandemic board game gift idea

Gift them one of the greatest board games ever made. Revolving around a pandemic themed setting, the players will be exposed to different strategies to maneuver the disease-fighting team and help them keep the world safe from outbreaks. The players treat patients and set out on an adventure to search for the cure. Each game lasts around 45 minutes, and they’re sure to love every second.

5. Portable Dice Tower

portable dice tower accessory

Reduce the noise and chances of them losing the die during their gaming session with this essential portable dice tower. The portable dice tower kit has a noise reduction feature, which makes use of a soft professional grade padding. It has three levels of tumbling corners before the dice reaches its stopping point. The dice tray is best for board game enthusiasts and is sure to make an excellent gift for D&D players.

6. Ticket To Ride Board Game

ticket to ride board game

Introduce a classic board game to their collection with a Ticket To Ride. The game allows players to connect iconic North American cities and build train routes to earn items and points. The game challenges players to plan ahead and connect more cities for greater rewards. Ticket To Ride is good for two to five players with each session lasting around 60 minutes.

7. Dice Charm Necklace

dice charm necklace jewelry

Let them show off their love for board games with this beautiful dice charm necklace. The necklace is formulated using a solid sterling silver and comes carefully packaged in a gift box. It also comes with an 18 inch chain composed of sterling silver which is perfect for everyday wear. The dice charm necklace is carefully handcrafted by skilled silver artisans.

8. Secret Hitler Tabletop Game

secret hitler tabletop board game

For anyone who loves playing board games with their friends and family, this Secret Hitler tabletop game would be a perfect present. The fast-paced game is about betrayal and deception made possible through hidden roles and secret envelopes. Featuring creative wooden components, it’s a unique board game best enjoyed with 5 to 10 players.

9. Monopoly Ceramic Mug

monopoly mug present

The perfect gift for any Monopoly fan, they are sure to love this Monopoly themed ceramic mug. The monopoly ceramic mug is made of high-quality stoneware and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. This unique mug can hold up to 20 ounces of hot or cold beverages and features Monopoly’s mascot hiding inside.

10. Longest Turn Game Night Shirt

catan longest turn game night shirt

For any player who takes ages to decide on their turn, this is the perfect present for them! Its Made of cotton and polyester, this game night shirt fits sizes small to triple extra large. Available in five different colors, this is sure to be an excellent gift idea for any Catan fan.

11. Board Game Shoulder Bag

portable board game shoulder bag

Do you know someone who regularly brings their board games over to play? This shoulder bag allows one to organize and protect their collection of board games wherever they go. Sturdy yet portable, the bag has the blended features of nylon and polyester materials. With the ability to hold up to four regular sized board games, that should be plenty for a fun night!

12. I Need These Board Games T-Shirt

i need these board games shirt

Let a loved one show the world how much they love board games with this statement shirt. The shirt has a funny quote every board game lover will be able to relate to. Styled with a classic fit, bottom hem, double-needle sleeve, and lightweight cut, the t-shirt can make anyone stand out from the crowd. It is comfortable to wear since it is made of high-quality cotton and polyester materials.

13. A Game Of Thrones Board Game

a game of thrones board game

A Game of Thrones board game is just what a fan needs now the TV series is over. The game is solely based on the commendable novel Game of Thrones adapted into an HBO series. Suitable for three to six players, individuals will take the commands of the Great Houses of Westeros. The board game features updated art and a streamlined rule book.

14. Building Blocks of Tabletop Design Book

building blocks of tabletop design book

For any board game enthusiast who is interested in the design and structure of tabletop games, this is for them. It contains a compilation of various mechanisms, descriptions, rules, and tips on successful board games. The book covers various mechanisms and is a great reference for all board game designers. From beginners to seasoned professionals, this book is a practical guide for anyone looking for some inspiration.

15. Harry Potter Clue Board Game

harry potter clue board game

Are you looking for the perfect game for a Potterhead? The search is over with this Harry Potter themed puzzle game. Inspired from the world renowned fantasy series, the set involves a thrilling game called “whodunit”. The players can move around the board as Ron, Harry, Luna, Neville, or Ginny. The perfect gift for Harry Potter fans, any board game fan is sure to love it.

16. Exploding Kittens Card Game

exploding kittens card game

The Exploding Kittens card game is the perfect party game for anyone who loves to play board games with their friends. Particularly for adult individuals, the strategy game can be enjoyed by up to 10 players. The rules focus on avoiding the exploding kitten card and other minor villains. This is bound to make gaming nights more fun and exciting!

17. LED Desk Lamp

LED desk lamp light

Nobody wants to play board games in a dark room, spread some light on the table with this essential LED desk lamp. With a flicker-free light, the desk lamp is not harmful to the eyes. It has a unique combination of seven brightness levels and five color modes. The lamp comes with a USB charging port for easy plugging and charging.

18. Board Game Storage Shelves

board game storage shelves

Help organize a loved one’s board games. This games storage shelf is composed of non-woven fabric, plastic connectors, and iron tubes. It can be assembled into different arrangements to fit in any available space. The storage shelf is made of durable 12 mm metal tubes and toxic-free plastic connectors.

19. Tabletop Game Mat

tabletop game mat cover

Playing board games can get messy. With this tabletop game mat, you’ll provide a loved one with a hassle-free way of keeping the pieces in place. The rubber side of the mat ensures that the board set firmly stays on the table. It has a sturdy texture yet does not feel overly mushy. Also, the tabletop game mat has a patterned design that minimizes the bouncing rhythm of dice.

20. Cat Bingo Game

cat bingo game

Do you know a cat lover who also loves board games? If so, then this cat bingo board game gift will make you the best friend ever. A great game, cat bingo is creatively illustrated in 64 breeds of cats from around the world. The player must spot all kinds of cats to mark them off the card and hit bingo.

21. Oxford History of Board Games Book

history of board games book

Hand a gift of knowledge to a board game enthusiast with the Oxford History of Board Games book. The book explores the fascinating origins and evolutions of board games from throughout the ages. Featuring the vital importance of game-playing in people’s lives, the book further covers the universal roots of cultural history. The experiences of tabletop creators are also discussed in the book.

22. Carpe DM Mug

carpe DM coffee mug

A perfect present for a D&D dungeon master, the Carpe DM mug displays a printed dice design on both sides. The print is a sublimated premium color solution that creates a lead-free, long lasting, and vibrant design. The Carpe DM mug is made of durable ceramic material making it both microwave and dishwasher safe. With a capacity of 15 ounces, any recipient is sure to use it at every games night.

23. Monopoly For Sore Losers Game

monopoly for sore losers game

Introduce a brand new experience to any board gamer with Monopoly For Sore Losers. Both hilarious and fun, it encourages players to land on useless spaces, go to jail, and pay pointless rent and taxes just to earn the Sore Loser points. The game feeds on the player’s frustrations on winning an actual classic game of Monopoly.

24. Board Game Storage Bowls

board game storage bowls

Help them keep their pieces well organized and color coded with these handy bowls. These storage bowls provide players with a hassle-free system of accessing chips and other game pieces. The storage bowls come in a set of six classic colors. These foldable trays are made of tough silicon pads, making each dish resistant to possible damage.

25. My Kind Of Meeple Tee

my kind of meeple tee

Let a loved one wear this delightful shirt for your upcoming games night. Made of cotton and polyester materials, the shirt gives off utmost softness and comfort to the wearer. The t-shirt is styled with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. It has a classic, lightweight fit that can accommodate small to triple extra large sizes.

26. Dungeons & Dragons Dress Socks

dungeons and dragons dress socks

Spoil a fan and let them show off their love for D&D games by giving them these Dungeons & Dragons dress socks. The dress socks are formulated using spandex, nylon, and cotton and will fit foot sizes 7 to 13. Comfortable and durable, your loved one can definitely put these socks on for all their D&D games nights.

27. Jumanji Graphic T-Shirt

jumanji graphic t-shirt

For anyone who wishes they could play Jumanji, then they’re sure to love this Jumanji graphic t-shirt. The shirt displays the iconic logo in a high-quality print resolution. Made of cotton and polyester, the Jumanji shirt is comfortable to wear on any gaming night. The shirt has a classic fit, double-needle sleeve, and a lightweight design.

28. Monopoly Coaster Set

monopoly coaster set gift

Add a twist to a loved one’s tea time with this Monopoly themed coaster set. Each coaster displays a character design finished in matte print that can complement any home decor. The Monopoly coaster set offers a solid grip footing to keep the cups or mugs in place. Each coaster measures four by four inches and is perfect for any Monopoly games night!

29. Wood For Your Sheep Mug

wood for your sheep mug

This funny 15oz coffee mug is just what you need to make any Catan player happy. The coffee mug presents an adorable sheep design that any Catan player will be able to relate to. Made with a dye sublimation, the mug can withstand standard temperatures. The Wood For Your Sheep mug is safe for microwave and dishwasher use thanks to its high quality ceramic material.

30. Dice Socks

dice socks pair

It’s time to bring out their playful side with this pair of dice socks. Made of super soft materials these fun crew socks give off comfort and coziness for a gamer. The pair features a dice pattern in bright colors that any board gamer would love. The dice socks are suitable for casual wear as well as for any gaming nights.

31. Board Game Lover Mug

board game lover coffee mug

An excellent mug that will let everyone know how much of a board gaming geek they are, this white ceramic mug can hold up to 11 ounces. With a funny statement print on each side, this quality mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe. The perfect gift for any board gamer, they’re sure to enjoy using it on every games night.


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