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One of the most popular TV shows for anime lovers, Dragon Ball Z has gained millions of loyal fans in the past decade. If you’re trying to find the best gift to please any fan, then we’re here to help.

From plushies and collectible figurines to artwork and mugs, our team has handpicked the best Dragon Ball Z merchandise from all over the web.

No matter if your budget is less than $10 or over 9000, discover the best Dragon Ball Z gifts and merchandise for fans of all ages below.

Best Dragon Ball Z Gifts

1. Super Saiyan Broly Figurine

super saiyan broly figurine funko pop

Any Dragon Ball Z fan would love to have this super saiyan Broly figurine in their collection. Standing six inches tall, this epic figure is sure to look amazing on their shelf, table or workspace. Featuring a unique glowing aura to show his power, any fan of the series will undoubtedly love this gift.

2. Dragon Ball A Visual History Book

dragon ball a visual history book

Help any Dragon Ball Z lover dive into the history of the TV show with this fascinating book. Showcasing the work of Akira Toriyama’s best selling series, the book features comprehensive coverage, including the creator’s commentaries, posters, sketches, additional promotional materials, and manga art. The book comes in a slipcased hardcover and dust jacket for storage.

3. Trunks Collectors Figurine

trunks collectors figurine gift

For the diehard Dragon Ball fans, add this incredible Trunks figurine to their model collection. Standing 5.5 inches tall, the figurine is highly detailed and features Trunks in a battle pose. Made from plastic, this gift is sure to be loved by anyone who’s a fan of the series.

4. Goku Plush Toy

goku plush toy present

If you know someone who’s a massive fan of Goku, then this plush toy will be an ideal gift. Standing eight inches tall, this Goku plush toy is made of high quality polyester and is highly collectible. Officially licensed Dragon Ball Z merchandise, any fan will love cuddling this while watching the TV show.

5. Dragon Ball Z Canvas Art

dragon ball z canvas art

Add a touch of Dragon Ball Z to any room in their house will this fantastic canvas wall artwork. Available in a range of different sizes, the artwork is laid in a solid canvas material. Printed on a white semi gloss surface, the artwork hues are bursting in vibrance even when viewed from afar.

6. Goku & Flying Nimbus Funko POP

goku flying nimbus funko pop

Buy this Goku figurine for any fan, and they’re sure to love you forever. The minute figurine resembles the adventures of the Dragon Ball Z character, Goku, with his flying nimbus. Standing seven inches tall, this Goku figure also comes with a free pop protector. The Goku & Flying Nimbus figurine is made of a non-toxic plastic material and is sure to look awesome displayed anywhere.

7. Dragon Ball Z Monopoly

dragon ball z monopoly board game

Put a twist on their usual Monopoly card game with this unique Dragon Ball Z themed version. Up to six players, the game starts off by picking a favorite character to carry around the board. A player can recruit a team to be hailed as a rich fighter. The Dragon Ball Z monopoly game comes with six playable tokens, including DynoCap, 4-Star Dragon Ball, Trunk’s Sword, Dragon Radar, Turtle Shell, and Saiyan Armor.

8. Dragon Ball Z Goku T-Shirt

goku t-shirt DBZ apparel

Let a fan show off their love for DBZ with this statement t-shirt. This Dragon Ball Z apparel is formulated using 100% cotton to give it a soft feel. Comfortable and completely washable, this Goku shirt is perfect for any casual occasion or even gaming sessions. Available in a range of sizes up to 3XL, this is sure to be an excellent present for any fan.

9. 3D Super Saiyan Goku Night Light

super saiyan goku night light

Have someone watch over them while they sleep with this awesome 3D Goku night light. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, it’s guaranteed to be safe for kids to touch since the light only sheds enough warm light without overheating. The light’s colors are changeable to green, blue, pink, yellow, and sky blue.

10. Super Saiyan Vegeta Action Figure

super saiyan vegeta action figure

Surprise a Vegeta fan with this fully functional action figurine. The figurine stands just under 12 inches tall and is highly customizable. Kids and fans of all ages will enjoy building up Vegeta’s muscles using the figurine kit parts. With two types of Vegeta’s facial expressions and select moving parts, the overall package is truly remarkable.

11. Dragon Ball Z Bed Sheets

dragon ball z bed sheets

There’s no better way to spoil your kid than with these Dragon Ball Z bed sheets. Included is a duvet set which comprises bedsheets and two pillowcases. Made from polyester and cotton, the officially licensed sheets feature a Goku and Vegeta print that every fan will love. Available in US Twin and US full sizes, any DBZ fan is sure to love this gift.

12. Piccolo Plush Toy

piccolo plush toy figure

Made with a high-quality polyester, this grumpy Piccolo is turned into a fluffy and cuddle friendly plush toy. Standing nine inches tall, the plush is officially licensed Dragon Ball Z merch and is ideal for any fan’s collection. For those who don’t know, Piccolo is a Namekian reincarnation and the final child of King Piccolo from the show.

13. Goten & Trunks Throw Blanket

goten trunks throw blanket

A funky throw blanket is what any DBZ fan will love opening. The fabric is made from 100% microfiber polyester and 180 GSM polar fleece with a sherpa backing for ultimate softness. Warm and cozy, this DBZ throw blanket features the Dragon Ball Z characters Goten & Trunks in a lightweight, comfortable, and durable structure.

14. Dragon Ball The Complete Illustrations Book

dragon ball the complete illustrations book

Give a fan this colorful Dragon Ball illustration book to complete their book collection. Available as a hardcover, the journey of Dragon Ball will be revealed in a compilation of original artworks and illustrations. The book contains 218 pages full of unique illustrations that any fan is sure to love. Each book also contains a two-sided color poster inserted as a bonus freebie for the reader.

15. Saiyan Space Pod Magic Mug

saiyan space pod magic mug

Crafted in a unique shape, this saiyan space pod magic mug is what every avid DBZ fan desperately needs. Based on the actual travel pods from the TV show, the heat-activated image of Vegeta comes to life once hot liquid is poured inside. This licensed mug can hold up to 17 ounces of beverages and is an excellent piece of Dragon Ball Z merchandise.

16. Vegeta Eating Noodles Funko POP

vegeta noodles funk pop figure

Make a fan chuckle with this cute Vegeta Funko POP figurine. The figure shows the candid scene of Vegeta eating noodles straight from a miniature bowl. Standing just under four inches tall, this adorable vinyl figurine is bound to stand out from anyone’s existing DBZ collection. The whole look of the figurine is perfect for Dragon Ball Z fans of all ages.

17. Dragon Ball Z Power Up Board Game

dragon ball z power up board game

Get them away from the TV by giving a loved one this Dragon Ball Z power up board game. The exciting quest begins by competing to defeat the dragon and become the champion. Presented in a 3D design, the Dragon Ball Z characters come to life with 13 custom movers. The game will last at least 30 minutes and is suitable for three to six players.

18. Dragon Ball Glass Gift Set

dragon ball glass gift set

Give them all the DBZ merchandise they will need with Dragon Ball glass gift set. Made of durable cork and glass materials, the glass gift set includes one 10oz glass, one espresso mug, and one shot glass. The three glasses are completely dishwasher-safe and are officially licensed Dragon Ball Z merchandise.   

19. Dragon Ball UNO Card Game

dragon ball uno card game

No one wants to play boring UNO, unless it involves Dragon Ball Z! A twist on the classic card game, this game features a range of Dragon Ball themed playing cards. Suitable for both children and teenagers, the Dragon Ball card game is another way to level up the fun with one’s favorite characters.

20. Boys Dragon Ball Goku Tee

boys dragon ball goku tee

Bursting with the vibrance of the Dragon Ball blue and orange colors, this Goku shirt is sure to be an excellent conversation starter. Available in various boys sizes, shirt is formulated using a durable cotton material. The shirt displays a colored graphic of the most popular Dragon Ball Z character Goku in full vibrancy.

21. Dragon Ball Z Goku Wallet

dragon ball z goku wallet

Help a friend secure their valuable bills with this Dragon Ball Z Goku wallet. Made of synthetic material, this multi-colored bifold wallet has spacious card slots to hold plenty of credit cards and IDs. The officially licensed wallet features a black and grey Goku design on the front that will let everyone know they’re a huge DBZ fan.

22. Dragon Ball Z Logo T-Shirt

DBZ t-shirt merchandise

Upgrade any fan’s wardrobe with this Dragon Ball Z apparel. Made entirely of cotton, the shirt provides total comfort and softness for anyone who wears it. The shirt displays a sleek design featuring the famous characters of Dragon Ball Z on the front. Crafted with soft hand print graphics, this Dragon Ball Z t-shirt is both lightweight and stylish to wear. 

23. Dragon Ball School Backpack Set

dragon ball school backpack set

Hype up their back-to-school preparation with this super colorful Dragon Ball school backpack set. The backpack is ideal for kids who love to carry their favorite stuff without lifting heavy weights. With its padded straps and mesh side pocket, the Dragon Ball school backpack is made of a high-quality polyester material. Also included is a smaller lunch bag, water bottle, and miniature squishy.

24. Ceramic Noodle Bowl & Chopsticks Set

ceramic noodle bowl and chopsticks

Let a fan eat like the characters of Dragon Ball Z by giving them this ceramic noodle bowl and chopsticks set. This iconic set is crafted using solid ceramic and can hold up to 16 ounces of preferred dishes. Featuring Goku’s kanji character, the orange noodle bowl has an overall epic look.

25. Dragon Ball Z Photography Backdrop

DBZ photography backdrop party supplies

This Dragon Ball Z photography backdrop is an ideal room decor for a Dragon Ball fan’s upcoming birthday. The printed artwork has a size of seven by five feet and is composed of a non-toxic vinyl art fabric. With pocket holes for you to hang the item easily, everyone will love having their picture taken in front of the backdrop. 

26. Magic Goku vs Buu Mug Gift Set

magic goku mug gift set

Any fan would jump with joy receiving this mug. Featuring an intense fight scene from Dragon Ball Z, each item features a heat-change design of Goku and Buu’s epic battle that changes when hot liquid is added. The gift set is packed with a 16oz ceramic mug and one coaster while being presented in themed gift box.

27. Dragon Ball Super Socks Set

dragon ball super socks set

Make anyone cozy and comfortable with this essential Dragon Ball super socks set. The set comes with seven colorful pairs, all with various DBZ designs. Some of the socks feature Dragon Ball Super, Capsule Corporation, Kamehameha, Goku’s Kanji, Goten and many more. The bundled socks are machine washable and fit most shoe sizes.

28. Heat Reactive Vegeta Mug

heat reactive vegeta mug

Let a fan experience what is like to super saiyan with this awesome mug. This heat reactive Vegeta mug is made of durable ceramic materials and can hold up to 13 ounces of liquid. Whether for hot or cold beverages, this mug can withstand any temperature levels. The mug features normal Vegeta when cold and super saiyan Vegeta when hot liquid is added.

29. Dragon Ball Z Party Decorations Set

DBZ party decorations set

Transform your loved one’s upcoming party with this essential Dragon Ball Z themed party decoration set. The package includes a range of banners, character balloons, and large Dragon Ball Z character foil balloons. With enough supplies to decorate an entire room, any fan is sure to have the biggest surprise of their life when they see this.

30. Dragon Ball Shot Glasses

dragon ball shot glasses

Add these fun and colorful Dragon Ball shot glasses to any adult’s collection. The shot glasses feature the Dragon Ball heroes, including Vegeta, Goku, Trunks, and Goku Black. Each glass is designed to hold up to two ounces of liquid, which is ideal for drinking shots at parties, or while watching the show!

31. Goku’s Emblem Baseball Cap

gokus emblem baseball cap

Bring out the sporty side in your kid with this baseball cap featuring Goku’s emblem from Dragon Ball Z. Convenient and easy to wear, this baseball cap has an adjustable tuck strap and a slide course. Goku’s emblem baseball cap is made of soft cotton, which provides comfort and breathability.


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