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Who doesn’t love the crazy office antics of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute?

For every fan of the Office TV series, we’ve got the perfect gifts that they’re sure to love and enjoy.

From awesome collectible figurines to soft and cuddly plush toys, here are the office gifts any fan will love.

Best Gifts For The Office Fans

1. The Office Collectors Loot Box

the office collectors loot box

Do you know anyone who’s binge-watched The Office series over a hundred times? This Collectors Loot Box may just be the perfect gift for any super fan of the Office. The box comes with collectible items and memorabilia from the show that any fan will recognize, which will make a perfect addition to their office desk.

2. Game Against The Office Party Game

game against the office party game

A big fan of The Office would know every single iconic line ever said in the series. So for all those super fans out there, this party game is definitely a must gift. Game Against The Office comes with 352 cards, all containing the most iconic scenes, statements, and dialogues from the hit series. Your The Office obsessed friend will surely ace this game.

3. The Office Funko POP Figurine Set

the office funko pop figurine set

This Funko POP figurine set is a great addition to the collection of The Office fans. Each set has three remarkable Funko POP figurines of the most popular The Office characters include fan favorites Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, and Jim Halpert. The figures stand just under four inches tall and are individually packaged.

4. The Office Autographed Script

the office autographed script gift

Add this to the collection of any The Office fan, and they’re sure to love you forever. This framed autograph script will be their prized position as it houses an entire script used by the cast of The Office. With the main characters signatures on the front, they’re sure to love this gift. If you don’t want the script to be framed, you can also opt to buy the unframed selection.

5. Schrute Farms Pullover Hoodie

schrute farms pullover hoodie

This hoodie may look like a normal hoodie until they look closer. For any huge fan of The Office, it’s an iconic hoodie that will remind them of their favorite The Office character Dwight Schrute. Made with a 50/50 blend of high quality materials, this hoodie has superior comfort and can be worn on any occasion.

6. The Office Shot Glasses

the office shot glasses gift set

Do you know a die-hard The Office fan who always hosts their own The Office themed parties? Then this is the perfect gift for them! These shot glasses are made using durable material and are printed with images of the main The Office characters. They’re designed to hold two ounces of any favorite party drink and are sure to be an excellent conversation starter. 

7. Dwight Schrute Guitar T-Shirt

dwight schrute guitar t-shirt

Who doesn’t love Dwight Schrute and his crazy antics? If he’s your friend’s favorite character, then they’ll love this hilarious shirt. The Dwight Schrute Guitar T-Shirt is made from 100% cotton with short sleeves and a crew neckline. It’s a great humor tee that The Office fans will surely love and appreciate.

8. Teapot Keychain

teapot keychain gift

Show your love to a The Office fan with this teapot keychain made of polished nickel and double-sided aqua enamel fill. The keychain measures four inches and comes with a four link chain. It’s packaged with a notecard that says “I love you like Jim loves Pam.” Every The Office fan will get the reference and cherish this gift.

9. Pam Beesly Plush

pam beesly plush toy

Fans of Pam from the Office will adore this super soft and cuddly Pam Beesly plush. It’s stuffed with beans and stands at seven inches tall for the ultimate cuddling experience. This could be the first their collection of all five The Office plush toys featuring other The Office characters!

10. Prison Mike Funko POP

prison mike funko pop figure

Do you know a die-hard The Office fan who has his or her own Funko POP collection? This Prison Mike Funko POP will make a great addition to their existing collection or help them start their own from scratch. Featuring the iconic and hilarious Prison Mike persona, any fan of The Office will surely love this present.

11. Dwight Schrute Socks

dwight schrute socks

These Dwight Schrute socks will give any fan of The Office a good laugh whilst keeping their feet comfy too! The socks are made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex for extreme comfort and dryness. They come in sizes 10 to 13 to fit men with shoe size 8 to 12. The ideal present to spice up their wardrobe and outfits, any fan of the TV show will love them.

12. Dundie Award Trophy

dundie award trophy statue

Anyone who’s binge watched The Office will have wanted a Dundie Award Trophy at some point in their lives. Now, you can give them one! This seven inch tall Dundie Award Trophy is made with a plastic figure and base. It makes for a great conversational office piece and can make any friend or loved one feel extra special. 

13. Dunder Mifflin Logo Cap

dunder mifflin logo cap

Do you have a friend who’s so obsessed with The Office that they wish they were in it? Now they can feel like a character from their favorite TV show with this Dunder Mifflin Logo Cap. It’s made of 100% cotton and is adjustable at the back for the best quality of comfort. 

14. Kevin Malone Socks

kevin malone chili socks

These Kevin Malone socks will look awesome in any outfit, whether formal or casual. It’s made with premium quality combed cotton and printed with the legendary Kevin Malone spilling his famous chili from the iconic scene. The socks provide superior comfort and breathability, thanks to its cotton, polyester, and elastic construction. 

15. Regional Manager T-Shirt

regional manager t-shirt dunder mifflin

Help a friend bring their dreams to real life with this regional manager t-shirt made of 100% cotton with lightweight construction and a classic fit. With this short-sleeve shirt, they can feel like an actual employee of Dunder Mifflin and live a day as a character of their favorite TV show. 

16. Official Dunder Mifflin Socks

official dunder mifflin socks

These official Dunder Mifflin socks will make for the perfect gift to a fan of The Office TV series. Officially licensed The Office merchandise, it’s made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex for extreme comfort. The crew socks come in one size but will stretch to fit a broad range of people. 

17. Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

dwight schrute bobblehead figure

This Dwight Schrute bobblehead is a great addition to a car or work desk, especially for that one friend who’s a die-hard fan of The Office. The figurine is so detailed and crafted to perfection that it looks exactly like Dwight Schrute. It also comes with a stand and an exclusive message card from Dwight himself. 

18. Beer Beets Battlestar Galactica T-Shirt

bears beets battlestar galactica t-shirt

This Beer Beets Battlestar Galactica T-Shirt is a great gift for The Office fans. It’s made entirely of ring-spun cotton jersey knit material with a high-quality print design. The shirt is so soft and comfortable that it can be worn anywhere, even in the office. There is also a broad range of different sizes available to suit everyone.

19. Dwight Schrute Plush Toy

dwight schrute plush toy

Fans of Dwight Schrute will be happy to add this Dwight Schrute plush toy to their plush collection. At seven inches tall, it is made from soft material and stuffed with beans making him perfect for all ages. This plush toy is an officially licensed The Office merchandise and will make a great present for any fan of the office.

20. Toby & Michael Figurines

toby & michael figurines

A perfect addition to anyone’s The Office collection, these figurines come in a twin pack with vinyl figurines of the legendary The Office characters, Toby and Michael. Each figure stands at just under four inches tall and will look awesome on any desk, shelf or tabletop. Any fan of the Office would surely love to add this to their The Office merchandise collection.

21. The Office Gun Show Merchandise

the office gun show merchandise

Iconic statements from the legendary hit TV show The Office will never get old. The Office fans will never forget this scene from the series, where Dwight lets out this classic line. Now they can wear the iconic phrase wherever they go and show everyone how much they love the series with this cotton screen printed t-shirt.

22. Dwight Schrute Action Figure

dwight schrute action figure

Their Office merchandise collection will never be complete without a Dwight Schrute action figure. This figure stands at five inches tall and makes for a great display item. It comes with two accessories: nunchucks and a Dwight bobblehead statue, which can both be detached. These action figures are also available in Pam and Michael versions that The Office fans would love to collect.

23. That’s What She Said Button

that's what she said button gift

Today, you’ll often hear people say the iconic phrase “that’s what she said!”. Born from no other than Michael Scott, every fan of The Office will instantly recognize it. Now you can make jokes with friends and coworkers much funnier with this That’s What She Said Button. Featuring the catchphrase straight from the series, it can also be set to any of six other different audio sounds. This is undoubtedly an excellent gift for The Office lovers and fans.

24. Little People The Office Figurines

little people the office figurines

The Office collector’s items are always great gifts for huge fans of the iconic TV show. This Little People The Office Figurines feature the four main characters: Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly, and Jim Halpert. They all stand three inches tall and come in a set of four. 

25. The Office Collectible Shot Glasses

the office collectible shot glasses

These The Office collectible shot glasses bring shots to a whole new level by featuring iconic symbols and phrases from the hit TV show. Fans of the series will surely love these novelty glasses and use them regularly. They come in a set of three, with designs that include: a photo of prison mike, the logo of Dunder Mifflin, and Dwight’s Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica.

26. World’s Best Boss Mug

world's best boss mug present

Is your boss the world’s best boss by The Office definition? If he or she is, then this mug is the perfect gift. It can fit 11 ounces of any beverage and is made with 100% safe and non-toxic material. It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe for easy heating and cleaning.

27. Michael Scott Quote Poster

michael scott quote poster

Do you know someone who’s a massive fan of The Office and just can’t get over Michael Scott’s iconic quote? Well, they will surely love this Michael Scott Quote poster. This 11 by 14 inch unframed poster will make an excellent centre display piece for any room or office and is sure to be a great conversation starter.

28. The Office Magic Pillow Case

the office magic pillow case

This magic pillowcase is simply amazing. It’s made with gold sequins that reveal a special surprise when brushed, Prison Mike! This is undoubtedly going to be a funny addition to any couch and is sure to be played with regularly. The pillow is made with sparkly sequin fabric and has a satin cover with a zipper. 

29. Dunder Mifflin Wrapping Paper

dunder mifflin wrapping paper

Need something to wrap your awesome office themed gift in? You can never go wrong with this Dunder Mifflin Wrapping Paper. Each roll measures 20 by 30 inches and is made with thick 80 GSM gift wrapping paper. Ordinary wrapping paper just won’t do for a die-hard The Office fan! And this complements your chosen The Office gift perfectly.

30. Dwight Schrute Keychain

dwight schrute keychain

Give a fan of The Office the joy of having a little chuckle everywhere they go with this Dwight Schrute Keychain. It’s made with durable and high-quality iron with nickel plating with enamel colors and zinc alloy detailed to perfection. The keychain measures just over one inch tall and 1.25 millimeters thick.

31. Michael Scott Quote Mug

michael scott quote mug

The Office catchphrases never get old, like this one from Michael Scott. Let any fan of the Office relive this funny scene with this Michael Scott quote mug. It’s made entirely from pure ceramic and can fit up to 11 ounces of coffee, tea, or any chosen beverage. This humorous mug is guaranteed to make mornings at the office much more enjoyable.


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