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They pick up kids for school every day and ensure they arrive at school in one piece. Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of many schools and parents, so it’s worth getting them a gift to show how much you appreciate their hard work.

If you’re looking for the perfect thank you gift for your bus driver, then we’re here to help.

From chocolates and wind chimes to comfy seats and jewelry, discover the best gifts for bus drivers below.

Best Gift Ideas For Bus Drivers

1. Yellow School Bus Clock

yellow school bus clock

Know a bus driver who absolutely loves his job? Then there’s no better gift than this yellow school bus clock. Made of metal and designed with a rustic and classic aesthetic, this makes for a great retro decorative piece. Battery operated, the clock is ideal for hanging at home or even on their bus!

2. School Bus Wind Chime

school bus wind chime gift

If you know a bus driver who’s heading into retirement soon, then give them something to remember their career by. This school bus wind chime is 20 feet tall (including the rope) and can hang anywhere as a beautiful decorative piece. It’s made of designer composite resin with a gorgeously hand painted and polished design.

3. School Bus Salt & Pepper Display Stand

school bus salt & pepper display

Spice up a bus driver’s breakfast with this school bus salt and pepper display stand. Carefully handcrafted using cold cast resin, this is truly an impressive piece of art and a playful addition to any kitchen counter. Standing just over four inches high, any bus driver is sure to love this thoughtful gift.

4. Lindt Assorted Truffles Gift Box

lindt assorted truffles gift box

Give a bus driver something to snack on while transporting kids to and from school. This Lindt assorted truffles gift box will surely make their day and satisfy their sweet tooth. Each box contains several bags of holiday deluxe Lindt chocolate with assorted flavors but with the same smooth and rich gourmet taste.

5. Comfort Seat Cushion

comfort seat cushion

Driving a bus all day is bound to take a toll on any driver’s back and behind. Give your favorite bus driver this comfortable seat cushion for a more ergonomic and painless day at work. This cushion is made of 100% memory foam for superior comfort and support in critical areas, helping relieve pain on the back and coccyx. The perfect gift for bus drivers, they’re sure to appreciate the extra comfort!

6. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

hydro flask water bottle

Make sure your loved one stays hydrated while driving kids to and from school with this Hydro flask water bottle. Made of dishwasher safe metal while featuring advanced cooling and warming technology, the bottle can keep drinks in the optimal temperature for hours. With various sizes and colors to choose from, this is sure to come in handy during their shifts.

7. Polarized Unisex Sunglasses

polarized unisex sunglasses pair

Driving a bus while the sun is shining can be very dangerous for any bus driver. Give the gift of comfort and safety to any driver with these polarized unisex sunglasses. The shades have a UV protective coating that will shield anyone’s eyes from the intense heat and brightness of the sun. With two pairs and styles included in the set, they’ll match any drivers outfit.

8. Sterling Silver Bus Pendant

sterling silver bus pendant jewelry

Do you know a bus driver who absolutely loves their job? Then give them the satisfaction of wearing a piece of memorabilia around their neck. This sterling silver bus pendant makes for a very beautiful and thoughtful gift. It’s made of genuine 925 sterling silver and is finely polished to give it a sleek look. With an 18 inch chain, it’s the perfect gift for school bus drivers everywhere.

9. School Bus Planter

school bus planter pot

A bus driver brings joy and comfort to children as they play a huge part in ensuring that kids get the education they need. Make sure your bus driver loved one is happy too with this adorable school bus planter. Made of polyresin and intricately hand painted, the planter measures just under five inches tall and is perfect for holding pens or even a plant!

10. Sheepskin Leather Gloves

sheepskin leather driving gloves

Handling and navigating the steering wheel all day can be tedious, especially in the winter! Help keep a bus driver’s hand warm with these sheepskin leather gloves. Made of genuine leather, these are incredibly soft, supple, and strong, providing superior comfort all day. The gloves help in getting a firm grip on steering wheels, while also keeping their hands cosy warm.

11. Bus Driver Tumbler Mug

bus driver tumbler mug present

Do you know someone who you think is the best bust driver in your school? Then they deserve this number one bus driver tumbler mug. It can hold up to 16 fluid ounces of any beverage and has a screw-top lid to keep drinks from spilling. This is sure to help a bus driver take their morning coffees to work or to stay hydrated with a tumbler of ice cold water.

12. Battery Powered Clip Fan

battery powered clip fan

Old school buses are not known for their exception air conditioning. It can get pretty humid inside a crowded bus, especially in the summer. Ensure they stay cool with this battery powered clip fan that will make a great gift for any bus driver. The fan can be wrapped around anywhere while still maintaining its stability. It provides superior cooling airflow but keeps its operations whisper quiet.

13. World’s Best School Bus Driver Cap

world's best school bus driver cap

Any school bus driver will surely wear this world’s best school bus driver cap with pride! So if you know a bus driver that fits the description, then you should gift them this! The cap is equipped with 100% acrylic panels that provide maximum comfort. It has an anti-sweat band that keeps the wearer cool and comfortable even when wearing it all day.

14. School Bus American Flag Shirt

school bus american flag shirt

Let your loved one scream with pride with this statement shirt! This school bus American flag shirt is the perfect definition of career pride. The solid color variations are made of 100% cotton with a long-lasting design. The shirt is machine washable and available in a range of different sizes from small to 3XL making it an excellent bus driver gift.

15. School Bus Wine Glass

school bus wine glass

“An awesome school bus driver is hard to find and impossible to forget.” Those are the very accurate words printed in this sleek wine glass. Give this to any bus driver and watch as their face lights up. Made of stainless steel this wine glass has a refined goblet shape that makes it comfortable to hold. The glass can keep drinks hot for up to three hours and keep drinks cool for up to 9 hours.

16. Chocolate Biscotti Gift Box

chocolate biscotti gift box

Surprise any school bus driver with a special treat with this delicious chocolate biscotti gift box! Each box contains five biscottis hand-dipped in chocolate with tasty toppings that vary from candied almonds, caramel chips, craisins, cookie and coconut crunch. Everything is baked fresh and remains delectable — the perfect bus driver gift for hungry drivers!

17. Lessons From The Drivers Seat Book

lessons from the drivers seat book

A bus driver’s career is filled with ups and downs. It’s truly a noble profession that has a lot of excitement and fulfillment. A school bus driver would surely love this book that tells a range of crazy and accurate stories about what happens driving kids to school. Gift them this Lessons From The Drivers Seat book, so they can laugh about inside jokes and learn valuable life lessons that will keep them motivated and inspired.

18. Because I’m the Bus Driver Shirt

because i'm the bus driver shirt

Help a bus driver establish his authority inside the bus with this because I’m the bus driver shirt. The solid color variations are made of 100% cotton and are lightweight for superior comfort. It comes with a very vibrant and playful design. The shirt is machine washable using cold water, making it an excellent school bus driver gift for any loved one in your life.

19. Bus Driver Jewelry Bracelet

bus driver jewelry bracelet

A bus driver is a very valuable employee that often makes a huge difference in many children’s lives. And because of that, they deserve this gorgeous and thoughtful bus driver bracelet. It’s made of stainless steel with a polished finish for that shiny and sleek appearance. It also doubles as a keychain to hang on a bag or other items.

20. School Buses Novelty Tie

school bus novelty tie

Rarely do you see a bus driver wearing a suit and tie. But when they do, their formal appearance will not be complete without a bold statement of their profession. This school buses novelty tie is bound to give a formal look a playful touch. It’s made of polyester material and measures 56 by 4 inches.

21. What I Heard On The Way To School Book

what i heard on the way to school book

Bus drivers witness a lot of things while driving kids to school. And those stories are truly entertaining and inspiring at the same time. This book, “What I Heard On the Way to School” will make for a great gift that any bus driver will surely enjoy and be able to relate to.

22. This Is How I Roll T-Shirt

this is how i roll bus t-shirt

Give any school bus driver this playful and adorable this is how I roll t-shirt. Made of 100% quality cotton material and boasts of a long-lasting and vibrant graphic design. The shirt is lightweight with a classic fit for extreme comfort and is styled with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Available in a range of different colors and sizes, this shirt will suit anyone’s fashion sense.

23. School Bus License Plate

license plate gift for bus drivers

Let any bus driver tell the world that they LOVE their job with this school bus license plate. They can easily mount this to their personal vehicle to let other motorists know that they drive a school bus. The plate is made with 100% heavy duty metal that makes it extremely durable and long-lasting despite weather or road conditions.

24. School Bus Driver Tote Bag

school bus driver tote bag

Make it easy for a bus driver to carry their everyday essentials around with this school bus driver tote bag. Made of cotton and linen this bag is printed with a vibrant and colorful design for all to see. The tote bag is big enough to fit plenty of essentials, such as a lunch box, water bottle, gadgets, wallet, and more.

25. World’s Best Bus Driver Mug

world's best bus driver mug gift idea

Make a bus driver’s morning by letting him or her know that they are the best in what they do. This world’s best bus driver mug is made of high quality ceramic and printed with high-definition graphics. It can hold any beverages up to 15 ounces and is also microwave and dishwasher safe, perfect for bus drivers who are on the go.

26. School Bus Lapel Pin

school bus lapel pin set

Add a special touch to a bus driver’s daily uniform with these school bus lapel pin. Each set comes with three novel pins with a high-quality enamel-baked design. The back is a clutch that makes it easy to attach to any fabric. A bus driver will surely wear this with pride to work every day.

27. Thank You Bus Driver Keychain

thank you bus driver keychain

Let a bus driver know you appreciate them with this keychain with a small school bus pendant. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel that will not rust or change color over time. The keychain is perfect for any set of keys and is sure to be a thoughtful gift for that bus driver you greatly appreciate.

28. School Bus Earrings

school bus earrings jewelry

For any female bus driver in your life, they will love these statement school bus earrings. The jewelry is made of stainless steel that doesn’t rust or change colors over time. The material is also hypoallergenic and looks like real silver. A small gift maybe, but definitely a big act of appreciation.


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