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Being a chef is incredibly challenging and often requires the best tools and equipment to produce amazing dishes. Whether it’s a fine knife collection or a specialist smoking gun gift, there are plenty of items out there that can turn a normal chef into a master chef.

Kitchen utensils often degrade over time, resulting in some much-needed replacements. There’s only so much heat an apron can handle before it becomes a wreck.

Do you know a chef in your life whom you want to surprise? Get them something for the kitchen that will transform their cooking! From brand new cutting board to a brand new apron, here are the best gifts for chefs who have everything.

Best Gifts For Chefs

1. Mortar And Pestle

granite mortar and pestle

No kitchen is complete without a traditional mortar and pestle. Used for thousands of years to crush and grind herbs and dry spices, any master chef will certainly need one of these in their kitchen. Made from unpolished heavy granite, this mortar and pestle delivers crushing results every time and is much better than the modern alternatives. Quick and easy to clean, this gift is sure to be incredibly useful and durable for years to come.

2. Professional Cutting Board

professional chef cutting board

Every chef needs a solid and sturdy cutting board to dice and chop those ingredients when preparing meals. This large multipurpose cutting board is made out of thick acacia wood and comes complete with a juice groove and cracker holder. When not in use in the kitchen it can be used to serve food thanks to its built-in grooves. At 1.5 inches thick, this durable cutting board is sure to outlive most items in their kitchen.

3. Compression Socks

compression socks

It’s no secret that chefs spend a lot of time on their feet, which can often lead to various health problems. Ensure they stay fit and healthy with these handy compression socks that promote blood circulation and increase stamina in their legs. Suitable for both men and woman, these socks are incredibly comfortable and help tackle those long shifts in the kitchen that involve hours of standing up.

4. Slip Resistant Work Clogs

slip resistant work clogs

Add some fire to their kitchen with these awesome fiery Crocs! Featuring a slip-resistant sole, these work clogs are perfect for any slip hazard environment such as a commercial kitchen. Also featuring a heel grip and textured sole to promote blood circulation, these work clogs are ideal for anyone who spends endless hours on their feet. Available in various designs and colors, these crocs are sure to add a bit of fun to the kitchen!

5. Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer

Undercooked food is a thing of the past thanks to this awesome digital thermometer. With readings as fast as 2 seconds this handy device will take the guesswork out of undercooked food. Perfect for checking the temperate of meats, cakes, beverages, and anything else they can think of, it’s also magnetic which means it’s easy to store on the fridge or oven, so it’s never out of reach.

6. Professional Chef Apron

chef apron

To call themselves a chef, every cook needs an apron, and this is the ultimate chef apron! Thick but soft, lightweight and comfortable, this apron is super sturdy with 40-inch long ties that can be tied around the back or front. Including three pockets, hemmed edges and an adjustable neck strap, this apron is the go-to apron for many chefs. Unisex and delivered in exquisite packaging, even master chefs would be happy receiving this as a gift.

7. 16-Piece Knife Set

professional chef knife set

What is a chef without their impressive knife collection? Bring a smile to somebody’s face with this 16-piece kitchen knife set. Including every knife a professional chef would ever need, these knives are made with superior high carbon stainless steel blades for precision and accuracy. Featuring wooden non-slip handles, the knife set includes all the essentials such as an 8-inch chef knife, slicing knife, bread knife, and many more.

8. Stainless Steel Soap

stainless steel soap

When working with certain foods, some odors can be incredibly hard to get rid of with normal soap and hot water. Luckily, this stainless steel soap is excellent at removing those lingering odors that just don’t want to leave. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, this bar will instantly remove those onion, fish, and garlic odors with minimal effort.

9. Cut Resistant Gloves

cut resistant gloves

When working in the kitchen, even experienced chefs cut themselves from time to time. Those long hours in the kitchen can often lead to tiredness and accidental cuts. Keep your loved ones safe with cut-resistant work gloves. 4 times stronger than leather, these gloves are great for cutting meat, vegetables, and everything else. Machine washable and food-safe, you could just save them a finger thanks to these gloves.

10. Seasoned Sea Salts Gift Set

seasoned sea salts gift set

Give the gift of spice with these delicious individual seasoned sea salt jars. Available in a set of five, these organic and natural sea salts and perfect for adding to any dishes and go well with any meat, veggies or pasta. Including flavors such as sriracha, campfire, ghost pepper and rosemary lemon, this gift set is the perfect gift for chefs looking to spice things up.

11. Professional Chef Plating Kit

chef plating kit

When it comes to serving meals, presentation is always key. Help your chef friends improve their presentation skills with this handy professional chef plating kit. Featuring all the tools and utensils they’ll need to arrange the perfect plate, each tool is made out of stainless steel for easy cleaning and long-lasting durability. Including 8 unique tools, this kit has everything a professional chef could ever need.

12. Culinary Torch

culinary torch

Ideal for adding the finishing touches to any meal, this culinary torch is a must-have for every professional. Perfect for providing that precise heat when needed, this handheld torch is suitable for melting precise areas of food without having to heat the entire meal. No matter if it’s adding the finishing touch to a crème brûlée or melting some cheese, the use cases for a culinary torch are endless.

13. Meat Tenderizer

meat tenderizer

Tenderizing meat doesn’t have to be hard with this handy dual-sided meat tenderizer. Made out of synthetic material, this tenderizer is dishwasher safe and really packs a punch. Featuring a smooth and textured surface for optimal use, the non-slip handle will also ensure the user doesn’t lose grip when using it. Perfect for tenderizing those tough cuts of meat, it’s a handy gift for any fulltime chef.

14. Food Smoker

food smoker infuser gun

Add the finishing touch to any meal with this commercial handheld food smoker gun. Enrich meats, fish, vegetables, desserts and beverages with a natural smoke flavor easily without having to set up a wood fire. Including a smoke gun, nozzle extender, replacement smoke screens and batteries, this food smoker is ready to use from out of the box. With so many uses, any chef will be able to put this flavour machine to good use.

15. Precision Cooker

precision cooker

Cook like a pro with this precision cooker by Anova. Getting the temperature right can often be the difference between rare and medium-rare, (it’s 3 degrees to be exact!). With this precision cooker anyone can cook within 0.1-degree accuracy ensuring perfect results every time. Simply place the cooker in a pot and pan and watch it do its work. Controllable by Bluetooth, this high tech kitchen device will amazed even the most experienced chefs.

16. Marble Rolling Pin

marble rolling pin

Low quality rolling pins can be a real pain and require an immense amount of pressure to work them. Make someone’s life easier with this quality 10-inch marble rolling pin. Featuring a 100% marble roller, this cool and smooth surface is naturally non-stick and helps give added pressure due to its weight. With nylon ball bearings included for smooth rolling, this quality rolling pin takes all the effort out of flattening any dough.

17. Meat Clever

dalstrong meat clever

Made for demolishing and dicing meat extremely quickly, this DALSTRONG meat cleaver is a must-have for any chef who works with meat and steaks regularly. Made from high carbon German steel, each cleaver comes with a razor-sharp hand-polished edge that will make easy work out of any meat. Perfectly crafted, the blade requires minimum maintenance and is fully water and stain-resistant.

18. 5-in-1 Griddler

multifunctional griddler

What’s better than a grill? A multifunctional 5-in-1 grill of course! Including a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half griddle, this device has everything a chef would need. Featuring fully removable and reversible cooking plates, they are also non-stick and dishwasher safe making them easy to clean. With so many ways to use this device, it’s features are sure to make it a regularly used and loved gift.

19. Spiralizer

vegetable spiralizer

Slicing vegetables is so old-school, help speed up this boring and labour-intensive task with this spiralizer. Simply insert a vegetable and spin the handle to produce spiralized vegetable cuts that are perfect for salads and dishes. Including seven interchangeable blades each with a different opening, this spiralizer is the quickest way to cut veggies. Including 4 original PDF recipe books, it’s easy to see why this product is so highly rated.

20. Triple Timer

triple kitchen timer

Every chef needs a kitchen timer, but sometimes one just isn’t enough! When cooking multiple dishes or using multiple ovens, keep track of time become a real problem. Solve that problem with this 3 in 1 digital kitchen timer. Featuring a jumbo display, this timer can simultaneously count down or count up on all three timers. Magnetic with a fold-out display stand, this handy timer is perfect for any chef who overcooks food.

21. Multi Slow Cooker

multi slow cooker

Slow cookers are a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a chef. This multifunctional slow cooker by Ninja comes with four different cooking options including slow cook, sear, steam and bake. With the ability to cook anywhere with just an outlet, it’s also incredibly lightweight and great for parties, vacations and college dorm rooms. With 80+ pre-programmed recipes just select a recipe, add the ingredients and off it goes!

22. Onion Goggles

onion goggles

Cutting onions is always a sad task no matter how much you enjoy it. Stop those tears with these handy and functional onion goggles. Suitable for anyone who cuts a lot of onions, these goggles protect the user’s eyes from eye irritation allowing them to cut as many onions as they want. Ideal for men and women, they’re also great for protecting eyes from barbeque smoke.

23. Outdoor Pizza Oven

outdoor pizza oven

It’s a well-known fact that everybody LOVES pizza. But how can you have a pizza party without an outdoor oven? That’s where this portable pizza oven comes in handy. Lightweight and portable, this outdoor pizza oven pre-heats to 700F in 15 minutes and cooks pizzas in only 6 minutes. Operating on a standard 20 lbs propane tank, this oven will let anyone create amazing pizzas wherever they happen to be.

24. Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner

cast iron cleaner ringer

Pans are notoriously hard to clean, even in high-tech dishwashers. Luckily, this stainless steel cast iron cleaner takes away all the hard work out thanks to its patented design. Made from a special type of stab-proof chainmail, this high-quality machine soldered steel destroys grease and guck in minutes. Simply add hot water and get to work with this handy device; not only will it speed up cleaning, but it will also last a lifetime.

25. Indoor Herb Garden Kit

indoor herb garden kit

Herbs are an essential ingredient for plenty of dishes, and some chefs can go through them extremely quickly. Give someone the ability to grown their own herbs at home with this all in one indoor herb growing kit. Featuring everything required to grow a batch of herbs, this device provides the light, water, and nutrients to grow a range of different herbs. Perfect for growing in the kitchen, with this device it couldn’t be easier.

26. Stainless Steel Compost Bin

stainless steel compost bin

Leftover food doesn’t have to go to waste thanks to this helpful 1.3-gallon compost bin. The airtight lid and charcoal filter work together to trap and control odors naturally meaning you can keep it in your kitchen without a smell. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this compost bin will never rust or leak. With a 1.3-gallon capacity, it can hold plenty of leftovers while building your compost pile.

27. Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

heavy duty kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are a special type of scissors that are made for cutting through tough food (and packaging). Unlike normal scissors, these will allow anyone to cut through meat and poultry like it’s nothing. With the ability to disassemble them, it makes them incredibly easy to clean after use. Featuring sharp non-rust blades that are crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, these are the scissors that every chef needs in their kitchen.

28. Fire Blanket

kitchen fire blanket

Cooking in the kitchen doesn’t always go to plan, and pan fires can catch even the most experienced cooks off guard. This fire blanket is perfect for any house or commercial kitchen and could save somebody’s life. Suitable for grease fires, this blanket is perfect at extinguishing any type of pan fires. Simply throw the blanket on top to suffocate the fire and watch it go out.

29. Kitchen Standing Mat

kitchen standing mat

Standing in the kitchen for long hours can be extremely painful and lead to fatigue. No matter if it’s washing dishes or cooking up a feast, this standing mat will keep anybody comfortable while standing for long periods of time. The cushion texture supports blood flow around the body, helping to reduce fatigue and increase comfort. Available in several different colors, there is a style for every kitchen.

30. Sharpening Stone

sharp pebble sharpening stone

Every chef needs to sharpen their knives every now and then. Ensure they stay as sharp as possible with this amazing sharp pebble. Perfect for sharpening any type of knife, this double-sided stone comes presented in a handy bamboo base for safekeeping. With no assembly required, simply grab a knife and get sharpening. For first-timers, there is also an incredibly useful knife-sharpening guide included.

31. Silicone Oven Mitts

silicone oven mitts

Handling hot food and trays with a towel is definitely an accident waiting to happen. Ensure your loved one stays safe with this pair of durable heat resistant oven mitts. Perfect for taking things out of the oven, holding hot plates, or working over the grill, these mitts are super flexible and breathable. Featuring a non-skid textured palm, these mitts offer protection up to 480 degrees, which should be enough for anyone.

32. Digital Kitchen Scales

digital kitchen scales

Getting the right amount of ingredients is crucial to the success of many complex dishes. Hit the nail on the head every time with this highly accurate digital kitchen scale. Featuring a large LCD display, this device is accurate up to the nearest 0.04 oz (1 gram). With a 6kg limit, these scales will help any chef master their portion control and recipes to ensure they get the right amount without any hassle.


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