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Love them or hate them, coaches help us achieve what we never thought we could. What better way to show your appreciation than getting them the perfect thank you gift!

No matter if they’re your basketball coach, football coach or any other sport, you’re sure to find the best gifts for any coach here.

From practical gifts for coaches to thank you and farewell gifts, discover our top gift ideas that any coach will love below.

Best Presents & Gifts For Coaches

1. Portable Megaphone

portable megaphone present

Let your coaches words of wisdom be heard up to 1,200 yards away with this 50 watt peak power portable megaphone. The megaphone provides comfort and convenience as it is built with a lightweight chassis and ergonomic pistol-grip. To project one’s voice, it comes with a bullhorn speaker with a detachable microphone. The megaphone also has thee audio functions: talk, siren, and record.

2. Smart Ball Pump

smart ball pump

Make your coach the most prepared coach in school with this smart ball pump to deflate and inflate sports balls such as basketballs, volleyballs, and many more! Suitable for youth, college and professional sports programs, the smart ball pump is designed with manual and auto modes. Not only is this pump lightweight and portable, but it also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

3. Signed Coach Décor

signed coach decor art

Add a great keepsake piece to your coach’s office with this 100% customizable and handcrafted coach décor. Featuring a smooth black surface, coaches, friends, and teammates can sign their names to make the gift more memorable and special. Since this decor has a flat bottomed surface, it is easier for users to attach and display it anywhere in the room.

4. Coach Definition Travel Mug

coach definition travel mug

Here’s the perfect gift for a coach that lives their passion. This travel mug is made of stainless steel material with silver and elanze designs. This travel mug is embedded with a coach’s powerful roles as a confidence booster, mentor, character builder, and other important roles. It can also keep drinks warm or cold with its silicone gasket seal and push top lid.

5. Because I’m The Coach T-Shirt

because i'm the coach t-shirt

Let everyone know who’s boss with this fun statement t-shirt. This shirt design is available in solid colors of black, navy, asphalt, royal blue and cranberry, making it ideal for any outfit. Made of polyester and cotton, it guarantees a comfortable and cozy fit while managing any challenging sports team. 

6. Water Dispenser Bucket Organizer

water dispenser bucket organizer

Turn the team’s water dispenser into something more useful with this fantastic essential bucket organizer accessory. Keep everything organized and in one place, thanks to its polyester construction that is designed to withstand multiple sessions of coaching. It also comes with a range of pockets to be used as a versatile storage space for any bucket.

7. Customizable Dry Erase Clipboard

dry erase clipboard for coaches

Make their strategy sessions a little more convenient with this customizable dry erase clipboard. An all-in-one storage board, it is perfect for papers, line-ups, markers, worksheets, and other writing supplies. This clipboard has a lower compartment that can hold heavier items such as workbooks and tablets. The storage is secured and protected as it is built with two sturdy latches.

8. 5 Gallon Sports Water Dispenser

5 gallon water dispenser

Help a coach keep their team hydrated during a game with this essential 5-gallon sports water dispenser. It provides an easy dispensing function through its angled and recessed tube. The water dispenser’s handles are also reinforced to make it extra durable. No matter if they coach a high school or college sports team, this dispenser is sure to get plenty of use.

9. Coach T-Shirt

coach t-shirt

Get this stylish and sporty coach t-shirt for your favorite sports mentor. Made of polyester and cotton, the shirt has a vintage design which is perfect for all types of coaches. With different sizes ranging from small to triple extra large body types, one can choose between the hues of heather blue, dark heather, royal blue, navy, or black.

10. Three Tone Electronic Whistle

three tone electronic whistle

For coaches who are sick and tired of continually blowing their whistle, they’re sure to love this futuristic gift! Compared to traditional whistles, this three tone electronic whistle produces a consistent and loud sound. It minimizes the exhaustion brought about by blowing strongly just to be heard. It offers three distinct tones that can match the intensity level of the message.

11. Extra Large Sports Duffle Bag

extra large sports duffle bag

Coaches are always on the go and getting them this extra large sports duffle bag would surely make their life easier! This sports duffle bag has a huge capacity which is great for storing every kind of sports gear. Built with water-resistant fabric, premium heavy duty zipper, and sturdy polyester material, the duffle bag will help any coach carry their team’s equipment wherever they go.

12. Team Sports First Aid Kit

team sports first aid kit

Ensure your favorite coach is always prepared for medical emergencies with this essential sports first aid kit. Designed to be an efficient kit for treating sports-related injuries, the team sports first aid kit has the essentials needed to clean cuts and manage muscle sprains. It comes with a removable shoulder strap which can be worn across the body or over your shoulder for easy transportation.

13. The Coach T-Shirt

the coach t-shirt

Behind every amazing team is an excellent coach. Make sure you recognize your coaches hard work this sleek t-shirt, perfect for men and women sports mentors. It fits anyone who has a big love for colors such as olive, kelly green, cranberry, navy, and black. The t-shirt displays an interesting design that features how a coach supports the team in all aspects of the game.

14. Coach To Coach Book

coach to coach book

Give them an inspirational gift that will fuel their passion and leadership. The Coach To Coach book contains the secrets of becoming an impactful coach for the team and how to lead winners. Inside the pages, coaches will broaden their knowledge and thoughts about their natural skills and talents and how to use them for a greater purpose.

15. Coach Definition Table Top Sign

coach definition table top sign

Brighten up a coaches desk or table with this coach definition sign. Featuring a woodblock style, it captures a beautiful artwork and a sentimental message that will introduce an exciting accent into their room or office. It is a dual-sided plaque with readable and clear signage of the top descriptions of a sports mentor.

16. Pack Of Coach Sports Tape

pack of coach sports tape

Providing support to a team also means giving the right protection before the game. Hand them a pack of coach sports tape, ideal for protecting ankles, wrists, fingers, and joints. Each pack contains a tape that is 10 yards long. It is also suitable for assisting recovery after an injury. This tape is a great alternative to support sprains and injuries that any players might have experienced while playing sports.

17. Coachdeck Baseball Drill Cards

coachdeck baseball drill cards

Introduce a diverse and unique drill card to any baseball coach. The deck contains 52 professional drills on portable and convenient playing cards. The cards are color-coded, and each piece is designated to a specific drill such as baserunning, hitting, outfield, and infield. It ignites the competitive spirit of all the players while maintaining a fun vibe all throughout.

18. Lessons Learned On The Road To A Championship Book

road to championship book

Even a coach deserves a treat that will feed his knowledge on a journey towards becoming a champion. Introduce this book entitled Lessons Learned On The Road To A Championship and let them enjoy a great reading experience about the risks and wins of treading the path to success. This life-changing piece tells the promising adventures of the head coach of the record breaking national champion LSU Tigers football team, Ed Orgeron. 

19. Sports Water Bottle Carrier

sports water bottle carrier

Any coach would love a handy bottle carrier for team practice or intense gameplay. This sports water bottle carrier can hold up to six 26 oz bottles. It has a structure of a durable orange plastic formed to be a functional water bottle carrier. The sports water bottle carrier has a convenient molded handle making it easy to carry and ideal for any type of game.

20. Agility Pro Disc Cones Set

agility pro disc cones set

Help any coach put their players through their paces with this agility training set. This is the only agility cone set packed with an ebook, cone holder, mesh carrying bag, and 50 pro disc cones. Such soccer cones are built in a flexible and durable structure even after a run-over, kicks, and stumps.

21. Playing In The Box Book

playing in the box book

Let any coach help their players with their mental training as well as their physical training. Give a coach the Playing In The Box book to help them handle pressure and conflicts within their team. This book offers a practical approach to coaches, promoting the fact that while physical training has its imperative values, it does not mean the mental game is any less significant.

22. Baseball Bottle Opener

baseball bottle opener

For any baseball coach who loves baseball more than anything in the world, get them this fantastic authentic bottle opener. Composed of a real leather baseball and durable plastic material, this baseball bottle opener sticks to the fridge and is readily available for immediate use. Help them crack open a cold beer after a long day of coaching, and you’re sure to be their star player.

23. Extra Large Ball Bag

extra large ball bag

Help them handle the hassle of storing multiple sports balls in one place with this extra large ball bag. A drawstring carry net that can hold sports gear and even laundry, it features strong and rip-resistant mesh. The durable build of this large ball bag can withstand almost all types of field elements. It has an open weave design that keeps the air out to appease the smells and allows the contents to drain when soaked with water.

24. Agility Training Ladder

agility training ladder set

This agility training ladder is an essential piece of training equipment for their team. It comes with 12 strong plastic rungs which will test every player’s speed and mobility. Each rung measures 16.5″ long and is adjustable up to 15 inches. The agility training ladder stands 20 feet tall, and it helps enhance speed through lift frequency and foot strike training.

25. Extra Large Stopwatch

extra large stopwatch for coaches

Ensure your coach never misses a second with this extra large stopwatch. With its stunning case design and million-cycle switch buttons, this stopwatch is designed for ease in use and maximum performance. The stopwatch signals with a snap rather than a beep. It also features cumulative-split timing, which captures the elapsed time and consists of all splits from start to finish.

26. Coach Appreciation Whistle

coach appreciation whistle gift idea

Show your sports coach how much you appreciate them with this awesome appreciation whistle. It has a message that speaks volumes to anyone who values the job and passion of being a coach. The whistle is made of stainless steel, with a smooth nylon lanyard and firm wood granules. This beautiful gift is both durable and comfortable to use.

27. Coach Wristband Playbook

coach wristband playbook

Equip a coach with this coach wristband playbook to elevate their training and other activities. It comes with three playsheet compartments and is greatly designed for many fun sports games. Each compartment measures 2.25 by 4.5 inches. This heavy duty wristband playbook is made of spandex and cotton, making it both exceptionally durable and waterproof.

28. Dry Erase Coaches Clipboard

dry erase coaches clipboard

Save your coach from the tiring work of cleaning up a clipboard with a more convenient kind, this dry erase coaches clipboard. This clipboard is structured in a fade-resistant and high quality crisps material. It comes with a sturdy clip to hold dry erase markers. The board displays a double sided basketball court while the front sets the full space of the court.

29. Coach Carter Blu-ray

coach carter blu-ray

Based on a true story, this movie is about the life of Ken Carter and will inspire, encourage, change and motivate real life coaches in managing their team. Carter had to change his methods to handle his students and lead them to success, just like any good coach should. A must watch for any coach, they’re sure to love the story and cast.

30. A Good Coach Hanging Wall Décor

a good coach wall decor gift

Whether it is for their homes or offices, this hanging wall decor is an excellent daily reminder of powerful a coach is when it comes to honing athletes and the whole team. The artwork is made of MDF wood and it arrives with a free string for easy hanging and convenient displaying.


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