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Is your loved one a dentist?

No matter if they’re a dentistry student just graduating dental school, or they’re a seasoned professional, we’ve got the perfect gift for them.

Having spoken to hundreds of dental students and professionals from around the world, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best presents for dentists.

From jewelry and artwork to apparel and coffee mugs, any dentist is sure to love these awesome gift ideas!

Best Presents For Dentists

1. Dental Implant Teeth Study Model

dental implant teeth model

The perfect gift for dentist students and professionals, this dental implant model is sure to come in handy. With 28 removal teeth, the dental implant is composed of soft and translucent rubber gingiva. The implant is suitable for doctor-patient communication and teaching. An essential gift for any student or dentist’s office, they can never have too many teeth models!

2. Just Floss Shirt

just floss dentist shirt gift

For any dentist who won’t stop talking about flossing, this is the perfect present for any special occasion. The shirt is made of polyester and cotton to give it a breathable and comfy feel. Stretching the importance of flossing, the shirt is printed with high-quality and washable ink. Available in a range of different colors the shirt is sure to make any dentist laugh.

3. Before & After Patients Cups

before after patients cups gift

Dentists can often deal with tens of patients every single day, and hardly any of them are ecstatic to visit the dentist! Made from durable materials, the mug and wine glasses are guaranteed to be long lasting and are both dishwasher safe. The print is formulated using superior ceramic inks. Each glass can hold up to 15 fluid ounces meaning they’ll be able to drink enough coffee and wine.

4. Orthodontist Sculpture

orthodontist sculpture gift for dentists

A hilarious sculpture for any dentists office or home, this funny orthodontist sculpture is sure to make any dentist laugh. Made of long-lasting resin material, the figurine is made with great attention to detail and displays an extremely funny in-action scene at a dental clinic. The figurine is hand painted and cast from an artist’s original carving.

5. Tooth Necklace Jewelry

tooth necklace jewelry gift

Surprise any dentist with this beautiful tooth necklace. Produced from genuine sterling silver, the necklace presents a highly detailed silver tooth pendant. The tooth necklace is scratch and stretch resistant and can be customized to any design. Handmade and unique, the silver tooth necklace is sure to be a wonderful graduation gift for your favorite newly qualified dentist.

6. Dentist Wine Bottle Holder

dentist wine bottle holder

Eco-friendly and stylish, this recycled dentist wine bottle holder is an ideal gift for a dentist professional. All the materials used are from recycled items making it very sustainable and eco-friendly. The wine bottle holder features the dentist operating on a patient while they recline in the chair. Suitable for most bottles of wine, the holder stands 9.5 inches tall.

7. Vintage Dental Coasters Set

vintage dental coasters set

Ensure every dentist keeps their table clean and free from marks with these essential vintage dental coasters. Featuring different engraved dentistry images, these dental coasters are made of durable bamboo. The set is packed with six coasters, each with a different design and a coaster holder. Perfect for in the dental office or at home, these stylish coasters protect any surface from spills.

8. Dentist Tooth Necktie

dentist tooth necktie

Complete a dentist’s formal look with this attention grabbing dentist tooth necktie. The tie displays a firm shade of gray and white tooth pattern as a motif. Made of microfiber material, the necktie is 100% handmade. It has a modern cut of 2.75 inches wide with a standard length of 58 inches. A unique gift, it’s sure to be an excellent conversation starter.

9. Tooth Planter Succulent Pots

tooth succulent pots

Do you know someone who loves to take care of both teeth and plants? Merge the best of both worlds with these tooth planter succulent pots. Great for herbs, cacti, and other succulent types, the tooth planter is made of a durable ceramic material just like veneers! The set arrives with three planters, each with a height of four inches and ready to use.

10. Teeth Stress Relievers

teeth stress relievers present

Stress can get into any dentist’s nerves throughout the day. Help anyone ease it by giving them these relaxing teeth stress relievers. With clever and entertaining messages printed on the items, the teeth stress relievers are undoubtedly a big help to any pain and hard situations. The set includes a foamy squishy toy that improves focus and releases tension.

11. Molar Selfie Dentist Shirt

molar selfie dentist shirt

Bring out your dentist friend’s quirky and funny side with this molar selfie dentist shirt. The shirt displays two molar teeth taking a selfie, making the overall design more interesting and humorous. The molar selfie dentist shirt fits sizes small all the way up to triple extra large. The shirt is made of cotton and polyester for a comfortable fit.

12. Anatomy Crystal Tooth Model

anatomy crystal tooth model

Inject a classy figure into any dentist’s clinic with this awesome anatomy crystal tooth. Featuring a clear, bright, and smooth tooth model, the anatomy crystal tooth is made of durable glass. It also displays the nerves and blood vessels present in a tooth. The anatomy crystal tooth is a unique piece of art for any dentist office or home office.

13. Dentist Keychain

dentist keychain

Congratulate someone for achieving their dreams of becoming a dentist with this cute dentist keychain. Inspirational and stunning, this keychain comes with cute designs featuring different dental items and a quote. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the keychain is lead free, hypoallergenic, rust resistant, and nickel free. This dentist keychain is a unique way of expressing your congratulations.

14. Captain Tooth Shirt

captain tooth shirt

If your dentist is fond of Captain America, then a captain tooth shirt is what you’ve been looking for. Cut in a lightweight, double-needle sleeve, classic fit, and bottom hem style, the shirt shows off a dentist’s passion for treating oral conditions. The captain tooth shirt is made of polyester and cotton, making it both stretchy and comfy.

15. Dentist Patent Wall Art Prints

dentist patent wall art prints

Allow a dentist to express their love for dentistry discoveries with these dentist patent wall art prints. A great decorative accessory for a blank wall, the patent displays the art of dentistry in a set of six photo prints. Composed of premium grade photo paper, this set of art prints gives a vintage and unique vibe to any room.

16. Dentist Model Playset

dentist model playset

An awesome playset for any dentist’s office, this playset is ideal for display and kids. Depicting a typical clinic visit, the kids will enjoy the fun of playing the role of a dentist who tends to routines, tooth x-ray, and cleaning. The playset comes with a movable treatment chair, tray, dentist’s utensils, and other accessories. It is suitable for kids ages 4-9 years old and also makes a nice office display piece.

17. Say Ah! Coffee Mug

coffee mug gift for dentists

Featuring a humorous print design, this coffee mug will brighten up a dental clinic. The coffee mug is made of pure white ceramic. Both dishwasher and microwave friendly, this funny coffee mug is perfect for cold and hot beverages. With a capacity of 11 ounces, this is an ideal mug for both the office or at home.

18. Dental Tooth & Toothbrush Pendant

gift for dental students jewelry

Any adorable friend deserves this cute and stylish dental tooth and toothbrush pendant necklace. The necklace is composed of a 17.5 inch silvertone snake chain, a 0.75 inch tooth pendant, and a one inch brush pendant. Made of high-quality materials, the dental tooth and toothbrush pendant necklace is guaranteed to be durable and scratch resistant.

19. Toothbrush & Toothpaste Earrings

toothbrush toothpaste earrings

Let your dentist or colleague know how much you appreciate her with these toothbrush and toothpaste earrings. Each earring features miniature antique silver metal ear wires. The earrings measure 1.75 inches, and the two charms measure just over one inch. Made of non-toxic metal alloy, these earrings are safe and comfortable to wear for any occasion.

20. Human Tooth Gold Foil Art

human tooth gold foil art

Add character to any dental office with this beautiful human tooth gold foil art. Featuring real gold paint, this artwork displays a pure white matte card. The artwork is perfect for any space, including the living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere else. This piece of art is created by skilled designers and is a thoughtful gift for any dentist.

21. Dentist Nutritional Facts Mug

dentist nutritional facts mug

Remind a loved one every morning how amazing they are with a dentist nutritional facts mug gift. Funny and minimalist, this mug features an interesting design that will surely make any dentist smile. The dentist nutritional facts mug is made of 100% ceramic material and can hold up to 11 ounces.

22. Dentist Occupation Socks

dentist occupation socks

Present a unique gift to a dentist like these occupation socks. Styled in a pull-on closure cut, the socks are composed of spandex, polyester, nylon, and cotton. The dentist occupation socks fit men sizes 6 to 12.5 and are perfect for wearing to the dental office. Taking pride in one’s job had never been this cozy!

23. Teeth Ice Cube Tray Mold

teeth ice cube tray mold

Spice up a dentist’s ice-making chore with this teeth ice cube tray mold. Oddly adorable, this tray mold is made of quality silicone that is BPA-free and non-toxic. It’s safe for any beverage or even making food or sweets. Whether it’s whiskey, vodka, water, wine, or beer, the tray mold will transform and add a playful twist to any party.

24. Personalized Dentist Christmas Tree Ornament

personalized dentists christmas tree ornament

Fill a dentist’s Christmas tree with an interesting personalized ornament. This personalized dentist Christmas tree ornament is made using a lightweight case resin. The ornament features a dentist character who campaigns for brushing one’s teeth regularly. You can customize the ornament the way you want each piece to represent your loved one. The ornament comes with a ribbon loop for easy hanging on any tree.

25. Novelty Dentist Socks

novelty dentist socks pair

Adorable and fluffy, these novelty dentist socks are made of spandex, polyamide, and cotton. They are the perfect socks to wear underneath sneakers, boots, sandals, or formal shoes. Each pair can fit shoe sizes 8 to 14. The socks are guaranteed to be comfortable, soft, and long-lasting. A perfect gift for newly graduated dentists, these will match any work or casual outfit.

26. Molar Tooth Vase

molar tooth vase

Perfect for pencils, desk items, or flowers, this molar tooth vase is what your dentist friend needs to transform their office table. The vase is made of durable ceramic material and completely versatile for any use. It stands six inches tall and is a great present for every dentist. The molar tooth vase is a creative present you can offer to your dentist friend that they are sure to love.

27. Smile While You Still Have Teeth Sign

dentist office sign box

Sarcastic yet humorous, this classic sign box measures four by five inches. The box is made sturdy and durable for free standing or easy hanging. The teeth sign box is constructed using high quality materials. It also features sanded edges and rounded corners. The box is a perfect gift for any dentist’s office to make their patients smile.

28. Tooth Lapel Pin Set

tooth lapel pin set

This lovely tooth lapel pin set is what will complete your friend’s look for her office party! The tooth lapel pin set is made of alloy material. Sufficient to use, the set comes with two cute brooch pins, each measuring just over one inch. The lapels display a fun and adorable version of two teeth in an exquisite design. 

29. Teeth Magnets

teeth magnets for dentists

This teeth magnet set is the perfect gift for dentists who like to keep notes and reminders stuck on their fridges and boards. The set includes one gold tooth and five white teeth. Each magnet can hold any post-its, notes, photos, or anything else they can think of on a desk or fridge. Each magnet measures less than one inch but are very strong.

30. Tooth Keychains Set

tooth keychains set

Give a dentist this cute tooth keychains set to add color and fun to their key collections. Made of sturdy materials, the set comes with 24 tooth-shaped pieces in six assorted colors. The main composition of the keychains is high-quality resin, which makes the item cool and safe to use.


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