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For that die hard drummer in your life, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for that special occasion.

No matter the occasion or their skill level, our team has found the best drumming gifts for every budget.

From new drumsticks and apparel to collectible figurines and music books, discover the best gifts for drummers that are sure to get plenty of use below.

Best Gifts For Drummers

1. Practice Drum Pad

practice drum pad gift

Give a loved one something to use when they’re traveling, like this portable practice drum pad. Featuring a versatile and all-in-one pad, it comes with four hitting surfaces including laminated, conditioning, bottom surface, and realistic top surface. Each surface provides different volume levels and uses. This 12-inch double sided is sure to be an excellent gift for any drummer who wants to fit some practice in.

2. Drum Rug Mat

drum rug mat

Drummers often have a tendency of being intense while playing. Consider getting them a drum rug mat to protect the floor from possible damage and to help absorb sound while they play. Made of high-quality non-slip rubber backing, the drum rug mat ensures stability even on slippery surfaces. Its durable and tightly woven fabric is suitable for both large and small set-ups. At 180 by 200 cm, it’s ideal for any room in the house.

3. Drum Kit Canvas Wall Art

drum kit canvas wall art

Complete a drummer’s room with this beautiful drum kit canvas wall art. The classic artwork is printed on high-quality canvas while being stapled and stretched on to a durable and shrink-resistant frame. Available in a range of different sizes, it’s perfect for hanging in living rooms or practice rooms. A thoughtful gift for drummers, they’re sure to enjoy looking at it every day.

4. Drum Cymbal Clock

drum cymbal clock

Let them hear the ticks of a clock made by an actual drum cymbal. The clock measures 13 inches in diameter and is made from a genuine Zildjian cymbal. Battery operated, keeping track of time and being reminded of their drum kit every hour is the perfect gift for anyone who plays the drums.

5. Skull Drummer Collectible Figurine

drummer collectible figurine

Any drummer would love to receive this skull drummer collectible figurine. Evident in its gothic approach, the skull drummer figurine is crafted with the highest quality resin and has the finest details. The figurine stands just over seven inches tall and is sure to be an excellent gift to display on any shelf, table or desk.

6. Personalized Drum Night Light

personalized drum night light

Give someone an eye-catching piece of decor with this personalized drum night light. Available in different colors, the personalized wooden LED sign can be engraved with a name that has a maximum of ten characters long. The natural plywood is beautifully handcrafted and developed into a piece that can bring warm light and a unique atmosphere to any room.

7. Retro Vintage Drummer T-Shirt

retro vintage drummer t-shirt

A drum roll please for this retro vintage drummer t-shirt that will fit perfectly on your skilled percussionist friend. Its overall look represents solid colors and features a classic retro design any drummer will love. Made of cotton and polyester, this cool shirt features a bottom hem, double-needle sleeve, and a lightweight and classic fit, making it the perfect drumming apparel.

8. Travis Barker Funko POP

travis barker funko pop figure

Funky and cute, this Travis Barker figurine is the missing collectible in your friend’s music display. From the famous punk group Blink 182, Travis Barker comes in a vinyl figurine that stands just under four inches tall. The perfect gift idea for any drummer who idolizes Travis Barker, they’ll be pleased to add this to their collection.

9. Daily Drum Warm Ups Book

daily drum warm ups book

Help them take their drumming to the next level with this book that contains daily drum warm ups. Inside the book, there are over 365 fantastic tricks which cover a few of the essential skills such as odd-time, finger control, triple strokes, patterns, weak hand builders, rudiments, and patterns. The book also contains audio samples can be accessed online using the included codes.

10. Drummer Metal Figurine

drummer metal figurine gift idea

Give someone this unique drummer metal figurine to represent their commended talent as a percussionist. The whole figure is composed of screws, bolts, nuts, and other metal materials to make it a very unique item to their collection. Its base has a bottom pad to protect any furniture surfaces such as shelves, tables, desks, and similar furniture. The figurine stands at seven inches tall and is an ideal gift for any drum player.

11. Foo Fighters Drum Along Book

foo fighters drum along book

Any Foo Fighters fan will be excited to have the band’s drum along book. With exact drum transcriptions for Foo Fighters’ rock anthems, the book comes with online audio tracks featuring both instrumental and a version without drums so one can play along with the music. Through the codes found in the book, the audio can be accessed, streamed, and downloaded.

12. Drumstick Necklace Jewelry

drumstick necklace jewelry

Surprise your band member with this drumstick necklace jewelry gift. Featuring a decorative drumstick design, the necklace is made of authentic stainless steel which promotes a gentle and hypoallergenic touch for sensitive skin. The perfect necklace for anyone who loves to bang those drums, it’s sure to be a great conversation starter.

13. Drummer Canvas Wall Art

drummer canvas wall art

This drummer canvas wall art is perfect for giving any of your friends room a makeover. A high quality printed canvas carefully stretched and stapled to durable shrink-resistant frames, the drummer canvas wall art is suitable for anyone’s bedroom or practice room. Available in a range of different sizes, this artwork is sure to look great displayed in any room.

14. Peter Criss Collectible Figurine

peter criss collectible figurine

The perfect gift for drummers, any percussionist will love this Peter Criss Funko POP figurine in his iconic outfit. The legendary drummer from KISS is featured in all his glory. Designed to be modern and classic in style, the figure stands just under four inches tall and will look right at home on any shelf, stand or table.

15. Vinyl Drum Wall Clock

vinyl drum wall clock

Combining the different elements of music, this vinyl drum wall clock is the perfect gift for any drummer’s upcoming birthday. Presented in a 3D wall clock, this handmade artwork has a standard vinyl record diameter of 12 inches. The surface of the clock is covered with a long lasting sticker material for extra durability.

16. Vintage Drums Patent Poster Prints

vintage drums patent poster prints

Consider these vintage drums patent poster prints to make any drum enthusiast happy. Featuring the most iconic drum patents from the last several decades, these are sure to interest any drum lover. The artist from North Carolina infused a personal vintage and classic touch to the artwork featuring pedals, cymbals, a snare drum, and drumsticks. Printed on high-quality Fuji crystal archive paper, these are sure to last a lifetime.

17. Tommy Lee Collectible Figure

tommy lee collectible figure

Any Tommy Lee fan you know will jump with joy upon receiving this cute and funky collectible figurine. Standing just under four inches tall, the figure shows Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee in his iconic outfit. Ideal for showing off next to their drum kit, this special gift is perfect for any Mötley Crüe fan.

18. Drum Pattern Bowtie

drum pattern bowtie

Complete any drummers outfit with this drum pattern bowtie accessory. Made with a 1200 needle count, the fabric used is exceptionally high quality making it super durable and soft. This classic bowtie is a great accessory that will suit any type of attire. Complete with miniature embroidered drum kits, it’s sure to be a great conversation starter.

19. Drum Kit Cufflinks

drum kit cufflinks present

Help someone show off their passion for music by giving him these sleek drum kit cufflinks. Created by the finest craftsmen and formulated to perfection using silver and brass, these cufflinks have plenty of detail. Presented in a clamshell box, the drum kit cufflinks are securely packaged to protect its figure and design. An excellent gift for any drummer, they are sure to wear them to any formal event.

20. Rock And Roll Hand Horns T-Shirt

rock and roll hand horns tee merchandise

For a friend who is a free-spirited percussionist, this rock and roll hand horns t-shirt will be a great addition to his wardrobe. The design features cool vintage drum art with drumsticks and rock & roll horns. Made of cotton and polyester, this shirt is comfortable to wear to both festival and concert performances.

21. LED Drumsticks

LED drumsticks

There’s no better way to rock the stage than with these LED drumsticks. Your drummer friend will enjoy rolling the beats with light-up and frosted tip drumsticks. Motion activated, these drumsticks have a slow burn fade-out effect that light up on every beat. Available in various different colors, these light up drumsticks are sure to impress any audience.

22. Ba Dum Tss Drummer Socks

ba dum tss drummer socks

Ensure they’re wearing the correct socks while drumming with these ba dum tss drummer socks. Blended for comfort, the socks are made of spandex, polyester, nylon, and cotton for a comfy fit. The socks are soft and breathable, which makes them perfect for toes with sensitive skin and ideal for long drumming sessions.

23. Hickory Drumsticks Three Pack

hickory drumsticks three pack

Improve someone’s drumming sessions with this three pack of Hickory drumsticks. Each drumstick is made from Hickory wood which is the most popular choice for drumsticks due to its resilience. Designed to withstand impacts, each stick has a classic feel, extended durability, and responsiveness. Made in the USA, every drummer can never have enough drumsticks at their disposal!

24. Drum Set Tie Clip

drum set tie clip

Give a band member a drum set tie clip as a good-luck gift for his formal event. Styled with an alligator clamp, the drum set tie clip is made using high-quality brass nickel and is extremely detailed. The drum set tie clip has a silver tone that represents a typical drum set and will look great when used on any tie.

25. Drumstick Holder Attachment

drumstick holder attachment

Help your percussion obsessed friend organize his drumsticks with this drumstick holder attachment. With a ten inch deep and four inch wide drumstick bag, percussionists will be able to fit a maximum of 12 pairs of 5A or 7A drumsticks. With its clamp on design, the drumstick holder can be fixed onto any stand on the drum kit.

26. Drummer Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

drummer nutritional facts coffee mug

Make morning coffee more enjoyable for any drummer with this playful nutritional facts coffee mug. With a funny design, the drummer nutritional facts coffee mug has an imprint of premium full color sublimation that presents a lead-free, long lasting, and vibrant mug. Made of a durable ceramic material, the 11 ounce mug is both microwave and dishwasher friendly.

27. Drum Kit Socks

drum kit socks

Let your drummer friend show off their love for drums with these funky drum kit socks. Safely washable, these banging socks are suitable for shoe sizes 6.5 to 13. The socks display an interesting drum solo design in blue fog hues. Comfortable and easy to wear, the drum kit socks are made of spandex, nylon, and cotton.

28. Weapons Of Mass Percussion T-Shirt

weapons of mass percussion t-shirt

Bring out his drummer heart with this powerful statement t-shirt. This weapons of mass percussion t-shirt has a special design that was made specifically for drummers. Slightly more tapered than an old-style mass market t-shirt, the fabric is a 100% USA-grown cotton. Using top quality inks, the print comes off as durable, highly crack-resistant, and vibrant.

29. Percussion Socks

percussion socks apparel

Cozy and comfortable, these percussion socks are perfect for drummers who like to play beats while keeping their toes warm. The socks are made of pima cotton and nylon making them soft for all day wear. Easy to put on, these percussion socks are sure to be the perfect gift for any drummer in your life.

30. Drumstick Spoons

drumstick spoons

Make cooking a little more fun for your friend with these awesome drumstick spoons. The set contains one solid spoon and one slotted spoon, which are both ideal for stirring a pot. Made from beechwood, each spoon is classically crafted with shaped handles that look like drumsticks. The drumstick spoons measure 13 inches long and are sure to make excellent backup drumsticks.


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