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Know an aspiring or successful entrepreneur in your life? Help them keep up their hustle with these awesome gift ideas.

Having surveyed hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the country, we’ve handpicked their most wanted gifts.

From practical gifts such as webcams and microphones to inspirational and motivational wall art, discover the best presents for entrepreneurs and hustlers below.

Gifts For Entrepreneurs

1. Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Entrepreneurs tend to be on the go almost all the time, so having a handy to read any book no matter where they are is a huge benefit. Get them this Amazon Kindle eBook reader so that no matter how much traveling they do, they will always be able to enjoy a good read. Comes with 8GB of storage, which can hold thousands of eBooks.

2. Logitech C920x Webcam

Get them a webcam that will make them look professional and sophisticated in any video call meeting. This webcam runs at a smooth 30fps and sends out video feed in high definition 1080p. It comes packed with dual stereo mics and is super portable, making it an essential item for any entrepreneur who does lots of video calls.

3. Silver Chrome Fountain Pen

Entrepreneurs do a lot of writing, signing forms, and taking note of things. Get them a pen that will hold up no matter what they need it for while looking fantastic and making a statement. This fountain pen works like a dream and is made of silver and brass with a chrome finish and a dash of 24 karat gold.

4. Coffee Maker Machine

Everybody needs a good cup of joe in the morning to get started, and entrepreneurs need it more than anyone! Give them this fantastic coffee maker as a gift so that no matter what lies ahead of them for the day, they’ll be able to get up and go. This coffee maker can brew single cups or an entire pot, is programmable, and comes in either black or white.

5. Apple AirPods

For any entrepreneur that’s always on the go, get them the very best earphones on the market. No matter where work may take them, they can always listen to their favorite tunes. These AirPods will keep their charge for hours and fit easily into any pocket for easy storage. They’ll never need to worry about pesky wires since these Bluetooth headphones are totally wireless and easily connect to any device.

6. USB Condenser Microphone

Entrepreneurs that make their living online may need a microphone that offers superior quality for meetings. This condenser microphone is a perfect pick as it comes with a six foot USB cable and sturdy metal frame that ensures its longevity for years to come. The audio quality on this microphone is magnificent, and their voice will come through crisp and clear without any annoying background noise.

7. Magnetic Whiteboard

This magnetic whiteboard is an excellent present for entrepreneurs to easily organize their plans and goals for their current work schedule. Coming in sizes as small as 24 by 18 inches and as large as 96 by 48 inches, this whiteboard will fit in any home office space. Durable magnetic wiring within the board itself ensures that you can stick a magnet anywhere easily, and the silver aluminum frame looks modern and elegant.

8. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Model

Encourage them to work hard and get their dream car by gifting them this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster model. It comes in beautiful colors and is perfect for displaying on any desk or office. The die-cast frame of this model car means that it looks just like the real thing, complete with its iconic opening doors.

9. Entrepreneur Inspirational Wall Art

Get them some wall art that will inspire them every time they wake up in the morning. This inspirational wall art comes in three panels and is printed on high quality canvas that gives it an understated and classic vibe. The high definition prints display some of the key pillars of entrepreneurial work: grind, execution, and hustle. Any entrepreneur will love to receive this as a motivational gift.

10. Billionaire In The Making Mug

Encourage that entrepreneur friend of yours by getting them a coffee mug that will inspire them with every sip. This mug features printing on both sides and is made out of pure white ceramic to ensure its sturdiness. Featuring the words Billionaire In The Making on the sides, any hustler in your life would love to receive this inspirational gift.

11. Kids Business Start-Up Kit

If you know a young friend or family member that shows interest in becoming an entrepreneur, then this is the perfect gift for them. This is the ideal start-up kit for young entrepreneurs as it equips them with helpful advice and tools that they can use to start their first business. All while learning some of the basic tenants of being a business owner!

12. Profit First Book

Every aspiring entrepreneur can learn a lot from those who have already built their own business. That’s why getting them this Profit First book as a gift is a wonderful idea. They will learn some fantastic tips for keeping profit rolling and keeping their business earning more money from one of the leading industry professionals Mike Michalowicz.

13. Personalized Desk Name Plate

Make them feel like a true business owner by gifting them this personalized desk nameplate. This personalized gift is the perfect item for encouragement and inspiration. With a sturdy block base and black brass engraved plate, their desk will instantly look professional and sophisticated. The built in cardholder is also perfect for storing business cards for their customers.

14. Boss Lady Pink Marble Coffee Mug

If you know a special woman looking to start their entrepreneurial journey, then this gift is sure to give them plenty of encouragement. This pink boss lady mug comes in a beautiful pink marble finish that looks astounding, and it also comes with a coaster, gift box, and gift bag, making it ready to be given to that special someone.

15. Business Planner For Entrepreneurs

Running a business takes a lot of organizing, so don’t hesitate to get that entrepreneur friend of yours this business planner. Ideal for helping them write down everything they need to get done, this business planner is a great gift as it will help them stay organized. Containing over 150 pages of thick paper, it has everything they need to smash their business goals.

16. Testing Business Ideas Strategyzer Book

Entrepreneurs who are just starting out can use all of the help they can get in coming up with good ideas for their business. That is why this book is such a wonderful help, as it can offer them some unique ideas when testing new business ideas. The book comes with loads of educational information and illustrations, making it a great gift for any new business owner.

17. Cash Register Sound Button

Get them this small desk item if you want to encourage them every time they make a sale or close a big deal. This fun little button makes a cash register sound when pressed, making the process of earning money all the more enjoyable. With a loud and clear sound, the exterior of the button also looks great on any desk. If you want to give your friend a fun little gift, then this is a wonderful choice.

18. The $100 Startup Book

Not everyone has an abundance of funds to spend on starting up a business. Get them this book if you want to encourage them towards their entrepreneurial dream even if they don’t have much money to start. This book is thoughtful and provides some solid advice and helpful tips to ensure that anyone can create their dream business with little capital.

19. Men’s Silk Tie Set

Entrepreneurs need to look their best during a regular workday or special event. That’s why this silk tie set is an excellent gift idea if you want to ensure that they always have something to wear no matter what the occasion. Made out of durable fabric, these ties are highly durable, and their appearance looks professional. Get these as a gift for your entrepreneur friend or family member that needs to up their tie game.

20. Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox

Starting an entrepreneurial business as a teenager is one of the best ways to start their entrepreneur journey. This toolbox from Anthony O’Neal will walk any aspiring entrepreneur through the basics of getting their business started and get them ready for bigger ventures in their later years. Tons of ways for making money are contained within this guide, making it a great choice of gift for teen entrepreneurs.

21. The Founder Blu-ray Movie

This movie is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to watch the rise of the world’s biggest fast-food chain. They’ll be able to see the story of how McDonalds became the international success that it is today. A fun and interesting movie starring Michael Keaton, they’ll also learn some essential business knowledge.

22. Steve Jobs Biography Book

Steve Jobs was one of the biggest and most successful modern entrepreneurs, and this book includes over forty interviews with the visionary behind Apple. Aspiring entrepreneurs will learn some of the things that made Jobs as successful as he was, and perhaps they will even be encouraged to emulate his ways as they seek success. This book is a great gift for those who want to learn from the best.

23. Monopoly Man Motivational Wall Art

This motivational wall art features the famous Monopoly man and an inspirational quote to keep any hustler motivated. Give it to an entrepreneur who needs a bit of motivation in their daily life and remind them what it takes to succeed. This artistic wall decor is 8 by 10 inches in size and comes printed on high quality photo paper to ensure its longevity.

24. Never Split The Difference Book

For any entrepreneur who struggles with business deals and negotiations, get them this highly rated book. This inspirational book written by a former FBI hostage negotiator will equip them with some tried and tested negotiation tactics to help their entrepreneurial endeavors. No matter if they’re new to the world of business or have years of experience, this book is sure to come in handy.

Useful Presents For Entrepreneurs

25. Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud Wall Art

Entrepreneurs are just like everyone else, they get discouraged and sometimes need a bit of motivation to keep on trucking. That’s why getting them this motivational wall art is a wonderful gift idea. Showcasing the inspirational message “don’t stop until you’re proud” on high quality material, this poster makes a perfect fit in any office or home.

26. Dual USB Portable Charger Set

Busy entrepreneurs on the go are often unable to charge their phones regularly. That’s why having a portable means of charging is a godsend in the modern age of cellphones and gadgets. This pack of power banks comes with dual USB inputs and can hold up to 10,000mAh of charge each, ensuring they will always have charge. Entrepreneurs will find these power banks super helpful when traveling.

27. Business License Frame

Entrepreneurs will most likely need to display their business license, so getting them this understated business license frame is a super practical gift idea. This 5 by 10 inch frame comes with a polished and shatterproof glass front and a beautiful wood shadowbox frame. Business licenses will fit perfectly within this frame for all to see.

28. The Social Network Blu-ray Movie

Facebook is the biggest social media platform today, and many young and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Mark Zuckerberg’s endeavors. This movie is a great watch and follows the founding days of Facebook as it was just starting. Entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business similarly will enjoy the movie while also learning some of what they can expect to happen throughout their journey.

29. I Love My Boss Mug

Get any entrepreneur this gift if you want to make them laugh every time they take a sip. This mug is a great gift for entrepreneurs as it reminds them that they work for themselves. Made out of quality ceramic, they will be able to enjoy a cup of joe for many mornings while also having a chuckle at the message inscribed on the side.

30. Business Card Holder

This business card holder is a great gift to get entrepreneurs who need a place to store their cards. It comes in seven different elegant colors and fits easily into any pocket or purse. With RFID blocking built into the case, they will never have to worry about RFID scanners. The high capacity of this holder also ensures they can carry plenty of cards at all times.


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